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SupRikse Sleep Mask for Women and Men Eye Mask for Sleeping

SupRikse Sleep Mask for Women and Men Eye Mask for Sleeping

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of SupRikse Sleep Mask for Women and Men Eye Mask for Sleeping.

  • BRAND-NEW WIDER STYLE & PERFECT LIGHT BLOCKOUT: The “nose wing  design of the sleep mask is perfectly fitted around the nose (pressure free for your nose) and can effectively block lights coming from the nose area. The Wider Design of the sleeping mask is great for completely blocking external light and creates a darkness to help you relax your eyes and fall asleep faster and deeper whenever you are at home, flight, shift work or bright hotel room.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Surrounds different sized heads and noses and easily connected and adjusted in the back by velcro strips. This sleep mask will not tangle your hair or feel tight around head, unlike other sleep masks. The Sleep Mask stays on your face in ALL sleep positions and does not move or fall off while you re sleeping.
  • BREATHABLE, EXTREMELY SOFT & COMFORTABLE: Cool satin fabric sleep mask permits oxygen in and out, which is comfortable and breathable. The cotton-padded mask provides soft and comfortable cushion to your sensitive eye area. Extremely soft to the touch, light-weight and breathable, comfortable to wear all night long.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT, PORTABLE & EASY STORAGE: Our sleep mask, which is made of satin fabric and Skin-friendly cotton, is lightweight and portable, so you almost barely notice that they’re on your head. With the foldable design and a free carry bag, you can easily carry the sleep mask with you and take a quick nap without interference from unwanted light.
  • Ideal Gift: Comes with EARPLUGS to help to block outside noise and give you a more comfortable, relaxed, and quiet environment. Ideal gift for you friends, mom, dad, aunt, grandma, grandpa during birthday, anniversary, wedding and party.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on SupRikse Sleep Mask for Women and Men Eye Mask for Sleeping.
Color: BlueSupRikse Sleep Mask – Your Best Sleep Buddy Why do you require a SupRikse sleep mask? We require Melatonin which is produced in a dark environment to manages the day-night cycle of the body and manages the healing stages throughout sleep. Now a SupRikse sleep mask can assist you increase melatonin levels and supply you with a premium sleep with minimum pressure on your face. Why select the SupRikse sleep mask? – Soft and comfy touch, without any pressure on your eyes (Made from cool satin material and 100% cotton cushioning) – Ergonomic style – updated nose wing style fits your nose and seals out brilliant light from the bottom- Breathable absorbent – Portable, little area and simple bring – Plan consists of: a SupRikse Sleep Mask, a bag and a set of ear plugs How to preserve the cotton sleep mask Due to the fact that of its satin material and cotton product and ultra-soft and breathable functions, this cotton sleep mask requires your care to safeguard its ergonomic style. Hand wash in the water just with moderate cleaning agent, and let air-dry (ordinary flat or hanging). Prevent wringing or Device Wash. Iron it in low temperature level to safeguard the texture. Service warranty If you have any question, you can call us and we will response you in 24 hr. If you are not pleased with SupRikse sleeping eye mask, we will resend you a brand-new one for complimentary or refund to you without any QUESTIONS ASKED.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on SupRikse Sleep Mask for Women and Men Eye Mask for Sleeping.

Question Question 1

Does This Mask Need Any Unique Care With Time?

No, however you require to put the sleep mask into the bag while you wear; t usage it. Due to the fact that the product is something like silk or satin. The velcro might make this product fluffing. However I still like theis sleep mask, excatly like the one I have prior to however that a person is more costly. This is fantastic.

Question Question 2

Does The Velcro Of The Sleep Mask Split Up When Sleeping?

It has not split up for us. we have actually had no problems with this sleep mask.

Question Question 3

Do These Block Out All The Light Or Simply A Few Of The Light?.?

Blocks out all the light. I attempted a great deal of masks, and this is the just one that entirely obstructs out light, and does not move while we are sleeping. we have actually utilized it for daytime naps, and it is complete blackout, even throughout the day.

Question Question 4

Do I Required To Wash The Eye Mask Prior To Use And What Are Cleaning Guidelines? Thanks.?

No, you do not need to clean the sleep mask – I utilized mine right out of the bag. There was no bad odor, however I typically do clean my clothes prior to using; a great deal of folks do not (simply individual choice). I have a comparable silk mask that has cleaning directions: hand wash cold in moderate cleaning agent, and let air-dry (flat or ha No, you do not need to clean the sleep mask – I utilized mine right out of the bag. There was no bad odor, however I typically do clean my clothes prior to using; a great deal of folks do not (simply individual choice). I have a comparable silk mask that has cleaning directions: hand wash cold in moderate cleaning agent, and let air-dry (flat or hanging); no bleach, no clothes dryer.

Question Question 5

Does It Leave Creases In Your Hair?

For me, I have wavy hair I do not like and this mask smoothsit out by early morning. So it does not truly leave creases however works for us.

Question Question 6

Does It Actually Block The Light?

It obstructs the majority of the light, similar to a lot of masks (other than the Jet Blue ones) some light can slip through around the nose.It is comfy though.The Jet Blue masks have a nose flap that obstructs out about 99% of all light, I have actually been searching for one comparable without needing to reserve a flight someplace.

Question Question 7

I Still Haven’T Seen A Response To The Question Of The Product. Satin Is A Description Of A Weave. Is It Silk, Polyester.?

this mask is made from satin. It is really soft and comfy. You will not be sorry for to buy this sleep mask.

Question Question 8

Does One Feel Hot, Sweaty In It?

This sleep mask has actually never ever felt too warm to us using it. I expect if the space was not air conditioned, it might feel a little warm. However it didn’t feel damp on my face. This sleep mask is so comfy, much like the one cost 25.9. Exact same quality, however this one is low cost.

Question Question 9

Which One Is Better? Suprikse Or Sleep Master? They Simply Looks Comparable.?

I have no experience with sleep master. Nevertheless suprikse is great.

Question Question 10

Exists Hollowed Area For The Eyes?

No there is not. The material is really soft so it isn’t uneasy. This eye mask is really soft.

Question Question 11

I Know This Is A Sleeping Mask, However Does It Block Out Some Sound At The Same Time?

Not truly, it might stifle sound however just somewhat. I advise ear plugs for stopping out sound.

Question Question 12

Does It Block Light Around The Nose?

Yes they ve consisted of earplugs too

Question Question 13

What Is The Product? I Know It Issatin However What Is The Product Made From? Thank You?

It is a satin product made in China and created in United States. This sleep mask is soft and smooth. block light and do not continue my eyes

Question Question 14

Is This Product S Outside Made Of 100% Silk?


Question Question 15

Exists Space For You To Open And Blink Your Eyes Without The Sleep Mask Striking The Mask?

This silk eye mask for sleeping is really soft and light-weight product. And there is a velcro strap for you to change the size. No press on my eyes.

Question Question 16

Is This Made From Pure Silk? Satin Is Not A Response.?

I do not understand. Seems like silk however not. Anyhow, like my sleep mask. Really soft

Question Question 17

Which Color Is Excellent? Black Or Blue? Thank You.?

we have actually purchased the black twice for my hubby and he utilizes it every night.

Question Question 18

Will This Sleeping Eye Mask Fit A Big Guy’S Head?

I concur. It is adjustable and has a velcro. I believe this sleep mask can fit everybody:-RRB-

Question Question 19

Is This Mask Washable?

I simply inspected the label however it does not state. I would advise handwashing. our relative enjoys it.

Question Question 20

What Is The Product?

the sleep mask is made from satin. The filling product is soft cotton. Hope you like it.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on SupRikse Sleep Mask for Women and Men Eye Mask for Sleeping, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Really soft and comfy. This mask is light-weight and does not continue our eyes. It has velcro in the back so we can change it tightness & convenience. This one gets the job done. Stopping out the light. Did not even see the sun shown up in the early morning. Excellent night sleep. Will buy it once again.

We have actually been attempting to figure out methods to enhance our quality of sleep so we can feel awake and focused in the early morning. We looked for a mask where it twists around your head due to the fact that, for some factor, we require something that makes our head feel tight to feelbetter Possibly it’s due to the fact that we utilized to have regular migraines however otherwise, we do not understand why. Possibly another person can comprehend. – the product is gorgeous and well made. Our company believe would fit on a lot of faces. – our head felt great and snuggly- it covers our ears which is a plus.

This is truly comfortable and offers excellent protection. Better than the regular sleep mask. The only drawback is the mask can be a little hot in the summertime heat. However we still like this sleep mask. Need to be the very best one.

This is the fourth sleep mask we have actually purchased and it works the very best out of all of them. We have some much more costly kinds and we find that this one worksbetter We are extremely conscious light and whenever we take a trip and remain in an airbnb, we constantly bring our own sleep eye mask with me. We like how this one twists around your entire head and does not leave you with any stretch marks on your face when you awaken. It is dark and blocks out 99% of light. We just recently utilized this on holiday in southern ca where the space we were remaining in just had white blinds and worthless white muslin ornamental drapes. We had the ability to sleep through the dawn (at 5:50 am) without being troubled by light. We find it remains on better than some other eye masks, too. In general, we are really pleased with it and pleased we gambled. We will buy the slip silk eye mask for $50 and am pleased we got this one rather and conserved ourself $35 while doing so.

Love this eye mask, we like how it firmly fits and does not move.

This is just the very best sleeping mask. We brought this with us on an aircraft and we were asleep within minutes. Excellent product, really confortable high quality building, so pleased that we chose to attempt this mask. Thanks for making a fantastic product.

Our sleep schedule has actually entirely altered from getting up at 9 am to getting up at 3 am. We were having a hard time to change and checked out a post about getting up to lights to promote your brain. We are now sleeping with the lights on and with this mask, we have no issues. We are going to sleep and getting up with ease. Likewise this this is so comfy. No lines, no headaches, no ear pinching and no hair tangled in the velcro. It even has sufficient space for us to conveniently use our hair cover. We just can’t state enough fantastic features of this product.??.

Just had for a few days, however we simulate it and am delighted to utilize it, and it appears to assist. Product is soft. We did send this evaluation in exchange for product, however we are being truthful and would not have actually done it if we didn’t believe the sleep mask is good.:-RRB-.

This sleep mask supplies us overall darkness. We find it really comfy and simple to ware and it’s extremely soft and feels fantastic on your face. We like it and can’t truly sleep without it any longer. It’s costly, however worth it.

This is a fantastic product. It is thick, soft, and elegant. Likewise obstructs out all the sun, and remain on your face all night.

The sleep mask is really comfy. It remains in location throughout the night. It does not lot up on the side. Others have actually triggered our neck to harm due to the fact that of bunching on the side of our head. We are side sleeper and have actually had neck issues. We utilize an unique pillow to place our neck correctly. The bunching or additional product on the side of other night mask have trigger our neck to harm. It likewise does not leave lines on our hair. We have really thick hair and as long as we brush it back prior to putting the mask on, when we awaken it’s still is brushed back.

It s been impressive. We had actually attempted a conventional one and disliked the strap throughout our head. This sleep mask is so soft and comfortable, difficult to understand it’s even on. We like this product and utilize it almost every night.

We like this mask. It entirely keeps the light out as other little ones did not cover also. The softness is so comfy. We would certainly advise.

This product is incredible. We were looking for something that isn’t tight around the eye location due to the fact that the majority of the ones out there does that. This sleeping mask is smooth and obstruct about 99% of light. In our viewpoint the black ones blocks more light than the blue one.

This sleep mask is made well and the product is really soft. The sleep mask truly can obstruct the light. Nevertheless, it still allows some light from the nose location. However we still like this sleep mask. Soft, comfy, breathable and no pressure on eyes. We can state this is the very best eye mask we ever have.

Utilized it for a number of nights and have a fantastic user experience. It is really soft to the touch and cover our eyes effectively. The opening night we had a fantastic corrective sleep even if the mask was a little tight. The tightness was all our fault as we did not take some time to change it and regardless of this we slept effectively. 2nd day we simply utilized it a little looser and it feels practically like it was not on our face. When we woke the next our very first idea was: did we go blind? simply to bear in mind that we had the mask on.

Knocked a star off, due to the fact that after a year the soft side of velcro has actually spoiled so the mask can t be held together. Actually want it were flexible, though that uses out too. We have had 3 other masks and this is without a doubt the very best. It obstructs out 85-100% of the light, so you need to change it ideal. We typically put our head under our pillow and it is then really pitch black (which it s certainly not even under the pillow without the mask). We believe often when we believe it s light it s simply mental, like feeling in one’s bones it s light outside if we are sleeping. We believed the truth that it covers your ears would be an issue, however immediately it s not. You won t wish to have specific materials near it however, due to the fact that it s really loud.

After evaluating a number of eye masks, we picked this one & am so pleased with our purchase. Besides the very soft, satiny washable material, the mask is kindly enough time with velcro fasteners for preferred fit. The very best function is the cut out for the nose bcuz the resulting “flaps” over the eyes can be raised to see the time or whatever you require to see. We would certainly extremely advise this eye mask.

We utilize this under our c pap head equipment. It supplies cushion for our head equipment so it does not go into our neck. It covers our ears and eyes. It’s best for us. It’s the second one we have actually owned.

The sleep mask is larger, has velcro in the back and a bigger front face cover. It is extremely comfy and soft, the cotton enables it to breathe without ending up being hot. It completely obstructs off the light. So comfy to use. Love this amazing sleep mask. We will buy more of these.

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