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SleepPro is your stop snoring mouthpiece. It keeps your upper airway open enabling you to breathe easily and sleep soundly.

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Get Snore Out! Use SleepPro Anti Snore Product! Review

Snoring is something that hampers not only your personal life but that of your partner or family members as well. A healthy rest and sleep promotes a healthy body and happy life. Thus, proper care is a must to overcome this snoring from you. One such way is by using SleepPro anti-snore mouthpiece.

If you look at it closely, the standard SleepPro mouth guard resembles many other MADs on the market – but if you are keen enough you will note a few distinguishing characteristics here and there. For instance, its design accommodates two air holes that create enough room for breathing through the mouth.

Now, if you have ever tried other MADs, I am sure you will understand the importance of these two holes. Actually, this is the main feature that you should care much about when looking to upgrade your anti-snoring device.

If you are able to breathe better, then automatically your quality of life will improve and you will stand to gain more benefits from using that particular device. However, if breathing is inhibited, no matter how effective the device is, then you may not even stand the magnitude of its flaws.

A mouthpiece that comes without air holes will force you to breathe through your nose which may not be convenience to everyone. At the same time, an MAD with tiny holes may not provide you with adequate space to breathe freely.

In the end, such mouthpieces can be likened to trying to get oxygen through a straw – it’s pretty difficult and unnatural. Using a restrictive MAD can cause serious health problems particularly if you have a deviated septum, nasal polyps or sinus issues.

Another outstanding feature of SleepPro is that it is designed to provide a custom-fit by moulding to the shape of your mouth.

This is achieved through the use of Boil-and-Bite technology. In addition, the company has availed several versions of this particular product mainly because there is no one-size-fits-all MAD. Different people, of different age and gender may not have the same mouth size and contours.

Going by that fact, SleepPro has diversified its product’s range as follows:

This is the most basic version of SleepPro and it is designed to serve as an introductory mouthpiece. It is recommended for the beginner and it provides a safe bet for anyone looking for a low cost, effective snoring treatment.

This one is designed specifically with the fairer sex in mind. It is slightly smaller than others as it is meant to provide a comfortable fit against the shape of the mouth. One outstanding feature about SleepPro Woman is that it is pink in colour giving in a more feminine outlook.

This MAD is suitable for those who toss and turn a lot throughout the night until the anti-snoring appliance moves out of its place. Sleep Tight is reinforced by twin polymer technology, which provides greater stability, and a better fit through Boil-and-Bite technology.

This is a more advanced version of the Standard MAD. It has 7 settings to allow one to adjust it against the mouth contours until precise tension is achieved. While this works like most other mouthpieces, the difference is that it is a little more tailored – and therefore, a little more comfortable to wear.

One thing that stands out about this mouthpiece is that it is thinner and more comfortable than others. It is made specifically using an impression mold of your teeth hence it comes with special ridges that coincide with the natural position of your teeth.

Product Background

SleepPro is a British made anti-snoring mouthpiece that is classified as a mandibular advancement device that works by holding your jaw in a forward position. The product is manufactured and designed by SleepPro Limited under a sales partnership with MEDiTAS Limited.

This symbiotic relationship means that the former mainly focuses on improving the product as the latter focuses on delivering it to the market. To this end, the brand is made up of SFA, Custom and original versions of the mouthpiece reflecting the diverse needs of a wide customer-base.

What Exactly Is SleepPro?

The Sleep Pro anti snoring device is a Mandibular Advancement Splint. It has been designed to help you breathe more freely whilst you sleep. Your quality of sleep should improve and it should also improve for those around you, because you will no longer be snoring.

The device works by opening your upper airway, achieved through advancing the lower jaw. Doing this allows you to breathe more comfortably and easily during your sleep. The device should work for nearly everyone which means you could say goodbye to snoring forever.

Products Offered by SleepPro

  • SleepPro Standard
  • SleepPro Custom
  • SleepPro Self-Adjustable
  • The devices are manufactured in Britain and are recommended by some NHS and Private Hospitals.

How Does SleepPro Work?

Because this is a mandibular advancement splint, it works by simply advancing your lower jaw to introduce a slight tension on the soft tissues. By doing that, your upper airway is kept open meaning more space for you to breathe. This mechanism works for nearly everyone.

Doctors and dentists across the world have approved it and the success rates so far have been quite encouraging. But as if that is not enough to convince a potential buyer, SleepPro have gone ahead and offered a 30-day money back guarantee.

It is, however, worth clarifying that this device may not work if your snoring problem is caused by different complications other than airway blockage. For instance, use of an MAD may not necessarily provide the desired results if the underlying problem is nasal blockage, throat infection or growth.

So, if you use it without any success, it is important to rule out the risk of a potentially dangerous problem by consulting your dentist.

Basically, a mouthpiece such as this seeks to provide the same kind of anti-snoring relief like a surgery but without the pain and agony of a surgeon’s knife.

How To Use The Device?

In order to make sure that the mouthpiece will be a perfect fit. The manufacturer opted for the boil and bite technology. This means that you will have to place the mouthpiece in boiling water.

You have to use boiling water for a few minutes and then bite on it. Leave the device in your mouth for about 30 seconds and then remove it. It is alright if you don’t get it right the first time – you just have to heat it up again and bite on it.

How Long Will It Take To Stop Snoring With The SleepPro?

Within minutes of using the device and falling asleep you should know whether the SleepPro has worked for you.

If you find the device does not work it may need tweaking and there is a troubleshooting section on the SleepPro website to help you with this. Sometimes, with a few tweaks you can solve the issue and the device will work just fine for you.

How Long Will The Sleeppro Last For?

This depends on a number of factors all of which can affect the life expectancy of your SleepPro. For example, how clean you keep the device, whether you grind your teeth and even how you store the device can change how long the SleepPro will last for. It could be six months or longer but this depends on the usage and the conditions the SleepPro has been exposed to.

How Effective Is This SleepPro Mouthpiece?

This MAD is meant to work within minutes of wearing it and falling asleep. If it completely fails to work (i.e. fails to work even for a short while) even after you fit it correctly then it means your problem lies elsewhere.

However, if it works for a short while and then stops, then you know that moving your jaw forward is the right treatment and you only need to find a mouthpiece that is customized for you. Some people are lucky to find that their very first SleepPro order works and so they don’t have to request for a replacement.

How Do You Clean The Sleeppro?

The SleepPro Standard and the SleepPro Custom are made from the same material so can be cleaned the same way.

Once you have removed your SleepPro, you should wash it in clean water, removing any deposits within the teeth imprints with a toothbrush. You should not use Toothpaste to clean your SleepPro as doing so will score the surface making it more susceptible to staining.

A brief wash in mouthwash or denture cleaner can keep things nice and fresh, however the chemicals in these products could reduce the life expectancy as they may degrade the plastic.

Conclusion On SleepPro Mouthpiece

The SleepPro Mouthpiece is an affordable solution to help you stop snoring and is recommended by medical professionals. Their 30 day money back guarantee shows how much faith they have in their products and gives you more confidence to buy.

As mentioned above, once installed you should know within minutes whether the device is working for you. If it doesn’t work straight away, you may find making some adjustments gets it working.

Whilst the devices offered are a little more expensive than others, the quality is worth the extra outlay. Please share your own reviews too as it helps everyone who may be considering buying a SleepPro.

All in all, we can say that the SleepPro mouthpiece is worth a shot. This is because it could really help you stop snoring and you will never know if it is good for you or not unless you try it.

Last update on 2021-01-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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