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NEWVANGA Sleep Mask - 100% Blackout 3D Contoured Sleep Eye Mask

NEWVANGA Sleep Mask – 100% Blackout 3D Contoured Sleep Eye Mask

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of NEWVANGA Sleep Mask – 100% Blackout 3D Contoured Sleep Eye Mask.

  • Memory Foam, Soft Breathable and Comfy
  • Obstructs Light Completely – our sleep mask include ingenious style on nose, special alar complete fits your nose, avoiding any light been available in from the bottom of mask. Nearly no pressure on your nose, ideal for any height of nose.
  • Special Adjustable Straps – Mild, flexible, simple- to- change headband will not tangle hair or snag pillow like other sleeping masks that utilize VELCRO. It has a 8.5 inch variety which adapts to approximately 16.8 inch, Finest sleeping mask suitable for females guys kids
  • 3D Contoured Style – The eye area is larger and much deeper than the standard flat eye mask, no pressure as on your eye balls, your face, will not rub versus your eyelids
  • Super light & Comfy Product – Light and Smooth Product no any press on you eyes, Suitable for sleeping disorders, migraine headaches and dry- eye patients; High-end pattern assists you sleep better and look terrific. Perfect for taking a trip to assist keep you feeling rested and revitalized

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More Info:

Here are some more information on NEWVANGA Sleep Mask – 100% Blackout 3D Contoured Sleep Eye Mask.
Color: GreyNEWVANGA 3D contoured 100% Blackout sleep mask 5 Factors for You to Pick Our Luxury/Deluxe Sleep Mask: –3D Contoured Style – ideal for your face, no pressure as on your eye balls– The brand-new style soft adjustable buckle strap will never ever capture your hair and its leading- notch style permits a relaxing and renewing sleep in each and every single position you choose.– No Touching Your Eyelids & Eyes – Special Eye- Formed Structure left adequate area for eyes moving, no pressure comparing to typical sleep mask–Sleep Anywhere Anytime – This sleep eyes mask is perfect for travel, napping, night and Working usage;– Perfect presents for mommy, father, siblings, siblings, partner, spouse, sweetheart, partner, friend and yourself Seller Service Warranty: one month complete refund warranty and 7 * 24 customer care, We are devoted to 100% complete satisfaction of our consumers. If you find any problem do not hesitate to email us. Attention: – Please clean it with tidy water prior to utilizing this sleep mask. – Please do not clean it by the heavy- task cleanser, and we wish to recommend you to clean it with cold water just. Then the naturally dry, prevent wring dry. – Please do not tear or pull it strongly, and it can last for a very long time in typical usage. – Please do not leave the thick skin care products, since they will smear the mask.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on NEWVANGA Sleep Mask – 100% Blackout 3D Contoured Sleep Eye Mask.

Question Question 1

We Are Trying To Find A Sleep Mask To Keep The Air Out Of Our Eyes From Our C- Pap. Will This Mask Do That?

we put on t understand just how much atmospheric pressure a C- pap putsout This mask needs to work better than the typical flat masks. It s contoured so it doesn t press on eyelids much.

Question Question 2

Does It Stain Pillowcases/Sheets?

we have actually been utilizing it for over a week now, with light gray/white sheets, and sanctuary t discovered any staining.

Question Question 3

How Well Does It Remain In Location When You Toss And Turn?

the mask will usually remain in location

Question Question 4

Are The Eye Pockets Actually Additional Deep Compared To Requirement Contoured Masks? We Have Lash Extensions And Don T Desired Them To Rub.?

we purchased these to secure our lash extensions. we are unsure how they compare to others in depth, however we find that if we blink, our lashes graze the mask. we are side/partial stomach sleeper, and our lashes do better with this than without it. The cups aren t stiff so if you use pressure to them, they won t stay cupped ar we purchased these to secure our lash extensions. we are unsure how they compare to others in depth, however we find that if we blink, our lashes graze the mask. we are side/partial stomach sleeper, and our lashes do better with this than without it. The cups aren t stiff so if you use pressure to them, they won t stay cupped around the lashes; they will absolutely get a little squished.

Question Question 5

What Sort Of Product Is It Made from?

Appears to be a firmly woven, smooth polyester kind of material.

Question Question 6

Is This Made In China?

we didn’t look however we liked the mask.

Question Question 7

Is This Mask Latex Free?

we do not think it is latex.

Question Question 8

Where Is It From?

i didn’t take a look at the notes, attempted it on, liked it and went to sleep.

Question Question 9

Is This Device Washable?

we have not cleaned mine yet, because it’s for travel, however the instructions printed on the pouch it was available in stated to hand wash and wash in cold water and air dry. Considering that it’s made from a foam like product, we do not believe it would succeed in the washer.Maybe another person has actually attempted it, however we have not.

Question Question 10

Is This Made In The U.S.A.?????

No.The plan states that it’s made in China.

Question Question 11

Is This Mask Great For Side Sleepers?

It doesn t appear to move as quickly as other masks, which keeps it in location better while in your corner.

Question Question 12

Does This Fit Comfortably Enough To Keep Cpap Air Blowing Into Eyes?

Yes, and aside from obstructing the light, this is precisely why we desired it.Depending on your mask you can even tuck the edges down simply under the edge of the mask and it obstructs the air from increasing into the eyes.And it’s adjustable, so you can have it as tight as you want.It’s really comfortable.we love it.

Question Question 13

Is This Worth The Buy For Our Moms and dads?

we have actually utilized this every day because getting it. It is really really comfy. we would extremely advise this to anybody who desires a sleep mask.

Question Question 14

Is It Velcro In The Back To Change?

No it’s a little modification ring. we purchased another one that had Velcro on the back that was a various brand name and it was awful cuz the velcro kept getting stuck in our hair and after that opening itself up and falling off. This one is incredible we enjoy it. we purchased 2 of these do we could have one for travel also

Question Question 15

Use A Cpap That Covers Nose So Will This Work?

Yes, absolutely.This works terrific for us, and we have the ability to obstruct the air that in some cases slips out the top of the cpap.

Question Question 16

We Are Trying To Find A Sleep Mask To Keep The Air Out Of Our Eyes From Our C- Pap. Will This Mask Do That?

we enjoy this mask and it fits us well. we believe these will contour in a different way to each private s deal with, so it s difficult to understand whether it will up until you attempt it. It may be worth a shot. we hope you find clearness in your decision.Kind relates to,

Question Question 17

Does The Product Make You Sweat?

No sweating kept in mind. Extremely comfy.

Question Question 18

Are These Bras?

They appear like a bra however this is an incredible sleep mask.This sleep mask has actually contour cups that cover the eye location without touching the eyelids.It is much more comfy than a flat eye mask and offers outstanding blackout from the light.we Love Mine.

Question Question 19

What Are The Cleaning up Guidelines?

Formally? ?? No concept.Buy we have actually tossed mine in the washer and clothes dryer a number of times will doing laundry and they come out fine.

Question Question 20

Do The Colors Bleed Onto Your Pillow? We Have Had A Great deal of Problems With Other Brand names.?

we just recently bought a black one and had no problems with color bleeding

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on NEWVANGA Sleep Mask – 100% Blackout 3D Contoured Sleep Eye Mask, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have actually just recently have actually had difficulty sleeping due to light. We have actually attempted inexpensive pharmacy sleeping masks prior to however they constantly triggered us to get huge headaches due to the pressure on our sinuses. Bc this mask is concave, we can have it simply tight adequate that it will not fall off during the night however will obstruct out the light without putting pressure on our sinuses. It’s assisted us go to sleep quicker and in the early mornings on our day of rests, remain asleep previous dawn. All in all we would buy once again. Just disadvantage is our partner teases us a bit stating we appear like we are sleeping with a bra on our face.

We utilize a sleep mask every night. We have actually purchased a number of various kinds over the last few years of being a constant night mask user, and we love this one. It is extremely soft, so comfortable, most likely the very best we have actually utilized up until now. The very first thing we discovered was the distinction in the strap from other masks we have actually utilized. Will absolutely reorder this one when it ultimately uses out (as they all do over time). We likewise had a problem with our previous sleep mask that we believe was adding to our dry- eye since of the product, no comparable problems with this one.

Extremely soft and light-weight eye mask. Our preferred function is the kind of band they utilize to keep it on your head. It is elastic however holds its structure and they utilize a moving clip that does not have sharp edges or velcro; for that reason, will not get stuck in your hair while you sleep. The luggage it features along with the ear plugs are good perk.

Remarkable. Omg. Our restroom light pokes into our bed room blinds us in the early morning when our spouse gets up prior to me, there was absolutely nothing we might do previously. It’s extremely soft on your face. We have foolish long eyelashes and normally they capture on glasses/sunglasses, whatever, however this mask they do not touch so even if our eyes are moving or we somewhat open them they do not touch the mask. We believed it would be bothersome to get utilized to however it’s actually not. It’s lightweight enough to sleep on your side (which we do) however likewise structured enough to ensure light does not peep in. Would definitely advise.

We have actually purchased a number of eye masks throughout the years and the last few we have actually actually liked however they begin breaking down. We were due for a brand-new one and believed we would attempt this one. Love it. Soft, not stiff at all. The adjustable strap is terrific, method better than the velcro ones we have actually had in the past. The edges look enhanced so ideally it will not split up like the previous ones. We are really satisfied with the quality and would absolutely advise.

We have actually gone through a number of sleep mask because we began utilizing them a few years earlier. They are normally thin and the strap breaks after some time. This one is thicker however still really comfy. It obstructs out light better than others we have actually had and the strap appears to be greater quality. We believe this one will last longer than others. When it does lastly use done, we will buy this one once again. Likewise, being adjustable, it seldom falls off in the night which is a big plus.

This product is perfect and at a terrific rate. The masks we attempted in the shops anywhere near this rate were extremely inexpensive and allow excessive light. They didn’t totally seal over eyes. Any that had a better quality building or products that didn’t feel inexpensive were at high- end high-end shops and method more cash than you need to need to spend for a product like this. This one is made extremely well with additional cushioning to make sure a complete light seal and terrific product that is comfy. Regardless of having a great fit over the eyes, it never ever feels too tight or constraining.

We enjoy this sleep mask. This is our 2nd purchase. We desired an extra for when we were the other one and let it air dry. We put all our other sleep masks in our stack that goes to the redemption arour. We believe the trick (besides the contoured eyes) is the single thick adjustable strap. It holds the mask on easily. We are not a great sleeper and all the little digital lights in the bed room are bothersome and keep us awake. This looks after the problem.:–RRB-.

****** edit: we provided this sleep mask to our mommy for our journey to italy and it fit her completely. She had the ability to sleep on the airplane, thanks to this mask. The business called us after our less than beneficial evaluation and they sent us a largerr replacement mask which was best for us. It got here while we were away on our journey however we understand we will utilize it daily. Both sleep masks are quality built, crafted to last. We have actually attempted lots of masks throughout the years and this business makes the very best one. The stitching is safe so we put on t anticipate it to come apart like others we have actually attempted. The rubber band is elastic and adjustable, thicker and tougher than rivals. It doesn t snag our hair and since it s large it s more comfy and feels as though it ll last. Others appear to lot up or twist rather rapidly. There is no smell and the color does not bleed. It s made with a soft, smooth product which feels really comfy on our skin. Definitely no light comes through. Here is a link to the masks that fit us so well. If you re trying to find a bigger sleep mask, this is the one to buy:https://www. Com/material- light-weight- comfy- sleeping- adjustable/dp/b01mfei6kq/ ref= lp_17548843011_1_5_a_it? srs= 17548843011 & ie= utf8 & qid= 1538913773 & sr= 8- 5the mask looks like it s made with high quality requirements. The product is really soft and smooth. The pouch is likewise well crafted with a thick smooth product. The band is thick and adjustable with a slider comparable to a ladies s bra strap. Our issue with this sleep mask is the size/coverage being smaller sized than what we are utilized to, and the depth of the eye contours aren t deep enough which enables light to come through. Our eyelashes are available in contact with the mask so there is no other way that we might open our eyes unintentionally and not get scratches, not to mention use eye makeup and have it not get smeared. The very best mask we have found is by mack s, however it splits up in a rather brief time. If this mask was larger and had a much deeper shape, it would be the best mask.

Bought this eye mask to assist get a better nights sleep. Particularly when we need to be up for an early shift and the partner has the intense lights from the television on during the night. Functions terrific with obstructing out light. We even utilize it throughout the daytime when we require that 20 minute power nap after we get out of work. Product is extremely soft and comfortable. The strap is really adjustable, comfy, and remains on all night. Love the style also. Would extremely advise.

Band is better than velcro connected – suggesting less most likely to stretch out and spoil – too loose gradually. Cups over eyes to prevent pressure on eyes and does a great task obstructing light. We would reorder.

This is our very first sleeping mask purchase so we have actually not needed to fight with the inexpensive variations some individuals have. Nevertheless we have actually been really satisfied with this product. The fit is adjustable which is a lifesaver. The materials are extremely soft which is terrific considering we get lash extensions on event we would feel safe using this product with our lash extensions. Something we have actually observed because we have actually been utilizing it it tends to slip off in the middle of the night however we believe that’s more to do with our motions. It’s really comfy from every angle and blocks out all of the light. We do want the nose area was a bit additional up we have actually thought of modifying at ourself however we would dislike to mess up the product. The adjustable strap works well and does not appear to be slipping from what we can inform.

Okay, we have actually bought 6 various sleep masks by means of. This one, for us worked a little better since of the curve of the eye location. We purchased this a methods back and am doing our evaluation now so we can have a reasonable evaluation rather of providing one after 1 or 2 nights. Now – the great: it is soft, it resembles a jersey tee t-shirt product which is terrific. The nose location does not enable light in, however just if you re sleeping on your back. If you re like me, we move on our bed. We indicate, we might strike every corner while sleeping. We did need to re- change our mask every when in a while. Now, if somebody has a smaller/larger nose the fit will be various. The band fit well, however we use my own under our hair rather of over it as it slips off our head if we use it like that. The little metal piece that you relocate to broaden it we sanctuary t had any problem with it and it isn’t on either side of our head. The eye location, for us was fine. We put on t have long lashes/extensions, simply typical lashes. They put on t rub up versus it which some of the others we have actually purchased our lashes did. We like that we can blink. It did not capture our hair, however as we discussed we put on t use it over our hair however under it. Now the cons – now some are our individual choice and not a problem with the mask itself: to get the best fit, we needed to tighten up the band which in turn did 2 things – 1st it gradually made the shape of the eyes stretch out and the location hasn’t actually recuperated. Second – the band folds quickly. Now, this was through our experimentation experiment. We put our reading glasses on, then put this mask on first and made certain the fit wasn t too tight. We then utilized another among our masks (sleeplush bought on) and slipped it on top of this mask. We had the ability to obstruct out 100% of the light then, even through sleeping on our side and tossing and turning. They both remained in location. In general we simulate this mask. It hasn’t split up at the joints, it s comfy and soft. Nevertheless, once the eye cup location is extended, even a little over about a weeks time appears to lose its initial shape. When that takes place, our eye lashes do wind up touching the eye cup location. We would utilize this brand name once again if they had an upgrade, or in some way made the eye cup location more company – possibly by quilting it providing it a tightness of sorts; or if they might make it where when you change the band to fit your head the mask itself doesn t stretchout We are intending to find another mask possibly with 2 straps to see if this assists the issue. We likewise hand cleaned it utilizing what we had on hand which was our neutrogena liquid face soap. No problems of fading or bleeding. This evaluation is mine. We purchased each mask or product noted on our evaluations. We do not get a cut of any evaluation or anything from any business related to – and even. This evaluation is our real and precise experience with this product and the sleeplush mask( just utilized over the other mask for this evaluation, we have a different evaluation for the sleeplush mask).

These sleep masks are terrific. We actually like that there is no velcro and the slider enables you to get the best fit. We have the ones without the nose thing and they do a truly great task of keeping the lightout We handle a great deal of migraine headaches and typically sleep at odd hours and have found that these are outstanding for times when we have a great deal of light level of sensitivity. We actually have 2 that we keep in various parts of your home. When the flexible ultimately stretches out like all flexible does, we prepare to buy this very same eye mask once again.

Terrific eye mask keeps all light out for us our partner has a somewhat bigger then balanced nose he states that you can see a bit of light near the nose if you open your eyes however with your eyes closed it obstructs all the light.

Not large around the eyes & handles to keep the lightout Naturally that s subjective depending upon one s contours around nose & eyes. However works for our relative well & will acquire one for ourself. Likewise the band is comfy, put on t have the ‘bump on the back modification that some appear to have.

We sleep with this each and every single night we actually need to get another one, because we keep losing mine and hate looking for it right prior to bed. It does not constantly remain on, you can make it tighter, however when we do that we get a headache. It’s not unpleasant, it’s soft and complying with the nose.

We are actually enjoying this sleep mask up until now. It does not entirely get rid of light for us, unless we move it a little additional down our face than is comfy. When we move it down to obstruct the light, it somewhat compresses our nasal passages making it a little more difficult to breathe. We believe possibly next time we will attempt the mask with the additional piece for the nose. The strap is really elastic and soft, do not actually discover it, although we just put it on after being gotten up by the sun, so it might assist that we are currently sort of sleeping when we utilize this. Likewise features a great drawstring bag and ear plugs.

We enjoy this mask. We find standard masks that touch our eyelashes really bothersome. They put pressure on the eyes and aren’t comfy. This one is best. We can totally open our (deep set) eyes under this mask without feeling anything. Our only dream would be for flexible to be connected a bit greater since we would choose if the strap weren’t can be found in contact with our ears and the mask to come a bit lower. It held up for more than 2 years of routine usage. Even our spouse, who dislikes masks, attempted it and was impressed by how comfy it is. Update: we purchased a brand-new mask, and it’s even better than in the past. We are stomach sleeper and the brand-new enhanced design does not produce any lines on the side that is pushed by the pillow. Nobody can understand that we simply awakened. The band is likewise extremely comfy, and unlike with the previous one, we can keep it above our ears without touching them. Remarkable product.

This is an extremely lightweight sleep mask with space for eyelashes. If you choose lightweight sleep masks this is for you. We do choose their other sleep mask that is much heavier, however this one works terrific likewise. The much heavier one is – sleep eye mask for guys females, 3d contoured cup sleeping mask & blindfold with ear plug travel pouch $14. 99.

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