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Mavogel Silk Sleep Eye Mask - Removeable Soothing Eye Pillow

Mavogel Silk Sleep Eye Mask – Removeable Soothing Eye Pillow

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Mavogel Silk Sleep Eye Mask – Removeable Soothing Eye Pillow.

  • 2 IN 1 USAGE Sleep Mask- Featured a 100% pure silk sleep eye mask & a detachable eye pillow, so you can utilize the silk sleep mask for everyday usage or use it with eye pillow when you require cold soothing.
  • Relieves Tired & Puffy Eyes -The inside detachable eye pillow will offers you a comfy compression and cold relief for headache, migraine, puffy eyes, dry eyes, discomfort relief, tension relief. Better results after refrigerate for 2 hours. Recommend temperature level 17- ~ 38-, or more freezer which depends upon your requirement.
  • High-end 100% Silk Experience – Pure mulberry silk is called fiber queen with its very softness, convenience, smooth and exceptional wetness absorption. It consists of 18 type of amino acid which useful to body. Finest option for a comfy sleeping mask.
  • Quick Oversleeping Darkness – the bigger silk sleep eye mask covers more location and blocks out more light compared to typical silk mask.
  • Adjustable Strap -The soft adjustable strap fits head size of 18- 27.5 inches. Perfect sleep eye mask for present.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Mavogel Silk Sleep Eye Mask – Removeable Soothing Eye Pillow.
Functions of Mavogel Compression Silk Sleep Eye Mask (Can Cold Treatment) – one sleeping mask, 2 methods to utilize. Please all your everyday requirements. – 100% natural mulberry silk provides ultra smooth, softness and convenience. – detachable massage eye bag can be cooled as cold treatment for headaches, migraines, puffy eyes, dry eyes, tension. – comfy pressure from eye bag offers simple eye massage anytime, anywhere. – practical method to unwind your head and eye at various events, such as house, workplace, work, travel, meditation and so on 100% NATURAL MULBERRY SLEEP EYE MASK Our sleep eye mask is made from pure mulberry silk which is called fiber queen. This product is very soft, smooth and comfy. The 18 type of amino acid it consists of can be soaked up in skin and are useful to body. The soft adjustable headband is simple to change and well fits head size of 18- 27.5 inches. Never ever stress it will tangle your hair as 3D contoured sleeping mask does. Its plus size efficiently seals out light originating from all edges, which provide darkness for sound sleeping. The fine over- edging style forms a really thin edge of the sleeping mask, which is comfortable and hardly obvious. Side sleepers and back sleepers never ever need to fret about getting up with deep marks of sleeping eye mask on your face. Read more DETACHABLE MASSAGE EYE PILLOW The special massage beads consisted of in every Mavogel eye pillow improves the cold treatment to alleviate daily discomfort and pains. The multiple-use eye pillow provides cold straight to your wanted relief eye location and has a relaxing impact on your head. Premium strip cotton material covers the massage beads securely, bringing more color and enjoyable to this sleep eye cover. Better sleep with a better state of mind;) Multiple-use eye bag is washable. We recommend just mild hand wash with cold water and lay it flat for drying to prevent contortion. Read more Action 1 Load the eye pillow into ziplock bag, then keep it in fridge or freezer location (recommend temperature. 17- ~ 38-) for 2 hours ormore Action 2 Put it into pure silk sleep mask, and use it on your eyes. The multiple-use eye bag provides cold straight to your eye location. Action 3 Lastly action. Find a comfortable couch or bed and after that rest to delight in comfy cold treatment for 10- 25 minutes. The portable size enables you to take it with you to workplace, work, travel, automobile journey. Eye pillow can not be warmed or put near to fire 2 methods of storage: 1. pack the eye pillow into ziplock bag and prevent damp environment. 2. pack the eye pillow into ziplock bag and keep it fridge or freezer per your requirement. Read more Complete Protection Sleep Eye MaskSuper Breathable Sleep Eye MaskBreatheable Mesh Sleep Eye MaskCotton Sleep Eye Mask GreyCotton Sleep Eye Mask BlackMavogel Upgraded Sleep Eye MaskSize28.5 * 3.1 in8.6 * 3.9 in8 * 3.5 in7.6 * 3.8 in7.6 * 3.8 in8 * 3.5 inWeight64g23g19g23g23g19gLight blockingFull CoverageNose Wing DesignPatented adjustable nose piecePatented adjustable nose piecePatented adjustable nose pieceNose Wing DesignTouchModal softBreathable softMesh softcotton softCotton softMesh softBreathable Handmade Carry pouch

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Mavogel Silk Sleep Eye Mask – Removeable Soothing Eye Pillow.

Question Question 1

Can We Utilize It When We Do Yoga?

we do not see why not

Question Question 2

Can You Keep This Cooling Eye Mask In Freezer All The Time?

yes, why not, we like to keep it in freezer so that we can utilize it when we have a headache

Question Question 3

How Do The Massage Beads Feel After They Have Thawed Out?

Like frozen. They put on t actually alter.

Question Question 4

Can It Be Heated To Offer Warm Relief?

NO, it can just be frozen. The guideline likewise stated it can’t be warmed.

Question Question 5

Is It Great For Sleeping Or Simply For Cool/Hot Compress?

It’s terrific for sleeping. It’s not to heavy and blocks out light well.

Question Question 6

Exists A Zipper To Change The Weight Or Get Rid Of Seed For Cleaning Up?

No, we simply take out the eye bag and clean it by hand.

Question Question 7

The Length Of Time Does The Mask Stay Cold Or Cold?

30- 45 minutes

Question Question 8

How Huge Is The Eye Bag? What Are The Dimensions?

Like 7.3 inch by 3.6 inch

Question Question 9

We Desired A Few Of The “Weight” To Actually Press Versus The Eyelids. Mild Pressure Aids With Some Eye Issues. Will This Do It?

Yes this mask puts mild pressure on your eyes. And it feels better if you freeze it for a number of hours.

Question Question 10

What’S The Distinction In Between This Beaded Eye Mask And Gel Eye Mask?

we got the silk sleep mask with beaded insert which we personally like. The other we sanctuary t gotten however it seems a thicker cotton mask without an insert. The quality of mine was exceptional so we would state it s depending on requirements.

Question Question 11

Will This Deal With A Complete Face Cpap Mask?

Never. This eye mask is the worst product we have actually ever bought off of. Without a doubt.

Question Question 12

Will This Compression Eye Mask Assist Relief Puffy Eyes In The Early morning?

Yes, it cools and lowers our puffy eyes in a matter of minutes. And we like to keep it in the fridge up until prepared to utilize it.

Question Question 13

Will This Compress Eye Mask Remain On While Staying up?

Oh yeah, no issue at all. we need to stay up when we rest in workplace and the adjustable band lets the mask keep it in location. Feels wonderful.

Question Question 14

Does The Eye Mask Lie Straight On Leading Of The Eyes Or Exists A Space In Between The Mask And Eye?

It got a X- shape in the middle of the eye bag, so there is still little area in between your eyes and the mask.

Question Question 15

Exists A Zipper To Change The Weight Or Get Rid Of Seed For Cleaning Up?

No zipper.You do not eliminate the seeds for cleansing.

Question Question 16

Could We Put This In A Towel Warmer?

This isn’t to be warmed.It’s to be cooled. So the response would be no.

Question Question 17

The Length Of Time Does The Mask Stay Cool If It’S Positioned In A Freezer First?

It remains cool for a while.we have actually never ever actually paid any attention to the length of time it remains cool however.

Question Question 18

How Can You Tidy The Eye Pillow?

It’s hand wash, air dry

Question Question 19

Does It Block Out The Light Coming In From The Bottom?

Yeah. It s respectable at obstructing the light. Don t anticipate it to remain cold for long however

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Mavogel Silk Sleep Eye Mask – Removeable Soothing Eye Pillow, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This product is handcrafted and you can see and feel just how much care was taken into it. It is absolutely simple to go to sleep in due to the fact that of how unwinding it is and it actually does keep all of the lightout The weight of the beads assists our eyes unwind in combination with the cooling feel of the beads; comparable to the result of a weighted blanket. We utilize it whenever of day; early morning to minimize swelling and decrease dark circles; midday to rest our eyes from computer system work; and at bed time to launch endorphins, by the weight of the beads, that assist us sleep.

So we have actually attempted a great deal of various kinds of face masks. Plain, hot/cold, natural, and so on. None rather worked along with we required. We have actually had sinus concerns the majority of our life, and compression around the eyes is what we required. And those other masks stopped working. Generally due to the fact that they were this, or didn’t fit our face (we are little included), or the band was not adjustable; too huge. We became aware of these, saw excellent evaluations so we stated “why not?” finest. Choice. Ever. This mask has a silky smooth cover (it states it’s made from silk, so we encourage mild hand cleaning with woolite, dry flat. Do not wring it out.) the insert has a lots of small plastic beads, terrific for tossing in the freezer, and offer incredible compression right where it’s required. There are 2 little indents over the real eye location, so your eyelids aren’t getting smushed. And it complies with your face, so little to no light gets in. We sleep much better now, and it absolutely assists with the sinus headaches.

We like this product. Why.?. Simple. It has a detachable mask that you can put in the freezer for a few hours and after that put inside the black mask. Likewise there s a plastic bag that features it which s what you d usage rather of a ziploc bag. This mask can be found in convenient not simply for sleeping however when your eyes injure or when you feel a migraine coming and require to cool yourself down a bit. Inside the mask are little beads and they feel so terrific around our eyes. It s like a little massage to unwind our harming eyes.

This is the very best sleep mask we have actually ever utilized. The insert has weight to it however isn’t so heavy regarding be disruptive, and the makers had the insight to sew out ideal eyeball anxieties so there is no pressure on our eyeballs. It has an adjustable strap, and the beads inside the mask can be formed to your desire, making it completely versatile to each specific user. The insert is great and cool on a regular basis, however it can be made cooler and feels incredible. We put a number of drops of necessary oil on it too to enhance our sleep, and it held the scent rather well. The very best part to us is that it obstructs out every twinkle of light; there are no spaces or lines around the edges, which is something we have not experienced with any of the lots of other masks we have actually attempted (due to the fact that those little twinkles sidetrack us like insane and make it difficult to sleep). We have actually oversleeped it for a week now, and we have not as soon as had an issue with it moving regardless of the truth that we are really uneasy sleeper. We awakened to find our pillow throughout the space however this mask still securely chosen our face. Now, to buy a few more so we can be sure we are never ever without one. We prepare to keep one in our travel suitcase so we do not run the risk of forgetting it when we load.

This is a strong, excellent quality eye mask. It obstructs out light, is really comfy, and does not smell like anything (thank you. ). Our partner utilizes all of it the time due to the fact that it appears to alleviate his eyes when they ache. We have actually just utilized it together with the detachable eye pillow, and they both completely reside in our freezer up until we get a migraine. Deducting one star due to the fact that it isn’t as handy for migraine relief as a gel ice bag covered in a fabric. It does not remain cold for long at all, so we utilize it for thirty minutes or two and after that change to ice. We are still on the hunt for the ideal migraine eye pack. However as a routine sleeping mask, it’s an excellent option.

We will begin with a disclaimer– this is our very first eye mask, so we are not utilized to having something cover our eyes/insulate our eyes while sleeping. We definitely like this mask to sooth our eye/forehead locations. We have eczema and level of sensitivity on our face and in some cases the skin on our face will simply freak and get swelling for no excellent factor. Pop the cold bag into this and put it on and it takes that swelling away, and rapidly. The smooth silk is terrific and does not scratch/further irritateonce the cold is gone, nevertheless, our eyes do get warm (compared to not having anything covering them) which in some cases troubles me, so in the evening we will likely rip the mask off and toss it onto the nightstand at some point. Its truthfully, however, not actually that bad and we believe somebody who is utilized to sleeping with a mask on will not have a concern. We likewise would discuss this is definitely not for a stomach sleeper; it’s great for side sleeping unless you are the kind of individual where you’re more of 1/2 of the method to stomach sleeping (ala, among your eyes is typically smooshed into the pillow), or you have actually a really profiled and slim face where the mask actually encompasses the side of your head– in these cases the additional bead pouch will obstruct.

Okay, mavogel plainly is the very best sleep eye mask maker of our time. We have actually utilized 2 of their various designs prior to therefore has our partner and we never ever go a night without them. This one, however, takes the cake. We like the cold treatment insert. We like cooling our eyes however utilizing ice is horrible and cucumber pieces are implied to be consumed. The cold treatment insert can be popped into the refrigerator or freezer (we believe the refrigerator works better) for about an hour and you can relieve your eyes after all that screen- gazing you do throughout the day. It has a good weight and feel to it too. Considering that it is a bit large with the insert, we just eliminate it when we are prepared to sleep. It’s so simple, we do not even consider it any longer. The eye mask is broad and smooth so it’s ideal on it’s own too. 99% light stopping. We simply want you might warm the insert too however well, we likewise want snow might be warm. Attempt it. Your worn out eyes will thank you.

We like this mask. The external cover is so soft and feels excellent versus our face. The insert is terrific. We have allergic reactions and our sinuses provide us bad headaches. We put the insert in the freezer for an hour and the cool pressure versus our face completely relieved our headache. It was likewise actually unwinding – the weight on our eyes felt soothing and we completely unwinded while we had it on. We would actually suggest this mask. We might purchase some for presents for the vacations. It came perfectly packaged, too, which would make it an excellent present.

We got this mask due to the fact that of regular migraines. The incredibly soft, silk cover for the cooled pillow is incredible. It felt so excellent on our eyes. The strap to keep the mask on was terrific: quickly adjustable and comfy, however we simply put down on our back and let gravity do its thing. The weight of the pillow was ideal: a bit of weight without including pressure on our eyes. The one disadvantage is that after remaining in the freezer over night it heated up actually quick. We simply turned it to the opposite and crushed the beads around to get more cool parts. Anyhow, even when it heated up, the mild weight and the smooth silk still produced a soothing mask to keep the light at bay throughout our migraine. Would suggest.

To begin we simulate the smooth feel truthfully though we werent sure which method to use it. If the smoothe side was expected to be on our eyes or the side where you put the beanbag in goes on our eyes. So we attempted it both methods. We actually liked the smoothe side it felt actually great and soft. The compression felt really peaceful too. We likewise tossed the beanbag into the freezer for a couple hrs and put it back on our face and it felt actually great and soothing. We had the ability to unwind. In some cases we would simply put the cold beanbag on our face or lay it throughout our forehead without the mask and it felt incredible. Although there are alot of pros on this products we would not reccomend that you go to sleep with this mask on it might be unwinding however if you go to sleep with this on it is not an enjoyable sensation to get up to. In general we did enjoy our experience with this product however it’s not something we would utilize daily. However we would utilize it on our medical spa days. For momour time.

We have actually been trying to find a sleep mask that was dark sufficient to obstruct out the light and light enough on our face that we would not discover it and this is it. The reward to this sleep mask is the insert. We put this in the refrigerator and utilized it when we had a migraine and it simply puts a light pressure on our eyes. Fell asleep, awakened, migraine gone. We suggest this product to everybody.

This eye mask has actually done marvels for us. It features an eye mask and an insert. The insert can be put in the refrigerator or freezer. We keep mine in the firdge. When we feel the migraine beginning we put it and and lay on our bed. It makes the acute pains and the level of sensitivity drop unbelievably. They are likewise fitted so the insert filled with small bean like things do not sit straight on your eyeballs so they arnt pushing in which is our preferred part. They are heavy so we do not believe sleeping with the insert in would be comfy however the eye mask if like silk so that one you completely could. We mainly utilize it for our migraines. We will undoubtedly get a couple additional sets.

We would provide 5 stars if it weren’t for these 2 little concerns: the cooling gel pad insert had a hole in it right out of the bundle in the eye location, spilling out a lot of little gel beads. Luckily we come in handy and is much easier for us to repair and stitch hole closed than send it back. Easy repair however should not need to do that on a brand name brand-new product. 2nd problem is once again with the cooling gel pad insert. It does not appear to get really cold no matter the length of time you leave it in refrigerator, and what coolness it does have does not last for long. The mask is really comfy to use however, and does an excellent task keeping light out.

We have actually never ever utilized a sleep mask prior to this one, however we are happy this was our very first experience. Our dormitory allows a great deal of light throughout the night, and when our roomie enters into the space that normally wakes us up as the light from the door intrudes. We chose to attempt a sleep mask. We were fretted it would be unpleasant sleeping with something over our eyes, however this mask is terrific. It is soft, keeps light out, and is adjustable for our head size. The soothing eye pillow is optional, however really enjoyable when frozen. We believe it will be specifically beneficial when the weather condition fumes and allergic reaction season intrudes. This mask has actually assisted our sleep greatly, and we would absolutely suggest it.

The mavogel sleep eyemask is incredible it has an insert likewise that you can freeze or cool. We took some time to evaluate this product due to the fact that we desired tonsee how our undereye bags would disappear after nighttime usage and it did we saw an extreme modification and they wete totally pursued the 3rd day we likewise felt more stimulated after getting the very best fast to go to sleep sleep. 10/10 recomend this product.

We actually like this sleep mask. We had actually formerly bought one made from some sort of foam and while it was very comfortable, it made our face too hot. This silk one doesn t make us hot. Our hubby mistakenly cleaned it in the washer and dried it so it s not in the very best condition any longer, however absolutely still functional. We sanctuary t utilized the cooling element yet. We utilize the mask without the cooling pack.

Surprisingly soft, works terrific for the very first hour or two however the issue is it simply doesn t hold its chill. We like this mask however we want it would remain cooler longer. The very first thirty minutes or so we remain in icy paradise once we struck the hour marker or so it s space temperature level. We personally can t sleep without something cool on me. Once again it is a remarkable sleep mask and the very first 30- 45 it s terrific however after that it s simply a weight on our eyes. We put it in our refrigerator to cool while we are at work and after that put it in our freezer an hour prior to bed to actually provide it a chill. Nevertheless an hour later on it s totally heated up.

We have actually attempted a great deal of sleep/eye masks prior to however this is without a doubt the very best. It’s smooth soft, adjustable and obstructs the light out totally, even around the nose location. The insert with the beads inside, when put in the refrigerator, actually assists with puffy eyes and feels really great. We would absolutely suggest this sleep eye mask.

We like the cooling treatment of this mask it assists us unwind and go to sleep much faster. We just discovered it’s not cold any longer when we awakened and it was currently early morning. We are side sleeper and we believed it will not work due to the fact that of how large it is however think what we dropped off to sleep still. We will keep utilizing this. It assists our sleep a lot better.

We are rather consumed with this mask. We keep it in the freezer at all times and it remains cold for 15 minutes of being smooshed into our head. It eases our migraines and likewise offers a good weight over eyelids for sleep. If too heavy for sleep can eliminate the insert and simply utilize the silk liner as an eyemask. Dream we had more so we might alternate freezer loads to extend headache relief.

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