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Sleep Whale Premium Comfort Sleep Mask - Luxury Design - Adjustable Eye Mask Strap

Sleep Whale Premium Comfort Sleep Mask – Luxury Design – Adjustable Eye Mask Strap

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Sleep Whale Premium Comfort Sleep Mask – Luxury Design – Adjustable Eye Mask Strap.

  • PREMIUM COMFORT SLEEP MASK Masterfully crafted by Sleep Whale for optimum sleeping comfort, this luxury eye mask is fantastic for totally obstructing external light. Use this pleasurable mask for continuous sleep environment. Furthermore, it will offer your eyes the supreme comfort and is perfect for travel, house, airplanes, daytime usage, and other numerous environments.
  • COMFORTABLE & LUXURY PRODUCT FOR YOUR EYES The Sleep Whale Sleep Mask is made from BREATHABLE product that allows oxygen in and out, decreases friction that might impact the face, and secures the pores and skin. Eye mask sleep design handled a brand-new, much more premium, level.
  • TOTALLY ADJUSTABLE TO FIT ALL HEAD SIZES You will not feel it – the mask comes geared up with a comfy broad band which is versatile and long lasting. This eye cover for sleeping quickly fits around various sized heads and noses, keeping more area for ears. The Sleep Whale Sleep Mask remains on your face in ALL sleep positions and does stagnate or fall off while you re sleeping.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC – The sleep mask is allergen and mildew resistant, totally irritant and chemical complimentary, ideal for those who struggle with asthma, allergic reactions, and other breathing concerns.
  • SOMETHING ADDITIONAL FROM United States: GEL INSERT AND EARPLUGS Including complimentary gel insert & earplugs, you are purchasing the very best sleep mask. Utilize the gel insert for cool treatment – really reliable in easing eye tiredness. Stow in a freezer or fridge for cool usage. Furthermore, features earplugs to assist to obstruct outdoors sound and offer you a more comfy, unwinded, and peaceful environment.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Sleep Whale Premium Comfort Sleep Mask – Luxury Design – Adjustable Eye Mask Strap.
Luxury comfort for better sleeping Mixing light-weight and incredibly soft products, with an ergonomic and glamorous design that covers the eyes totally for total darkness, the Sleep Whale Premium Comfort Sleep Mask is here to bring luxury and usefulness in your sleeping. Sleep anywhere, wake with a smile on your face. No matter if you wish to take an afternoon nap, sleep on the airplane, or get a deep sleep for 10+ hours after a long night- shift, you are worthy of a complete and continuous sleep. And this is what Sleep Whale Sleep Mask will allow you to do with included luxury and comfort. To ensure your total rest and deep sleep, we equip you with a cooling gel pack and earplugs which are likewise consisted of in the plan. Switch off from the world when you desire. Update your sleep withSleep Whale Premium Comfort Sleep Mask – light-weight – premium very- soft product – total protection – breathable and hypoallergenic Read more Total protection of your eyes Put the satin sleeping mask on and totally obstruct daytime. The mask comes geared up with a comfy band which is versatile, long lasting, and totally adjustable. Furthermore, the Sleep Whale sleeping mask quickly fits around various sized heads and noses, keeping more area for ears. And it will sit tight, no matter what kind of sleeper you are. The Sleep Whale Sleep Mask remains on your face in ALL sleep positions and does stagnate or fall off while you re sleeping. Read more Totally resting deep sleep anytime With its ultra- comfy product and enormous performance, the sleeping mask can be of fantastic usage for your much- required resting. The glamorous sleep mask seems like you have a dark drape that guarantees 100% clog of any light touching your eyes. Sleep throughout the day or anytime in your own conditions you are not based on the environment any longer. Read more Gel pack + ear plugs Utilize the gel pack that is likewise consisted of in the plan and eliminate eye tiredness with cool treatment. All you require to do is stow it in a freezer or fridge for cool usage. Furthermore, utilize our earplugs to totally obstruct out ecological sound. Now, go get your Sleep Whale Mask for completely pleasurable sleep. A total sleeping package in one purchase. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Sleep Whale Premium Comfort Sleep Mask – Luxury Design – Adjustable Eye Mask Strap.

Question Question 1

Does It Cover Ears?

It does cover your ears.

Question Question 2

Does The Velcro Get Stuck To Hair?

In the roughly 6 weeks that I have actually utilized the sleep whale, I have actually not experienced any issue with the velcro entangling in my hair.

Question Question 3

Does It Work Also To Block Light If You Don’T Usage The Ice bag? Does The Ice Bag Truly Assist With Swollen Eyes?

Yes, it works well as simply a sleep mask.Yes, the ice bag does aid with discomfort and pressure of the eyes and surrounding locations. The beads inside the ice bag aid keep it versatile.

Question Question 4

Does The Product Breath Or Does The Mask Fume During The Night?

yes, it resembles silk. It does not fume, in my viewpoint at night.I have actually not slept as excellent as I finish with this mask, in a long long time.Enjoy.

Question Question 5

How Wide Does The Head Strap Go?

It’s a couple inches broad and covers your ears

Question Question 6

The Length Of Time Does The Cooling Pad Stay Cold?

we are not exactly sure. I drop off to sleep too quick.

Question Question 7

Can You Utilize It Without The Gel Load (Simply To Cover From Light?)?

Truthfully the gel pack not does anything. I could not feel any cool through the material. There’s a great zippered compartment for it. You can’t inform when using it that something is missing out on if you do not utilize the gel pack.

Question Question 8

Is It Made In The United States?

no sure

Question Question 9

What Nation Is This Made In?

Box state China

Question Question 10

Can Your Eyes Move When It’S On?

you can change how tight you wan the mask around your head.If you wish to you can open your eyes with the mask on.

Question Question 11

Does It Cover Your Ears?

Yes rather. It features ear plugs too.

Question Question 12

How Strong Is The Velcro? Our Other One Broke, So We Are Uncertain Of Ordered Again.?

The velcro is lasting – no issue. Its the most comfy sleep mask ever.

Question Question 13

What Is The Products It Is Constructed Of?


Question Question 14

What Is The “Breathable Material” Made From?

our guess is that it s a satin with a cotton filler. It s not really breathable however it does drown out some background sound.

Question Question 15

Has Anybody Utilized This For Dry Eyes? How Well Does It Work?

Sorry, I do not have dry eyes, however it features a gel pack which is incredible for headaches.

Question Question 16

Is It Made With 1 Piece Of Product Or 2? Does The Product Stay Together For Somebody Who Sweats A Lot During The Night? Our Masks Break Down From Sweat.?

I have just had the mask for about 1 month.I believe its one piece of material.I simulate the cooling gel mask that enters side.I have night sweats and I take pleasure in the coolness of the mask.

Question Question 17

Is It Uneasy When Sleeping On Your Back?

It’s really soft without any bumps or clips or tough products. I sent it back since it moved around on my hair unless I changed it to be annoyingly tight, and after that hot, due to width. Sleeping on your back would make no distinction at all.

Question Question 18

What Product Is The Mask Made From?

A silk type product. It s so good versus the skin.

Question Question 19

Can You Wash This?

I have not cleaned it yet, however I directions suggest cleaning mild cycle with like materials.

Question Question 20

Can This Be Utilized Efficiently Under A Complete Face Sleep Apnea Cpap Mask?

I seriously question the CPAP mask would have the ability to seal appropriately.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Sleep Whale Premium Comfort Sleep Mask – Luxury Design – Adjustable Eye Mask Strap, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Do you like a relaxing nights sleep with no disturbances? how about total darkness, smothered outside noises, and a silky smooth feel throughout your drowsy eyelids? then this product is for you. Seriously- this is the very best sleep mask we have actually ever utilized. It s legally like sleeping with a cloud on your face. It is extremely soft, light-weight, cool, and completely fitting to your face. It likewise has a cooling pack that can be frozen and placed into the eye mask, which is fantastic for inflamed eyes. It features ear plugs, however we wear t even require them bc the mask itself covers our ears carefully and enough to smother outdoors sounds completely. Likewise- we were stressed over the velcro, being somebody with long and curly hair that gets captured in whatever. However the velcro doesn t catch on a thing, other than the other velcro piece. It s ideal. Idk what the grievances from other purchasers were concerning the product packaging odor. However we simply opened it, aired it out for a few hours up until bedtime, and boom, we wereout The odor didn’t trouble us at all. Terrific product- it truly assists us sleep through the night.

We simply got this mask and slept it in last night and whoa. We like it. We have a neurological illness which, amongst numerous things, makes us very conscious light (believe when the sky turns from pitch black to dark grey at around 4- 5am. Yeah that wakes us up) and we struggle with persistent migraines. On top of that, we bedshare with a young child who remains in the middle of a sleep regression, so each time she moves, we are awake. We utilized this last night and we slept like the dead. It’s so soft, it remains in location completely, and it nestles your face ideal. We were out the 2nd our head touched the pillow which never ever occurs. It did get here with a strong lemony fragrance, however we simply aired package out for a few hours and it was gone. It got here in a great box, which was cool.

Comfy, breathable, remains in location. Did not have any color transfer concerns like published in other evaluations. We have actually had this sleep mask for about a month now and we will not sleep without it.

We utilizes a sleep mask every night and have actually attempted numerous. We were a little reluctant after checking out some unfavorable evaluations and we more than happy to report that we found this sleep mask to be the very best we have actually attempted. We got a great nights sleep on the opening night of utilizing it. It is really soft satin- like product on both sides and really light. We particularly like the color. After changing the size we find it simpler to simply slip the entire thing on and off rather than utilizing the velcro to attach and loosen. We find it offers us total protection. The broad band is actually more comfy than any other sleep mask we have actually attempted. It reviews the leading part of our ears and offers us some sound security to the point we might not utilize ear plugs. Every sleep mask will ruin our hair a bit so that is not a concern. There is no odor at all. We have actually not utilized the gel beads, perhaps in the summertime nor the ear plugs. It got here in one day in a great present box. We would absolutely suggest this sleep mask.

Bought this because we are brand-new mother and any light in our space has actually kept us awake just recently. We likewise get some quite bad postpartum migraines so the ice beads are fantastic addition. We consisted of pictures of the product box, it s really strong and sturdy, got here with foam ear security (can t utilize that because we are listening for a child screen). The mask itself is a great smooth product and it can be pressed into your forehead which is good so you wear t need to get rid of the entire thing each time you require to see. It is a huge large with the gel bead pack however it s detachable by a zipper on top. We want it was available in a hot pink however we expect it wouldn t be really whale like then lol. We have actually had this in our wishlist because it was near $20 and lastly now our sleep is getting worse and it s now around $12.

Well we required a brand-new one and this is such an updated of the old one we had and we like it its relaxing comfy and ideal for us because we truly do not like getting up to sun and light in our eyes we like it its a needs to have and now after a while the green part adheres to the black and it will not close at all any longer.

Product looks really smooth. The silk product with the cooled ice bag is rejuvenating. The fragrance is unwinding and”clean” Had some difficulty initially getting the gel pack into the zipped compartment – compartment is deep on either side of eye pocket and the gel pack divide( in between the eyes) is brief. Once in location it fits fantastic and remains on your eyes. * other sleep gel loads relocation and either go to your eye eyebrows or fall on nose. The gel pack remains cool for rather at some point. In general, we would suggest it, particularly if you have regular migranes or light level of sensitivity.

Adorable product packaging and really well made and comfy.

This is definitely the very best sleep mask we have actually ever purchased. Its so fantastic we purchased one for the entire household. Its soft, it completly obstructs out light and features earplugs. The mask was instantly all set for us to utilize best out package we put our gel pack in the refrigerator then included it back when it was all set and calmed down for a relaxing night with our mask.

We definitely like this product. For some time now sleeping in the evening has actually been a trouble just since we hesitate of the dark lol and we would get up in the middle of the night and swear we are seeing things which aren t truly there. So we bought this sleep mask to keep us from doing that and it worked. When it arrived it was available in this good box and was completely put. It truly offered it a glamorous ambiance, particularly when it features gel pack and ear plugs and it s satin. It s so us and we like it.

Excellent product, cool plan and not pricey. Thank you men for this product.

We were thrilled to get this product, so when it arrived we opened it excitedly. After taking the mask from package and permitting it to air out a bit, we are totally pleased with our purchase and have found it to be really comfy and obstructs the light well. We are thrilled to attempt the frozen insert.

Incredibly quick shipment. Finest sleep mask ever. So comfy you truly end up being uninformed you are using it. It is light-weight, considerably bigger than most which enables it to obstruct all the light without continuously adjusting the mask. The velcro closure implies no metal poking the back of your head. The chilling eye pads are huge reward for headaches or hot summertime nights. We will never ever buy a various sleep mask once again. This is gold.

Incredibly comfy, however mine appeared like it s been at least tried out if not utilized. We are bought another one and we will clean this one to see if the stain is disappearing.

We have actually utilized a sleep mask for many years and have actually attempted numerous. We had one comparable to the sleep whale that we utilized permanently. It lastly broke down and we hesitated to attempt a brand-new one. We got the sleep whale and we definitely like it. It is smooth and fits around our head without triggering a headache or a brain growth and blocks out the light. We sanctuary t attempted the gel pack yet however have it in the freezer all set to go the next time we have inflamed eyes. We would extremely suggest this mask.

We are really delighted with this sleep mask. It is a comfy product, has an adjustable head strap, and has a removeable gel pack. It was the only sleep mask we found with the gel pack for the eye puffiness. Likewise, it actually blocks out the sunshine, unlike other masks we have. Our partner is getting fantastic usage out of it because he sleeps throughout the day (works graveyard shift). We required 2 in our home.

We likethese We initially had a silk mask, however this is a lot more affordable and better made. We do not utilize the cooling eye insert (we attempted it when, however didn’t like the additional weight), however for comfort and sitting tight, this mask is the very best. The velcro in the back is made well and does not use out quickly. This is actually our 2nd mask. We take it with us when we take a trip, however it is a bit bigger than the travel ones so that’s the only factor we offered it 4 stars. You can mash it up quite little, however it is still larger than a set of socks. If size does not matter, you’re golden.

Initially, we composed an exceptional evaluation of this product: earplugs are really standard, not fantastic. Eye pillow is the very best we have actually ever pursued both comfort, fit, and light clog. And now after a few weeks, we need to change what we have actually stated. The velcro damages the smooth product of the mask and quickly breaks down and will not hold closed any longer. We are so dissatisfied. Idea we found our permanently mask. They need to enhance velcro closure.

Love this a lot that we purchased 2. We had actually been trying to find a mask that would likewise cover our ears, hoping it would assist obstruct out some noise because ear plugs aren t comfy for us. This doesn t truly obstruct out sound visibly however we do believe it assists simply the tiniest bit. It s truly comfy and doesn t press too hard on our eyes. It was an outright lifesaver when we brought it to the health center when our child was born, just had one at the time so our partner and we were passing it backward and forward to capture some sleep. We purchased a 2nd now that we re house and we attempt to capture some sleep throughout the day. Just grievance is the very first one we got has velcro and the 2nd is a rubber band. We choose the velcro one because it won t take down our hair as we put it on, and we wear t believe you have the option when you purchase. Still worth getting however, extremely suggest.

We have actually never ever utilized a sleep mask in the past, however we are caregiving our senior mom and as an outcome we are frequently oversleeping spaces with much more light than we choose. Time to attempt a sleep mask. We can’t think how good this one is. Really soft and comfy. We slept throughout the night, unbothered by the light in our space. We have not attempted the optional cooling mask yet however we anticipate utilizing it. We were likewise happily shocked to find earplugs in the plan. We are now going to buy a 2nd sleep mask so that we have one to keep at our home and one at our mother’s home. This was a fantastic buy.

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