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The VitalSleep is classified as a mandibular advancement device or MAD. It really is made to hold your lower-jaw in a forward position to keep your airway open while sleeping.

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Review Of VitalSleep Snoring Solution

There are many reasons as to why an individual can’t get enough, sound sleep. Reasons might be hectic works, night shifts, restlessness, improper sleep or even snoring. Believe it or not, snoring is the sleep problem that affects both genders and of all ages.

Snoring deprives one’s sound sleep, makes you restless and tired even after 7-8 hours of sleep. You just can’t go on like this. You need to come out of this snoring with some other alternatives.

The sleep aid industry is growing every year to offer solutions to snorers. Snoring makes your daily life tiresome, restless always. There are plenty of anti-snoring products available in the market today. You must be careful when you choose any one of those as to avoid any harmful effects. Consult a doctor or friend for reference if need be.

Recently, there exists an anti-snoring product that promises to grant great night sleep for you. This is none other than the perfect, effective VitalSleep snoring mouthpiece. It is the best snoring solution to you.

VitalSleep uses flexible, adjustable fit mouthpiece. Two different sizes are made for both men and women. It uses a bit-and-bit technology. It keeps lower jaw in the forward position to allow airways to supply sufficient air to lungs to maintain healthy breathing while sleeping. Free yourself from snoring and sleep freely! Use VitalSleep mouthpiece regularly.

What Exactly Is VitalSleep?

The VitalSleep is the best anti-snoring mouthpiece being built specifically to permit air flow freely in and out of your lungs during night time. It is classified as a mandibular advancement device or MAD.

It is made to hold your lower-jaw in a forward position. This device reduces or stops snoring issues effectively and conveniently. You can breathe easily and freely whenever you sleep.

The Vital Sleep mouthpiece comes in two sizes, for males and females use. It is latex and BPA free. It is safe, easy and effective for snorers to combat snoring fully.

How Does It Really Work?

VitalSleep is proven to effective work. The VitalSleep stop snoring mouthpiece or mouth guard is well made and designed with a sliding mechanism that permits one to freely adjust the fit associated with mouthpiece. It gives the best possible results to stop snoring completely.

It is a boil and bite technology, as it will be needed by submerging it in boiling water for sometimes. It adjusts and repositions your lower jaw forward. This jaw adjustment lifts and maintains tongue from falling into the airway when you sleep. This makes airway free from the tongue and thus you can sleep better with no snoring affecting you all night.

Is VitalSleep Recommended?

The VitalSleep is regarded as the newcomer to the anti-snoring device market today. It provides the best ever treatment that no other OTC devices can’t offer. It comes in 2 sizes that are flexible enough to be adjusted back and forth to fit the need of the snorers.

It features breathing holes that those with sinus problems can breathe through mouth when sleeping. It’s least expensive compared to other MAD’s in the market today. It is highly recommended by health care experts.

How Do You Use It?

When you first get it, you’re going to need to spend 5 minutes or so custom molding it to fit to your particular mouth.

It’s a simple “boil and bite” process where you soak it in hot water and then imprint your mouth bite into the mouthpiece.

Unlike many mouthpieces out there and one of the big plusses for many, is that the VitalSleep adjustable mouthpiece comes in two different standard sizes that you further customize at home.

Many smaller mouth men and women find that most of the other MAD type mouthpieces are just too big for their smaller mouths and even with additional home molding, they never really get that truly snug fit that stops it moving and falling out at night as they sleep.

On top of that, the outer edges of the “too big” mouthpiece push uncomfortably on different parts of their inner mouth. With the VitalSleep, there’s a “regular” size and a “small” size.

It is important that you choose the correct size for you as you really need it to fit as snugly as possible to deliver optimal stop snoring results and avoid issues such as falling out or moving around when you sleep, or even “gaps” that may produce a “whistling” sound as you breathe in and out. The home molding will only go so far to help towards these issues.

How Comfortable Is It To Wear?

Our previous experience when it comes to trying anti snoring mouthpieces is that “cheap” usually means needing to put up with unacceptable long term wear comfort levels.

So we were pretty much pleased to find that the materials did deliver a decent comfort level that for most would not cause an issue with needing or wanting to wear it every night.

It doesn’t have the added flexibility or superior comfort level that some mouthpieces have and certainly nowhere near the levels that you get with our recommended Good Morning Snore mouthpiece.

However, lack of comfort is not going to be the reason that most don’t use it every night.


VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece has a few advantages over the competition. These are:

  • The mouth guard is considered to be one of the best amongst existing anti-snoring solutions anywhere in the world
  • Made from comfortable and wearable materials
  • Raw materials are BPA-free
  • Has 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Provides full warranty good for one year
  • Provides free replacements for a period of 365 days
  • Effective in some cases of diagnosed sleep apnoea
  • Highly recommended by licensed physicians and dental practitioners
  • 100% manufactured in the United States of America
  • Adjustable
  • Allows for a custom fit
  • Allows breathing through both the mouth and the nostrils
  • Has a regular size for men
  • Has a small size for women
  • Includes a case that amply protects the device when not in useCons
  • Nevertheless, there are a few disadvantages as well:
  • May not be as effective for some case
  • First-time users may take a while before they get used to the feel of the device on their mouth

Negatives Of VitalSleep

  • The design has crevices that might harbour bacteria. Cleaning and scrubbing properly is needed.
  • There might be jaw soreness for few days of use.
  • It’s not useful for everyone.
  • It takes time to really get used to wearing it.

Is There Any Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You will also receive 100% free replacements for any reason for 1 year. Request for a refund must be made within this 30 day period.

What Other People Are Saying

Below are some of the comments made on VitalSleep:

I have been using the VitalSleep mouth guard for over a year and now my wife and I can sleep the same bedroom. The product is comfortable to use and easy to “custom” fit. – S. Zurita Wichita, KS

The VitalSleep mouthpiece allows me to breathe easier throughout the night, giving me a more restful sleep, especially when I have nasal congestion due to allergies. – A. Murakami Port Angeles, WA

Where Should You Buy?

Although you can sometimes find some sleeping mouth guards in your local pharmacy or from your dentist of course, the only place where you can buy Vital Sleep is online. You will get a full 30 day money back guarantee with it and also a one year warranty.

So, if the product fails at any time during the year, you will get a new one and they will even pay for the shipping. They offer specials for two-for-the-price-of-one, and they will also replace the item for up to a year. First time buyer use the coupon “SPRING” at checkout to save 10%.

Is Vital Sleep Right for You?

More information has come to light recently proving that snoring not only makes you more tired, but it can actually lead to increased weight and obesity, lack of production at work, and depression. Because Vital Sleep comes with a full money back guarantee, you know that there is nothing to risk and you will have enough time to try it out and see just what a difference this can make to your life.

Basically, if you are someone who has long had troubled snoring, then Vital Sleep will change the way that you sleep and may even help the relationships you have with the rest of the people in your home.


Choosing an anti-snoring device can be quite challenging since there are so many options available. What works for some people may not be as effective in others. Snorers must make sure that they consider their own particular needs when they make the decision which device to use to solve their snoring problem.

It is important to remember that solving the problem of snoring has larger implications. Snoring is known to increase the risk for heart attacks, cerebral strokes, high blood pressure, anxiety disorders, and depression. But with the right device, all these risks may be lowered with the elimination of nightly snoring.

Sleeping is a vital component of our everyday existence. We can only focus properly on our activities when we have had enough rest during the night. Snoring has made this difficult and sometimes impossible for people who suffer from snoring issues.

VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece may look unassuming and simple, but it gets the job done. A good night’s sleep is possible for a very affordable price.

There are many oral appliances in the market today, but this one has not only provided respite for many snorers. It has also given them a chance to live a healthier and stress-free life with their loved ones, friends, and co-workers.

What’s the verdict for VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece? It is a simple device that delivers what it promises and therefore, it is worth the investment.

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