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Rayhee Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold

Rayhee Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Rayhee Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold.

  • 100% Mulberry Silk: HAVE YOUNGER looking skin simply by using this silk sleep mask. It likewise can lower eye puffiness. See the distinction.Sleep well and look revitalized. Really rest your eyes.
  • LATEST STYLE: Include a “Nose guard” to make the eye mask 30% more light obstructing guarantee that you can enjoy your sweet dream or eye relaxer.
  • The eye mask is Versatile and long lasting to surround your head conveniently, the strap is high flexible and quickly will not capture your hair, provide more comfy area for ears, appropriate for any size of head.
  • PORTABLE: Perfect sleep cover for males and females, young and old; The sleep mask appropriate for usage at any time of the day, in the workplace, in your home and throughout organization journeys.
  • A SPECIAL PRESENT: A special present for moms and dads, kids, husband/wife, good friends or anybody who desires deep, continuous sleep.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Rayhee Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold.
You will not think how smooth it feels. Our natural silk sleep masks not just feel smooth versus your skin however likewise hypoallergenic, excellent for those with delicate skin. Mulberry silk is the material of the emperors. It is the most stylish of all the silks with a luminescent shine and a smooth touch. Buy on your own or as a present or consider it a financial investment in your travel devices. Everybody will enjoy the appeal and EASY CONVENIENCE of this silk. Why utilizing a sleep mask? The hormonal agent Melatonin manages the day-night cycle of the body and manages the healing stages throughout the sleep. For the production of this hormonal agent, the body needs adequate darkness. Lightness avoids the production of Melatonin. Even a little light triggered, for instance, by a digital clock can be a disruption. Sleeping masks nevertheless offer total darkness for your sleep. Read more Sleep masks- what for? – if you wish to sleep while taking a trip, e.g. on aircrafts or in trains.- if your bed room can not totally be shaded by black-out drapes and you wish to oversleep. – if you can not drop off to sleep since your partner wishes to check out or view TELEVISION. – if you are trying to find best relaxation throughout yoga, health or meditation. Read more Multi-Color Read more Natural mulberry silk The Silk Sleep Mask Utilizing top quality, natural mulberry silk, this mask is built to be thin adequate to be comfy when sleeping on your side, while keeping the soft, flexible feel. Silk Sleep Mask 100% Mulberry Silk HAVE YOUNGER looking skin simply by using this silk sleep mask. It likewise can lower eye puffiness. See the distinction.Sleep well and look revitalized. Really rest your eyes.PORTABLE: Perfect sleep cover for males and females, young and old; The sleep mask appropriate for usage at any time of the day, in the workplace, in your home and throughout organization trips.A SPECIAL PRESENT: A special present for moms and dads, kids, husband/wife, good friends or anybody who desires deep, continuous sleep. Read more Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Rayhee Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold.

Question Question 1

Does The Part Of The Mask That Breaks Your Eyes Have “Pockets” To Permit Your Eyes To Move Side To Side For Deep Rapid Eye Movement Sleep?

YES.I likewise use eye cream. After an excellent nights rest my fine lines have actually vanished.

Question Question 2

Can You Feel The Buckle In The Back Of Your Head If You Sleep Dealing With Up?

I do not sleep that method so I do not understand

Question Question 3

Is This Mask Device Washable?

we were it by hand and air dry it. It is very simple.

Question Question 4

Is This Soft Silk Eye Mask Washable? How To Wash?

Yes, recommend to utilize moderate meal soap and warm water, simply press in hands and hang dry. Silk is long lasting, however hand cleaning and drip drying is required.

Question Question 5

Does The Mask 3D Or Easy Versus The Eyes?

This silk sleep mask isn’t 3D mask however it is really soft and comfy, and it is simple versus your eyes, it’s so soft you hardly feel it on. attempt it and you will enjoy it.

Question Question 6

Would Someone Please Inform United States The Dimensions Of The Real Mask?

our silk sleep mask length is 216mm (8.5 inch), and width is 104mm (4.13 inch). thanks.

Question Question 7

Is This Hot To Sleep In?

I sleep really hot and this does not make us get too hot or sweat.

Question Question 8

Are These Eye Masks Fit Individuals With Big Heads Well? Will It Have A Push Down On My Nose A Lot?

It has an adjustable thicker strap that walks around the back of your head. You shouldn t need to press anything down on your nose. The smooth mask part is broad enough that it must remain in location.

Question Question 9

Will I Have The Ability To Utilize My Nasal Cpap Mask Using This?

Yes you will have the ability to utilize your nasal cpap with the silk sleep mask.

Question Question 10

Does This Mask Crush Your Eyelashes?

It does not squash my eyelashes.

Question Question 11

Does This Mask Squish Versus Your Eyes When Utilizing?

Not. Strap is adjustable to fit your head. Covers your eyes well too. I have slept a lot better because I purchased mine over a year ago

Question Question 12

I Have An Issue With Eye Masks Leaking Color Onto My Face In The Early Morning, Has Anybody Had This Problem?

Worst mask ever. Both pillow cases were stained due to the mask I needed to change most of my sheet sets since of the color spots. Never ever once again.

Question Question 13

Isthis Silk Sleep Mask Comfy For Side Sleepers? The Image Appears Like The Mask Has A Buckle For Modification Instead Of Velcro.?

I enjoy this silk sleep mask and yes it is really comfy for side sleepers.we are side sleeper and I do not even understand the strap modification exists.

Question Question 14

Does This Blindfold Mask Block Light Around Nose?

yes, our eye mask can fit your eyes and nose completely, itblock the light effectively, really soft and confortable.

Question Question 15

What Is The Eye Spot Made Of? Is The Mask Filling Silk Or Cotton?

our eye masks outdoors is the silk, inside filling the silk cotton, it is really soft to use.

Question Question 16

Is It Silk On Both Sides? What Is The Mm Weight?

Yes, it is silk on both sides.I have no chance of determining the weight, however it is really lightweight.It is likewise simple to clean carefully by hand and air dry, which I do weekly.we are really delighted with it.

Question Question 17

We Have An Interest In Heaven White Floral Print Mask – Does Anybody Know What The Size Is? From The Design Image It Appears As If It Cover The Forehead.?

Our silk sleep mask width is 3.94 inches, shading result is great, and it is really soft. however it not totally cover the forehead. This according to the size of the specific face.

Question Question 18

Where Is It Made? Thanks.?


Question Question 19

Would Someone Please Inform United States The Dimensions Of This Mask?

our sleeping eye mask length is 216mm (8.5 inches) and width is 104mm (4.13 inches)

Question Question 20

Is The Strap Adjustable?

Yes, The eye mask is Versatile and long lasting to surround your head conveniently. the strap is high flexible and quickly will not capture your hair, provide more comfy area for ears, appropriate for any size of head.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Rayhee Silk Sleep Mask & Blindfold, these may be helpful for better understanding.

In our house bed room we have blackout drapes so we can oversleep (we work 2nd shift). However when we take a trip for work we are typically at locations without light obstructing drapes and find ourself awakening in the beginning light and having a hard time to return to sleep. So we purchased this sleep mask (in purple). We enjoy the color- not that we actually ever see it. Lol. It works excellent. It’s comfortable and fits well. It does not move off while we sleep and it obstructs all the light. In some cases we get up and the space is brilliant and we had no concept. Our only grievance is that the band is beginning to stretch out, however as long as it continues to have flexibility and we can keep tightening up the strap, we will be great. And if it lasts a complete year, we will think about that we got our cash’s worth and after that we will buy another one.

We have actually had great deals of eye masks however this one is the very best up until now. It’s soft & smooth and the adjustable headband is so comfy. We likewise like the size as no light filters in the nose/sides. Finally, we have actually been utilizing it in your home however we took it on a journey just recently and used it on the aircraft and in the hotel space. Worked completely and folds into a little bag for taking a trip. Certainly worth the cash.

They work perfectly no light comes through plus the soft satin feels excellent. We enjoy them we bought 3 in various colours, however will buy more simply to have all colours offered. Lol now we can be stylish as we sleep.

We purchased these as presents to opt for christmas pajamas and everybody liked theirs. The quality is really great (each was available in a plastic sleeve), and have the adjustable flexible strap that we choose. They’re comfy and feel great on your face. We have found that sleep masks aren’t simply for darkening the space, they likewise develop a mild tip to keep your eyes closed if you are having difficulty dropping off to sleep. Advise.

We use a sleep mask to aid with dry eyes during the night. Discovering a comfy sleep mask that is big enough to cover our eyes and is not tight fitting so we do not have marks on our face when we get up. This silk sleep mask has actually fulfilled all our requirements and we are really delighted.

We have awful light level of sensitivity with our sleeping disorders, we will get up and need to put a pillow over our head to * possibly * have the ability to sleep when the sun showed up. Since we have actually had this, we sleep practically through the night totally. Our bf can utilize his phone (usage to keep us awake if he was on it bc of the light) and he can get up and switch on lights to prepare in the am and we will have the ability to sleep. 10/10 would suggest, not to discuss you can not feel it at all if you change it correctly and the silk is comfortable, not hot at all through the night, and it covers every angle that light might get in.

Our other half and we both use eye masks for sleep whether sleeping or sleeping for the night. Our professions need we get a complete nights rest without question. The product of this mask is really soft and long lasting. The stopping of light is best and it changes and feels really comfy on. We would absolutely suggest this product. The protection we enjoy.

We have actually remained in search of the best sleep mask and this is it. It is really lightweight however obstructs the light totally. It is really, really smooth and soft and we hardly observe we are using it. We have a number of various sleep masks stashed and this is without a doubt our favorite. Extremely suggest.

Great up until now. We were a little terrified bought this going through all the evaluations however truthfully it’s a fantastic buy for the cash. The plastic does not go into the back of our head. The eye mask does mistake however we believe we move while we sleep however it does a fantastic task obstructing light and sitting tight.

We purchased this to utilize in hotel spaces and we are so delighted with it. the silk is great quality and it’s so soft you hardly feel it on. didn’t understand if we might have that caught on our head, however we were impressed at how comfy it is. it totally obstructs all light and comfy, all what we desired it to be. excellent product.

So this is the 4th mask we have actually bought in the last couple months and we are lastly delighted. The only factor we subtracted a star is since it would be actually excellent if it had the pockets around your eyes for your eyelashes. We enjoy the silk, it feels actually great and the pink is actually quite. We have actually discovered that our skin around our eyes looks better in the early morning compared to the others that were not silk. The strap is actually great and simple to deal with. It would ve been great if it featured something to keep it in however not a huge offer. We do suggest and it likewise does keep the light totally out.

We provided it 4 stars since picture is misguiding. It’s broader than lots of masks however not as huge as pix programs. That stated, it’s pure silk so it does not keep heat and is cool. We choose an adjustable strap however have a little head so it works for us. Might not fit a bigger individual. It does a respectable task of keeping lightout Extremely soft and light so no pressure on eyes. Washable in the cleaning maker and clothes dryer.

We actually enjoy this mask. We have actually attempted others. This one is soft and complete protection. It reviews the nose well, is not to tight, and carefully keeps our eyes closed. We have difficulty sleeping and this actually assists?.

We have actually been through a few various sleep masks on. A number of them ended up being torn and/or broke. Another was not adjustable. We bought this one in the blue-green color. It works excellent. It’s really comfy and has actually held up well. Most significantly, when we rely on sleep on our side, it does not trigger inflammation and/or a little indent on our skin from the joint like other sleep masks have actually done.

It’s adjustable, going from really little (infant head status) to quite big (shrekky boi). It’s great and soft, the pink looks great. Black on the within. We can see a percentage of light if we look down, from it not lying totally flat bc we are human who has a nose, however we like it quite and seem like it’s assisting us sleepbetter Periodically we will get up in the early morning with it around our neck from slipping down while we were sleeping, however not choking us or anything. Opening night we utilized it we were really baffled when our alarm went off and we awakened to finish darkness.

We bought this mask back in october 2019 and have actually been utilizing it for a few months now. In general we are really delighted with this product. Functionally: we find it really soft, the adjustable strap remains in location, and the stitching is holding together well. In a word, we would explain this mask as elegant. It’s great that it’s a little broader since even if we kip down our sleep the protection is still there (this likewise makes it non-irritating as some masks will fly off if they aren’t put * so *). Cosmetically: the product has a good smooth shine however has some creases in it. We are quite sure the creases originate from it being utilized all the time (note: we can’t feel wrinkles/discomfort when using the eye mask). We purchased the blue-green and would explain it as a deep, abundant jewel-tone.

Numerous years ago we got a complimentary eye mask when we were having an mri. We had actually been having difficulty sleeping so we attempted utilizing this low-cost non reusable eye mask and after a little modification we recognized it worked so well/ so we updated to this one. It is soooo comfy, has a broad protection, is smooth soft, not hot, and we now have 3 simply to ensure we can constantly find it since we require it to sleep.

We have actually attempted many sleep masks. This one exceeds them all in every method. The silk is really soft and light however the black material keeps out the light. It is a bit larger than most store-bought masks and this appears to make the distinction. Likewise, the silk assists avoid wrinkles around the eye location. With our previous sleep masks, we would actually get up with brand-new wrinkles.

This sleep mask made from great and cool material, which does not make your face to sweat. We can not feel it on our face, can not sleep without it either. Our child is utilizing the very same mask too. We will absolutely buy it once again.

This mask isn’t setting the world on fire, however it does simply what it s expected to do, which is shut out light for better sleep. For the rate, it is a proper piece and truthfully, we put on t have much to grumble about. Might the strap be more comfy, yes. Is it going to discourage us from our sleep, no. A strong 4 stars. We hope we sleep well this evening.

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