VitalSleep Mouthpiece is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) type mouthpiece with the added ability to finely adjust the amount that your lower jaw will be forwarded as you wear it. VitalSleep adjustable mouthpiece comes in two different standard sizes that you further customize at home.

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So, what we’re really interested in finding out in this VitalSleep review is whether “budget” equals crap, whether it is effective, how comfortable it is to wear night in and night out and whether you really should even spend the smaller amount of money to buy it.

Let’s dive in…

What Is The VitalSleep Mouthpiece?

It’s a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) type mouthpiece with the added ability to finely adjust the amount that your lower jaw will be forwarded as you wear it.

It stops your snoring by pushing forward your lower jaw and effectively creating more space at the back of your throat and preventing your airway there from becoming blocked or restricted as you sleep.

How Do You Use It?

When you first get it, you’re going to need to spend 5 minutes or so custom molding it to fit to your particular mouth.

It’s a simple “boil and bite” process where you soak it in hot water and then imprint your mouth bite into the mouthpiece.

Unlike many mouthpieces out there and one of the big plusses for many, is that the VitalSleep adjustable mouthpiece comes in two different standard sizes that you further customize at home.

Many smaller mouth men and women find that most of the other MAD type mouthpieces are just too big for their smaller mouths and even with additional home molding, they never really get that truly snug fit that stops it moving and falling out at night as they sleep.

On top of that, the outer edges of the “too big” mouthpiece push uncomfortably on different parts of their inner mouth. With the VitalSleep, there’s a “regular” size and a “small” size.

It is important that you choose the correct size for you as you really need it to fit as snugly as possible to deliver optimal stop snoring results and avoid issues such as falling out or moving around when you sleep, or even “gaps” that may produce a “whistling” sound as you breathe in and out. The home molding will only go so far to help towards these issues.

How Comfortable Is It To Wear?

Our previous experience when it comes to trying anti snoring mouthpieces is that “cheap” usually means needing to put up with unacceptable long term wear comfort levels.

So we were pretty much pleased to find that the materials did deliver a decent comfort level that for most would not cause an issue with needing or wanting to wear it every night.

It doesn’t have the added flexibility or superior comfort level that some mouthpieces have and certainly nowhere near the levels that you get with our recommended Good Morning Snore mouthpiece.

However, lack of comfort is not going to be the reason that most don’t use it every night.

Unique Design Benefits

Without a doubt, the biggest reason that you would want to buy the VitalSleep mouth piece is for its adjustability (and current two for one price deal).

You need to use the small hex key to make the adjustments, but you can, unlike other adjustable mouthpieces, adjust this one finely and not in preset “steps”, which is a huge bonus.

Take it easy with how much you increase the adjustment level, particularly when you’re just getting used to it and only do as much as you really need to stop your snoring, as pushing your lower jaw forward more than necessary can lead to jaw ache and other issues.

The adjustability is quick and simple to do; it stays in the set position and works surprisingly well.

If you don’t want to fiddle around with a “tool” for adjusting the advancement, then you may want to look at the more costly but superior quality SnoreRX adjustable mouthpiece.

The VitalSleep mouthpiece also has a breathing hole at the front, so that those of you that like or have to breathe through your mouth at night can.

It’s a good general size that allows adequate night-time breathing and does the job perfectly adequately with no issues.

There are other mouthpieces that have breathing holes designed into them that are either too big or too small or just badly designed that creates a whistling sound as you sleep, but none of these failures occur with VitalSleep.

VitalSleep Reviews From Customers

There’s a decent number of feedback reviews now from customers that have bought and used this mouthpiece and aired both good and bad experiences.

The vast majority of people do actually rate it highly for effectiveness, value for money and precise adjustability.

There are some that stopped using it because they just can’t get used to wearing a mouthpiece at night and just prefer the smaller and more comfortable Tongue Stabilizing Devices, a number that say that it takes up to a week to get used to and not just one or two nights, some that just can’t get it to fit snugly and some that say that cleaning the finer teeth molded pits is a pain.

We couldn’t find any authentic complaints on price, comfort or side effects.


The VitalSleep adjustable stop snoring mouthpiece has FDA approval, so you can feel assured that it provides the required levels of safety and fit for purpose levels that we expected as a minimum from any decent mouthpiece.

It is made from BPA free material and not latex, so anyone with any form of latex allergies should be fine. The actual material is exceptionally high quality and produced by DuPont.

Guarantees and Extras

VitalSleep do offer a pretty solid 30 day money back guarantee, much like many other decent snoring mouthpiece manufacturers.

Unlike others, however, they also offer a ONE YEAR free replacement service, which is unique so far and a decent reassuring bonus.

If for any reason you need to swap it out, you can do so for a year.

Price and VitalSleep Coupon Code

This is where we differ from all of those out there that go on about how cheap the VitalSleep mouthpiece is.

It’s even more of a bargain when you add in the current VitalSleep coupon code “FALL” to get a further 10% off, but this only applies to new customers and is obviously only limited to this Fall season.

However, at the end of the day, most people actually only want a single mouthpiece and if that is the case with you, then it’s really going to cost you $60 for the privilege, so you need to compare the competition at this level really.

But, if you’re looking to buy now and have never bought a VitalSleep mouthpiece before, then make sure you take advantage of the easy extra saving with this “FALL” VitalSleep coupon code.


Overall, we like the VitalSleep mouthpiece across the board and if you want two (or can split the double buy with your closest snoring friend) then the current deal, in our opinion offers the best value adjustable mouthpiece currently available.