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Viedouce Silk Sleeping Masks for Women Sleep Eye Mask for Men

Viedouce Silk Sleeping Masks for Women Sleep Eye Mask for Men

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Viedouce Silk Sleeping Masks for Women Sleep Eye Mask for Men.

  • Silk Sleep Eye Mask
  • Silk Sleep Mask – Our eye mask for sleeping night made from 100% top-notch natural mulberry silk, which enhance your state of mind, energy levels and cognitive function.Eye mask silk is naturally breathable to skin and get a complete night’s sleep that naturally obstructs light for a quicker, much deeper sleep each and every single night
  • Super Soft Eye Mask – This eye mask for sleeping silk is perfect for migraine headaches, sleeping disorders and dry-eye victims, as the breathable, natural fibers of hypoallergenic silk enables healthy oxygen in while keeping dry air out;Sleep mask smooth silk does not take in skin creams, so sleep mask silk will not tinker night eye creams or moisturizers on your face
  • Adjustable Sleeping Eye Mask – Our sleeping mask silk for men/women/kids includes an adjustable and pain-free head strap that does stagnate or fall off while you’re sleeping. And sleeping mask silk will not tangle hair, to form the most comfy fit possible in any sleep position, totally adjustable strap from 15.8 inches to 27.6 inches, appropriate for women/men/kids
  • Sleeping Mask for Women – This light-weight, comfy eye mask sleep with blocks out light style assistance you unwind in darkness.Natural silk sleep eye mask suitable for travel, house, hotel, train, flight and take pleasure in continuous, deep, peaceful sleep

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Viedouce Silk Sleeping Masks for Women Sleep Eye Mask for Men.
Viedouce Silk Sleep Mask Made from incredibly soft silk – satin materials, Viedouce sleep mask is really mild on the skin and will avoid pulling or sleep lines around the fragile eye location. It’s particularly practical for those who require to be surrounded by total darkness to drop off to sleep. Viedouce eye mask is compact and weighs like a plume, that makes it simple to bring with you anywhere, particularly when you’re taking a trip. Silk Sleep Mask Made from 100% natural silk material, this breathable sleep mask includes an adjustable strap, it will leave no mark or crease on your eye location. Eye Mask for Travel Viedouce silk sleep mask is exceptional for stopping out the light when you’re on the train or airplane. It assists to launch the pressure of your eyes and face to sleep deeply. Light-weight Sleeping Mask A perfect device to assist you find sleep rapidly, the kind of the completely studied mask prevents the passage of light circulation around the nose obstructing any parasitic brightness for optimum relaxation. Read more Adjustable flexible strap Adjustable flexible strap to fit all head sizes with no pressure on your eyes. Health Hypoallergenic, the natural and breathable fibers of silk supply a perfect airy impact for individuals struggling with dry eye, migraine. Device washable Mask of sleep eyes light and quickly washable. Wash carefully with water below 30 C for 5-10 minutes; dry in cool, aerated location and do not expose to direct sunshine. Read more Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Viedouce Silk Sleeping Masks for Women Sleep Eye Mask for Men.

Question Question 1

Would You Advise This Sleeping Mask?

I certainly would advise this sleeping mask

Question Question 2

Exists A Cushioned Liner? If So, Silk? Thx?

It s silk on both sides yes.

Question Question 3

Is The Eye Mask Strap Elastic?

Yes the eye mask strap is flexible and adjustable. Get one. You will not be sorry for it.;-RRB-

Question Question 4

Is It Made From Genuine Silk Or Manmade? Is The Strap Adjustable? Does The Strap Leave A Crease In Your Hair?

It’s manmade silk, like satin, however it’s incredibly smooth and soft. The strap of this sleep mask is adjustable. It would not leave a crease in your hair. I myself have 4 of these sleep masks and we are getting more.

Question Question 5

Any Light Sleepers? Does This Sleep Mask Work For You?

we are light sleeper myself, this sleep mask has actually been working well for us. I have 2 of them.

Question Question 6

Is The Sleep Mask Washable?

Yes you can hand wash these sleep masks.

Question Question 7

Is The Whole Sleep Mask Made From Silk?

I believe the external layer is made from silk. It feels really soft and smooth.

Question Question 8

Pink One Light See Thru?

Entirely darkens out the light.

Question Question 9

Is The Inner Element Made From Silk? Thx Plus Exists A Cushioned Inner Product? Silk?

Yes all silk and really soft and beautiful

Question Question 10

Does The Color Blead?

It didn’t take place to mine.

Question Question 11

How Soft Is This Sleep Mask?


Question Question 12

Do These Include Ear Muffs? I Can’T Usage Ear Plugs?

There were no earmuffs or ear plugs or anything however the mask for your eyes and the case it can be found in -a minimum of on mine anyhow.

Question Question 13

Is This Sleeping Mask Washable?

Thank you for your question. You can hand wash and maker wash this sleep mask. However we do advise hand wash to keep the shape of the silk sleep mask.

Question Question 14

Does It Put Any Pressure On The Eyes?

No pressure on the eyes. Where the stress runs I rest on my forehead & have no issues. You can change it too

Question Question 15

Can You Device Wash This Sleeping Mask?

Yes you can maker clean this sleep mask, however we advise hand wash to keep it’s shape.

Question Question 16

Does This Sleep Mask Enable Your Face To Breathe?

Yes it’s really light-weight and breathable. I simply wan na advise it to everybody.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Viedouce Silk Sleeping Masks for Women Sleep Eye Mask for Men, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We enjoy the product. It s so soft and silky smooth. Exceptional at keeping lightout We enjoy the adjustable band. Extremely glamorous, and stylish. Likewise included earplugs and a bag. Great for taking a trip or sleeping in the house.

Fits really loose. The leading turns down and the bottom turns up. Not for sleeping. Functions to unwind in the tub.

This thing all by itself has actually enhanced our lifestyle. Since we relocated with our sweetheart we have actually needed to handle our bed room being a lot better than we are comfy with. This mask is a terrific compromise. Now we get a great, dark, comfy space and he gets his preferred light level too. The mask doesn t trouble us at all. We put on t even truly feel it on our face and it covers our eyes totally so no light peaks through. Plus it s charming, and you can t see our awful face while we sleep. Now if just we might find something that handles our snoring our relationship would be best.

We have actually utilized numerous sleeping masks prior to this one, and none worked as we anticipated. After a few days, we would simply quit on utilizing them since they could not obstruct the light effectively, would not remain on our head and they were too little. Absolutely nothing like this occurred with this one. We utilize this mask every day for the last few months and we truly like it. It has terrific quality, obstructs the lightening extremely well and it remains on our head all night. Likewise, it’s really comfy.

This sleep mask is really great, the silk is incredibly soft & smooth. It s a light-weight mask so you can barely inform you re using anything. It has a truly great adjustable strap. 10/10 extremely advise.

We are constantly using lash extensions and this mask has actually been a life saver. The material is an extremely soft pink satin and is so mild on our skin. Features a protective slip and it gets used to your head size. Gotten ear plugs as a present. Thank you. Excellent product.

We enjoy this. It s really soft and light-weight and keeps all the lightout Will be acquiring a 2nd one considering that our child took this one from us haha.

It’s precisely as it states it’s a sleep mask. It’s excellent it’s soft it keeps out the light. No brainer.

Perfect eye mask to assist avoid sleep wrinkles on your faceit s a satisfaction to awaken in the early morning without any undesirable wrinkleswe usage silk pillow cases, attempt to sleep on our back and attempted numerous eye masksthis one is big enough to cover the majority of face to avoid wrinkles.

We require this lot yes it is terrific to utilize.

The product is really great and soft and it is really comfy to use. We do not even observe that it’s on our face while we sleep however it is still really protected and does not fall off throughout sleep. It has actually certainly enhanced our sleep.

We have utilize this make from sleep mask for years and have actually never ever been dissatisfied. We can extremely advise them to anybody who requires a sleep mask. They are comfy to use, work as anticipated, and are simple to clean. Do not be distressed about them.

Ok, how? it’s adjustable and truly covers our eyes. And yeah, we are liking the pink thing.

This is the very best fitting eye shade we have actually ever had, and the most comfy. We utilize these frequently, provided our partner’s requirement to check out in the evening. So this is an important device.

The packaging is splendid and the product is excellent. When the blindfold is placed on, the sensation is really light, the pain is really little, and it feels smooth.

Our very first endeavor into eye masks so we purchased a few various alternatives. This is without a doubt the most comfy. Its incredibly soft, quickly adjustable and light. And terrific worth.

The plan is really splendid, the color is likewise really attractive, silk is really comfy to stay with the skin, shading impact is likewise excellent.

We never ever believed we would like a sleep mask. We attempted it a few months back, and now there are numerous. Extremely soft, smooth, breathable, best fit, 100% shading.


Super soft, included some ear plugs and a draw string pouch which is a great surprise.

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