Gently but effectively opens up nasal passages from within to maximize airflow and hence reduce snore. You can breathe easy with this invisible nasal strips. Can be used to reduce snoring, increase air flow when exercising and relieve nasal congestions due to allergies and flu.

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Why Choose WoodyKnows Invisible Nasal Strips?

  • Adhesive-free design does not irritate skin as with nasal strips
  • Advanced two-piece connected structure: the dilator rings are soft and gently fit in the nasal passages while the connector is firm and sits securely in nose for fuss-free sleep
  • Unique structure and slanted posture opens the nose effectively
  • Ultra thin and super soft dilators for comfort and fit
  • Discreet invisible design
  • Does not impact nose hairs
  • Drug-free relief is suitable for long-term use

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Cheap, Snoring & Breathing Aid – INVISIBLE NASAL STRIPS from WoodyKnows

WoodyKnows Advanced Nasal Dilator

WoodyKnows is a nasal dilator that allows you to breathe efficiently and maximize airflow. The WoodKnows is not only for sleeping but also for daily wear with allergies or other nasal conditions.