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Maxfeel 100% Pure Silk Filled Eye Mask Sleeping Mask

Maxfeel 100% Pure Silk Filled Eye Mask Sleeping Mask

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Here are a few main benefits of Maxfeel 100% Pure Silk Filled Eye Mask Sleeping Mask.

  • Made From 100% premium mulberry silk from China
  • The size has to do with 10X21CM/3.94″x8.27″ (trap not consisted of), One size fit all
  • The flexible strap is adjustable through a buckle to guarantee it is comfy and not too tight for you.
  • Strong Black on rear end and strong color on the front side
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Here are some more information on Maxfeel 100% Pure Silk Filled Eye Mask Sleeping Mask.
Color: Coffee PRODUCT INFORMATION: Product:100% mulberry silk material Size: Fit Many People, the size has to do with 10X21CM/3.94″x8.27″ (trap not consisted of) Several Colors Optional: Strong Color Function: adjustable strap, soft and comfy, blocklight, finest present for household, good friends. Usage Totally Adjustable strap, a great present for yourfamily or good friends. Cover the light irradiation on the eyes, easilyfarewell sound inconvenience and feel unwind. Breathable and soft silk product supplies supreme convenience to proveyou sleep quality. Easy to bring for work, travel and any celebration. Finest present for your famliy and good friends. Note It is advised to clean in cold water by hand. do not bleach, lind dry. keep out of the direct sun. For more 100% silk products, welcome to search our shop.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Maxfeel 100% Pure Silk Filled Eye Mask Sleeping Mask.

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What Color Is This Product?

Hi This color is black, Thank you.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Maxfeel 100% Pure Silk Filled Eye Mask Sleeping Mask, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This silk sleeping mask was practically the ideal sleeping mask for us. It utilized an adjustable rubber band (so the mask rested conveniently on our face, rather of hugging it extremely, the mask itself was soft, big (so light could not navigate). Nevertheless, it wasn t filled enough with silk floss, and although we believed the blue color looked terrific, light can faintly make it through the mask (thanks to the blue color and the within not actually being filled), and you wind up seeing a faint blue when you put this mask on when there s a great deal of daytime around. We attempted the alaska bear silk sleeping mask, which was more to our preference.

Love this sleep mask. We own 2 (one for us and one for our spouse) and provided another to our sis.

Soft smooth, as anticipated. The band is adjustable.

Extraordinary silk eye mask at a fantastic rate. This eye mask is incredible soft and feels wonderful over your eyes. Not to discuss it completely blacks out all light. Large protection to obstruct every speck of light from entering your tranquil sleep. Comfy, large, adjustable flexible head band. Beautiful quality. Thank you.

We just actually began using eye masks about 2 years earlier when we got a good one in a membership box. Ever since, we have actually bought a few others however none match the quality of our very first. This one from maxfeel is quite close. It’s a think mask and silky smooth on one side and wonderfully soft on the other. It is really versatile, so it fits much better than lots of lower-price choices. With the back strap adapted to fit our head, we can just see a smidgen of light if we look down towards our nose. Undoubtedly if we are attempting to rest, we are not going to have our eyes open anyhow, so it’s near ideal.

We utilize eye masks daily. When this one came, we were hesitant initially since there wasn’t any additional cushioning or product near the nose. Nevertheless, those doubts were overcome when we out this on. Due to the fact that the eye location is larger than our other eye masks, it didn’t require any additional cushioning. The size of the eye location boils down further on our cheeks and completely obstructs out the light. The strap is adjustable. It is 100 % silk, so we will hand wash in cool water as required. It is made in china.

It’s silky smooth and additional big so that it totally covers the eyes and keeps the lightout We can not sleep with lights on, however throughout quarantine and living with a very first responder we do not have the high-end of having the ability to oversleep the total dark. These have actually been a life saver for us.

We use them every night. We sleep beside our television stand that has blue lights on all night long. We need to cover our eyes to go to sleep and remain asleep. These work terrific. Great, soft and smooth. If you found our evaluation useful, please let us understand by clicking below.?.

This is a respectable mask. It is huge enough to actually block out light & it is soft & smooth. The strap is adjustable & remains in location relatively well. We wereed this in an underwear bag & hung dry– came out fine.

Soft and smooth as silk. Big for complete protection. Easy to sleep better by obstructing out the light.

We have actually gotten at least 4 sleep masks trying to find one that fits and is not too hot. This one is really adjustable. It is all silk, both sides, as marketed, and not too heavy, however not lightweight. The edging is soft silk. Nevertheless, it’s not tight fitting and complete blackout. Our leading concern is a mask that does not feel too hot on our face, and this is the very best we have found up until now.

We do not get up when our woman goes to work and this permits us to sleep.

Excellent product, really comfy, lastly eliminate the irritating light from our roomie:-RRB-.


This mask is a quite terrific find for us. We experience migraines and require eye masks often for photosensitivity and even for a bit of pressure often that they offer to our head. The adjustable strap on this mask makes the “compression” aspect adjustable based upon our specific requirements at a that time and we were actually shocked that the light was actually obstructed out totally, regardless of the truth that this appeared a bit thin initially. Not too thin, simply the material is really fragile and there is no bulk, so we were anxious at first that this would not obstruct the light successfully, however we were incorrect. We certainly am really delighted with this mask today.

Our spouse had a craniotoour and is going through chemo and radiation due to brain cancer. Sleep is very crucial today in his life. We got a lot of eye masks so he might have a better sleep throughout the day and wished to make certain that they would not upset his surgical scar. He liked this one a lot. This was comfy and he did not observe it on while he slept. The product is breathable and he did not get sweaty from it. Most significantly, it did not trouble him around the surgical scar or trigger any agitation. Our spouse likewise has a relatively big head and it fits him well. The rate is terrific also.

This is your classic, standard sleep mask, with the silk mask part and an adjustable band in the back. When you believe “sleep mask,” this is most likely what’s going through your mind. Our child enjoys these things, however has a routine of “forgetting” where they wind up. Then we have drama during the night and nobody has persistence for that. This matches her collection. There are no odd clasps in the back, nor exists any sort of rigidness in the nose which likewise triggers sleep mask drama. It’s simply soft and obstructs the light. For this rate? yep.

The mask is a bit bigger than the other one we have. It obstructs a bit more light however it still can not adhere to the shape of the nose and there is some light leak there. Black blocks the majority of the light, a minimum of in poorly lit space. Have actually not attempted ion a warm day, however that is not when we typically like utilizing them. The mask appears to be made from silk, a minimum of on the exterior. We have no concept what sort of cushioning exists. It is not especially fluffy. The strap is adjustable and enough time.

We have actually utilized these for more than a number of naps, and in general we believe they are wonderful worth. They aren’t elegant, however they work. The band that fits around the head feels a bit tight, however they keep the light out and they remain on for the many part of a long nap. They aren’t specifically soft or luxurious, however after setting for about 7 seconds they feel quite natural. And as we discussed – they have actually been working terrific for keeping light out throughout naps, so we can’t be better.

If you desire your sleeping location 100% dark without a great deal of weight or chafing on your face, this mask ought to suffice. Silk is exceptionally light and soft, like absolutely nothing exists. We do not see care directions on the confined sheet of notes from maxfeel, however hand cleaning in cleaning agent for delicates followed by air drying out of sunshine ought to suffice.

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