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Pure Enrichment Wave Sleep Therapy Sound Machine

Pure Enrichment Wave Sleep Therapy Sound Machine

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Pure Enrichment Wave Sleep Therapy Sound Machine.

  • NATURAL SLEEP HELP: Drug-free option to assist in a more relaxing night’s sleep – likewise excellent white sound machine for children and in the nursery
  • PREMIUM-QUALITY SOUNDS: Smooth looping of 6 relaxing nature sounds with little repeating and no audible break for a tranquil listening experience
  • INTEGRATED USB BATTERY CHARGER: Streamlined trademarked style consists of a practical USB port to charge your phone or other gadgets (U.S. Patent No. D857,916)
  • ENERGY-EFFICIENT OPERATION: 15, 30, and 60-minute automobile off timer
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: Sleek, compact style fits quickly on any nightstand or in a travel suitcase for light-weight travel

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Pure Enrichment Wave Sleep Therapy Sound Machine.
Product Description Set the ideal state of mind for sleep and relaxation with theWave Sleep Therapy Sound Machine With 6 various high-fidelity sound settings, you can drown out diversions and leave into a tranquil environment that supports rest and restoration. The system’s contemporary yet compact style fits well on any size night stand and is a fantastic enhance to any d cor. Product Includes 6 Calming Sounds Select from white sound, fan, ocean, rain, stream, and summertime night Integrated Premium Speakers with Adjustable Volume Control Enables you to choose the volume that’s right for your space and convenience level Optional Automatic Shut-Off Timer Conserve energy while you sleep with an optional 15, 30, and 60-minute automated shut-off timer USB Port with 2A Output Effective adequate to charge your tablet, cellular phone or other USB-powered gadgets while you unwind. Chrome Stand The detachable stand’s clever style assists keep the power cable and USB cable television cool and arranged

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Pure Enrichment Wave Sleep Therapy Sound Machine.

Question Question 1

Does It Block Out Snoring Partner?

The onlything block that is separating man.

Question Question 2

Can You Run This All Night?

The machine can quickly be set to run all night. We enjoy ours, we sleep much better.

Question Question 3

Does The Timer Need To Be Set? Or Will It Bet Hours Non Stop?

You can set on timer 15,30, 60 minutes or leave on all night

Question Question 4

Does This Have Batteries Or Does It Required To Be Plugged In At All Times?

we believe it does. There is likewise a USB outlet, so you might plug it into your computer system. we do not see a location for batteries. we resemble the machine however, and it does not use up excessive area.

Question Question 5

Odd Question: Can We Show Up The Volume Loud Enough To Hush The Coyotes Yipping Outdoors In The Middle Of The Night? Our Pet Dogs Go Nuts.?

Oh, most likely. The volume increases relatively loud.

Question Question 6

I Work Midnights Can You Turn The Sound Up Loud Enough To Block Out The Sound Of Kids Playing. And The Sound Of Cars and trucks?

It does have a volume control, just you would understand if it’s loud enough to obstruct noises. we keep my own under our pillow to obstruct noises. Functions well for us.

Question Question 7

Is This Battery Run?

No, you plug it in with the connected cord.Works excellent, uses up little area looks excellent.

Question Question 8

The Majority Of All Sound Devices Indicate That They Have A 15 30 60 And 90 Minute Automobile Off Timer. However None Indicate Whether It Can Be Left On Complete Time-Can It?

Yes. Default is constant. You struck the power button to switch on. Struck when = constant. Strike two times = 15min, struck thrice = 30 min.etc. If you leave it constant you simply need to strike the power button 4 times (15/30/60/ off) to end it

Question Question 9

How Is Thisdevice Powered?Two Prong Or Usb?

2 prong

Question Question 10

Is It A Non-Looping Sound Machine And What Is The Guarantee On This Product?

Uncertain what you imply by non-looping. It is continuous.Timer can be set at numerous periods or it can be constant till you turn it off.

Question Question 11

We Required To Know If It Can Be Shown Up Rather Loudly, And If There Are Any Audible Loops In The StreamSound Thank You.?

The volume is quite good. The only one that we could not actually hear the loop in was the rain sound. Truthfully, we utilize this one for our child in her space and we utilize our phone for us in our space. So you understand we did have a problem with the stand remaining linked to the gadget so we needed to gorilla glue it.

Question Question 12

Does The Power Cable Television State 110V Just Or 110V/240V?


Question Question 13

Can The Volume Be Adapted to Be Really Low? We Required It However Our Partner Doesn T Like It. The One We Have Now Goes From Inaudible To Loud To Rapidly.?

Yes- the volume can be gotten used to be loud or low. We enjoy the machine and takeout with us while taking a trip to Europe. It is a lot simpler than attempting to get fans from the hotel.

Question Question 14

Can You Integrate Sounds?

we do not think you can integrate noises.

Question Question 15

Is The Power Cord/Plug Ul Listed? Does It Have The Sticker label Or Tag On It Revealing Ul Listed Accreditation?

Power cable is brick type. Has sticker label on back that states “conforms to ANSI/UL Std. 60065 Cert. To CAN/CSA std. C22.2 No. 60065. Tested to comply with FCC standards for home or office use. Model:100-240v-50/60Hz 0.45A max. It also has insignias for ETL listed, VI, and FCC.

Question Question 16

Size? Overall Dimensions Of The Device?

It is almost square, 5×51/2.

Question Question 17

Has Anyone Owned This Sound Machine For More Than A Year?We Are Wondering How Long It Will Last.?

we have only used it for a short time. So far about 2 months. Sorry,not long enough to give you a complete answer. Otherwise works great.

Question Question 18

Power Cord Never Quite Fit In All The Way, And Now It Does Not Work At All. How Do We Get A Replacement Power Cord? Thank You?

we suspect one or more of the micro pins is bent or broken in the cord or the machine itself. Recommend you return the entire unit to the seller requesting replacement.

Question Question 19

Is This Wired For Both 110 And 220? We Want To Know If We Can Travel With This In Europe?

No just for 110

Question Question 20

Is The Cable Consisted of?

The power cable is consisted of. It has a port to charge gadgets and the cable for that is not consisted of.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Pure Enrichment Wave Sleep Therapy Sound Machine, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have actually attempted numerous sound devices in the past and among the most significant issues we constantly have is as we lay there in our bed in the dark, we can hear the numerous audio clips looping. All of us understand that sound devices play a loop of the audio (the storage area needed would be absurd if they didn’t,) however when you can inform when it begins over once again– it is rather disruptive for us. Our mind begins to prepare for the loop and we can’t go to sleep. Rather counter-productive to the point of a sleep machine. We have actually been utilizing this sound machine for over a week now and attempted the numerous sound results. Up until now, our brain has not found the loop point in any of the audio samples. We actually drift off to sleep rather quick so there isn’t a great deal of time for our mind to evaluate the clips. This is rather the relief. Our preferred sound results are the ocean waves, the rain, and the fan. The fan sound in specific is rather distinct and we have actually not experienced that on any other sound machine we have actually owned (and there have actually been lots of– more than we care to confess to. ). The system itself looks excellent– a really retro style. The buttons are plainly identified and simple to press, the volume knob is responsive and simple to turn, and the timer function is simple to see the numerous lengths you can set the audio to play. I, personally leave it on all night. It’s interesting to us that when we get up in the early morning to our radio alarm clock, we do not even hear the noises any more and in some cases need to advise ourself to turn it off. Uncanny. The audio quality from the speaker is rather good. It is not an audiophile sound machine by any ways, however the audio produced more than does the job and rather honestly we would not desire an “audiofile” machine since that would imply it cost a great deal of cash. This cost is extremely sensible, particularly for the quality of the system and the option of noises.

This is our 4th sound machine. It works as explained and the noises are effectively done. We would suggest it to others at this cost point. We simply had one quiting working that we paid $99 for which lasted 2 years (currently fixed when.) this machine is excellent at a good cost point.

A few years earlier, our naturopath recommended we get a white sound machine to aid with our difficulty sleeping in the evening. (we resided in a lovely historical apartment at the time with inadequately insulated walls aka we might hear whatever and we imply whatever that went on in our next-door neighbors bed rooms during the night). We were fortunate to find the pure enrichment white sound machine online on. We are actually delicate individual which consists of being delicate to sounds and thankfully we who do actually well with white sound to obstruct out other sounds when we sleep. Utilizing it everynight assisted enhance our sleep greatly. What we enjoy about this sound machine is that its little and light-weight so we can load it quickly to take a trip and we sleep better in hotel spaces and air bnbs. We likewise utilize it to plug our phone (on aircraft mode) in by our bedside to charge in the evening as it has a usb port in the back. It likewise features a 5 year guarantee and when our old system began to get fuzzy and static-ky (we utilize it everynight and have actually taken a trip with it to lots of locations), the client service was incredibly friendly and assisted change the system for us with ease and kindess. Terrific business. Terrific product. Pleased customer.

We like the sleep machine for numerous factors. Initially, it is easy to establish and utilize. Second, we like the sound choices. We like turning the volume down low and listening to the “fan” choice in the evening. In some cases, we listen to the machine in the daytime due to the fact that the noises are so peaceful. Today, we are listening to the “rain” choice while we are composing this evaluation. We likewise like listening to the “calm waters” and the “night” sound choices whenever we wish to develop a relaxing “zen” minute. Third, the machine has a timer that you can set for 15, 30, or 60 minutes and after that it will immediately shut down. The machine is light and simply-made, however it works for us.??.

We purchased this for our 2nd infant, and we will be acquiring one for our older kid. We have had it for a few months and it works excellent. It is extremely light-weight and little, and appears rather inexpensive, particularly for the cost. This is why we have actually provided 4 stars, due to the fact that we believe it’s a bit pricey. Nevertheless up until now it serves our function precisely. It has about 6 settings for white sound, and the volume variety is excellent, from extremely soft to loud adequate to drown out other sounds (like a loud young child at bedtime). It is so simple to utilize, plug it in and turn it on. If the product lasts a few years without breaking we will update to 5 stars, we simply feel for how light and lightweight it appears that a person time being knocked off the nightstand it will break. In the meantime, it is ideal and we are extremely delighted. Like we stated, we will buy a 2nd for our older child this winter season, in the meantime she utilizes a box fan. We simply believe the cost needs to be $5 to $10 less expensive (perhaps we are simply inexpensive lol).

We actually like our wave machine. It is smooth, compact and harmonizes our design. We have a couple persistent conditions that trigger us to have difficulty falling & remaining asleep. We have actually had other sound devices & they were fine, however we like the wavebetter The sound is clear & the speakers use a good series of sound so we put on t need to turn it up loud in order to hear it. We like that we have the ability to set the timer for the sound to go off & it s excellent for charging our cell. We would suggest.

We acquired this from. There were heaps to select from. We chose yours due to the fact that of the functions. Size, range of noises, electronic and usb, positioning of the controls, visual appeals and you are an american business. The page on was extremely expert and made you look genuine and not a fly by night business. We did acquire a travel tough sided case that was marketed to choose your system. We are actually delighted with this system. We have a big, older brookstone that we utilize in our bed room. We take a trip a lot and yours is definitely ideal. We are taking a trip now and had it provided to our location. We are utilizing ocean initially. We like all other than for white sound and fan, however we comprehend that others like them. We would rank this as ideal. We are presuming that is a 5 on the scale.

We acquired this due to the fact that our old sound machine bit the dust. Product is extremely smooth and contemporary. For the cost, the sound is excellent. We had an interest in this particularly for the additional usb outlet to charge our iphone, which it appeared to be the only sound machine we might find with one consisted of (a need to for a lot of bed-side gadgets). Up until now, this has actually been a fantastic purchase and we are extremely happy with the product.

Have actually been searching for a white sound machine to assist keep the kids asleep over the sound of pet dogs barking throughout the night. We attempted utilizing a google house mini with some of the white sound sounds and the sound quality was terrible. This sound machine has some remarkable sound quality and the looping of the noises is smooth. The kids slept through the pet barking. The capability to manage a complete series of volume from hardly heard to loud adequate to drown out roadway sound is a fantastic function. The timer performance is excellent however it might certainly utilize a setting for more than 60 minutes rather than needing to simply leave it on. The capability to power a usb gadget from it is a good function and works excellent for plugging in their nightlight.

We have actually acquired 5 pure enrichment sound devices up until now from. We are extremely delighted with it. We can not sleep without it. We would bring it with us throughout travel too. We had 3 for ourself, and another 2 for our mother and mom-in-law. The very first 2 we had were not practical after years’ usage. We figured out is generally due to the fact that we forgot to put the metal ring in the ideal position when we got lazy throughout travel. The linking wire was ruined due to the fact that of that and make the white sound a bit unusual. If you acquire one, please make certain you put the metal ring properly, then it needs to last you long period of time. This is a fantastic help for light sleeper- much better than the white sound app in phone. Another benefit is it might likewise charge our phone entirely.

Update 2-4-19: the business sent us a brand-new sound machine to change the defective one we had. Terrific client service. We have actually begun utilizing this brand-new replacement therefore far it works effectively, as did the one prior to it. The fan sound on this one is the very best out of the numerous devices we have actually attempted and our youngster appears to sleep better with it. We still actually like the style of the product and appearance. We will upgrade this once again must we have any problems with this brand-new machine. Previous evaluation: this product worked well for a brief while. We had actually seen that in some cases it would shut itself off in the middle of the night. We checked that we were not utilizing the sleep timer function, which we were not, and it would still happen arbitrarily. About one week ago it began to sound dreadful and distorted. Examined the plugs, powered on and off and this did not make a distinction. This sound machine rested on a bookshelf its whole (extremely brief) life. Never ever dropped or harmed in any method. Liked that it did not have a light on it, unless you set sleep timer (we never ever utilized). Looks good however defective product. For the cash you can find a much better machine.

We like that we can select relaxing or white sounds on the pure enrichment wave sleep therapy sound machine. We have a different machine with fan-type sounds that obstruct out street sounds. However, there is absolutely nothing relaxing about those noises for us; so, we acquired the pure enrichment machine. Here, you have your option of numerous noises (consisting of a fan sound to obstruct out interrupting sounds), including our 2 favorites – rain and waves breaking on the coast. We count on customer rankings and am grateful we did. Great little machine.

We actually like this sleep therapy machine. Prior to sleeping with the wave premium sleep therapy machine, we were a fan – fan. When the temperature level dipped below 0 this winter season, we could not find a location to point our fan that would not need some part of our body to dip into a pneumonia triggering arctic chill. We began looking for a sleep machine. We actually like that you can not find the loop on the machine we acquired. We have actually listened to numerous devices and discovering the loop a minute approximately in, we found to be bothersome. This machine has 6 sound settings. We mainly utilize the fan setting however, we have actually utilized the white sound setting a number of times. Undoubtedly, by mishap. The other noises consist of waves, rain, running water, and night sounds. We simulate that this sound machine has a usb plug in. This assists keep things good and neat on our night stand. The factor for just 4 stars is the style of the plug in entryway. The cables stick out in such a method, that it makes it difficult for the machine to sit flush with the table top. We just moved the machine to the back of our night stand and let the cables fall easily along the wall. The only thing we stress over now is our ten years old eliminating our phone cable and changing it with a cable to charge among his lots of rechargeable”things” We hope this assists.

As a shift employee, it’s typically trouble to get some good rest. Melatonin, benadryl, and blacked out drapes can just presume when you’re broad awake at 6am after a graveyard shift. The wave sleep therapy sound machine does precisely what it’s meant to do. It puts you to sleep. Getting excellent rest is everything about appropriate sleep health. That suggests restricting extended naps, working out, however not working out too near bed time, restricting stimulants and alcohol, and producing an environment favorable to rest. For $30, we believe this is a take thinking about just how much performance we are acquiring by going to sleep within minutes. Absolutely worth contributing to your sleep program if absolutely nothing else is working for you. Its icnredibly easy to use, you can avoid the handbook on this one.

We purchased among these sound devices when our very first kid was born. The initial is still going strong 3 years later on. We simply acquired another for our 2nd kid’s space, due to the fact that we enjoy the very first one a lot. The volume on the sound machine will go as loud as a box fan on complete speed. We do not hear repeats in the seem like you finish with some devices. It obstructs out pet dogs, aircrafts, television sound, and so on. We enjoy how simple it is to take a trip with. Likewise, their client service is extraordinary. We had a problem with among our devices, and they reacted within minutes. We will never ever buy another brand name after discovering this one. Eagerly anticipating monitoring out their other products too.

We enjoy this sound machine. We take a trip a fair bit for work so this is a fantastic little machine we can appear our bring on/luggage and it is excellent for the hotel space. Our household approves white sound during the night so we took this with us on a current holiday. Our boy liked it a lot we needed to buy him one too. It’s a fantastic machine and excellent cost. We would certainly suggest this to anybody who likes white noise/any sound while they sleep.

We purchased this sound machine after having another one that didn’t last. We are exceptionally delighted with it. It works effectively. Does not use up allot of area, and has a good want to it. We utilize it in your home, and take it along when we take a trip. After having other sound devices (from other business) that didn’t work well. We enjoy to have this one. They likewise have fantastic service. A satisfaction to handle.

The fan sound works like a beauty for our young child. On a greater volume level, street sound and basic home sound is obstructedout There are numerous sound alternatives to select from, so discovering the ideal sound is simple. The display screen is user-friendly, and we like that you can set a timer or leave it on all night. Included benefit that the mini wave has the very same noises, so the consistency aids with sleep when we take a trip. The metal stand of this is a bit unstable, however shouldn t be a problem if you keep the machine on a flat surface area. We suggest this product.

We simply purchased a 2nd among these sound devices after 5 years with our very first. After 5 years, we had the sound/volume start to go out in the middle of the night. Nevertheless, we simply moved the very first sound machine to our visitor bed room due to the fact that it wasn’t a typical concern. The only concern we have with the noises is you can hear patterns of sound (nearly like pulsing) within out the “fan” setting that can be sidetracking when we are attempting to go to sleep. We saw this with both devices.

We began having difficulty sleeping this year due to tension. When summertime rolled around, we found that the a/c (and particularly the sound) assisted us to sleep. We found it to be relaxing and covered other noises in the background that kept us awake. Being from brand-new england, with winter season coming, the air conditioning needed to come out of the window. This brought us on a look for a white sound machine. The wave premium sleep therapy sound machine can be found in the mail a few days ago. We enjoy that it has a sleep timer on the gadget in addition to the several sounds it s efficient in making. We have the sound machine in a popular position on our nightstand beside our alexa dot and phone charging station. It’s simply as efficient as the air conditioning was and we are sleeping well.

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