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Okwu Comfort 3 Contoured Sleep Mask

Okwu Comfort 3 Contoured Sleep Mask

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Okwu Comfort 3 Contoured Sleep Mask.

  • SLEEP IN HIGH-END: The OKWU COMFORT Sleep Mask is ideal for both kids, females and males aiming to have a great rest.
  • Suitable for travel, house, workplace, and vehicle. Consists Of 3 Sleeping eye mask, 3 earplugs, and 1 pouch.

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The finest eye cover and earplugs with Pouch. The contoured style of our sleep mask is more comfy than the standard design masks, It obstructs out the light while still offering you the liberty to open your eyes and permitting Rapid Eye Movement, likewise the contoured style enables total eye motion, Suitable for males, females and kids, adjustable straps to fit all head sizes and will not put pressure on your eyes, Perfect for shift employees or a nap throughout the day, Great for travel and Lightweight and quickly washable, Consists of Free Earplugs with case and a velour Carry Case, We desire you to be delighted for quality while paying less and gettingmore You’ll likewise get our 1 month Euphoric Sleep Assurance – If you’re not entirely pleased just call us for a complete refund. Get yours now by clicking Contribute to Haul.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Okwu Comfort 3 Contoured Sleep Mask.

Question Question 1

Would This Work For Kids?

They are ideal for kids and grownups. The very best eye cover and ear plugs on the marketplace.

Question Question 2

How Do You Tidy These?

The within is foam cushion and the product on the outdoors separates from the foam after a number of weeks.You can take in water.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Okwu Comfort 3 Contoured Sleep Mask, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We utilize sleeping masks when we need to sleep in your home after sun shows up in summertime at 6am and likewise due to the fact that when we take a trip, we remain in hostels, so require earplugs and mask. It allows a little light, however insufficient to interfere with sleep. It is a lot more comfy than our old flat used out mask. No pressure placed on our eyes due to the shape ofthese We never ever use makeup, so have no concept how well it will work for those that do.

We like this set. We tend to drop off to sleep best prior to dawn; for that reason utilizing this sleep mask permits us to drop off to sleep peacefully. We have actually provided set’s to pals, they like the fit too. The contoured nose location is an exceptional addition. Extremely advised.

Excellent product and worth however straps are too wish for us.


We purchased 3 packs of these to put in present bags (1 each) for a location celebration. We need to have checked out the description effectively. You are getting 3 sets of eyeshades and just one bag. We would have liked 1 bag for each eyeshade. However, each eyeshade likewise can be found in a clear plastic sleeve, so 6 individuals will need to go without.

Our preliminary impression was that you’re getting a lot for the cash. Consisted of are 3 sleep masks, 3 sets of ear plugs, and a soft bring pouch. The masks appear to be well made, with an extremely durable elastic strap with hook and loop fastener. Nevertheless, as we have found with all our other sleep masks is that the band tends to get used out and saggy, and given that the hook and loop fastener location is so little, there’s not a lot of space to change this strap and tighten it up, however it is an extremely durable strap so that might not be a concern with this product. Likewise, the contoured nose piece appears to let some light in around that location, which we did not care for, however that’s simply me. We simulate that you likewise get 3 sets of earplugs, given that we like it both dark and peaceful when we are sleeping. Truthfully, for the cash, we do not believe you’ll find a better offer, or a better product. We would suggest it to a good friend, buy we are just offering it 4 stars due to the fact that of the nosepiece concern. *** if this evaluation was practical, please let us understand by clickingbelow Thanks:-RRB-.

We are so delighted with this purchase of the 3 pack of sleep masks, and you get 3 sets of ear plugs. We actually had the ability to offer one mask away as a present to our dad in law, who’s been desiring among these for a while now, and after that the other one our spouse utilizes and after that naturally ourself with the 3rd. These masks are extremely comfy to use, they have a thick adjustable band so it fits the method you desire it to, not to tight and not so loose it simply slips off. Our preferred part of this mask is the truth the eye location is actually raised, so if we wish to take a fast little 20 minute power nap in the day, it does not rub versus our eyes, leaving our comprise 100% undamaged all while permitting us to have the good darkness required to drop off to sleep rapidly and quickly. The ear plugs are good for bed time or anytime you simply require some solitude. We actually have this actually annoying next-door neighbor kid that lives below us, and everytime we take our kids outside within 5 minutes this irritating kid is then outdoors also. We have found these ear plugs to be a god send out. We have the ability to sit outdoors and let our kids play, and block out the irritating next-door neighbor kid who’s voice simply goes best thru me. These will be getting a great deal of usage this summertime that’s for sure. We like the truth everything can be found in this actually good smooth bag for storage to. In general we are extremely delighted with this purchase. Whatever works fantastic and we have no problems or problems about any part of this set. We did recieve these masks at a discount rate in exchange for our truthful evaluation of them. We have actually not been paid or compensated to offer our truthful evaluation.

These are quite basic as far as contoured sleep masks go (that stated, they are fantastic worth given that they resemble others that come one for this rate). We sleep with an eye mask every night and have actually attempted a great deal of various ones. These are typical in quality and efficiency from what we have actually experienced. We still choose the old, basic, unshaped silk masks due to the fact that the shaped nose never ever rather works for us, this time consisted of. Given, we are extremely little woman with a narrower nose, however we do get some light in from the bottom at the nose location. The other thing we didn’t like about these is that there was a small fragrance to them, practically paint-ish, when we initially opened them. It aired out within 24 hr and they are now odorless. We presume cleaning them in a delicates bag would suffice likewise if this is irritating for anybody. Other than that, these are sturdily built. The cushioning is comfy and the side protection is fantastic. The strap is tight enough for us however has a great deal of freedom for bigger heads, and this stays comfy when we are laying on our back– the velcro isn’t actually visible. No defects in the building and construction and the ear plugs and bring bag are good touch also. * we did get this set of 3 contoured sleep masks at a discount rate in exchange for a truthful, overdue evaluation and will upgrade if our experience with them alters in time.

Okwu comfort 3 contoured sleep mask, 3 ear plugs with case and a bring pouch. We actually like these gently padded, contoured sleep masks. They have a velcro closure on a rubber band so they quickly get used to fit most head sizes. The material is a bit on the rough side and they are ideal for travel so if you tend to leave things in hotel spaces, these are an exceptional worth given that they are fairly priced. They do an excellent task of obstructing out light. They include a great bring bag and likewise 3 sets of good earplugs to obstruct out noise.

For those trying to find an economical set of 3x earplus and 3x sleep masks, you can’t fail with okwu comfort’s set for a little over $7. We have actually been utilizing this prior to we go to sleep and for the many part, they do work. For me, we likewise desired one for when we take a trip overseas. So, it’s an excellent set for one or if you and your relative require one, you get an overall of 3 each. A pouch is likewise consisted of. However for the rate, this is a fundamental set worth monitoring out.

The sleep masks are made out of an extremely soft practically smooth like product that makes it so comfy to use that you barely discover that its on your face while sleeping. We observed that it assisted us to drop off to sleep quicker and let us oversleep a deep sleep for longer. That and the mix of the ear plugs also. They even included a black velour drawstring pouch to put them in incase you need to take it with you when you take a trip or something of that sort. They’re light-weight and countoured to fit around your eyes natural shape rather than inexpensive sleep masks that are flat and adhere to your face. The style is absolutely better given that its contoured and feels rather breathable. We actually actually taken pleasure in utilizing these and they didn’t trouble us one bit. We got this product at a discount rate in exchange for our truthful and impartial viewpoint in this evaluation.

Mixed. Love the multiple-use earplug cases and beneficial pouch. The sleep masks are rather fundamental however do the job. An excellent worth if you wear t feel the requirement to spend lavishly.

Excellent set. Ear plugs do their task.

Benefits the rate.

We like these sleep masks. However they are type of inexpensively made. However they have actually lasted a very long time though.

We purchased these for long global flights. They fit and get the job done incredibly.

Utilize it every night we work throughout our breaks. Comfy and holding up well.

We are huge fan of eye masks to oversleep, and our requirements are quite high. A sleep mask has t be comfy and light-weight. It requires to be adjustable and stand far from our eyelashes (they’re quite long and we can’t stand masks that push them down all night.) it likewise requires to obstruct out all light. This set fits our list to a tee. They are extremely comfy and simple to get used to the appropriate suitable for any head size. They obstruct out all light, although we have a bigger nose that makes eye masks stand far from our face a bit. These eye masks stand far from our eyelashes and do not drive us nuts all night long. It’s comfy to sleep on both our back and our sides in them. A+ in our book.

General we like this product. We liked that it included several masks and a bring case and ear plugs. We felt the the mask was comfy. A few issues we had however was the mask fits completely for anybody who sleeps on their back. We are side sleeper and we felt that the mask was constantly moving and not in the suitable area. We attempted to tighten it, however that didn’t assist. The other concern is if your going to have 3 masks it appears strange to just have one case.

We have some other ones that work rather well that do not have the additional nose part. We were believing given that we have a bit additional in the nose department, it may workbetter In stead our nose utilizes the little flap to hold the blindfold far from our face. Letting the light right in. Its not the makers fault we have a big nose so we just took one star off. Possibly it will work for smaller sized confront with not so deep noses.

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