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Snoreeze Throat Spray

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Snoreeze actually works. In reaction to desperate pleas to do something about our snoring, and wishing to prevent surgical treatment or cpap, we looked for this product which we would utilized with success a years previously. We can’t comprehend why this isn’t offered in us stores, however fortunately it is offered through the magic of the interweb. A couple sprays in the back of the throat prior to bed is all it takes. The taste is excellent and the outcomes arebetter Sadly, you need to utilize it every night, however we find that after a few excellent nights of sleep, our relative does not discover if we avoid utilizing here or there.

Excellent product. Utilize it every night to assist me sleep without problem.

We do not utilize this for snoring. We utilize this to reduce signs and possible strep throat. When we feel a skyrocket throat occurring we utilize the product based on it’s instructions for 1 or 2 nights. Have not had strep throat in over 6 years when formerly we were having 3 to 4 episodes a year. Great.

Terrific things, our relative likes we found this. Now she can sleep too.

Decreases sound to an outright minimum. Great.

Functions for us.

In some cases we snore loudly. The snoreeze does minimize the volume and it opens our breathing passage to enable us to breathe more easily (as reported by our relative). The liquid has a thick consistency to it that enables it to stick in location for a while. We have actually utilized other sprays (snorestop), however this one appears to work the very best for us.

We attempted numerous methods to stop our snore, much like a tool, a pillow, nose picher. However they were all ineffective. However this snoreeze stops our snore. It is actually excellent.

We enjoy this spray. This has actually assisted our partner a lot and we are getting the sleep we have actually been missing out on. Thank you.

It works however just some nights and our partner states offers him an aching throat in the early mornings. We simply like that we get to sleep from time to time.

We do not snore all the time however when we do this appears to do the technique. Will not last all night however the majority of it.


It lowers snoring, according to our partner our snoring has actually been practically non current. 90 percent decreased. We advise the product. It’s certainly worth a shot for those who snore.

It worked. Our other halves stopped snoring and does incline utilizing it. We will be purchasingmore We simply want it did not take so long to get here.

We enjoy all the snoreeze products therefore does our partner, due to the fact that he can get a great night’s sleep. We choose the lozenges however the throat spray is simply as efficient and much easier to utilize. Whenever we go to europe we accumulate on a big supply, to prevent import taxes. Well worth the expense for any person having sleep issues. We sleep better and the bed room is a lot quieter.

We purchased the 2nd bottle of snore eze as it has actually done what it guarantees. Partner states it works well – so we will be purchased a 3rd one too.

It is working what we anticipated. Easy to utilize. Just our issue about cost a bit greater than other product.

We have actually lost 17kg, altered our diet plan, we are working out a lot, not consuming alcohol at all, utilizing nasal spray, throat spray, anti snoring ring, washing our sinuses when a day, utilizing humidifier and air cleanser and it is much better, however it is difficult to state what is the % success of this thing.

This works however just for half the night. However certainly works, if just for longer.

We experience the skin at the back of our throat vibrating triggering snoring and this operates at stopping that completely.

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