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OTIOTI Sleep Mask - 3D Sleeping Masks Blindfold Eye Covers

OTIOTI Sleep Mask – 3D Sleeping Masks Blindfold Eye Covers

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of OTIOTI Sleep Mask – 3D Sleeping Masks Blindfold Eye Covers.

  • COMFY AND PRACTICAL SLEEP MASK: The sleep masks are made out of a really soft cushiony product. Suitable for sleeping and travel, keeping your eye from sun shade, assisting you to unwind and drop off to sleep rapidly.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT SLEEP MASK WITH ADJUSTABLE VELCRO: Adjustable Velcro strap to fit all head sizes. Suitable for males, females and kids. Without any pressure on your eyes. These sleeping masks are light-weight, and breathable.
  • 3D CONTOURED SLEEP MASK: The sleep masks are created with 3D contoured shape. It is off the eye, well formed over the nose, and does not warm up your face and eyes like other masks. Really comfy.
  • 100% LIGHT STOPPING: Our sleep mask and blindfold block out any undesirable light and visual stimuli, so you can sleep or sleep comfortably anywhere.
  • FANTASTIC WORTH, 2 PACK 3D EYE SLEEP MASKS: You will get 2sleeping masks( black masks purple mask),2 ear plugs +1 travel pouch. Attention: We wish to recommend you to clean the sleep masks with cold water prior to the very first usage.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on OTIOTI Sleep Mask – 3D Sleeping Masks Blindfold Eye Covers.

Question Question 1

Do The Masks Actually Have A Cooling Function?

No. They’re made from light-weight fabric. we have not had any sweaty, extremely hot get up though.

Question Question 2

Does This Sleep Masl Permit Your Face To Breathe?

For me, we would state yes. Where it fits flat onto the face around the eyes is needed to cut out all light, which we require, however with the nose location completly open we do not feel closed in or suffocated in any method which’s something we are delicate to.

Question Question 3

How Well Dose It Remain On?

The mask has comfy adjustable 3/4 inch large Velcro straps that work extremely well. The mask remains in location fine.

Question Question 4

Does These Sleep Mask Fume In Summertime?

no, they made up with breathable memory foam. it will not let you feel hot.

Question Question 5

Does This Sleepiong Mask Let Any Light In?

No the mask does not let any light in. Likewise it is really comfy to use. we like my own.

Question Question 6

Will The Velcro Get Stuck In Our Hair?

It should not. we never ever even opened the Velcro. we simply extended it over our head.

Question Question 7

Do The Masks Actually Have A Cooling Function?

No. This isn’t a cooling pocket with these mask.

Question Question 8

Does This Sleep Mask Contortion After Numerous Wash?

not, as long as you clean them as the proper way.

Question Question 9

It Looks So Tightness, Dose It Truly Comfy?

It is not stiff at all, it is really soft & is so comfortable.It truly does block out light & has actually enhanced our sleep. we would advise it extremely.

Question Question 10

Is The Material Of This Sleep Mask Soft, Or Difficult Enough To Cut Into The Skin When Laying On The Side?

Material is soft.will not cut skin.some light comes through down by nose.would not buy again.would shot another mask that is more light resistant.

Question Question 11

Do They Let Your Eyes Feel Relax?

yes, it’s stated usage ultra- soft and breathable memory foam. these 2 products are quite light so you wont feel pression, you will feel simply comfy and soft.

Question Question 12

How Deep Are The Eye Cups?

Really deep & complete blackout

Question Question 13

Will This Truly Handy When Meditation?

i do not understand how it works when meditation however we can inform you it works fantastic when sleeping. it obstructs most light wheni sleep so we can drop off to sleep quickly.

Question Question 14

How Well They Work?

our partner works second shift so he keeps up later on. He believes they works extremely well. we have actually utilized them a few times and like them too.

Question Question 15

Are These Masks Truly 4.5 Inches From Leading To Bottom?

The ones we got are just 3 inches leading to bottom.

Question Question 16

What Is A Safe Method To Wash This Sleep Mask?

it recommended that cleaning the sleep mask prior to the very first usage bu hand oruse laundry bag by mashine.

Question Question 17

Are The Straps Long Enough For Big Heads?

the sleep mask with adjustable straps, no matter your head huge or little, it fits your head completely.

Question Question 18

Is This Sleep Mask Device Washable?

better not.its simple to contortion.

Question Question 19

100% Light Blocking?Dose It As Excellent As They Stated?

It’s not 100% however it resembles 99%. There’s a thin strip of light that can be found in around our nose however if we close our eyes it disappears. It’s truthfully the very best light stopping, shape sleep mask we have actually had. Others had a larger space in the nose and we can’t do the flat masks any longer.

Question Question 20

Do The Strapes Trenchy Enough? Adjustble?

we believe is adjustable enough, depends of the size of your head.but we believe is basic.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on OTIOTI Sleep Mask – 3D Sleeping Masks Blindfold Eye Covers, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Fantastic covers the eyes obstructs the light so we can drop off to sleep while our relative checks out in bed and it’s really comfy on the face.

Got these for our spouse that began shift work and required to sleep throughout the day. He has actually had excellent success. We likewise attempted them and they aren’t 100% comfy for a side sleeper however are workable, therefore the 4 stars.

Excellent, not fantastic. This mask is comfy and does a fantastic task obstructing light however the strap is really thin and stretches out of shape quickly. We require to adjust the tightness about every 3 or 4 days. We are now near completion of adjustability with about 6 inches of additional strap hanging off. If they ‘d increase the quality of this one part this would be a remarkable mask. We would still advise this mask and continue to buy them ourself. If you anticipate to just utilize it a month or more prior to changing, then you will be completely pleased. And for the cost of a 2 pack, this is a sensible expectation.

We were a little hesitant due to the fact that it appeared like it may be too huge for our face. Opening night, we swore we would never ever buy another sleep mask. Legit, so soft, can open our eyes without our eyelashes seeming like they are breaking. We didn’t understand how we would like the velcro due to the fact that we have actually constantly had the other type however we likewise continuously change due to the fact that the string ends up being to loose and the mask falls off our face. We like that we can get used to whatever length we seem like.

We purchased these masks for our spouse and ourself due to the fact that we sleep late and the sunshine enters into our eyes. We had a previous sleep mask however we had an interest in the 3d sleep mask due to the fact that often our eyes get really sweaty. We like the method these masks bubbled out around the eyes. It kept the eyes dark however likewise they had the ability to breathe. No sweat no face fuming. Our spouse likewise enjoyed his mask till the pet dog consumed it. So we most likely will be buying more of these masks and keeping them far from our pet dog.

5 star for service: timely, excellent quality & cost. 3 for style: the more stiff shape – created to keep the mask from resting straight on the eyes – permits significant light in for us. Mascara and eyelashes not a problem for us, so these are not almost as efficient for us as the ones that lie flat. Size might be best for typical or little females, with smaller sized noses, however fit was simply too little for our medium sized guy head and face.

Really comfortable, however both ourself and our relative have light filtering in from the bottom of the mask under the eyes. She has a little nose and face while mine is bigger so absolutely nothing to do with the size of your nose or face as we both have this concern with this product. If you do not mind seeing out through a space in the bottom (which kinda breaks the factor for having one in the very first location) then it works fine.

Excellent things. However, if you have actually got a nose with a bump in the bridge or simply begins being a nose high up, we advise making a little change: fold it in half in reverse and utilize scissors to snip a bit diagonally where it strikes the bridge of your nose. It’s lets it rest even more down so light does not been available in around the nose location, and it’s less annoying and pointy. It fits completely now.

We would extremely advise these sleep masks. They obstruct out the lights, are curved so you can quickly open your eyes under them (looking for light), and they obstruct out all light and as an outcome we find we are sleeping muchbetter We keep one set in the bed room and another in the living-room for when we wish to take a brief nap. Would certainly advise them.

Our spouse bought for us as a joke. Nevertheless, joke on him. We like them. We wake at the very first light of day no matter what day. Nevertheless, throughout the night we will slip the mask on, if we wish to oversleep, and they work fantastic. They do move a little however simply due to how we sleep. Extremely advise.

These are fantastic and we have longer eyelashes that generally struck the mask however the method these are curved out they produce a good location for those with longer lashes. They likewise produce a good seal so light does not been available in however is not too tight.

We like these, well made and included drawstring pouch. You get 2 for the cost others charge for 1. They are not flat have a thin layer of cushion inside that truly minimize excess light. The strap is adjustable to avoid slipping.

Really comfy. The do break down rather quick. We simply wound up stitching the joints together and it worked out quite well.

These are really comfy and in shape our face well. Fantastic cost too. The cups over the eyes are deep enough not to strike our lashes, unlike others we have actually had.

The very best sleeping masks ever. Super comfy, seals well versus lighting, eyes do not feel any pressure.

This is precisely what we were trying to find and has actually assisted us sleep a lot better due to the fact that there is no light that permeates. We need to change it a little when we sleep on our side however otherwise it’s ideal.

Like all sleep masks, the headband gets extended out after a while, making the mask looser and looser. If you have actually found one that maintains its flexibility, please let us understand.

Fantastic product for the cost.

While they appear like training bras, they’re soft, comfy, and block out all light. A great suggestion for anybody trying to find a sleep mask.

These 100% block out light. We like that we can change the straps quickly with velcro. In general, ideal for eliminating 100% of light.

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