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What Determines If You Snore?

What Determines If You Snore

Almost 1 in 4 Americans snore on a daily basis, and you’re probably one of them if you’re reading this article. Snoring may seem like a harmless trait to the majority of people but it can actually turn into a disorder that is much worse called sleep apnoea. Snoring has a variety of causes spanning from obesity to genetic make ups so if you’re curious as to why you or your loved ones snore, keep on reading.

Men vs. Women

Did you know that men are more likely to snore than women? In a man’s throat they are likely to have a lot more tissue and other fatty masses that have the tendency to relax when in a state of sleep. This encourages the act of snoring. Also, men have a larger space behind their tongue than women do and so the larger the space behind the tongue, the higher likelihood of an obstruction forming there. The number one problem with an obstruction behind the tongue is that when a man inhales and exhales during sleep, the obstruction will have the chance to “flap” or “flutter” as he exhales, causing the snoring sound. The final reason as to why men snore more than women are solely because of the fact that they have bulkier throat tissues. The more throat tissues you have, the more tissues there are to move during sleep and to create that vibration that triggers snoring.

Weight Gain And Obesity

It is important to remember that thin people do snore as well, if you’ve noticed an excessive weight gain recently then this is for you. As a person’s body develops and becomes larger, their body mass increases and develops more fatty tissue. The more fatty tissue there is, the higher the risk of weak muscles that cannot support the body properly. When fat is built up on the body, more specifically the neck, the trachea (breathing tube) narrows and makes it harder to have an unobstructed airway when sleeping. Another problematic feature of obesity is that being overweight usually means that there is a lack of muscle mass. Muscles are the necessary parts of your body that allow your neck tissues to be supported and to stay strong so that they can prevent any of those “flapping” tissues that occur when you snore.

Use Of Alcohol And Sedatives

Depressants are drugs that trigger an extreme likelihood of snoring. Depressants have the tendency to slow bodily functions, especially breathing, and to decrease those functions as well. When alcohol or sedatives are consumed, functions become more difficult to maintain and the resistance on your trachea that builds is unbelievable. The higher the resistance, the smaller the trachea becomes and the narrower the trachea is the harder you have to work to get air into your body when you sleep. As you sleep, the harder you pull to get air inside, the more likely it is that all of your throats tissues are going to vibrate as you try to suck that air in through your throat and into your lungs.

There is an abundance of reason as to why people snore on a daily basis. Some are genetic such as the sex that they were born as or just the way that their parents were built and others are self inflicted such as intense weight gain or the use of alcohol and sedatives. Regardless, snoring is a common problem throughout the world and in order to have a peaceful rest at night, it should be treated as soon as possible whether by the use of over the counter medications or by a prescription.

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