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Wrap-a-Nap Travel Pillow - Sleep Mask & Ear Muff

Wrap-a-Nap Travel Pillow – Sleep Mask & Ear Muff

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Wrap-a-Nap Travel Pillow – Sleep Mask & Ear Muff.

  • SLEEP ANYWHERE: Wrap-a-Nap’s special, trademarked style obstructs all light, smothers noise and turns any surface area into a pillow.
  • ENTIRELY CONVERTIBLE: extended Velcro fasteners make it a comfortable neck pillow or a luxurious reading pillow. Even works as a comfy back assistance.
  • COMPLETELY PORTABLE: Rolls up into a little, compact 5 x5 roll, or connects quickly to your travel luggage, carry or load.
  • MADE IN THE U.S.A. of luxurious minky fleece and luxury down alternative fill for unbelievable softness and strength.
  • SLEEP BETTER: Get genuine, corrective rest on the plane, outdoor camping, in the vehicle, at the workplace or in the house. Sleep well through unpleasant airplane flights, loud dormitory roomies, snoring partners, migraine headaches and brilliantly lit spaces. It’s the supreme napping device.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Wrap-a-Nap Travel Pillow – Sleep Mask & Ear Muff.
The initial Wrap-a-Nap loads whatever you require for sleep into one simple, soft sleep mask and pillow, offering the sweet relief of overall darkness, smothered sound, and 360 degrees of luxurious, pillowy convenience. With its prolonged Velcro fasteners, the Wrap-a-Nap functions as a soft- however- encouraging neck pillow, and an ultra- comfortable reading pillow. THE BEST SERVICE FOR ALL YOUR SLEEP REQUIRES. Let the Wrap-a-Nap be your sleep option for: Partners with the lights onBlocking out dormitory roommatesLingering headaches Day sleepingCramped planes andmore Toss it in your carry. Keep it in your vehicle. Stash it in your workplace. The versatile style lets you load quality sleep into a completely portable pillow bundle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Wrap-a-Nap Travel Pillow – Sleep Mask & Ear Muff.

Question Question 1

I Tend To Walk Around A Lot When ISleep Will These Remain on?

Sort of depends.The velcro closure is really strong however the mask is rather long to fit big heads so I endup needing to secure it even more up the velcro strip (like a belt with a tail that requires to be tucked behind a loop.) so it winds up fitting wonky and capturing on a pillow when I move.I might see where a little m Sort of depends.The velcro closure is really strong however the mask is rather long to fit big heads so I endup needing to secure it even more up the velcro strip (like a belt with a tail that requires to be tucked behind a loop.) so it winds up fitting wonky and capturing on a pillow when I move.I might see where a little mending might repair this issue quickly and if in shape appropriately, it would definitely remain put.I do enjoy this mask due to the fact that it is so soft and soft on the sides of my head, not simply the front.

Question Question 2

Does This Feature Ear Muffs As If Not, How Does It Smother Any Sound At All?

Twists Around and is broad enough to cover your earsmuffles noisedoes not entirely obstruct it

Question Question 3

Does It Block Snoring?

I do not know.We do not utilize it as a wrap.just behind the neck.our child in law states it obstructs out the television so it most likely does.

Question Question 4

Does It Block Loud Snoring?

No. I wound up utilizing ear plugs. This Wrap is primarily for obstructing out the light.

Question Question 5

What Is The Nrr Score? Required To Filter Out My Partners Snoring. My Partner Is Not Loud However A Heavy Breather (Soft Snore).?

Don t understand the NRR system.Its main goal is to get rid of light, which is does completely.Sounds are decreased as a secondary benefit.They are not gotten rid of however are rather muffled.A 3rd advantage is that it is carefully warming.I love mine.Good luck.

Question Question 6

Is This Pillow Truly 35″ Long, And If So, Does It Really Roll Up To 5″ X 5″ For Travelling?

It’s definitely not that long–probably closer to 18″ to 24″, if I had to estimate. It does roll well, very easy to compact.

Question Question 7

Can I Use This With Ear Plugs To Create A More Powerful Noise Blocker?

Yes, we have used with earbud headphones as well.

Question Question 8

Does This Come With Ear Muffs As If Not, How Does It Muffle Any Noise At All?

It doesn’t really muffle very well at all unfortunately

Question Question 9

Does This Leave Marks On Your Eyes/Face When Waking Up?

No, we have never noticed any such marks.

Question Question 10

What Are The Cleaning Instructions? Mine Were Cut Off From The Used Department And I Want To Wash It In Case Of Lice Or Something?

Shake the lice out of it.then vacuum your carpet

Question Question 11

Are These Thick/Big Enough To Prevent Us Itching Poison Ivy Eyes In Sleep?Please.I Itch While Sleeping, Need To Prevent That Like A Dog Cone?

Yes it is thick and soft, but if you itch in your sleep you might unknowingly push up or pull down the wrap. Just a thought before you purchase 🙂

Question Question 12

How Do You Remove The Large Tag Attached To The Pillow?

It has a hook and loop fabric fastener, sometimes referred to as Velcro brand, that allows you to secure it on and take it off.

Question Question 13

What Is An Estimated Nrr On This Pillow?

we would say about zero. That’s the case for us, anyway.

Question Question 14

Our Neighbors Have Roosters, Would This Product Cancel The Sound?

Depends on how close they are. It really just muffles sound rather than muting it. You could probably use it to hold in ear buds or ear plugs

Question Question 15

Does This Really Help With Canceling Out Noise?

Doesn’t ” cancel” out noise completely, but it does help muffle noise.

Question Question 16

Is This Comfortable For Side And Tummy Sleepers?

It is – provides good 360 degree padding, so comfortable all the way around

Question Question 17

Are There Places Hollowed Out For Your Eyes – Like An Eye Mask?

No , but it’s great to use when you wear headphones or Earmuffs to sleep . Lay your head right in the middle and sleep really nice with your ears cocooned from all noise ( not all sound) muffled,lol.Its even pressure around your eyes just depends how tight you make it.

Question Question 18

Is The Wrap-A-Nap Machine Washable?

Yes the Wrap-a-Nap is machine washable. We typically recommend hand washing/air drying, as it’s easiest on the stuffing, but this procedure tends to get the best results for machine-washing: 1. Machine wash on hot.2. Depending on the machine, you may need to slightly redistribute the stuffing. Yes the Wrap-a-Nap is machine washable. We typically recommend hand washing/air drying, as it’s easiest on the stuffing, but this procedure tends to get the best results for machine-washing: 1. Machine wash on hot.2. Depending on the machine, you may need to slightly redistribute the stuffing. 3. Dry on normal. 4. The Wrap-a-Nap should be back to its fluffy, clean state. If the stuffing is at all uneven, you can easily redistribute it with your fingers, or hold onto one end and give it a whipping motion. Hope this helps.

Question Question 19

Is This Too Warm To Use In The Summer ?

Depends on pesonal preferences, of course.It’s not too warm for us.

Question Question 20

Would This Fit An 8 Years Of Age?

Well my guess is that it does fit an 8 years of age, it connects utilizing velcro so it can fit a great deal of sizes.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Wrap-a-Nap Travel Pillow – Sleep Mask & Ear Muff, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Our sweetheart is a light sleeper. We like to have the television on while we go to sleep. This was going to trigger us to not see each other any longer. So, we choose to find the very best sleep mask on the marketplace. She is a side sleeper so those tough ear muff sleep masks put on t look like they would work. So we choose to opt for a wrap a nap considering that it looks soft and soft from all angles. It doesn t offer the very best hearing deadening however with the packing it softens the earplugs. It s middle cost variety for masks, can t fail. Well, we are too damn proficient at shopping due to the fact that we set out to buy a mask to keep our sweetheart however she wound up leaving us for the wrap a nap. She still deals with us however constantly has the wrap a nap on so we never ever talk, it s dreadful, put on t buy the wrap a nap. Unless you you put on t desire your sweetheart to speak to you, in which case buy the wrap a nap, it s remarkable.

We have actually been searching for something to assist us sleep for the previous number of years such as earplugs( which are unpleasant), eye masks, earphones & noises and absolutely nothing worked. We just get to sleep 5 to 6 hours at many being we take care of our bro whom is paralyzed 12 hours a day so the little sleep we do get is really essential. We are so delighted & appreciative we found this fantastic development cover a nap. We bought it a number of weeks ago & definitely enjoy it. It s so soft and we simply cover it around our eyes & ears & that s it for an excellent nights sleep. It does not entirely drown out all noise, nevertheless simply enough. We purchased one for our bro too who likewise had epilepsy & it actually assists. We will compose an evaluation on that purchase too. Thank you for offering this. We extremely suggest it.

We have had a persistent earwax issue for many years that minimizes the hearing in among our ears. They inform you to soften it with drops of warm water, peroxide or olive oil. Sadly, after 4 weeks of doing all of this, we might not restore our hearing. We lastly turned it over to god, asked him to recover it and stopped doing anything. Then we purchased a wrap- a- nap to keep the sound down while sleeping, due to the fact that our other ear hears whatever. After 3 nights of utilizing the wrap- a- nap, we heard a moderate crackling noise in our bad ear. In the early morning we understood that our hearing had actually returned. Oh our gosh. Wrap- a- nap was the option.

Firstly, we enjoy this product. We sleep with an eye mask on every night due to the fact that we are incredibly conscious sound and light, and have actually actually fallen for the wrap a nap. It’s really comfortable and comfy to use, rolls up great for travel functions, is going to be fantastic on our next airplane trip- either around our eyes or blend it up and put it around our neck. It entirely obstructs out the light more so than any other eye mask we have actually ever utilized. We are grateful to have actually bought this and strategy to keep utilizing it every night from here on out.

We enjoy that it is soft and comfy to oversleep. Blocks out light well. We are side sleeper, however had the ability to sleep actually well on our back with the wrap- a- nap. Relating to package stating “it puts pillow, blindfold and ear muff into one. ” pillow- yes, blindfold- yes, ear muff- not actually for us. We might still hear whatever well.

We got this due to the fact that we began working nights and we had a little eye covering however was searching for something to obstruct light plus noise. It looked a little silly so we weren’t sure, however it’s grown on me. It is soft and squishy, so despite the fact that it lowers on our eyes a little (keeping the light out) it does not trouble us at all. It likewise hasn’t impacted our sleeping positions– we like to sleep on our stomach and side and turn over and we were a little worried it would be fat and make us do amusing things with our neck however all is well. In general, we believe it’s quite fantastic. Our 16 year old kid has a school journey showing up and was discussing taking it to sleep on the bus even.

Amongst the most challenging times and locations to sleep conveniently is throughout the morning hours on a chartered bus. Often times in our journey as a college and expert athlete did we find ourself in simply such a situation: challenged with the sound of the roadway, the volume of films being played, the unpleasant seats, and, obviously, the brightness of the outdoors light can be found in at every big window. Contributed to these annoyances was the reality that we are among the population of individuals for whom sleep is beside difficult in locations that are not our bed. Go into the wrap- a- nap into our life in 2010, and whatever altered. The sound of the roadway and of films was dramatically smothered and decreased, and in our eyes the brightness of light was changed by the calm of best darkness. What’s more– much more– is the x- element of softness and convenience with which the wrap- a- nap enhances its user. This is what actually offered us on this. The lovely efficiency of the wrap- a- nap is, nearly inexplicably, more than the amount of its parts as a sound- reducer and light- blocker. The wan cradles your head in a luxurious welcome, the fleecy shell and the soft filling are the things of which dreams- over- the- roadway are made. There is an unique complete satisfaction you feel when you attempt out the wan in a location you yearn for sleep however have actually been constantly rejected it. And after that unexpectedly the forces of wakefulness– from within and without– fall under the wrap- a- nap’s magnificent powers of somnolence. We are not joking. Attempt it, and you will see; and after that you’ll wish to log onto yourself and compose an evaluation like this for the wan. Our days of sports and bus- travel have actually ended, however our usage of the wrap- a- nap continues. It works in any travel setting whatsoever. We likewise utilize it for naps on the sofa in the living-room, when the sun comes through our window in bed in the early morning, and even in the evening when we are attempting to sleep and we require a little aid dozing. This thing walks around our forehead, we get the ipad to check out a bit, and prior to we understand it we are lulled into dreams. We enjoy this thing, and we will constantly have one. The depth of sleep it introduces is simply too extensive to go without.

We bought the black wrap- a- nap to travel overseas. Because we will be remaining in hostels, we desired something to buffer noises. Since there will be 18 hours of daytime, we desired something that will obstruct out light. This is the best option. We have actually attempted it out in the house, and it is very soft. We prepare to utilize it as a pillow throughout flights. It is an excellent size from leading to bottom to obstruct out light. The velcro closure permits this product to be adjustable for private head sizes. We did get a little sweaty when we attempted it in the house over night, however we simply took it off when we woke up. Fantastic product.

So your better half will no doubt tease you due to the fact that this thing looks ludicrous af, however without question this product is remarkable. It obstructs all light and considerably minimizes any sounds. It’s likewise actually comfy. Just thing is your head may get sort of hot with it on. Would be sweet if they might make a comparable product out of a various product however whatever. Love it.

In the beginning when we got it we believed how it assist us go to sleep quicker however after utilizing it for 3 nights we found that we oversleeped minutes and did not get troubled by lights/noise of any sorts. The only unusual thing we find is that after 6 or 7 hours of strong sleep we would think the head motion the piece comes off. The only other thing is what takes place in the summer season when it is warm however we want to take that opportunity. We actually found that the wrap- a- nap works and would suggest it to anybody who wants to attempt it.

Our hubby likes it. It’s specifically comfortable throughout the winter season. He most likely will not utilize it as much when it gets warmer, however it’s fantastic in the meantime. We purchased this due to the fact that he’s been covering his pillow around the back of his head and ears (like he sandwiches his head in the pillow), and on top of that he uses a sleep mask. So when we saw this we resembled this is best. And we were right. He likes it a lot:–RRB-.

We purchased this wrap due to the fact that of its length. At this time it’s being utilized as an assistance under a sling after our hubby had shoulder replacement surgical treatment. He can utilize it opened to complete length to go under his strap from one side to the other on the sling strap, or he doubles it to put under the strap for where the most pressure is brought on by the strap. His ortho medical professional and his physiotherapist both like it and have take the information about the wrap nap to hand down to other clients. And we have actually utilized it when we have actually rested and found it soft, encouraging and obstructs the light well it will certainly opt for us on our long flight this fall.

The wrap- a- nap does an excellent task of obstructing light. We still require to use earplugs under the wrap to entirely obstruct out sound. Without them, the sound is certainly smothered, however for total silence, we like to utilize with ear plugs. The band is really comfy, and due to the fact that it’s padded all the method around, if it moves one method or the other, you still get protection.

Got it as a surprise for our relative who has problem awakening from sounds in the evening (typically the television) so we believed this may assist and she enjoyed it and is thinking of potentially not leaving us now for mark. Thanks cover- a- nap, you ve potentially conserved our marital relationship, trigger lord understands we could not. We imply, have you seen mark??? we didn’t stand a possibility, however wrap- a- nap assisted even the rating. Extremely advised 10/10.

This will be so fantastic for our journey this spring. We have not constantly found these pillows to be really comfy. However this one is so soft and precisely the ideal size to load and utilize on a journey.

It s simply a bit bulkyfor our little head. We sanctuary t took a trip with it, simply attempted it in bed. We believe it will be best for airplane travel, due to the fact that exploring in our chair while viewing television it is really comfortable.

We just recently transferred to a brand-new house and the air blood circulation is not the very best. In the evening. The air blows in unusual circles and is troubling in the bed room. This product entirely fixed the issue. We likewise utilize it as an ear- warmer while viewing television. Really fast and great service. We would extremely suggest this product for odd air existing services.

Really great product, simple to utilize and comfy. We purchased this primarily for sound cancellation it has some however we would have liked more so we included a folded set of sock slippers and put them over our ears and after that the wrap- a- nap held them in location which included an additional layer to assist obstruct the sound. We like it and utilize it when the sound is a little on the loud side or when we are more conscious it.

This is the most comfy eye mask ever. This thing is luxurious and incredibly soft. Good huge velcro strap that’s adjustable to any ones melon. We utilize it 3 days a week at dialysis, it does an excellent task of obstructing all the light and smothers the noise a little too. With some earplugs, im in another measurement devoid of light and noise. Absolutely worth it. Ill be purchasing a 2nd one for sleeping in the house too.

We enjoy this. At first we purchased it to assist with some unidentified head discomforts where covering a blanket around our head was all that worked, however this is a lotbetter The heat, the softness, how it assists mute sounds that typically trouble me. It s conserved me. Biggest product we have actually ever purchased.

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