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OLESILK Modal Cotton Travel Sleep Mask

OLESILK Modal Cotton Travel Sleep Mask

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of OLESILK Modal Cotton Travel Sleep Mask.

  • Modal Cotton
  • 90% Skin Friendly Modal & 10% Silk: So cool and breathable for summertime sleep mask. Modal is a popular material utilized in summertime clothes for it is high breathable, silky smooth, hypoallergenic, resilient, soft and comfy as silk does. No color
  • Complete Protection Perfect Light Stopping: A sleep mask can actually cover all around. This ergonomic sleep mask style obstructs light of all types successfully, the complete protection develops an overall dark rest zone to have an excellent sleep whether you are on a flight, in a travel and workplace daytime
  • Lightweight & Bonus Adjustable Strap: Just weights 0.11 POUND, with additional long 5.9″ velcro. Not just comfortable to wear and incredibly cozy when you put on the sleeping mask, the silky modal allow the eyemask distract pressure on face and make it feel gentle on the skin so that you barely feel like you re wearing nothing on your face. No Eye Pressure. No Sleep Mark. No Suffocating Feelings. And the adjustable strap than others make sure it will fit women and men
  • Bonus Hanger & Portable Travel Pouch: With Free hanger, earplugs and a portable travel bag, easy to storage

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More Info:

Here are some more information on OLESILK Modal Cotton Travel Sleep Mask.
Why OleSilk? While guy has actually invested years attempting to copy silk with products like artificial satin, absolutely nothing has actually ever come close to supplying the health benefits of the genuine thing. Given that 1987, Olesilk’s creators have actually been working carefully with the most respectable and enduring silk providers worldwide to bring you the very best pillowcase cash canbuy At OLESILK, you ll have the ability to find some pure silk pillowcases which can be the start for you to utilize silk, some silk sleepwear which you can use around your home and some silk bedding, which, hmm, we believe will be the genuine upgrade to your bedtime. Exceptionally Comfy 90% Modal Cotton 10% Silk The product guarantee its soft, breathable and comfy. Modal is a popular material utilized in summertime clothes, no chemical odor, no color, no never ever leaves momentary skin markings. Portable, Hassle-free, Only weights 1.4 oz Light, Soft, Breathable. Hardly feels absolutely nothing on the eye, bring the softest care to your eyes. Airplanes, Bedtime sleeping Perfect for shift work, travel sleeping, train sleeping, even in yoga mask. Overall blackout it made can bring you to your deep dream and meditation Check out more Portable Travel Pouch OLESILK sleep mask has a little portable pouch with a practical wall mount, conserve your area in your bag or travel luggage, can be hold on any bag of yours, Read more Clear, Longer Adjustable Hook & Loop 5.9 in Adjustable Hook Strap, suitables for all size of heads. Embracing the cutting edge to get rid of hair tangles. Concentrate on every information. Read more Sleep Mask for Guys & Women The strapless style around you entire head. Much of the apprehension surrounding sleep masks originate from the strap around the back of your head, nevertheless, with it’s soft and breathable product (with cotton cushioning that covers all the method around) this mask slips onto your head without any pain. It’s a bit bigger than most sleeping masks and by virtue of that, it is among the very best at stopping out light totally. Perfect present for guys & ladies, or perhaps kids and kids. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on OLESILK Modal Cotton Travel Sleep Mask.

Question Question 1

Does This Block 100% Of Light?

NO- we have the pink one and it doesn t block light at all. we are returning it. It resembles covering a soft light pink tee shirt around your head and anticipating it to obstruct light. There s is absolutely nothing in it that would be blackout it s a little foolish.

Question Question 2

Does It Blackout Enough?


Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on OLESILK Modal Cotton Travel Sleep Mask, these may be helpful for better understanding.

This is the closest eye mask we have found to best. It s still too huge for us like all the others however we can make it work. We do wish to take it to somebody who can do changes though so they can put the velcro in the ideal areas for us. It practically twists around our head two times. The material is perfect with a little stretch however a great breathable cotton sensation. Sadly this thing is too wish for us. We put on t have a little head. We would state we have a typical head size. We do use it lower on our face so it covers our ears totally. That s the point of these eye covers for us. We require our ears covered when we sleep. We put on t like sensation air in them and we utilize a number of fans so it s a wind tunnel when we sleep. Seller, can you move the velcro over to change for smaller sized heads? it broadens to be larger than any head we have ever seen so why not simply move it over?.

We have actually attempted different sleep mask products and was getting annoyed with discovering one that didn’t make us seem like we were overheating our ears and eyes during the night. So we are delighted to have lastly found a sleep mask product that we simply like. The material is extremely soft and permits simply sufficient breathing so our eyes and ears do not feel overheated during the night. It is likewise quickly adjustable for a looser or tighter fit without putting an unpleasant knot on the behind of your head all night long. So we enjoy to share that we have actually been sleeping much better considering that we purchased this product which is extremely comfy for the eyes, ears and back of the head while still obstructing out the undesirable brilliant glare of any surrounding light.

We simply moved into a brand-new home and do not have our blinds installed yet. The sun shines in our big bed room window every early morning. We bought the black sleep mask and it obstructs out the light incredibly every early morning. Likewise, it is so soft and comfy to use.

We like this. We require outright darkness in order to sleep. Even a television traffic signal from the dot in the dark is too brilliant. This thing is the very best we have actually ever had. Even in daytime it obstructs out all of the light. We eliminated a star due to the fact that we like our facemasks tight over our eyes, and with this the velcro does not extend enough time for us to put it incredibly tight. If we can figure out a method to extend the velcro, then it will be best. Its so soft, like modal product practically. We fume during the night and this does not make us sweat at all. Really breathable.

This mask is so soft, we like it. The only thing we can state is that it s actually long, we have a small head, so we need to utilize a security pin to keep it together when utilizing it. However we like it. It changed another mask that utilized to trouble our ears when we struck the pillow. This mask is best. We sleep effectively.

Really soft and comfy. Fits bigger heads so we want they had various sizes so that the velcro that twists around your head would have been a lot additional wrap. Likewise want it was a bit thicker to assist middle the noise more so we put on t need to put our pillow over our head. Otherwise. Assists us sleepbetter & we like it.:-RRB-.

If not for the velcro, you wouldn t notification that you using it. Sadly the method of face is; it doesn t obstruct the sun out totally.

This is the outright softest eye mask we have actually ever had. We like that it remains on all night too.

Comfy and quickly changed. Most likely the softest product we have actually ever come across. Really great on your face.

Normally we have difficulty sleeping however with this specific mask we do sleep like a child. You put on t wan na take it off trigger it s soooo soft and makes you feel so so comfy. We put on t understand how one mask might alter our sleeping quality however it did. Thank you fot the very best product.

Excellent rate therefore extremely soft.

Great for treating migraines and sleep. Caution: can get warm.

Excellent product.

Love it.

Love this mask. It s so extremely soft and smooth, and doesn t cause pressure on the eyes. Keeps the light out well, although it is not 100% blackout. Would advise it for sure.

Omg soooo soft and fantastic style however we would like if the velcro part was a little bigger/wider. After cleaning it the velcro began not sticking and coming off.

It’s big.


Perfect for side-sleepers. It is extremely soft and not stiff around the nose so it remains in location when sleeping on your side.

Soft however doesn t remain safe.

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