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SLAOUWO Portable White Noise Machine

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of SLAOUWO Portable White Noise Machine.

  • [Makes Pleasant White Noise] Slaouwo white noise machine has actually 26 taped calming noises of 3 various types. A good volume variety, simple to change volume. You will find out the very best level of noise that completely fits your requirements and area.
  • [Portable & Compact] Slaouwo portable noise machine is little enough to be quickly suited your knapsack and luggage, Great size for house or travel. Perfect for Infant, connect to your infant’s safety seat with a practical bring hook for all journeys.
  • [Auto-off Timer & Memory Function] Slaouwo sleep noise machine can be played 30 or 60 minute with its auto-off timer. Noise machine will automactically operates in accordance with your last setting of the sound mode, volume and timer when you next turn it on.
  • [Lasts All Night & USB Cable] Bulid-in battery is 400 mAH so you can charge the machine with the consisted of USB cable television. Set medium volume that the sound machine lasts about 8-10 hours on a complete charge.
  • [Personalized Listening and Wide Applicablity] This sleep noise machine includes a 3.5 mm earphone jack which permits you to delight in the calming white noise independently. different kinds of relaxing and mollifying white noise which can be utilized to relieve infant, focus more on work or research study, alleviate tension and assist individuals drop off to sleep quickly.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on SLAOUWO Portable White Noise Machine.
Read more 26 Relaxing Sounds Slaouwo white noise machine includes 26 calming noises in overall such as the noise of water-drop, wind, forest, rain and so on. Supplying numerous kinds of noise to select from, this portable sleep noise machine is effective in obstructing diversion out, assisting you focus on working or studying and developing a perfect environment for sleep. Practical Timer You can set the timer to 30 or 60 minutes and it will immediately turn off after the scheduled time. Long press the power button to switch on the sound machine, the 60 minutes timer will be on at the very same time as the red sign program below the Timer button. Press the Timer button and the machine will change to thirty minutes timer. When you push the timer button for around 2 seconds, the timer function will quit working and the machine will be played continually. Several Charging Techniques The battery of machine is made from polymer and is USB rechargeable, so you can utilize the consisted of USB cable television to charge the sound machine. You can charge the machine by utilizing a 5V/1A battery charger integrated with the consisted of USB cable television, plugging it into a power bank, or plugging it into a laptop computer or PC. Read more Personalized Listening Experience This portable sleep noise machine, which has an integrated 3.5 mm earphone jack, permits you to listen independently without stressing over disrupting other individuals. The Nature Noise button likewise is Volume Up button, long press the button to turn the volume up and release the button when you find the appropriate volume. Vice versa, long press the White Noise button which likewise is Volume Down button to turn the volume down. Memory Function With the memory function, this sleep noise machine will tape-record the last setting of the volume, timer and the kind of white noise. The next time you switch on the machine, it will immediately perform at today setting. Suitable Fellow Traveler Considering that this portable noise machine is light-weight and space-saving, they appropriate for house, workplace, fitness center and travel. You can basically it into your bag, brief-case or luggage, and bring excellent sleeping and relaxation with you anywhere you go. Read more Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on SLAOUWO Portable White Noise Machine.

Question Question 1

Can This Product Be Returned If One Isn’T Comfy With The Sounds?

Im unsure, get in touch with the seller

Question Question 2

Can You Plug This In To A Usb Port So It Will Run All Through The Night?

It can be played continually or for 30 to 60 minutes with its auto-off timer. If it’s completely charged it can run all night without being plugged into the usb port.

Question Question 3

How Do You Get It To Run All Night? Can’T Figure It Out. Thanks.?

I found my own to tough to utilize, especially during the night, and returned the product.

Question Question 4

For How Long Does It Require To Charge? The Red Button Headed Out After Abut 15 Minuteswhen I Plugged In The Battery Charger(?)?

Truthfully unsure, I plan to utilize it linked, sorry could not assist much

Question Question 5

Can It Be Plugged Into An Electric Outlet?

Yes, it has an adapter however you need to plug it into a USB socket that has an electric outlet. Much like charging a phone it requires the charging box, however any USB charging box will work.

Question Question 6

How Do I Know When The Battery Is Low And It Requirements To Be Charged?

I dunno since ours wouldnt even hold a charge:(

Question Question 7

Mine Won’T Run All Night Even When I Hold The Timer For More Than 2 Seconds. How Do I Repair That?

Make certain when you re holding the timer it s on the 60 and the traffic signal goes off. If you desire all night we would recommend leaving plugged in so it doesn t pass away.

Question Question 8

Does This Have A Heart Beat Noise Alternative?


Question Question 9

What Is The Return Policy In Case I Don T Like This?

thirty days.

Question Question 10

For How Long Will It Run Once Charged? Will It Run Though The Night? (8 Hours?)?

Yes, mine does

Question Question 11

For How Long Does It Last On A Charge?

I have never ever inspected when it would go dead.I understand it needs to be a long time.I leave it on alot and just have charged it a few times.I enjoy the rain and beach noises

Question Question 12

How Do You Change He Volume?

Hold down the button up/down button on the side.

Question Question 13

Does This Noise Machine Include A Clock Ticking Noise?

It has lots of integrated noises which you can pick and play

Question Question 14

What Are The 26 Sounds?

If you take a look at the include near the bottom of the page it reveals to noises, rain, train, waves, and so on. I(* )the product challenging to utilize, especially during the night, as the controls are tough to recognize.found 15

Question Question Does This Likewise Function As A Speaker?

Sadly it does not work as a speaker. It just has the white noise.


Question Question Does It Consist Of

Noise?”Shh” It has numerous settings – white noise, nature noises, water – can likewise set volume which is extremely good.


Question Question Our Noise

Just Remains on For About 10 Seconds And After That Shuts Off.It Is Plugged In And Totally Charged.Any Suggestions To Repair?Machine In the description of the product, it informs you how to keep it on continuous noise. I believe you keep in a particular button for a fair bit. Examine there.


Question Question Exists A Low-Frequency Noise On This? Either The Fan Or

Alternative Possibly? We Choose Low-Frequency White Noise When We Sleep. Thanks.?White Noise It has various noise levels for the white-noise choice (a much faster, greater beat to a much calmer, slower noise) so I would state yes, it does have low-frequency noise. I choose the low-frequency too.


: Insights See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon

work) on some research, SLAOUWO Portable White Noise Machine may be beneficial for these understanding.better It s extremely difficult to look after a young child 24/7, rather of playing infant shark tune all the time, we enjoy to play

nature noise with this little machine. It s rechargeable and portable we can utilize it anywhere we desire. It looks extremely well made, hope it will last for many years. Extremely advised.some We have actually just had this product a couple days, and we are currently considering purchasing a 2nd one. We have a 4 week old infant- if we have problem settling him down, we simply pop on the white noise sound and he right away silences down. One time he was still picky, and we changed to the heart beat noise, and he silenced down after that. We particularly purchased this product since it has a lot of ranges of white noise. We were stressed that we would

a gadget and our infant would not react well to that a person noise and be buy of luck. This product has a lot of alternatives, it is fantastic. We had actually attempted white noise apps on our phones, however they drained our battery and did not get loud enough. This one has rechargeable battery and it can get quite loud (we needed to check out the directions to at first turn it down. ). We enjoy the clip to hook on to our stroller throughout strolls, and it has a quite little profile (we can fit it in a coat pocket). As a side note, we likewise have a 2 years of age, and she enjoys the nature sounds it makes (she keeps asking to hear the birds). We can see utilizing this for a great deal of creative play when she is older (pretend campfire or journey to the beach, and so on ). Like we stated, currently considering purchasing a 2nd one (one for each kid), so certainly worth your cash.out The sound machine was available in and we could not have actually been

delighted with the product. The noise was much louder more anticipated and the quality is excellent. The machine is extremely compact and is quickly carried. We utilize this for our infants nap times and is ideal for on the go. We were likewise impressed with the timer functions and battery life. The extra plus was all the various sound functions. Our in the house machine does not even have half the noises this one does. Would certainly suggest to family and friends.than This little sound machine is ideal for travel. We utilize it for our camper. Gets good and loud or as low as you desire it. Has a lot of various noises to select from and is truly easy to run. We will be getting

of more.these What made this enticing

of the other likewise priced white noise makers was its size. We often bring it with us to our workplace to produce a relaxing environment. Sound quality is good, do not anticipate deep bass this is not a music speaker, however all noises are dynamic and clear. It charges truly quick and we utilized it numerous times with one charge so that is a plus too. out significantly though on the other hand with another white noise machine we attempted the looping does not break and the noises that form the different tracks appear to be on a various loop making them More credible. At first we more the volume manages a bit irritating considering that we could not configure them precisely as we wished to (you require to hold a button for the volume to alter however there is no visual screen) you get utilized to it though and we do not consider it any longer. Remarkably it includes a set of magnets so it can stick in metal surface areas (they truly had mobility in mind when they developed this) however they are not extremely strong and it can fall. On the advantage though it’s extremely strong and compact so we didn’t recover cost though we dropped it two times.found Terrific little sound machine. It took us some time to figure it

, however this is terrific. The volume is a little difficult to get ideal, however it ll be okay. We purchased this for an abroad journey we we re preparing to take with 3 kids. We prepared to have our 1 years of age wear headwrap earphones with this white noise when she required to sleep to assist her get used to time modification. Sadly, our journey has actually been cancelled. However, we are anticipating utilizing this when we get to take a trip once again.out Pros: we have actually gone through 3-4 various kind of noise makers up until now, and we believe this is the closest to what we desire and require

of a noise machine. The mobility and clip makes it so hassle-free to take a trip with, particularly with a child. We can clip the noise machine to the stroller, in the cars and truck, anywhere we can find near the infant. This is something we did not have with our other noise makers that we have actually concerned worth. Likewise, the noise is rather loud, certainly louder out we would gotten out of this little machine. There is a big range of noises and sounds that can be utilized. We likewise enjoy that it’s charged by 5v/1a battery charger. We had numerous noise makers that were charged by a micro-usb and ultimately, the charging port on the noise machine got harmed and we weren’t able to charge it any longer. Nevertheless, we do not expect we will have this concern with this noise machine. Cons: the buttons are bit challenging to press which may than be a good idea so the infant can not inadvertently alter the setting if he gets it. It simply makes the volume actually challenging to change. Likewise, when the noise machine switches on, it immediately switches on the 60m sleep timer, and we normally desire it to remain on up until the infant is done napping, so we need to make certain to bear in mind that we switch off the sleep timer everytime we turn it on. We want it didn’t immediately go there, however it’s not a dealbreaker. Total – we enjoy this noise machine and am intending on purchasing another one for our young child. It’s an essential for any moms and dad.more In 2015 our sis talked us into attempting

alexa, s voice assistant. Among its most considerable out is the capability to stream sleep sounds through the echo dot in our bed room. Every night we are lulled to sleep listening to a remote thunderstorm or waves brushing up versus the coast. When we are on the roadway, we wish to reproduce this service without hauling around a heavy echo speaker that needs to be linked to both air conditioner and wi-fi. And we have benefits that this little speaker from slaouwo gets the job done rather well. The slaouwo rechargeable sleep noise machine weighs just 7 ounces and is visibly smaller sized found the echo dot. It can release a range of noises varying from white noise to background mess. For sleeping, we like the campfire noise. If we require to remain awake while dealing with an especially dull report, we will increase the speaker s volume to max and listen to a steam-driven train racing along its track. This sleep noise machine can be set to bet half an hour, one hour, or up until its battery passes away; about 5 hours. The gadget can be quickly charged by means of usb, and its controls are easy to run. For those who take a trip a lot, this sleep noise machine from slaouwo is advised.than This noise machine suits the palm of your hand and works remarkably. We utilize it when we go to sleep. We set it and it switches off immediately. The volume control works terrific. We enjoy the noise of the jungle. Extremely calming and relaxing. The noise of rain striking a tin roofing system clears

all of the background noise when we read a great book. It’s a lot smaller sized out the other noise makers and we can take it with us when we take a trip. Thanks.than We required a portable white noise machine to walk around your house quickly (that wasn’t our phone.) and this works. It is little and compact and loud. It is rechargeable so you do not need to stress over batteries. It has a

various sound alternatives however the standard white noise is ideal to relieve a child and stifle other home sounds. There are 2 timer alternatives – 30 and 60 minutes, various volume levels, and white/fan noise in addition to nature noises. It’s whatever you require in a sound machine at a terrific cost. It includes a clip so you can secure it to a safety seat or whatever else. We would suggest it for any moms and dad of a newborn.few We have ringing in the ears and constantly sleep with a sound machine. Up until this little charm we were not able to find one portable sufficient for travel. This one is remarkable. Terrific noise, volume and options of noise. We extremely suggest this sound machine, you will be extremely pleased with it. Extremely significant develop quality too. We had actually been utilizing an app on our phone for white noise when we take a trip however it drains our phone battery. This is a much

choice.better Great little white noise machine for the cash. It’s easy and little that make it simple to utilize anywhere and easy to put in an unnoticeable location. It’s been extremely dependable, even after it got dropped in the tub. There are number of things that we do not enjoy. The volume control buttons appear in reverse to be (the volume down is on the far ideal with volume as much as its left). Likewise, the noises are on a quite brief loop and often the repeating irritates me, however considering that it’s for our infant it’s not a huge offer. Often it’s tough to get it to switch on since of the method the buttons are. Total though, for a basic affordable white noise machine, it does its task well.

This portable noise machine is precisely what we desired and required for our newborn. Been utilizing it for 1+ months without any problems. We choose and entirely utilize the rain noise. It’s portable, rechargeable and provides excellent noise that assists the infant sleep. We dull the lights (or close the blinds if day time) and begin the rain sounds when it is nap time. There are various noises from which you can select from in the nature and white noise classifications. You can set the timer for the noise to be 30 minutes, 60 minutes or indefinite. You can likewise change the volume. It holds a great charge too though we have not timed it. Great worth for the cost. Do check out the directions to appropriately comprehend the button use.

After burning out of utilizing our phone for white noise, we required a portable noise machine to utilize for infant’s naps and night time sleep when taking a trip and keeping away from house. This is ideal. It is easy in appearance and style. It fits perfectly in our hand; it’s not too large. The hook permits us to hang it from the safety seat or baby crib, or we can merely put it on a flat surface area. We enjoy all the various noises, particularly the wide array of white noise. While the 4 buttons have numerous various functions, it was simple to discover what every button makes with the easy user handbook. We were impressed with the volume of this sound machine and how well it obstructed outdoors noise. We are so ecstatic to utilize this and hope it lasts a long, long period of time.

We are not a camper. Our kids enjoy outdoor camping. We can not drop off to sleep, or remain asleep while we are outdoors. For this reason, we bought the slaouwo white noise machine. It took us a minute to figure

how to utilize it. Best to check out the directions initially, rather out thinking how. We required something we didn’t require to plug in, and might bring with us in our backyard in our camping tent. We enjoy that it is rechargeable. We do not usually like having numerous sound alternatives in all sincerity, what we desired was the white noise just, nevertheless we find ourself utilizing this in our kitchen area while we are charging it. Perhaps it pertains to being at house the previous number of months however we are taking pleasure in the noise of the ocean waves, or the crackling fire. We truly would have liked this when our kids were little to induce trips so they might slip a nap in occasionally. We simply got this, so we will see for how long it lasts, however up until now, it appears to be simply what we require. Great noise, portable, strong, and simple to hang.than We enjoy that we can charge our sound makers with the cable (consisted of) and our own usb charge block. We like the sound makers to play all night for our twins, so batteries were

of the question. That stated, the sound machine does default to a 60 minute sleep timer. Great for out, not for us, so we need to turn it off for every single nap and every night (simply need to press the button). The buttons are multi-functional with a brief press for a particular function and a long press for a various function. That took a little to get utilized to and the directions, however we do not some alter the settings, so not a problem. Our makers began what needed to be the loudest setting (terrified the **** actually people and our 4-month-old child. ), so be prepared to deny the volume right away. (obviously we attempted to run the important things without checking out initially. So that took a 2nd longer out we desired) over all, we enjoy the sound makers. They appear to be long lasting and excellent quality, weren’t too pricey, and we do not need to than very pricey batteries all the time. We will upgrade if we find any of this modifications.buy We have actually utilized lots of other sound makers, however this one we have

transcends to the others for the following factors. The sound quality is terrific, no glitchy type sounds at all. The volume control and choice for extremely high or extremely low or anything in between is ideal. The various noises used are remarkable. There are 16 various white noise/wind noises and 10 various nature noises. The flexibility of placement/portability is terrific, it can be hung by the consisted of hook or layed flat on any surface area and likewise has grippers on the bottom. The instructions are extremely simple to check out and comprehend. And last, there is a memory function that has the capability to remember the last pre-owned settings and repeat that when switched on the next time. We have actually not had that last function on any other sound machine we have actually utilized, so that was a quite cool function. Thanks for reading our evaluation, hope it assists.found Certainly an essential for mothers who are on the go. This portable white noise machine works terrific to easily strap on to the safety seat, stroller, or shopping cart and keeps infant relieved and unwinded for nap time or anytime. It is easy to use, has terrific volume control, and various noise settings to alter depending upon how active or worn out infant is. Our kids fall drop off to sleep much quicker if this little noise maker remains in the space. Love this product.

This product is a quite strong develop that works terrific for travel. We camp a lot and having the capability to charge this and have the ability to utilize it without plugging it in at camp will be terrific. It’s extremely compact and simple to take a trip with, however the noise is extremely loud (if you turn it up). There are likewise a great deal of different noises to select from. Great little product.

We bought this sound machine since our child will not take a snooze in silence. We enjoy that this machine is small and can clip onto her diaper bag. There aren t lots of buttons so you truly need to have fun with it to figure whatever

(like striking a button when will do something, striking it two times will do another function, or holding it down will do something various, etc). In general we are extremely delighted, and our child will take a snooze far from house now.out

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