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Yolmina 3D Sleep Mask for Women Men - Upgraded Eye Mask for Sleeping

Yolmina 3D Sleep Mask for Women Men – Upgraded Eye Mask for Sleeping

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Yolmina 3D Sleep Mask for Women Men – Upgraded Eye Mask for Sleeping.

  • Larger Eye Cavites: New style 3D night sleep mask with larger and much deeper eye cavities, guaranteeing your convenience sensation without pressure on eyes. It will likewise never ever smear your makeup. It is ideal for women with makeup on workplace rest/travel/business journey.
  • Unnoticeable Alar Style: We raised the nasal bridge and thickened the canthus of the 3D eyeshade, highly to obstruct out the all light you put on t desire, supplies a darkness however comfy environment.
  • Portable and Lightweight: The night eye mask is incredibly light-weight, just in 0.8 oz, no pressure on eyes and nose, besides bundle with travel pouch which is quickly for storage and bring for travel and company journeys.
  • Skin- Friendly Product: The eye covers are made with a nontransparent, high density Memory Foam, anti- fade. Smooth material let you launch your facial tension and assistance enter sleep quickly.
  • Beautiful Plan: The sleeping mask includes lovely recycle paper box, 2 pack (one in black, another in blue), and 2 travel pouch and 2 set ear plug with plastic box for storage. It can be a fantastic present for women/men/children/ kids.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Yolmina 3D Sleep Mask for Women Men – Upgraded Eye Mask for Sleeping.
Yolmina New Style 3D Contoured Sleep Eye Mask for Travel/Night Sleeping/ Workplace Rest/Nap, for Women/Men/ Couples with 2 Load New Style: We utilize 3D tech to tune sizes, much deeper eye cup style with 3D contoured bulge permits your eyes easily blinking, and never ever touch your eyelash/eyelid/eye makeup, no pressure at all. Ladies can enjoy your celebrations or dates even after a sleep/nap with makeup. Besides, undetectable alar on the nose bridge to accomplish an overall darkness and make sure convenience fit; avoiding any kind of light, developing overall darkness for light sleeper. High Quality: Yolmina eye masks made by lightwight and breathable Low- Rebound- Memory- foam, surface area is soft and skin- friendly material, it complies to Oeko Tex Standards and global high requirements of anti fading. On the other hand, we utilize accuracy CNC lathes to form entirely smooth edge and company joint for increasing your convenience and toughness. In addition, we likewise utilized flexible strap in fantastic flexibility; and the velcro in strong stickiness is not quickly fall off when sleeping. It seals well without yanking your hair. Super fit: Yolmina blindfold fits any face completely; the flexible strap loop style has 8cm variety, from 14in to 18in. So that men women kids, all can use it well. In addition, the blinder remains in light-weight and quickly brings, much fit for travel, workplace rest, shift work, nap and meditation Requirements: Size: 9 * 2.7 inches Color: Black; Blue Plan Consisted Of: 2 * 3D sleep mask 2 * Travel pouch 2 * Ear plug 1 * Thanks card with warm suggestions If you put on t like the sleep eye mask or have any issue about it welcome to call us anytime, we will assist to resolve the issue within 1day with 100% complete satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Yolmina 3D Sleep Mask for Women Men – Upgraded Eye Mask for Sleeping.

Question Question 1

Is This A 2 Load With 2 Ear Plug Sets?

Yes, 2 pack eye mask and 2 ear plug and 2 travel pouches.

Question Question 2

Where Is This Sleep Mask Made?

In Chy- na as stated by pea brain.

Question Question 3

Is This Silk?

No, however it’s extremely soft.

Question Question 4

What Should We Do If We Get A Phony Yolmina Sleep Mask From Other Seller (Not Buy From Yolmina Authorities)?

I got a rewarding service from the Yolmina Authorities Costomer Service E- mail and I highly recommend everybody buy from Yolmina Authorities to prevent the difficulty.

Question Question 5

Just How Much Space For Your Eyes In The Mask And Can This Be Light Stopping?

It obstructs the light extremely well.It has a respectable quantity of space for your eyes.If you have long lashes that may be a little issue.

Question Question 6

Can This Eye Mask Be Device Cleaned?

Yes, however I constantly put it in a wash bag then device cleaned

Question Question 7

2Questions How Well Does It Withstand Being Cleaned (Some Eye Masks Loose Their Forming, Or Their “Pressed” Shape When Cleaned),?

I hand cleaned mine and they are great.

Question Question 8

Is This Great For Eyelash Extensions?

Yes. As long as they are not freakishly long.

Question Question 9

What Are Straps Made Up? Are They Flexible With Velcro On Completions. Or All Velcro Product?

Flexible with velcro on completions. Fits well.

Question Question 10

Are The Edges Laminated Or Sutured?

Dear pal, the edges of sleep eye mask is laminated with high accuracy device, the edges is smooth and flat. So you do not require to stress over thread residue. By the method, we provide genuine replacement or refund if you are disappointed with the product.

Question Question 11

Are The Straps Of This Sleep Mask Long Enough For Big Heads?

Yes, I use a size 7 hat and it is plenty big for us. The straps still have a lot of space to change out.

Question Question 12

Exists A Concern With Staining Sheet By This Eye Mask?

Not, it is okay for my sheet.

Question Question 13

What Chemicals Are Utilized For The Anti Bacterial And Anti Termite Residences?

Dear pal, the material of our sleep mask lacks any damaging chemicals, it comply to OEKO- TAX Standards, the density of the material can assist to anti bacterial and anti mite, it is a type of physical approach. However we recommend that customer can clean and after that dry under shade and keep ventilation the eye mask at routine periods.

Question Question 14

When Laying Flat On A Table, How Deep Are The Eye Sockets?

Enough that your lashes will not rub. Their ideal for taking a trip.

Question Question 15

Is It Warrantied?

we are not exactly sure if they have service warranty however they work fantastic for journey.

Question Question 16

Is The Product Entirely Lightproof?

Yes, light will not get in through the product

Question Question 17

Does This Sleep Mask Make You Feel Hot? (As Others Make United States Feel Hot)?

Not, For me.It didn’t make us feel hot.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Yolmina 3D Sleep Mask for Women Men – Upgraded Eye Mask for Sleeping, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Wound Up with 3 set of tones. This brand name has the convex formed shape over the eyes that makes them the most comfy. Eye lashes never ever touch the product and no pressure on the orbital skin- didnt smug anu makeup either. Other brand names that looked precisely like this didn’t have the molded shape and drove us nuts with inflammation. Definitely no light leak. And what the seller does not note is that this brand name can be used with a cpap mask (attempted with our hybrid, complete, and nasal) with no disturbance and as a reward dealt with an air leakage problem onto our eyes with our complete mask. This purchase is an overall rating, other 2 brand names are getting tossed.

So, we do enjoy these masks (partner and i). However we have 2 (quite small) cons. 1 being the velcro in the back, of you have a bigger head then the velcro is exposed and sticks truly bad to the pillowcase. We altered pillow cases 3 times and it captured on all of them. Just he has that problem since he has a larger head than me. Possibly a satin product wouldn t stick?? we wound up utilizing electrical tape on the velcro which is great. 2- (once again he has this problem not me) if there is light in the space there s small spaces around the nose location so it s not a total seal around the eyes. We put on t have that issue, should be since the shapes of our faces are various. It s still extremely comfy and we enjoy the hollowness in the eye so absolutely nothing is continuing your eyeballs.

Nearly deep adequate for our long eyelashes ?? we attempted a few and this showed to be as great as another that was double in rate here on, which we returned thanks to s fantastic policieshaving 2 works well so our gf can leave hers in the house.

Initially, the awful: having just one strap was not the very best style for these eye masks. If you consider the relative position of your eyes to your ears, they are (i. E. Ought to be) approximately on the exact same latitude. Due to the fact that the strap of the eye mask remains in the center latitude of the mask, they go right on your ears, pressing them back, which isn’t as comfy as if they went above or below your ears. There was likewise something about the shape of our bridge that allows some light, which specifies to me. The great is that this is a fantastic worth, specifically if you are purchasing for 2. If you can overcome the strap over your ears, this may be one for you. The products are decently quality, though the strap position sort of bothers me.

We truly like this eye mask since it includes 2 of them. Initially, we believed it was perfectly made; nevertheless, the product is beginning to come apart on the one, however it can be planted and there is likewise a backup. It is used every night. Total fit is fantastic and comfy. Incredibly obstructs out light and we can breath.

Dream we would purchased this a long period of time earlier. Happily shocked by the quality product packaging. Each mask has it’s own luggage. 2 sets of ear plugs with their own plastic case. The mask fits well, domes over the eye, head band sits well and does not get our long hair while sleeping. Keeps light out completely. Sleeping better – what a relief.

The product looks similar to the image and fit the description. The cushioning is extremely soft memory foam so it is extremely comfy on one’s face and as long as you have it located right it will black whateverout It has these hollow pockets so that when it is over your eyes, the cushion does not continue your eyes at all. This product was simply as it was explained which shocked us to be sincere. We enjoy it and we would buy it once again.

Fantastic blackout masks. We can hardly feel it with our eyelashes however that does not trouble me. We are astonished it obstructed out 99% of light.

Our partner operates at night, he need sleeps daytime whit it, he s extremely pleased this product, he stated this is the very best one amongst he s utilized.

They’re truly efficient, comfy and significantly enhance the quality of our sleep. The product is extremely luxurious and comfortable. It’s a breathable material, entirely obstructs out light.

We like this 3d sleep eye mask, comfy and soft cover our eyes, there have 2 colors, one blue for us, black one for our partner.


These are the very best- working blackout sleeping masks we have actually utilized. There is really space for what it provides spacefor The itches are reduced in the nasal and eye socket locations.

Great quality.

Need to put lotion in eyes due to dry eye. These are the very best we havefound Soft and big enough not to trouble eyes. Great if you wish to obstruct out light.


The mask is soft and feels great on your face. It s adjustable and doesn t suffocate your face.

Our partner enjoys these eye masks.

This product is a light-weight product, soft and feel no pressure. It’s a beneficial tool when we require to sleep.

Super comfy.

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