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Pure Enrichment Doze Sound Machine & Sleep Therapy Light

Pure Enrichment Doze Sound Machine & Sleep Therapy Light

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Pure Enrichment Doze Sound Machine & Sleep Therapy Light.

  • NATURAL SLEEP HELP: Assists you go to sleep utilizing deep breathing strategies and relaxing audio rather of sleep medication
  • PULSE LIGHT THERAPY: Integrate your breathing with the light pulses predicted onto the ceiling to assist you unwind and go to sleep
  • PREMIUM-QUALITY SOUNDS: Flawlessly loops 6 relaxing noises (white sound, fan, stream, ocean, rain, and summertime night) with little repeating and no audible break for a tranquil listening experience
  • ENERGY-EFFICIENT SLEEP TIMER: Turn Off after 10, 30, or 60 minutes of constant usage if preferred
  • WHAT YOU GET: Sound machine with sleep therapy light, industry-leading 5 Year Service warranty, caring customer assistance 7 days a week, and the assurance that originates from a relied on brand name with countless clients around the world

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Pure Enrichment Doze Sound Machine & Sleep Therapy Light.
Read more Read more Read more Read more Product Description Lastly, get a great night’s sleep utilizing the Doze Sound Machine & Sleep Therapy Light fromPure Enrichment This natural sleep service includes 6 relaxing sounds that drown out diversions while you integrate your breathing with the relaxing ray of light that pulses on the ceiling above your bed. The hassle-free automated timer provides you the alternative to shut down the sound and light after 10, 30, or 60 minutes to conserve power while you re sleeping. It’s the perfect option for insomniacs, night owls, and anybody who has a hard time to go to sleep. Product Requirements Size: 3.75 x 3.75 x 2.2 Power: 100-240V, 50/60Hz USB Output: 2A Speaker Ranking: 8 ohm, 1 watt 6 Relaxing Sounds White noiseFanStreamOceanRainSummer Night

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Pure Enrichment Doze Sound Machine & Sleep Therapy Light.

Question Question 1

Exists A 1 month Warranty Or Refund If Product Isn’T Effective?


Question Question 2

Is This Wireless?

No it has a cable that plugs into the wall. however it is removable from the gadget.

Question Question 3

Can It Be Projected Onto A Wall For Side Sleepers?

Possibly if you prop it on something– otherwise it is on the ceiling above machine

Question Question 4

Is It Ac/Dc?

Air Conditioner

Question Question 5

What Color Is The Pulsing Light? Image Looks Blue Or White Which Stops Melatonin Production.?

The pulsing light is blue. we didn’t comprehend how enjoying a light would assist you sleep, however the noises are unwinding and you can manage the volume.

Question Question 6

Will This Device Play Constantly Throughout The Night, So 6-8 Hours?

Yes. Simply do not put the timer on.

Question Question 7

Can You Play More Than One Sound At The Same Time?

No. Unless you count “white noise”.

Question Question 8

Can You Change The Speed Of The Light Pulsation? If We Followed The Light The Method It Is, We Will Hyperventilate.?

Not that we understand.

Question Question 9

Exists An Outlet Adapter Consisted Of?


Question Question 10

Howdo We To Use Discount coupon?

do not understand

Question Question 11

There Are No Instructions For ThisMachine How Do We Get Instructions?

The on/off is on the front. Volume +/- on the front. Altering functions on top.

Question Question 12

Can You Change The Volume Of The Sounds Consisting Of Turning The Sound Off Totally While Still Utilizing The Light?

There is a volume change, (+ -), and a different switch for sound and light.

Question Question 13

How Does This Differ From Dodow?

Has light that jobs and nature sounds.You breathe out and inhale in tandum with noises and lights.Then unwinds you to sleep.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Pure Enrichment Doze Sound Machine & Sleep Therapy Light, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Our sibling has difficulty sleeping so we purchased this for her. She actually enjoys it and states that it is a quality product.

We enjoy this product. We have actually slept like a total infant with this gadget. It s simple to manage as far as volume smart. We enjoy that there are numerous noises to aid with our altering state of minds. The opening night we went to sleep late like all of us do often however when we got up we felt as if we had 8-10 hours on just 4-5 due to the fact that we lastly accomplished deep sleep.

Love this product. Really useful for sleeping.

It assists us sleep?? the light is relaxing we enjoy this product.

We like the light. And we like that we can charge our phone.

Our 9 years of age has difficulty dropping off to sleep and we lastly found an option with pure. She enjoys how it assists her go to sleep (therefore do we. ). It puts the control in her hands as she ages out of long bedtime routines with mommy & daddy. Thanks pure.

Our centers and we sleep excellent with our brand-new sleep machine.

Our relative usages it and likes it.

We have not utilize it yet, however it looks great and ought to satisfy our needs. Will upgrade if anything fails.

It’s a little buggy, total it’s ok.

We have actually constantly had a tough time sleeping. We keep up till 3-5 am attempting to sleep given that 10 pm. This was offered to us as a present from a pal who understood of our problems. When we play this, we are unsure how however it makes us go to sleep and the next day we feel well-rested. It’s relaxing and we enjoy the light that forecasts itself to the ceiling (you can turn it on or off). In general we are so pleased with this product.

We enjoy our doze sound machine. We utilize it every night and we absolutely feel we get a better nights sleep. We currently have actually recommended our friend to get one:-RRB-.

Functions excellent and simple to utilize.

Love it.

We enjoy how the noises are so relaxing after having demanding days and the light assists to sleep really rapidly. Would suggest it.

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