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Trilancer Sleep Mask - Contoured Eye Mask for Sleeping

Trilancer Sleep Mask – Contoured Eye Mask for Sleeping

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Trilancer Sleep Mask – Contoured Eye Mask for Sleeping.

  • COMPLETE BLACKOUT MASK ‘An innovative covert nose wing style that removes all light direct exposure.
  • DEEP EYE MASK ‘More roomy, more convenience. Can even accommodate users with eyelash extensions.
  • Earplugs consisted of ‘As one of those who when struggled with sleeping disorders, our designer completely comprehends how valuable it is to oversleep best quitetness. That is why we will bring you just the absolute best sound decrease earplugs.
  • Light and smooth Product ‘the sluggish- rebound foam lining the mask allows ultra convenience. Makes the 30 minutes afternoon nap seem like a complete nights sleep.
  • Refund Assurance ‘We supply a complete year GUARANTEE for this product, for any concerns, just call us for a refund or replacement.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Trilancer Sleep Mask – Contoured Eye Mask for Sleeping.
Our ingenious product our sluggish- rebound memory foam is a distinct temperature level- delicate product, softening when entering contact with the body’s heat. This quality not just leads to a more natural fit and more total light clog, however likewise a more comfy total experience. Why do you require a sleep mask? The hormonal agent that manages the day- night cycle of the body and manages healing stages throughout sleep is called melatonin, and to produce this hormonal agent, enough darkness is needed. Even the smallest light direct exposure, a cellular phone screen for example, can provide a disruption to sleep. A skillfully created mask, nevertheless, will naturally assist to increase melatonin levels and improve Rapid Eye Movement. Specs Mask without strap: 7. 5 * 3. 1 * 1 inches Strap length (both sides): 16 inches Weight: 1. 2oz what you will get 1 * 3d- contoured sleep mask 1 set of corded earplugs 1 * educational handbook.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Trilancer Sleep Mask – Contoured Eye Mask for Sleeping.

Question Question 1

Does The Trilancer Sleep Mask, Contoured Eye Mask Contain Latex?

we are not specific, however not that we understand.

Question Question 2

Is This Sleep Mask Washable?

Yes, it is. However hand wash just, maker wash may warp the sleep mask.

Question Question 3

How Deep Are The Eye Cups?

Deep sufficient to open your eyes. They re not restricting.

Question Question 4

What Products Are These Made From?

Thank you for the question. The external layer is skin- friendly polyester, fade- complimentary, anti- mite and anti- bacterial. And inside there is sluggish rebound foam, breathable and supplying natural fit.

Question Question 5

The Number Of Inches Is This Mask From Delegated Right Not Consisting Of The Strap?

7.5 inches, not consisting of the strap

Question Question 6

Where Are These Made?

Sorry, I can not. we are out of the nation up until January fifth, and I do not have the product with me. What I can state is that it fits completely (no light seepage) and I actually like the velcro tipped head strap.

Question Question 7

How Do I Know The Mask Is Going To Fit My Head?

Thank you for the question. Our sleep mask includes an extremely flexible strap, and a 15cm adjusting variety velcro band. As an outcome, it fits most head sizes.

Question Question 8

The Number Of Inches Is This Mask From Leading To Bottom?

7.5 inches, not consisting of the strap

Question Question 9

We Are Bit Baffled With The Earplugs, There Appears To Be A Few Various Type of Them In The Evaluations.?

Jeremy, my apologies for the confusion. From last month we have actually updated the earplugs to Honeywell and 3M earplugs just which is displayed in our very first product image. They have much much better efficiency than our previous earplugs and a lot of earplugs on the marketplace, able to cancel out around 30- 49dbs of sound. That bein Jeremy, my apologies for the confusion. From last month we have actually updated the earplugs to Honeywell and 3M earplugs just which is displayed in our very first product image. They have much much better efficiency than our previous earplugs and a lot of earplugs on the marketplace, able to cancel out around 30- 49dbs of sound. That being stated, with them on you will not have the ability to hear another individual’s snoring or bed room TELEVISION.

Question Question 10

Do Long Eyelashes Obstruct Of Utilizing This Sleep Mask?

Thanks for the question. Compared to standard sleep mask or other contoured eye mask, our product has much deeper eye cavity which enables you to blink easily even with long eyelashes.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Trilancer Sleep Mask – Contoured Eye Mask for Sleeping, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have actually owned and utilized a conventional silk sleep mask for a while now, and have actually been really delighted with it. When provided the chance to attempt this one at no danger, we chose to offer it a possibility. The product was well- packaged and delivered rapidly. We prepared to check the mask at nights, while our relative was still up checking out or seeing television. The day the bundle got here, nevertheless, we were battling among the worst headaches we have actually had in a while. We attempted it out right away, and have actually utilized it many times ever since: it’s a far better mask than we anticipated. There was just one disadvantage, in our viewpoint (see below), however it is a small one. We are huge fellow. With some additional weight in our face. We did not anticipate the mask to fit well, or make a total light- obstructing experience, however it entirely surpassed our expectations. We are going to cover some information relating to the mask, and likewise the bonus offer products (i. E., earplugs and back- up mask) that featured it. Keep in mind: our evaluation is based upon the mask alone, and not on any of the bonus offer products. The mask —————- as quickly as we put it on, it was as dark as a cavern without any source of light. It entirely shut out the light– no leak around the nose or at the far edges. It was comfy, too. We were accustomed to the feel of a soft, smooth mask versus our eyes, however this felt more like using a little, ultralight, well- fitting set of ski safety glasses. We were worried that the density of the hook- loop strap (where the 2 ends came together) would make laying on it uneasy, however it wasn’t a problem. The mask kept overall darkness whether flat on our back or laying on our side, even when the mask was being pressed by a pillow. Our head fits hats on the border of xl/xxl (practically 24″ circumference). The strap on the mask fit us well and left some room for even larger sizes (almost another inch of strap available). Because of the material, we expected the mask to be hot, but it never caused us to sweat (indoor temperature ranged from 68-78°f). The only problem we have with this mask is the use of the hook-loop closure. It caught on a sweater we wore during a nap. It’s a problem easy enough to avoid if you remain mindful of it. Personally, we would like to see the hook-loop closure replaced with an elastic or web strap with an adjustable slider. The extras——————-note: our rating for this product is solely based on our review of the mask itself. The other items were included as ” bonus” or ” bonus offer products,” so they weren’t part of our review. The price of the product is in line with what we would pay for the mask itself, without the extras. The backup mask—————————–we didn’t spend much time with this one. It’s made of some cheap, synthetic materials, and we didn’t like the feel of it against our skin. We gave it to one of our younger children, who was excited to have a mask to wear like the ones their mother and we use. It may work in a pinch, but it’s nothing we would want to use–even occasionally. The earplugs———————–the mask came with two sets of earplugs, each with a plastic carrying case. They are the foam type that require you to pinch/roll them before inserting them into your ear canal. The two sets we received (one blue, one green) were either made from different materials, or were drastically different in quality. The green ones were completely unusable, because they would spring back to their original shape before we could insert them into our ears. The blue ones expanded more slowly, but still faster than those we regularly purchase. It took us a few attempts before we successfully got those into our ears. Our recommendation: throw out the earplugs they shipped, but keep the little cases. They are ideal for keeping a set in a pocket or purse, and we would pay $1 to buy an earplug case. Just buy some good earplugs, and you’re good to go. Overall————–this is a surprisingly nice sleep mask that completely blocks the light. It’s well worth the price, even without the bonus items. Be aware of the hook-loop closure if you wear a sweater, or have furniture or bedding that would be prone to snags. In our opinion, the earplug cases are worth about $1 each, but you’ll be better served with your own earplugs. We are highly likely to purchase another one of these, should this one get lost. We will also consider purchasing this as a gift for folks we know who may be looking for a a sleep mask.

We are super picky about stuff like this and the littlest things can keep us from sleeping, but this mask is perfect. We use it when our husband stays up later than us and it is so comfy, you don’t feel like you really have anything on your eyes.

We have long eyelashes, so we would like a deeper cup, but as it is, this is the most comfortable eye mask we have ever used. Aside from being soft, it has little to no light leakage, it doesn’t trap heat, it stays in place while we move around in our sleep, and the small bum made by the band at the back of the head is easily absorbed by our pillow, so it doesn’t botehr me. With all the electronics we have in our bedrooms these days, there always seems to be some led making itself known at night. We are using this nightly for that reason. We feel we are sleeping more soundly — we wake feeling more rested, and we are less likely to wake too early.

The first sleep mask maker that seems to understand that humans have noses. The contoured shape holds to your face and doesn’t allow light in through the nose gap. Third mask we have bought from – first that works.

This is one of the best sleep masks we have ever owned. We have been using it from the day it was delivered so its been a week now. It’s very soft and comfortable and keeps all the light out. We like the fact that there’s space in each eye cap so it does not press against our eyes which it what makes it different from others we have owned. It’s also adjustable so we can put make it however tight we want. We almost got another brand that came with more sleep masks in the pack but we are glad we went with this. Even though it only comes with one mask compared to other brands, this is really worth it because you won’t have any issues with it fitting your nose area correctly because of the design. We are going to be ordered a back up mask when we get back from thanksgiving holidays so we can have one for when we were this. Get this mask and you won’t regret it.

To start, we only wear the travel mask and we love that. But we wanted to wear the main one but couldn’t. If you have a tender head, and sleep on your back, the velcro connection we found bothersome causing a headache. That said, the eye mask portion is wonderful. We could and would wear it if the connection was on the sides. We realize that would be difficult to create. Or if there were just thin elastic straps combined with the eye mask itself . That would be a home run. If you can tolerate sleeping on something a bit firm and don t mind the pressure from a strap, there is a blackout sensation and your eyes can blink freely.

We have used this product for a year. It fits very well on our face with the adjustable strap on the back. Once over the eyes we like the fact with the contoured part giving our eyes room. We haven’t used a regular sleeping mask before but it’s very nice to not have fabric directly on our eye. Sometimes, because of our nose light will come in or during the night it will slip a bit, but our first time using the mask we thought it was the middle of the night when the sun was fully out. Depending on how long we wear the mask it can become uncomfortable but that is bound to happen while you are sleeping. The product was exactly what we were looking for, and even the bonus of an extra mask and ear plugs is awesome.

We like this a lot. We call it our ” deal with bra” bc it looks like a strapless bra. It’s comfortable, but we are side sleeper so it lets in light when squished against our pillow. We also dont like the ” adjustable band”. If we make it tighter, the velcro pulls our hair (individuals with really brief hair clearly will not have this problem). We leave it the initial size, however its a little too huge and in some cases comes off. The velcro is our greatest problem.

It is really comfy. We offered it 4 stars due to the fact that:1. We need to put it practically to the edge of our nose for it to entirely obstruct out all light. However we do have a little nose and face. So that might be an aspect. 2. It moves when you turn sideways, and you can peek through your nose. Essentially the shape is not that remarkable, however it is comfortable and does obstruct out light well when used and changed appropriately.

This mask is best for our requirements. We work the over night shift, we sleep throughout the day and this blocks out all light. It is so comfy that when we get up and open our eyes we forget that we have it on and for a fast 2nd all in see is black then we recognize that we have the mask on. We put on t utilize the earplugs so we can t rate them.

We acquired this to assist us sleep on the aircraft. We were going on a bachelorette journey and got our eyelashes done. We were stressed they would get ruined, however they didn’t. Love this eye mask. We have actually slept terrific with eyelash extensions on and without them on.

The notched location for the nose is the secret. This mask obstructs a lot more light than the basic mask. The depth of the eye well is terrific too due to the fact that it enables for eyelashes. We would not alter a thing, however we would include a choice for a cooling mask with this style. We extremely advise this mask.

The 3d eye mask do work better for us than the regular 2d (flat) ones. No pressure on the eyes and behind the head. It will obstruct the light entirely. The 2 sets of earplugs are of basic quality we think, however we liked it that they featured little plastic boxes which are simple to bring.

We needed to buy this – our relative get up in the middle of the night whenever she utilizes the bathroom. We are really light sleeper, any lights wakes us up. This eye mask assists keep our sight entirely dark and keep us sleeping. It takes at some point to get utilize to – because it s strap around your head.

We purchased this mask due to the fact that we fly a lot. We have actually attempted other sleeping masks in the past due to the fact that we have issues of sleeping on the aircraft. compared to this one, they either squeeze your eyes or leakages light around the nose. This one is up until now the very best we have actually got.

The mask contours to your face actually well. The eye pieces advise us a little of bra cups however walk around your eye’s field of vision. No light leakages through.: oif these men made a bra we would buy due to the fact that this is 10/10.

There are 2 sort of sleep masks on the bundle together with the ear plugs. The masks are comfy to use, and they feel of great quality product. Pleased with the product.

Absolutely lovethese Unsure what we did without them. We can open our eyes with them on without our eyelashes striking the mask.

Have actually just utilized the 3d sleep mask so far however we like it. Obstructs the light 100%, and is a really comfy fit. We believe the cost is deserving for the 3d mask, it s an included bonus offer for the travel mask and 2 sets of ear plugs. We advise.

We like this eye mask. Absolutely worth the cost.

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