Silent Night Snore Stopper

Silent Night Snore Stopper detects snoring. Then, weak electrical impulses are sent to stimulate the nerve of the user for changing their sleeping posture or the position of the lower jaw.

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How Long does Snore Stopper take to work?

Use the Snore Stopper™ on a daily basis according to instructions. As your body adjusts, you will begin to see significant results after 1-2 weeks. You will soon wake to each day feeling energized and refreshed!

How does Snore Stopper work?

Snore Stopper has a specially designed bio-sensor that can detect loud snoring. After Snore Stopper detects three consecutive snores, it sends a very gentle electrical pulse to the snorer through the wrist.

It is light stimulation and the snorer does not awaken during the process. It works just like your partner or spouse nudging you. As a result, the snorer will change sleeping position, usually moving onto their side.

Causes of Snoring

You are not alone if you suffer sleepless nights due to your partners snoring. There are several different factors that contribute to snoring, these factors range from simple congestion to more serious conditions.

1. Congestion and relaxation of the nasal passages

One of the most common types of snoring is caused by the narrowing of the nasal passageway due to congestion or relaxation. This is called Primary Snoring (snoring without apnoea). This causes nasal tissues to vibrate during sleep; this creates the sound associated with snoring.

2. Sleep Apnoea

This is when the sleeper stops breathing during sleep and is a serious medical problem and you should seek medical advice for this disorder.

3. Sleeping Position

The position in which you sleep may also affects snoring. Sleeping on your back allows the tongue to fall backward into the throat. Sleeping on the side maybe more beneficial, depending on the individual. When using snore stopper the gentle massage pulses trigger the sleeper to move into a different sleeping position, thus alleviating snoring.

4. Alcohol consumption and snoring

Anything that causes the muscles in your throat to relax can increase the likelihood of snoring. It is best to avoid alcohol and sedatives as many snorers speak of increased snoring after they drink alcohol. Of course, before avoiding any medically prescribed sedative, please check with your doctor first.

How your weight affects snoring?

Losing those excess kilos will not only help you fit into your clothes better, it may also help with your snoring problem. Being overweight can cause loose throat tissues, these are more likely to vibrate as you breathe. Whatever the underlying cause of your snoring, many users may benefit from using the Hivox Snore Stopper.

Last update on 2021-08-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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