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  • KENKO POWERSLEEP MASK: Change your night’s rest or at any time into a prolonged power nap. This Mask consists of trademarked DynaFlux Magnetic Innovation that produces a location of magnetic flux extending further and permeating more deeply.
  • DYNAFLUX INNOVATION: The only style that can increase the magnetic depth of field without a boost in Gs strength. A special function of this setup is that at numerous points, the nearby magnetic surface areas remain in opposition.
  • FUNCTION: Kenko PowerSleep Mask obstructs light while producing a location of magnetic flux for better sleep anywhere. The Mask has a comfy, washable surface area and is offered with its own bring pouch.
  • CAUTION: If you utilize an electronic medical gadget, or have a magnetically delicate surgical implant, do not utilize or use magneticproducts Females in the very first trimester of pregnancy, or who has an illness need to initially seek advice from a doctor.
  • CONSISTS OF: 1 piece of Nikken PowerSleep Mask 16821

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Change your night’s rest or at any time into a prolonged power nap. The Kenko PowerSleep Mask consists of trademarked DynaFlux Magnetic Innovation that produces a location of magnetic flux extending further and permeating more deeply. DynaFlux is the only style that can increase the magnetic depth of field without a boost in Gs strength. FUNCTIONS AND BENEFITS Patented DynaFlux Magnetic Innovation Removes light interruption Comfy, soft fit Washable for simple take care of better sleep anywhere INCLUDED NIKKEN INNOVATION Patented DynaFlux Magnetic Innovation (U.S. Patent No. 9,265,966) Gs SCORE 800-1,000 PRODUCTS CONSISTED OF IN PRODUCT Microfiber, ceramic-reflective and tourmaline fibers, ferrite, flexible. CARE GUIDELINES Might be hand cleaned with moderate cleaning agent. Air dry at space temperature level inside or outside in a shaded location.

Our Insights:

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These are terrific, yes it takes a bit to break them in (abought 2 weeks) however they get formed to your face, we are side sleeper, and after changing them to our head, they remain on all night and are really comfy, we believe they assist us sleepbetter Love them. Don t quit on them, adapt to your face and they will remain on easily.

This sleep nikken sleep mask was bought to change an older one. We have actually been utilizing these exact same masks for several years. Considering that we began utilizing them, our vision has actually not gotten any even worse. That has actually been a substantial cost savings in not needing to alter prescription lenses. Likewise, our vision was quite bad when we began sleeping with our niken sleep mask and our prescription lenses were really pricey. We hope nikken never ever stops making these sleep masks.

Not the most comfy so we do wind up taking it off at some point in the night. Nevertheless, if you comprehend far infrared magnet and how it assists with crows feet it’s certainly more encouraging to use this even if for a little while.

If you wish to unwind, go to sleep much faster and sleep for hours without waking this mask is for you.

It is a little stiff in the beginning, however does form to deal with after numerous usages. Has actually aided with stress headaches.

This is our 2nd kikken sleep mask. We do sleep better with it. And we find it really comfy.

We have actually utilized nikken products for numerous years and like this sleep mask. We take it with us when taking a trip and we have actually purchased it for others. Excellent rate.

Actually like the product, we have actually had other nikken products for many years. It appears to assist with sinus problems and headaches, which is why we bought it.

We have actually been utilizing and offering nikken for several years like the product.

This mask has actually truly enhanced our sleep.

This power sleep mask has actually permitted us a sound sleep in addition to headache relief as mentioned it would. Nikken is successful once again.

We truly enjoyed this mask, confortable and general excellent quality product.

Do not go to sleep without it.

We like our milken sleep mask. We are lost without it. There are 8 little magnets circling around each eye for an overall of 16. We sleepbetter Our sinuses are open. We breathebetter We take it with us every where we go. We have actually been utilizing milken magnets over our eyes in the evening while we sleep for several years. We lost our old one. We were incredibly excited for this one to get here. It has actually been a difficult week without our sleep mask. Thank you for providing this product on where shipping is much faster.

We can just evaluate it as a sleep mask, since it’s tough to determine, just presume, the benefits of magnetic s include. It is the very best quality sleep mask we have actually owned.

Love it.

Fantastic product.

We did not purchase these from, however from nikken’s web shop. Nikken’s web shop evaluation system is trash, however this mask is terrific and should have an appropriate evaluation. So here we are. We have actually attempted the majority of the other magnetic sleep masks in this rate variety $30 – $60, and this kenko power sleep mask is without a doubt the winner in every regard. Building (stitching) is robust, simple to change, comfy, and consists of the unfavorable ion and far infrared fibers (no other mask in this rate variety has those). We truly do not comprehend other customer’s grievances over convenience and adjust-ability. The head strap is a broad, stretchy flexible affair with 2 length change points and strap loops. This strap system is a lot easier to manage and is more comfy than the single point thin rubber bands or velcro strips that appear typical on other masks. The outside is a rugged yet versatile product, we picture it will withstand discolorations and rips well. The interior is a luxurious wool-like material, it feels really great on the face and does not get too hot (which was an issue of mine). We will confess fit is rather subjective and what fits our face might not fit other individuals’s faces too. We do not care however, it fits our face simply great. Light rejection, particularly around the edges, is exceptional. Includes a faux-leather zippered travel case. Would buy once again if we lost it.

On the unusual celebration of an over night remain in the medical facility, our nikken eye mask is a god send out. We can sleep peacefully with no light troubling me. We feel really unwinded using this mask. Our experience with our mask is absolutely nothing like the 2 bad evaluations we keep reading this website, which amazed us when we read them.

The evaluations were so diverse on this eye mask that we were reluctant to order however we like my brand-new anikken eye mask. It is incredibly comfy. Never ever fumes. Its lightweight. And our eyes are never ever puffy in the early morning now. And this is insane however it appears like the great lines around our eyes are fading. We utilize it in the evening and likewise for a fast power nap in the afternoon. It makes our hot tired eyes feel revitalized and likewise has actually assisted our dry eye condition. If you are being reluctant. Do not. We have actually attempted a million. Ok. Perhaps a lots. Eye masks and this is our perpetuity preferred. We had an older variation nikken mask that we enjoyed. However it lastly used out after more than 15 years utilize and numerous washes. Nikken no longer makes it and we were worried this brand-new variation would not be as excellent. However it’s evenbetter Thank you a lot. Nikken quality is still exceptional. This deserved every penny.,( we are genuine customer. And nobody paid us or provided us anything for our evaluation. ).

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