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What Snoring Aids Work Best?

What Snoring Aids Work Best

It is not uncommon for men and women to score on occasion, but millions of individuals snore nightly and through the entire night. If you are familiar with snoring, you are well-aware of the nightly disruptions. It doesn’t matter whether you are the snorer or if you share your bed with him or her; a good night’s sleep is impossible. That is unless you familiarize yourself with Snoring Aids that can provide relief.

A Snoring Pillow:

Over the years, many studies have shown that individuals who sleep on their backs are more likely to snore. At night, the throat, tongue, and mouth muscles relax. If they relax too much, they can block your airways and cause vibrations. Some of those same studies have shown relief when sleeping on your side, as opposed to your back.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to change your sleep patterns and that is why a snoring pillow is recommended. Looking like a giant triangle, these devices have soft yet firm contours that restrict you from rolling onto your back.

A Snoring Ball:

One look and a snoring ball looks like nothing more than a home-made contraption and it is, but it is one that produces results. Since sleeping on your back increases your risk of snoring, you want to sleep on your side.

The problem comes from the fact that many individuals can roll onto their back in their sleep without even noticing. A snoring ball changes this because a ball is attached to your shirt and you will notice discomfort when your roll onto your back, alerting you to the fact you need to adjust your sleep position.

Snoring Mouthpiece:

While one of the more expensive snoring aids, they do have a history of producing long-term results. This mouthpiece is a dental device also commonly known as mandibular advancement splint. It is made from soft plastic and it adjusts the position of your jaw.

Typically, it accomplishes two goals. First, it limits the amount of relaxation your throat muscles do. Second, it keeps your tongue in the correct position along the roof of your mouth. Either way, it works to prevent the blockage of your airways, which can reduce or eliminate snoring.

Snoring Spray:

These sprays are typically a successful snoring aid because it works to treat one of the main causes of snoring. You snore at night because your throat muscles have relaxed to the point they now block a portion of your airway. When they vibrate against the back of the throat, the snoring sound is produced. One of the active ingredients in these nasal sprays is designed to shrink the tissues, which will reduce their vibrations.

A Nasal Strip:

Also commonly referred to as a snoring strip, they are one of the most popular snoring aids. They are typically constructed of one or two plastic bands that have a sticky, adhesive backing. By positioning one of these strips as directed onto your nose, the adhesive backing will attempt to straighten the strip. This results in the sides of your nose being lifted up, which opens your airways better to the throat and lungs.

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