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Unimi Sleep Eye Mask Moist Heated Eye Mask - Silk Eye Shade with Lavender & Flaxseed

Unimi Sleep Eye Mask Moist Heated Eye Mask – Silk Eye Shade with Lavender & Flaxseed

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Unimi Sleep Eye Mask Moist Heated Eye Mask – Silk Eye Shade with Lavender & Flaxseed.

  • Finest Moist Blindfold Advised by Ophthalmologists: Scientific research reveals that moist weighted sleep mask can minimize numerous eye illness, ideal for dealing with dry eyes, pink eye, MGD, Sinus Discomfort, Migraine, Stye, and other eye conditions. You will be comfy every day.
  • Made Up of 100% Natural Components: Lots of people who have a difficult time remaining asleep during the night motivate to buy Unimi eye mask for dry eyes, natural lavender and flaxseed release a remarkable fragrance, not just eliminate eye pressure, however likewise assist you go to sleep rapidly.
  • Really Soft and Easy to Utilize: Include cotton to the interior of the silk material to make the eye compress softer.Thick external bag keeps warmer longer however does not feel heavy. You simply get rid of the silk external bag and heat inner bag in the microwave for 40- one minute about 90 (do not go beyond 100) and it’s prepared to go.
  • 2 Smart Styles: Complete adjustable strap suitable for Grownups and kids. Detachable external bag for simple cleansing and multiple-use, and it can likewise be utilized as a routine blindfold.
  • UNIMI Guarantees Quality and Service: unimi is an expert producer of silk eye mask, concentrating on sleep health. For information, please look for”Unimi” If there are any disappointed points, we would provide replacement or complete refund.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Unimi Sleep Eye Mask Moist Heated Eye Mask – Silk Eye Shade with Lavender & Flaxseed.
Who is Unimi We are an enthusiastic expert group, we are dedicated to offer the customers the undisturbed sleep and comfy rest environment. We have an expert r – d group, production group and exceptional service group, your delighted purchase is our greatest receiving, your fulfillment is our biggest pursuit. Expert moist eye mask with lavender Assistance with Tension and Uneasyness, and Sleeping Disorders Unimi sleep mask is made from flaxseed and lavender, which can carefully push your eyes, raise the level of serotonin and melatonin, assist you sleep rapidly and peacefully. Keeping light out more effectively than with other compression eye mask, This might set off the release of hormonal agents and soothe your nerves. Step1: Use the eyeshades sleep mask well Step2: Change the length of strap to the most comfy position to fit your head well Step3: Change the nose flap to fit your bridge of nose well Check out more 100% NaturalFlaxseed Utilizing 100% natural flax seeds can assist the body promote blood flow. Resolve all sort of discomfort, puffy eyes, headaches& migraine, sinus discomfort- premium. Adjustable Strap with Thinner Buckle. Utilizing adjustable headband fits various size head area, you never ever fret about it slipping off. Heated Method. Location the flaxseed inner bag in the microwave and heat it for 40- one minute, and after that put it on your eyes about 20- thirty minutes to eliminate your eyes. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Unimi Sleep Eye Mask Moist Heated Eye Mask – Silk Eye Shade with Lavender & Flaxseed.

Question Question 1

Is The Mask Washable?

I do not learn about maker washable however it does split up like a pillow case so you can clean the outdoors product for sure.

Question Question 2

Is The Mask Washable?

Yes, the mask is washable

Question Question 3

Does The Lavender Irritants Your Eyes? Idk How I Feel About Oversleeping It?

it will not aggravate your eyes if anything it will relieve

Question Question 4

Is It Okay To Keep The Entire Thing In The Freezer, Or Simply The Insert?

I would not utilize the freezer as irreversible storage. I made that error as soon as with a various face mask and the odor of freezer never ever left.

Question Question 5

Do You Sleep With The Flax Seeds Inside Or You Get rid of That For Sleep?

I utilize the flax seeds in and heated about 45 seconds. It gives off lavender and puts us to oversleep no time at all.

Question Question 6

Has Anybody Utilized This For Cold Instead Of Heat? Can I Put It Into The Freezer?


Question Question 7

Does This Include A Couple Of Masks? Thanks.?

Simply one mask

Question Question 8

The Length Of Time Does The Heat Last After Being Microwaved?

It remain hot for a minimum of 15- 20 minutes

Question Question 9

How Is Moist Heat Produced With The Mask?

From your body temperature level and the heat together they will creat it

Question Question 10

Can You Put This In The Freezer?


Question Question 11

I Got This Product Today And It Stinks? Any Concept To Eliminate The Stink It S Certainly Not Lavender?

If it does not smell like lavender, something is incorrect. Return it.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Unimi Sleep Eye Mask Moist Heated Eye Mask – Silk Eye Shade with Lavender & Flaxseed, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We like the lavender fragrance sachet (is detachable thru an opening along the joint that remains closed w/ velcro) and the feel of the mask on our face/eyes. Although we were hesitant initially, we hold true follower particularly how this mask assisted our migraines. In actually does help in reducing soreness, puffiness and dry eyes due to allergic reactions/ sinuses. Not just that, however the bags under our eyes from absence of sleep and age, have actually been minimized substantially. Most importantly. You can cool it in the freezer or warm it up in the microwave we will absolutely suggest this product. Thanks.

Exceptional eye mask. And it s a 2 piece. We attempted a few various sleep masks due to the fact that we reside in the city with a park throughout from our home that keeps the lights on all night and this one was the very best one we have actually attempted up until now in regards to convenience along with overall darkness. The 3d part of it is fantastic for not using pressure to the eyelids and there s a little, versatile, fabric- type part in between the eyes that complies with the bridge of your nose that blocks out the blind area in a lot of eye masks where light can be available in. The flexible is elastic and simple to change, we simply like this thing. And did we point out there s 2. If you re like us and typically lose eye masks and great them a day or days later on this is evenbetter In some cases we are still using it after we get out of bed and putt it down elsewhere in your home however it s great now due to the fact that we keep an extra in our night stand. And changing up which one you use keeps them from using out so quick.

We like total darkness when we sleep and we have actually purchased a great deal of eye masks for many years. It s tough to find the ideal balance in between convenience and efficiency and we believe this mask is right at that sweet area. The head strap is adjustable, the filling is detachable so the mask can be cleaned, and the weight isn’t too heavy or too light-weight. It likewise smells sooo great. The lavender is aromatic and assists us unwind. We have actually utilized it every night considering that we have actually gotten it.

We regularly use an eye mask for dry eye. This mask is comfy, made from resilient material, lavender fragrant (we like lavender.) and has a pleasing color. Basic to heat to the preferred temperature level in the microwave. We anticipate it to last. Love it.

It absolutely assists. A number of breaks a day utilizing the eye mask absolutely assists eliminate the blurriness and tiredness and lets us return to our crafting. The masks are great quality, are simple to utilize and feel extremely peaceful throughout those 10 minute breaks. Pop it in the microwave for 25 seconds or two and lay back for 10 minutes. What a substantial advantage for using up such a percentage of time in our day.

We work night shift and have a difficult time sleeping, particularly when it’s actually warm. These block out all the light, however aren’t heavy, and they smell fantastic. Finest sleep we have actually had in rather at some point.

These are effectively made in great quality product. These are extremely enjoyable smelling when heated. The softness of the product the consistency of the heat.

Can we simply state how fantastic this mask is. We are continuously getting headaches/migraines and we wear t like to take medication for it till it gets actually bad so we chose to buy this and it assisted with our headaches. We get up and the headaches are entirely gone. We definitely like the odor and feel of the mask. We are extremely pleased with this product and if we ever require a brand-new one, we will make sure to buy this precise one.

Not that we have actually been utilizing this sleep mask for numerous months, we can definitively specify that it is amazing. Finest functions: it s adjustable. Our 11 years of age likes to obtain it, and it s simple to resize. Squishy pads around the eye socket make this extremely comfy and develop area for eyelashes. We can easily blink when using this mask, if we wish to open our eyes to experience the overall darkness. This is a practice that assists our brain switch into sleep mode. Overall blackout. Not a speck of light gets in. We can rest in the middle of the day and it s as dark as the darkest night. High quality and durable. Holds up to nighttime usage. We did not believe it would still remain in one piece after numerous months, however it s still in ideal condition, although we not do anything to look after it. Utilizing a sleep mask has actually significantly enhanced our sleep, however this particular mask is actually the one. We have actually attempted others and this one is without a doubt the most reliable and most comfy.

We like this eye mask. It has a lavender bag inside and smells so great and calming. It s likewise extremely soft and comfy. Certainly has actually worked to offer us a great night s rest.

We have actually bought numerous various sleep eye masks for many years. Some have actually been better than others with the fit, convenience and resilience. With our previous set lastly breaking down, we chose to spend lavishly for a better set that consisted of kind- fitting cushioning incorporated into the contoured mask. We were a little worried the mask may heat up, as with some foam pillow. To our pleasure, the unimwe mask is extraordinary. No just does it healthy extremely easily, the foam cushioning around the edge develops a great cushion when sleeping on side or stomach. Unlike other masks that push into your eyes if you sleep with your face partly on the pillow, the foam cushion supplies an extremely comfy and contoured fit around your eyes. The mask likewise supplies an excellent seal for obstructing light. In general, an exceptional style for an extremely affordable rate. They even consisted of additional flax seeds for including more weight and additional lavender buds for including more fragrance. There is even a gel mask consisted of. Simply wow people you are amazing.

We have actually just recently been struggling with nearly day-to-day migraines and have actually felt a continuous discomfort around our eyes. We attempted rather a few things for relief, such as ice gel loads, however this was the very first product that actually made a huge distinction. The eye mask entirely complies with the shape of your eyes, obstructing out any light entirely. The flexible strap and weight of the mask offer simply sufficient pressure to assist eliminate the pain. The lavender and other vital oils likewise assist to eliminate our migraines. We typically feel a lot better after depending on bed with this on for about 10 minutes.

We utilized it last night & strategy to utilize it once again this evening. Our eyes feel better today, & it is extremely calming to have on your eyes at great. It s a warm moist heat, and due to the fact that of the flax seed in it, it smells great. The minky outside is extremely great too, and the change strap is simply ideal. It isn’t frustrating to use at all.

This mask has actually made getting a great night’s sleep a lot simpler. For months we were having difficulty dropping off to sleep, remaining asleep, awakening method prior to our alarm. Because utilizing this for the previous 3 weeks we have actually gotten at least 8 hours per night and we get up sensation a lot more rested. We have a giant window in our bed room that does not have any blinds covering, which allows all sort of moonlight, street lights, and automobile lights. We want we would’ve gotten this years earlier due to the fact that this window has actually been making dropping off to sleep challenging our entire life. Thanks to this mask whatever is now pitch black and no light exists to trouble me. So pleased with this product’s convenience on our face too – it resembles having an additional pillow to support your eye sockets. Quickly to change and we do not seem like the buckle on the strap goes into our head at all.

This luxurious cushioning feels fantastic on our face and after warming this up in the microwave it we would astonishingly unwinding. This is fantastic to use for deep rest. Throughout a massage, or on an aircraft. We like putting this on prior to bed.

We are definitely in love with this sleep mask. It is so smooth and soft on our face and it smells heavenly like lavender. It is not too heavy however it s not light-weight. We choose a little weight on our eye mask. We like the adjustable strap on the back it s made actually well. Many masks we have actually purchased in the past we needed to keep connecting them due to the fact that in time the strap would extendout This mask is ideal and it unwinds and puts us to sleep so rapidly. We are gon na need to buy another due to the fact that our child keeps attempting to take it.

Love this eye mask. The head band is the ideal size considering that much of the eye masks that we have actually utilized prior to that had a string, the string was constantly too little, so we have no concept for what size heads the business do them. This eye mask is extremely soft and enjoyable to the skin. Likewise obstructs sunshine completely. We didn’t believe that the light pink color eye mask would obstruct sufficient sun light, however still got the pink considering that we like that color. And we more than happy that it obstructs sufficient sun light. We are extremely delighted with our purchase.

We had a various aromatherapy eye mask that we definitely enjoyed, however lost- and naturally could not find the very same brand name online. After looking for something comparable we came across this. While the other one did have actually stitched pouches to keep the filling in location, we like that this one is re- fillable, for when the fragrance ultimately goes. The quality of this eye pillow is remarkably great. They actually do send out along complete bags of flax and lavender so you can play with your individual percentages. It comes quite packed complete (we have not navigated to taking any out of the pillow yet, however require to) however we like the weight on our eyes (another factor we went with an eye pillow rather of basic sleeping mask). We sleep with this on and observe when we kip down the middle of the night we can smell the lavender, which we like. The gel eye mask is fantastic too, we purchased the set due to the fact that we have actually awakened one a lot of sundays wanting we weren’t so puffy from saturday’s activities. Keep it in the freezer and you’re great to go. In general a fantastic worth, we believe we might quickly have actually invested $20+ on something comparable in shop.

After mindful factor to consider of the various kinds of lavender eye masks out there, we selected this business. Product showed up effectively packaged. Inside we were actually delighted to see 2 little bags. One had additional natural lavender inside and the other had additional flax seeds inside. This was to include more fragrance and weight if required. Likewise consisted of was a complimentary liquid eye mask for those days when you have a headache or puffy eyes. Asutra did not stint the quantity inside the actually eye pillow. The external cover is 100% silk, and has a zipper so you can pull out the inner bag which likewise has a zipper so you can include or get rid of filling. Likewise consisted of was an effectively done manual explaining how to fill and look after this mask. We were impressed by the band that walks around your head. It’s not that velcro type that grips at the back of your head and if your setting that can go into your head making it rather agonizing. It’s a thin adjustable strap and the buckle, if you will is on the side, far from the back of your head. The fragrance is outright paradise and we can not suggest this product enough.

Love this eye mask. This is a weighted insert that you can take in and out of the soft grey case that makes the external case simple to clean. The insert can be positioned in the microwave and after that returned in the external case for a great warm mask to utilize for unwinding or eliminating obstructed up sinuses. The insert can likewise be positioned in the freezer for a couple hours and utilized for fevers or in our case migraines. Ive found that utilizing the beaded insert by itself without putting it back in the headband casing works better if you prepare to utilize it cold as its tough for the cold to permeate through the thick product of the headband however does fantastic by itself. You can likewise take the weighted insert out and simply utilize the shell as a sleeping mask with no bulk or weight in it. We like this thing. There are many usages and its a need to have.

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