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Terra-Warm Acupressure REM Weighted Sleep Eyemask

Terra-Warm Acupressure REM Weighted Sleep Eyemask

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Terra-Warm Acupressure REM Weighted Sleep Eyemask.

  • Natural Seed or Pink Salt Cores – Attempt Himalayan Pink Salt Core for a lighter, less damp experience
  • COOLING AND HEATING – Warm in the microwave (20 seconds), or location in a fridge/freezer as required
  • EYE and TEMPLE CALMING – Patent-pending eye covers style uses heat and cooling throughout face
  • REM and PRESSURE POINT PROMOTING – with well balanced 130g weight and series of Velcro anchor points
  • DOUBLE FUNCTION – Exceptional for headaches, migraine relief AND obstructs light. Great for meditation

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Terra-Warm Acupressure REM Weighted Sleep Eyemask.
Color: Black (Natural Seed Core)|Size: Medium This Terra-Warm eye mask promotes increased blood circulation over the eyes and face through thermal energy and wetness release from natural seeds confined in the mask, and might assist with worn out eyes after comprehensive screen time, video gaming, headaches, sinuses, dry eye, styes and/or Meibomian gland dysfunction. The weight and variable stress of our expert heated eye mask through the wraparound style and Velcro attachment uses a mild pressure to the eyes and face, and can assist promote pressure points. The mask weight ~ 130g is thoroughly adjusted to permit eyeball motion, helping R.E.M motion. Deep pressure touch and using weighted sleeping help, have actually been displayed in clinical trials to promote enhanced and much deeper sleep. This product likewise works as a weighted sleep eye mask getting rid of troubling light stimulus from the environment helping with deep, relaxing sleep. You might get rid of the seed pouch for a lighter, deweighted, sleep mask. The mask can likewise be utilized for eye cooling – merely location in the freezer for upto an hour prior to usage. Consists of storage case to keep your eye mask tidy and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Terra-Warm Acupressure REM Weighted Sleep Eyemask.

Question Question 1

I See A Remark That States The Inside Requirements To Be Gotten To Warm. Please Clarify I Idea Entire Mask Entered Microwave?

Yes, the insert comes out to heat in microwave or cool in the freezer. Then simply slip it back into the mask. I purchased another today.

Question Question 2

What Is The Distinction In Between Size Medium And Size 4? Does The 4 Mean It’S A Smaller Sized Or Larger Size?

I purchased the size 4 and it was a little huge for my (little) head. I included some extra velcro to make it fit better.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Terra-Warm Acupressure REM Weighted Sleep Eyemask, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have actually never ever purchased a sleep mask previously, however we chose to attempt this considering that we have actually been having problem sleeping. It’s certainly comfy and felt relaxing, like having a good warm feline sleep on our face, other than without the claws or shedding. We liked that it was natural and aimed to offer some earnings to individuals from an impoverished location. Thumbs up.

We have actually been troubled by dry eyes for several years. We attempted a number of things consisting of hot towels and a japanese eye mask in a pouch comparable to hand warmers, however we have actually never ever been pleased up until we utilized this terra warm eye mask. It holds heat for an excellent quantity time and is extremely comfy to use with a strap. We utilize this a number of times a day and feel awakened each time. We take this mask to our workplace every day. We certainly suggest this product to anybody who has issues with dry eyes or worn out eyes.

We truly like this thing. It is soft and feels excellent on the face, eyes. It’s extremely calming and relaxing, smells good. We actually even utilized it cold for puffy/red eyes and headaches and it was practical.

It s hard to get the heated piece in and out and we weren t insane about that however we like the mask. We can not sleep without an excellent mask and this truthfully is among the very best we have actually ever acquired. We normally use the very same brand name and have for over twenty years. From time to time we will attempt something brand-new. We are happy we attempted this one.

We just recently had a dreadful migraine and might not find our sleep mask. Our other half got us a momentary one which was ill fitting. We encountered this one and believed that we would offer it a shot. It is splendid. We have not even attempted warming it yet. The softness is terrific and the light relaxing aromatic beads truly assisted. We are typically a really light sleeper and lights trouble us this mask totally obstructs the light. We had the most relaxing sleep in a long period of time so comfy and calming.

We frequently get dry eyes and have actually been trying to find a product that makes us feel better and likewise one that permits us to sleep. This truly did the job. Put in the microwave for 25 seconds, and it was simply the best temperature level to feel ideal versus our eyes. We wandered off to sleep quite quickly. We truly liked the truth that it has a wraparound style and feels comfy throughout our whole head – even does an excellent task as operating as a low pillow.

We got this product recently and definitely like it. The fabric on it is truly soft and it heats up to the ideal temperature level. Our apartment or condo remains in the city and there is a great deal of light that comes within and this has actually assisted us drop off to sleep quicker as there is no light that comes inside the eye mask. Extremely advised.

It is not the most inexpensive in the market however it’s well worth it and the very best among this kind of thing that we have actually ever utilized. It is extremely practical for taking brief naps since of how comfy it feels and its enjoyable odor. It likewise works as a cold press for puffy eyes. We truly like it.

This is an eye mask that is multi-functional. Not just does it obstruct out light, it has aromatherapy and heat/cooling functions that other masks do not have. It is extremely soft to the touch and does not slip around like standard eye masks.

This sleep eye mask truly unwinds us at bedtime, which we require to drop off to sleep. For me, after whatever is completed and we should sleep, this sleep eye mask certainly assists us doze off.

The product merely works. We have actually been stressed out out recently about work and other things. The face mask assisted us sleep better and we are certainly awakening more stimulated. We likewise have actually been dreaming more.

Functions excellent.

This mask is so soft and comfy. We generally can t drop off to sleep while using a mask however this one actually assisted us drop off to sleep.

We had an old eye mask from years ago we utilized on aircrafts or naps however the terra warm mask is a lotbetter The soft velour fabric is extremely comfy and light-weight. We warmed it in our medium size microwave for 25 seconds the very first time and it was ideal. While carefully extending our lower back on the flooring we used terra warm eye mask and experienced a really unwinded state and our eyes, surrounding sinus, and forehead delighted in the damp heat. We did another 25 seconds then actually utilized it on our stiff neck with success. Next we will attempt it cold as we get migraines headaches if we lose sleep in some cases. The size is quickly adjustable due to the velco connection. We are extremely pleased with this purchase.

We were trying to find a weighted mask that we might heat up when we get migraines. It works excellent for that since the beads inside discuss your temples too. We likewise use it as a night mask for sleeping and it isn’t too heavy for that either. Perfect product.

This eye mask is terrific. The creamy surface area is extremely soft and the weight is ideal. We find it extremely reassuring and favorable to meditation and relaxation. We have actually utilized it warm, cool, and space temperature level. It’s excellent to have the option.

We never ever believed we would have the ability to sleep with something over our eyes, however this thing truly assists us sleepbetter We put it in the freezer in the early morning and it’s good and cold by bedtime. It has actually assisted with eye puffiness too.

Love it. It aids with our migraines. Not as heavy as we had actually hoped however it does assist a lot.

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