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LULUSILK Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Mask Blindfold

LULUSILK Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Mask Blindfold

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of LULUSILK Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Mask Blindfold.

  • 100% Mulberry silk on both sides, and 100% silk filling not cotton filling.
  • Natural Mulberry Silk– Our 8.3″x3.5″ silk eye mask is made from high quality 19mm natural mulberry silk. It not just feel smooth versus your skin however are likewise hypoallergenic, excellent for those with delicate skin.
  • Elastic Strap– 0.4 inches width flexible head strap style. The headband style will not tangle hair like contoured masks, suitable for side-sleepers also.
  • Benefit– Light-weight and breathable.You might barely feel that you are using anything when you fall asleep.Blocks out intense sun light totally and ensures healthy and enjoyable sleep.
  • Easy Care– Hand wash, or device wash cold in fragile cycle, individually from other products.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on LULUSILK Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Mask Blindfold.
Color: Pink Follow LULUSILK, let your eyes experience a smooth travel. As soon as you use, your eyes will fall for the smooth silk eye mask. Why silk sleep masks so popular? 1. You will require one, if your bed room can not totally be shaded by black-out drapes and you wish to sleep in2.You will require one, if you can not drop off to sleep since your partner wishes to check out or see TV3.You will require one, if you wish to sleep while taking a trip. Such as, on planes or in trains4.You will require one, if you are searching for ideal relaxation throughout yoga, health or meditation Why select LULUSILK? MATERIAL: Both sides of the sleep mask are made from 100% pure 6A-level long-strand mulberry silk. FILLING: not just the exterior is of 19momme mulberry silk, the within filling is of silk not cotton. HEADBAND: Easy to use headband, suitable for for males, ladies, young boys, women, and shift employees. BENIFITS: Suitable for sleeping disorders, migraine headaches and dry-eye patients, as the breathable, natural fibers of hypoallergenic silk enables healthy oxygen in while keeping dry air out. SIZE: 8.3 x 3.5 inches.It can totally obstruct out any light and will ensure healthy and enjoyable sleep. It is an essential eye mask for travel, yoga, house usage or meditation. It will constantly remain in location due to its long, rubber band that fits conveniently around your head, no matter what head size you have.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on LULUSILK Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Mask Blindfold.

Question Question 1

Is This Mask Washable? If So What Is The Very Best Method To Wash It?

Yes.we hand wash mine and line dry it

Question Question 2

The Number Of Featured This Listing?


Question Question 3

Made In China?

Mine was made in China.

Question Question 4

Does The Strap Leave A Crease In Your Hair?

No, it s adjustable. If we consider a lot our brief hair can get ruined. we are going to buy a silk pillow case. we like this eye mask.

Question Question 5

Does It Work For Side Sleeper?

we are side sleeper and find it works incredibly well.

Question Question 6

Does It Keep Your Eye Closed.We Have Bell S Palsy And Requirement One That Will Keep Eye Closed.?

It lays carefully on our eyes. It would be uneasy if we attempted to open our eyes however it doesn t avoid us from opening them if we wished to.

Question Question 7

Where Is This Made? Thank You.?

The product packaging states it was made in China.

Question Question 8

What S The Distinction In Between The Black And The Black-2 Besides For Cost?

It appears like one has adjustable strap while the other has flexible strap

Question Question 9

What Is Your Return Policy?

Free return

Question Question 10

Does It Feature A Bag?

No.It can be found in plastic product packaging however no bag

Question Question 11

We Have A Relatively Big Nose So We Have A Tough Time Finding Masks That Have The Nose Cut High Enough. Would This Work For United States?

we believe it would. Its a big mask and its tight so it works well. we have 2 of them and we made the error of cleaning one and putting it in the clothes dryer. It diminished a lot. Lol simply do not do that

Question Question 12

Is It Genuine Satin?

It’s silk – not satin.Its incredibly soft and the second one we have actually acquired.

Question Question 13

Is It Breathable?

It is really light, so it is breathable. The straps have tendenciesto chill out if utilized everyday, we needed to change them by stitching them closer to main mask.

Question Question 14

Why Are Some Of The Colors More Pricey Than Others? Isn’T The Design/Structure The Exact same?

we just purchased pink so we do not understand. our guess would the the material quality

Question Question 15

Is This An Elegant Silk Or Inexpensive Satin Replica?

Not glamorous silk. Simply satin.

Question Question 16

Does It Squash Your Eye Lashes? Is It Cool?

It doesn t crush lashes, not really cool either.

Question Question 17

The Number Of Is Available In Load?

One sleep mask per pack. Soft and comfy. Not breathable due to product. Really good.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on LULUSILK Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Mask Blindfold, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Super soft and smooth on our face. Other facemasks are so heavy that they make our face sweat. There’s simply a couple things that you may wish to think about. We are not incredibly conscious light, however we utilize this when our hubby sees television late during the night. Light does come through by your nose. It’s likewise not totally blackout due to the thinner, lighter colored material. This actually does not trouble me, as it absolutely does eliminate many light, however it may trouble some individuals. Likewise, it’s a little big, which we personally choose so that we do not get a headache, however it does slip off our face often after we drop off to sleep. Once again, this does not actually trouble us since we do not understand it til we awaken.

We admit we primarily got this sleeping mask since it seemed charming and soft. The mask is not as stiff as we would have pictured (from the image), however it is soft and of sensible quality. It does not have any unusual odor (constantly an issue of mine), so we didn’t clean it prior to utilize. We are bit unfortunate that we had actually been seeing the cost and acquired it for $12. 50 when it’s presently $7. The mask is relatively good and airy and incredibly flexible/soft. It adequately covers light from reaching our eyes and would work to utilize during the night time. Nevertheless, we would not suggest this mask in pink if you are wanting to utilize it throughout the middle of the day, as it is not dark or thick sufficient to avoid light from permeating through. In general, it does what we anticipated it to do. (5/5).

So we purchased this mask over a year earlier. It s difficult to think it s been that long however here we are. We can state truthfully that this has actually ended up being a part of our nighttime regimen. We really can t sleep without it. We got the pink color and what they state about light stopping holds true. It s not trip evidence. However it obstructs out the ambient light from our space simply great. (for context we have a newborn so there s constantly some type of light so we put on t journey in the dark) versus the skin it is so cool, and soft. We are warm sleeper so that cooling feeling provides us a great deal of relief when we are attempting to drop off to sleep. Therefore soft. We wish to simply touch everything day. The band provides the gentlest little bit of pressure on our eyes. Idk, for us it s reassuring. When it s feeling a bit thin or extended out we hand clean it in the sink and it bounces right back. Up until now we have just got the smallest little bit of tearing on the back of the band. Skin care: they state that sleeping with silk is better for your skin, and we can truthfully state there s a visible distinction in between our skin quality in the locations the mask sits vs all over else on our face. We battle with dry skin (like peeling and exfoliating. We operate in skin care and absolutely nothing else we have actually attempted has actually made a distinction) however around our eyes and forehead feels regularly soft and flexible. We wouldn t think it if we didn’t see it for ourself. (all of this originating from not utilizing any type of eye mask in the past. So we put on t have much viewpoint to compare it to, however we are really delighted with this one. ).

We didn’t desire a black sleeping mask, since we saw evaluations that it discolorations white sheets, so we selected this one in pink. It’s a stunning color, and the material is really soft. The strap is too loose though, it bearly holds the mask on our head, however we have a fairly little head. Mind that the strap on this one is not adjustable.

We purchased 2 of these sleep masks and they re our preferred ever (and we have actually utilized sleep masks given that high school). We would state the flexible operate on the tighter side, and when we sleep on our side it often presses down on our ear. However that s our only problem — the silk is gorgeous and comfy, the light obstructing capability is excellent. The pink stripe is a warmer, dustier pink than it searches in the photo, which we choose.

It s sooo soft and smooth. Lovely blush pink color. We utilized it last night, and it didn’t walk around excessive. The strap is not really tight since we have a little head, however we like that it s not tight since then it would leave a crease in our hair. Nevertheless, it s promoted as having an adjustable strap, however we put on t see it. Unless it s the little loop material on the side (see photo). It s so little. We attempted utilizing tweezers to put them through the loop to pull the strap through to make it smaller sized, however our tweezers put on t even fit through that small loop. Oh well. Other than that, we like it.

Strap is a bit loose, nevertheless we actually like eye masks like this. The smooth product is incredibly soft, and having the rubber band around the back that isn’t incredibly tight assists us sleep without getting a headache. Each time we have actually purchased a eye mask that s got an adjustable strap or velcro we have actually constantly gotten it twisted in our hair or a headache from the pressure. We will be purchasing a few more of these.

We enjoy with our purchase, and these appear to be the very best cost eye masks. We have actually purchased a number of other brand names in the past and these are likewise the really most softest ones. We like the reality that the strap is flexible and we can simply pull it over our head and after that over our eyes when we are prepared to sleep. Other eye masks we have actually had, have some sort of change clip or strap that requires to be moved after positioning it over our head, which is not too tough however it s a lot much easier to not need to do any adjusting. These are our preferred.

We have actually been using sleep masks for many years and have actually attempted numerous- consisting of really pricey ones. This is without a doubt our favorite. It s so soft and we actually like that it s adjustable- so it doesn t fall off in the middle of the night. Another function that we like is the real size of the eye mask (the part that covers your eyes) is larger than many eye masks so it covers much more of your eyes and face.

This mask is charming. Simply buy it and see how incredible clouds of silk touch your eyes as you sleep. We are graveyard shift employee and this blocks out the light when we need to sleep throughout daytime hours and we reside in hawaii so it is constantly daytime hours. Buy this mask it deserves every cent.

We needed to fold and stitch each end of the flexible closer to the mask in order to shorten/tighten the stress on the band (it was a little loose and would move around on our head). The product is really soft. We want the mask itself was a little denser– we have a lavender pillow that we utilize for migraines that has a bit more heft. It would be excellent if this mask was a little much heavier– that stated, the building and construction is strong. Great stitching, and so on. For the cost, it’s an excellent worth, and we would acquire this once again.

We like this. This one has a soft covered strap that covers over the top of the ear, so it’s really comfy. Do not even observe it. Fits well. Mask itself is soft as a cloud. Light-weight, however absolutely blacks out all the small lights in our bed room that were so bothersome. We have an issue with awakening periodically through the night, and this actually assists us return to sleep once again. Have actually not cleaned it yet, however it appears like a hand wash and air dry would suffice. It’s an excellent plus size mask which conceals whatever sight. Plus, we should include, it’s so quite, makes us seem like a princess. Suggest this product extremely. Can’t fail on this one.

This is excellent. We desired a slip one however we are not paying $59 dollars for one. We make sure the slip one is made from better silk and remains in better shape however possibly not. We were mine in hot water and dry in hot with all our clothing. We have 3 and clean them every couple days. It gets a little warped however it can be controlled back. We are quite hard on it so it s most likely freaking incredible. Color still good and pink. Still good and soft. This is excellent for our sleep health.

Bought for our hubby. He had actually never ever utilized one in the past. He enjoys it. Delighted with quality and softness. Great that strap changes.

Perfect for somebody like us who are delicate to lights at sleep. Grants us great sleep throughout morning when lights remain in our space. The silk is incredibly soft to place on eyes. The bands are around the best length so it hangs on your head however not too tight that offered pressure to your eyes. Love it.

Our sleep quality has actually enhanced a lot given that getting this sleep mask. It’s soft on our skin, so we do not need to stress over wrinkles. It’s safe without being too tight. Plus we have actually had the ability to device wash it with no concerns. It air dries quite rapidly, however if we remain in a rush, often we will put it on top of our drier while there’s a load drying which assists it dry much faster without harming it.

Have actually purchased 2 of these since we lost our very first one. Super comfortable flexible in the strap that does not provide us a too tight feel/headache however remains in location. Silk is soft and like the stripe. Dream the within was black since often we do not get our mascara off all the method and it reveals on the material. The size of the mask was likewise excellent- not too smothering on your face, appears like many cover excessive of our nose and cheeks and are uneasy. This is small, however still does an excellent task of obstructing the light.

Has actually actually assisted deepen our sleep as we put on t have black out drapes in our bed room and we have great deals of street light been available in. It feels soft and adjustable, we sanctuary t had any issues with it slipping off throughout the night. We did have a little pressure on our eyes initially however we loosened up the strap and it s been more comfy.

We utilize this for when we have a migraine or our hubby gets up early for work and enjoys to switch on all the lights like no one else wishes to oversleep your house. Just one issue, the band is not tight sufficient and there is absolutely nothing on the band to tighten it.

We have a few of these in various colors. We actually like that the head strap is not adjustable. No change piece of plastic implies that it didn’t get captured in our hair, and we do not have an uncomfortable area sleeping on it. And the silk covered rubber band does not crease our hair when we sleep on it. Keeps things good & dark too.

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