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Violette8 Luxury Silk Sleep Mask for Women 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

Violette8 Luxury Silk Sleep Mask for Women 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Violette8 Luxury Silk Sleep Mask for Women 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask.

  • A full night’s sleep device your Violette8 eye mask is made from the greatest grade 25 momme 100% pure mulberry silk and being a natural fiber it breathes. These quality silk eye covers will help with a revitalizing night’s sleep.
  • What’s more, they assist with anti aging, the non-absorbent silk will not take in wetness from your fragile eyes and eye location and they will assist dry, exhausted and puffy eyes remain hydrated and nurtured all night long. Awaken sensation restored and looking fresh.
  • The supreme in light security these masks being lined in black silk block out light day or night. Perfect for those that do move work, struggle with migraines, headaches or sleeping disorders.
  • The silk covered rubber band holds the eye mask in location the smoothness of silk does not tangle your hair.
  • Elegantly Packaged: Our luxury sleep eye masks show up tastefully provided in a stylish box that’s a pleasure to open. Perfect for present offering.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Violette8 Luxury Silk Sleep Mask for Women 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask.
Color: White Whether it’s a deep, revitalizing 8 hour sleep you require or a power nap to keep you going throughout the day and night, make our silk sleep mask a part of your sleep charm program. These masks are lined in black silk for the supreme in light security. When you oversleep darker conditions, it offers your body a possibility to produce more melatonin, the chemical that facilitates our sleep cycle. Utilizing our Violette8 silk sleep mask will assist you wander off and sleep more comfortably, so you awaken sensation rested and stimulated. Be geared up for your flight and make the experience as enjoyable as possible. These eye masks are light-weight and perfect to handle a plane and a secret to inflight sleep success. Readily available in these colors so you look elegant too: ivory/ white, silver/ gray, soft pink, and black. The smoothness of the luxury silk conveniences your eyes as you sleep. The masks are filled with 100% mulberry silk floss to relax, relieve and secure your eyes. They are not too huge and not too little and step 7.75 inches large and 3.25 inches deep. Wish to provide the present of charm and great sleep to that unique somebody? The Violette8 Silk Sleep Eye Mask comes packaged in a magnetic closure present box. Perfect as a stunning present for your unique friends and family or as a distinct present for regular leaflets or for the individual you wish to ruin. It’s time to obstruct out the world while you sleep, a silk sleep mask is the supreme REM-inducing extravagance you are worthy of.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Violette8 Luxury Silk Sleep Mask for Women 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask.

Question Question 1

How Is This Only For Women? We Wish to Purchase It, However We Hesitate The Elastic May Be Created For Maybe A Typically Smaller Sized Head?

The measurement throughout the mask determines 7.75 inches and the silk covered rubber band unstretched steps 12.75 inches so it might not appropriate for a bigger size head.

Question Question 2

Does This Crease The Back Of Your Hair?

Not that I have actually seen.

Question Question 3

Is The Strap Adjustable?

No the strap is not adjustable.

Question Question 4

Are These 6A Grade?

they are actually 5A grade which is extremely high grade quality.

Question Question 5

Where Is This Mask Made?

The masks are made in China as mulberry silk is a product they concentrate on producing.Thank you for the question, The masks are made in China as mulberry silk is a product they concentrate on producing.Thank you for the question, Sarah – Customer CareViolette8

Question Question 6

Can You Wash This Mask?

Yes we suggest hand cleaning the mask in cool water with an extremely moderate cleaning liquid. Thank you for your question Violette8

Question Question 7

What Is The Filling Product Of The Eye Mask?

the eye mask filling is comprised of mulberry silk filling which originates from the cocoon prior to is has actually been spun into silk thread.So extremely soft.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Violette8 Luxury Silk Sleep Mask for Women 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Although this eye mask is more pricey than others offered on, we chose to buy it. We have a white 25 momme silk pillow in the house and it’s lusciously soft. We intended to get a sleep mask simply as smooth and in a coordinating color. We are pleased to report that it’s precisely that. The silk is simply as buttery to the discuss the white outside as on the black interior. In addition, it obstructs out all the light, does not aggravate our lashes and the band sits conveniently around our head and hair. We extremely suggest this eye mask.

Let us begin by stating, we are extremely light sleeper and as we reside in the nation with practically no light or sound pollution most nights, we have an extremely difficult time checking out anywhere or anybody and actually sleeping. As an outcome, we have actually attempted a number of masks through the years to make it genuinely dark any place we are so we can sleep. We were checking out and had actually forgotten to load our mask so we required to do something. While we pondered getting a less expensive mask, as the majority of our other silk masks cost about $10, we believed we would bump it up this time around and see if it deserved it. Brief response – definitely. We will never ever return to our “cheap” masks once again. This mask is considerable without feeling frustrating on your face. Regardless of not having a particular location for your nose, which would simply be uncomfortable and unpleasant, the breadth of this mask obstructs out any light from getting in anywhere. In addition, it is incredibly comfy on our face and the back and side of our head. (we are side sleeper and did not desire something that was going to leave a mark in our head or the side of our face.) the silk is marvelously soft inside and out and a real happiness. The rubber band, while not adjustable – we believe that an adjustable strap would make it more unpleasant with tough plastic near your head while you are attempting to sleep – is incredibly comfy, not to tight and not to loose (our hat size has to do with 7 1/4). We find we sleep a lot better with this mask and the convenience, compound and strength it supplies. We bought one for our child who likewise utilized a less expensive mask every night as she resides in a city and she was impressed by how the mask assisted her sleep better likewise. This is well worth the expense.

This is excellent for anybody who has lighter linens. We attempted a darker shade formerly, however they began staining our pillowcases. These put on t at all. They re incredibly soft and block out all the light. We extremely suggest them.

This is our 2nd in 2-3 years, we were extremely delighted with our purchase very first time and now once again. This is the very best quality silk sleep mask, truly. It s extraordinary 25momme on both sides and inside filling. Super soft, resilient, simple to care/wash with silk cleaning agent. Perfect size for the face, no light is going through. After 2-3 years previous mask flexible got too big and was continuously slipping off our head when we were sleeping, so we got ourself a brand-new very same black one extremely delighted. The best rate for this incredible product.

We didn’t recognize just how much we required this in our life up until we had it. Now we put on t believe we will have the ability to go a night without it. It feels much like the more pricey alternatives – buy this. We will be buying another.

We simply got this mask and have actually not utilized it yet, so we will upgrade our evaluation once we attempt itout Up until now however, it appears effectively made and of excellent quality. The silk is incredibly smooth and the cushioning feels excellent too, extremely soft and cushion-y. It was likewise packaged truly magnificently. We can t wait to attempt itout Up until now, we would certainly suggest it to anybody looking for a great quality sleep mask at an affordable rate.

We have actually never ever utilized a sleep mask prior to so we do not understand how this rates to others however we do understand this is remarkable. We utilized it last night for the very first time. We were fretted it may feel large or troublesome on our face. It was not and we got the very best night sleep we have actually had in ages.

Love it. We purchased this for an implementation so we might sleep through our roomie switching on the lights.

We have extremely delicate skin, and our regular cotton eye mask left our eyes puffy and inflamed in the early morning. This mask is so soft and kindly padded. We like it.

We use his every night. We have had a number of eye mask and this is our preferred.

Simply what we were looking for to obstruct out light. The silk is so glamorous and soft. Pretty pink on the outdoors and jet black on the within. The strap is likewise silk so it s mild on your head and hair. We have a medium size head and medium-fine hair and the strap fits completely. It may be too tight if you have a bigger head and thick hair. We typically find sleep masks to be restricting — not this one, extremely comfy.

Love this mask. We have not utilized it yet as we simply got it today however the light protection is much better than that cotton mask we currently had. And much more comfy. Fits our little head completely, too. If you have a bigger head, we would not suggest since the band does not appear to extend much additional than a typical head size would need.

Definitely suggest. This is remarkable. Super soft, comfy, obstructs light and precisely what we were lookingfor Great for a present too.

We love this. We were doubtful on a mask bc we have actually heard bad things. We have actually had significant sleeping disorders and this permitted us to get a complete 8 hrs and the softness is excellent to keep the wrinkles away. It s likewise not too tight however firm sufficient to remain on the face all night. We are consumed.

Our space is extremely brilliant and needdd a mask. This mask obstructed all light and it appears we are sleeping more noise. Really comfy and remains in location.


Finest rate and outstanding quality.

Sleeping like a child. Really soft and obstructs all the light out.

Wow we were actually truly shocked with this face mask. We have actually been desiring a great silk white one that is blackout, which is tough to come by. Lastly found this and was reluctant to buy it however we are so happy we did. Worth every cent.

Excellent product. Love that the within is black for optimum security from light.

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