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Nolava Designs Lotus Weighted Lavender Eye Pillow Sleeping & Spa Relaxation mask

Nolava Designs Lotus Weighted Lavender Eye Pillow Sleeping & Spa Relaxation mask

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Nolava Designs Lotus Weighted Lavender Eye Pillow Sleeping & Spa Relaxation mask.

  • – WANDER OFF TO SLEEP our Lotus Lavender weighted Eye Pillows for sleeping are filled with flaxseeds and lavender buds. Utilized in aromatherapy for centuries, the soft fragrance of lavender is soothing and calming, making it the best eye pillow for sleeping and yoga meditation. Suitable for usage as a spa eye pillow or to eliminate stress in a hectic day. The Lotus lavendar weighted eye pillow provides a subtle natural fragrance and the pure happiness of relaxation.
  • – RELIEVES HEADACHES AND SINUS DISCOMFORT Flax seeds provide mild pressure to the sinuses and eye location to assist eliminate stress. The weight of the lavender aromatic eye pillow holds it carefully in location, its non-slip cotton cover soaks up wetness from the skin. Attempt utilizing this weighted lavender eye pillow as a natural treatment for headaches, migraines or at any time you require calming convenience. Our Lavender Eye Pillow is an ideal buddy for relaxation attempt this lavender eye mask for sleeping.
  • – HEATED EYE MASK usage this microwavable eye pillow to make a warm eye mask compress to eliminate dry eyes. Put your lavender eye pillow in the microwave for 30 seconds. Evaluate it initially, and if it’s too hot, permit it to cool for a few minutes. You can likewise utilize the Lotus lavender eye pillow on other locations of the body in requirement of heat treatment and calming care. Aching neck muscles and arthritis might gain from usage of this heated lavender eye pillow.
  • – COOLING EYE MASK the Lotus lavender eye pillow can be utilized as a cold eye mask compress. Simply position the eye pillow in the freezer for a few hours or over night. The cooled weighted eye pillow will serve as a cool compress to decrease the look of dark circles and puffy eyes revitalizing worn out eyes strained by research study or extended computer system time.
  • – YOGA TRAINERS AND SPA THERAPISTS the Lotus eye pillows natural cotton cover is detachable and hand washable. Yoga eye pillows are likewise perfect for massage therapists and meditation trainers to utilize with their customers. This lavender eye pillow can be utilized as a yoga prop to support Shavasana. It obstructs out ambient light help relaxation, the weighted flax seed mask carefully uses pressure ending the session sensation completely brought back.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Nolava Designs Lotus Weighted Lavender Eye Pillow Sleeping & Spa Relaxation mask.
The Lotus Eye Pillow is an excellent partner to utilize on your journey towards a more serene and well balanced life. It plays a hidden function together with yoga and meditation practice in assisting to re-balance your state of mind and make area for peace and peacefulness in your day. Flax seeds in this carefully weighted pillow location light pressure on the eyes reducing the heart rate reducing you into a state of peace, calm and relaxation. This is the time to focus and restore your stability. If you share Yoga practice with a group of pals why not deal with one another to the present of peace and serenity. Read more Attempt Utilizing The Lotus Eye Pillow By Nolava In Any Or All Of The Following Ways Location it over your eyes and forehead when you wish to sleep. The subtle fragrance of lavender and the mild pressure of flax will assist you wander into an euphoric sleep. Utilize it at the end of your yoga practice throughout Savasana for deep relaxation.Use it in your corrective yoga practice it will deepen personification. It will eliminate stress and anxiety, like a small weighted blanket for your eyes and forehead. You will be astonished at the advantage 15 minutes can give your day. Namaste. This Lavender Eye Pillow Mask Likewise Makes An Exceptional Prop To Utilize Throughout: Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Nolava Designs Lotus Weighted Lavender Eye Pillow Sleeping & Spa Relaxation mask.

Question Question 1

Is The Eye Pillow Washable?

The cover is detachable and can be washed.We suggest hand cleaning and air drying to avoid the threat of shrinking. The cover is 100% natural cotton.

Question Question 2

Where Is This Product Made?

Hi this cleanser is made from natural elements and the fundamental one is tea tree oilIt was advised at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute It is extremely soft and it helpsas a cleanser to our eyesEasy to utilize and healingwe recommendedhighly Emilio

Question Question 3

For How Long Should The Pillow Be Left In The Microwave?

This depends upon the power of the microwave. 20 to 30 seconds is usually about right. We suggest you check it on the back of your hand initially. If it’s too warm permit a few minutes for it to cool in the past positioning over your eyes.

Question Question 4

Can We Buy Extra Pillow Covers?

The cover on the Lotus Eye Pillow can be eliminated for cleaning, information on care and handling is on the plan. We do not use a different cover. The storage bag is supplied to secure the pillow from dust and staining when not in usage.

Question Question 5

For How Long Nolava Eye Pillow Will Stay Hot After Eliminating It From Microwave?

we have actually never ever put it in the microwave, just utilized on our eyes instantly after yoga.

Question Question 6

Does The Pillow Remain On The Face Or Slip Off?

It’s cover is not slippery and the weight of the pillow holds it in location. It’s 8 inches large which matches most sizes.

Question Question 7

We Find It Tough To Get To Sleep, Can You Advise How This Will Assist Me?

Lavender has a soothing result, integrated with the mild weight of the pillow it will assist you to unwind, join this with deep, sluggish breaths to even more unwind towards sleep.

Question Question 8

The Image For This Product Claims It S A 2 Pack.However, We Just Got One.Is $17.95 The Cost For A Couple Of?

we just got one with a cover.

Question Question 9

What If We Mistakenly Cleaned It? We Didnt Dry It Yet Bc Idk What To Do.?

Attempt squeezingthe water out by carefully rolling in a towel and after that location in the sun to totally dryout The flax seeds might clump and the lavender buds might lose their fragrance. You might attempt bring back with a spritz of lavender oil.we hope these tips assist you.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Nolava Designs Lotus Weighted Lavender Eye Pillow Sleeping & Spa Relaxation mask, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Directions need to have been consisted of. We took a meditation class and the instructor stated we might put it in the microwave for a few seconds or the freezer to cool it. She even stated when the fragrance decreases we might put a few drops of lavender to revitalize the fragrance.

Actually comfy and stunning eyemask Terrific fragrance. Lots of offered masks had no cover and we wished to have the ability to clean it. We like it.

Perfect size and weight, great subtle lavender fragrance. We have usage on eyes (assists relieve dry eye) neck and lower back. Has excellent heat retention, we warm in microwave for 50 seconds it remains warm for a minimum of 20 minutes. Has washable cover and a storage bag. Extremely suggest.

We have actually enjoyed this pillow right prior to going to sleep. Soft & remains over our eyes conveniently. We likewise like that we can clean the cover extremely quickly.

We like this eye pillow. Actually handy when we get headaches. We like to microwave it and position it over our eyes. Our kids utilize it often too. It smells excellent.

We like it, we would choose to have actually a strap connected to it so that we can use it laying on our side. Other than that, it certainly has actually enhanced our sleep quality. Soothing and incredibly efficient after keeping it in the freezer. We have actually observed our sinuses are more unwinded. The odor is alright and obviously it will fade, however thats not a problem, simply include more lavender important oil drops and wallah. Thank you. And we like the purple??.

This is the best option for headaches behind the eyes. The calming lavender odor with the coolness right out of the freezer assists look after any headache behind our eyes. It works excellent in the microwave too.

The lavender fragrance is a bit frustrating, however we like the weight in our eyes when we have headaches and migraines. (4 stars for light-weight since it’s expected to be weighted. ).

We utilize these all the time at yoga throughout corrective class. The odor is so peaceful and very comfy to utilize. Thanks once again. Love it:-RRB-.

The texture, scent, and mild heft of this eye pillow radiates”take us to dreamland” Thank you for this eye pillow.

Resting, assists shut out the psychological organization, through the moderate fragrance and the weight. Extremely favorable to sleep.

Smells happily of lavender. Well weighted which relieves and it keeps lightout The pillow has a cover which is detachable for simple cleaning however the cover might be a little softer.

It is completely weighted for peaceful calm at the end of day. Some pillows are too gently weighted. This one is best. We have actually purchased lots of for many years. We have actually currently bought 3 more to offer our stressed out out pals. Excellent product. Love the pouch. Just thing that we would like to buy is exact same pillow however an odorless one. In general. Love this eye pillow.

A splurge however worth it. Love that is features washable cover and drawstring bag.

It is our 2nd one. The old won had an amusing odor so we tossed it away.

We actually like that its natural cotton. Love the lavender odor.

The size and weight are best and we like that it can be found in a little bag. We likewise like that the cover is detachable for cleaning. The fragrance is excellent. Not too strong, however certainly present. Extremely suggest.

Great scent however somewhat still on the lighter side. Personally would choose it somewhat much heavier so that the eyes can actually rest.

Bought as a present. Keeping for ourself and purchasing a few more to offer as presents. Charming product packaging and cost. So worth it.

We like this eye pillow. It has actually the natural sent out of the lavender plant rather of the strong important oil. Likewise, the flaxseed sits more conveniently on your face, rather of the heavyweight of rice. Originating from somebody who has migraines. Absolutely suggest.

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