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Lonfrote Star Moon Deep Molded Sleep Mask

Lonfrote Star Moon Deep Molded Sleep Mask

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Lonfrote Star Moon Deep Molded Sleep Mask.

  • DISTINCT OBSTRUCTING LIGHT STYLE: Human engineering shape can enhance 99% lightproof efficiency and decreased 95% pressure, more appropriate for any height of nose
  • OPEN EYES EASILY: Deep eye cup style with contoured bulge supports a lots of area for your eyes and never ever touch your eyelash/eyelid/eye makeup, no pressure at all
  • SKIN-FRIENDLY AND SOFT: Light and breathable product and smooth material let you launch your facial tension and aid enter sleep quickly, and besides, high quality sponge is included with contortion and no odor
  • COMPLETELY ADJUSTABLE: Flexible and resilient to surround your head conveniently, the strap is high flexible and quickly will not capture your hair, offer more comfy area for ears, appropriate for any size of head
  • HELP-YOU-SLEEP PATTERN: Unique star-moon pattern integrating with its natural tones makes the peaceful environment, which increases individuals’s sleep desire, and assists you have relaxing sleep

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Lonfrote Star Moon Deep Molded Sleep Mask.
Read more Expert Sleep Mask// About United States We have actually been dedicated to offering a premium sleep for our customers.This sleep mask can ease your pressure, enhance sleeping disorders, migraine, and offer you the very best sleep environment.Super terrific Present Concept, offer your wife/husband/boyfriend/ girlfriend/families the unique star moon sleep mask. The eye area is larger and much deeper than other normal masks, no pressure on eyes Made from low rebound memory foam and quality fiber material No pressure on Nose, raise 70% fitting degree of convenience Read more The very soft product makes you feel more relaxing and no sense of pressure exists The unique Star Moon pattern is our initial style and unique on The inmost eye shape never ever touches your eyelash/eyelid/eye makeup that you can blink your eyes easily Check out more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Lonfrote Star Moon Deep Molded Sleep Mask.

Question Question 1

Is This Stitched Or Laminated Product?

Not sewn- Seems heat sealed/welded around the very edge. No joints in rest of surface area. Can’t inform if bonded together in the middle. Extremely versatile and seems like inner product slides relative to surface area, so we would state no other bonding. Extremely little usage up until now so can’t speak with resilience.

Question Question 2

Does Anybody Know If This Would Work Okay While Likewise Utilizing A Cpap Nasal Pillow?

we have a complete face mask that discusses the bridge of our nose and this works fantastic with it the nasal pillow should work simply as well

Question Question 3

How Huge Of The Eye Cup, Dosage It Cover Our Eyes Or Not?

This mask have the inmost eye cup can cover your eyes, it will not touch your eyelash and you can open your eyes easily.

Question Question 4

How Would You State It Fits On A 6 Years Of Age Kid?

we simply attempted it on our 5 years of age in action to your question.The strap is velcro and totally adjustable to her size, however the eye cover is big for her.It may be practical, however she has a smaller sized one for her self which is a much better fit.

Question Question 5

Does The Velcro Strap Get Stuck In Long Hair?

we have long hair and this works for us. we can conveniently use it tight enough so the Velcro is not exposed. we had this concern with other masks we have actually attempted however not with this one.

Question Question 6

Does It Have An Plastic With Adj Strap Or Is Whatever Soft?

It is soft and comfortanble, strap with velcrow.

Question Question 7

What Decibel Ranking Are The Ear Plugs?

no concept. Sorry.Check with the seller.

Question Question 8

Is This An Excellent Alternative For Eyelash Extension Users?

Though we do not have extensions, we do have long eyelashes, and we can open our eyes no issue with this mask on

Question Question 9

Does This Fit An Asian Face, With A Flatter Nose Bridge And Eyebrow Bone?

Yes, we are Asian it fits on our face completely.

Question Question 10

What Is The Mask Made From?

we dislike nylon. Do you understand if this product is nylon?

Question Question 11

Is This Eye Mask Fit For Side Sleepers? Does It Move Or Leave Pressure Points?

we have actually had no issues with this remaining on our eye and it does not move or leave pressure points.It has actually been fantastic, we sleep through the night now that we do not awaken from the lights being switched on at all hours.

Question Question 12

Has Anybody Had This For A Year Or Longer? How Does This Use? We Have A Few More Affordable 3D Masks, And After A Year They Are Using.?

It does not use well. Edges are tearing and material layers are pulling apart, and the strap has actually lost a great deal of its flexibility after 1 year.

Question Question 13

What Is The Surprise Nosewing? Do You Feel It When You Are Using A Mask?

No yu do not feel it at all. Genuine rooour and not a speck of light come through. It fits our face and nose completely. we have actually attempted all of them which is without a doubt the very best. A lot of delaminate rapidly where the product seperates from the foam however not this one. it is stitched.

Question Question 14

Does This Make Your Face Feel Hot?We Had That Issue With A Various Brand Name Silk One That Covered Much Of The Leading Half Of Our Face.?

we understand what you mean.Overall, we have actually experienced much less face heat using this.The cupped mold style enables less of the mask’s surface area to touch your skin and the mask material covering does not hold moisture like the silk ones do, if you do sweat from time to time.

Question Question 15

Is This Mask Helpful For Eyelash Extentions?

we have long natural lashes (they brush versus sunglasses when we use them), and they didn’t touch the mask.

Question Question 16

Is It Washable?

we simply cleaned it routine cycle (no clothes dryer) and the inner layer came reversed at the bottom on both sides.Possibly extremely mild handwashing may have prevented this, however we are skeptical.we would not suggest cleaning.

Question Question 17

How Quick Does It Ship?

It depends upon which shipping type you had actually selected, and you can see the shipping charge & anticipated shipment date when bought.

Question Question 18

Is This Mask Helpful For Safeguarding Eye Lash Extensions While Sleeping?

Great. Eye pockets so deep that extensions should not touch.

Question Question 19

Why Would You Get A Membership To This Product? Does It Not Hold Up Under Extreme Sleeping?

we got the membership due to the fact that it decreased the cost. we have actually just acquired one.It s an excellent product, we sanctuary t had any problems with it.

Question Question 20

The Lining Comes Off After A Month And A Half. Any Method To Fix?

Mine normally lasts for a few months, and we use it every night.No, we do not attempt to fix, simply get a brand-new one. we do not wash it (maker) typically, as that is hard on delicates. however handwash utilizing moderate cleaning agent.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Lonfrote Star Moon Deep Molded Sleep Mask, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We began using a sleep mask after having actually gotten a silk one ask a present about a year back. That a person kept slipping off our face in the night, however we would truly gotten utilized to sleeping with no light shining in our eyes, particularly with time modifications and as it gets lighter previously. We purchased this on an impulse and it s most likely the very best thing we got in our last package. What we enjoy is the adjustable flexible strap, it remains on our face all night long, it s soft, we enjoy that it has actually rounded domes over the eyes so we can open our eyes and there s absolutely nothing pushed versus them, and most importantly we get definitely no light in any of the locations around our face where the mask and our face touch (ex. Around the shapes of our nose where light normally likes to shine through). It s absolutely pitch black. This has actually assisted us get an incredibly relaxing sleep and male we enjoy this sleeping mask currently.

Oh marvelous day when we found these infants, they are so incredible we like that it has some depth in between the eye and mask so it s simple to lay with open eyes in the good dark peace. No light gets in these things and we reside in alaska summertime has a lot we suggest a great deal of sun. Individuals constantly ask how do you sleep we might never ever. Our response this sleep mask. Finest over ever found very resilient comfy and charming. We extremely suggest these you won t be dissatisfied.

We have actually utilized numerous masks for many years. The lonfrote deep molded sleep mask is without a doubt the most comfy and finest light-blocking mask we have actually ever used. A lot of masks take a while each night/nap for us to get utilized to having on, however this one nearly seems like you’re using absolutely nothing. It absolutely omits the light and does not constrain your nose. We own a few:-RRB-.

Backstory: we have actually used sleep masks for years due to the fact that we are so conscious light that it impacts our sleep. Likewise, we utilized to take a trip frequently on service and not as soon as (not as soon as.) did we ever come across blackout drapes that actually obstructed one hundred percent of the light.;) we discuss this to discuss why we have actually attempted many sleep masks for many years. We never ever found a best mask — previously. Sure, we found a few * not awful * masks– that didn’t push down on our eyes too significantly or allow excessive light around our nose — however they would either be stopped, customized in some method and hence no longer * not awful * or simply too pricey to keep changing when they used out, particularly due to the fact that they weren’t ideal. So you can think us when we state we never ever found the ideal sleep mask till * now *.:-RRB- the mask is undoubtedly “deep molded” and formed in a manner that does not even reach our eyes or allow any light around our nose. (if you have deep set eyes and simply the best in proportion nose, fortunate you, however for the rest people. )this sleep mask is light-weight, soft, versatile and comfy, with an adjustable strap that’s neither large nor annoying. The product is such that it in some way complies with that imperfect nose of mine:-RRB- and, as currently specified, the “deep mold” procedure and style prevents making real eye contact. Because the mask maintains it’s shape due to the fact that of the molding procedure, it has the fringe benefit of being simple to load and utilize while taking a trip. As if all of that wasn’t enough, the mask is affordable enough so that we currently keep an additional one in our travel carry-on. We are even stockpiling with a few additional so when this one ultimately ends up being used(?) or unclean (because, yes, often we are simply too worn out to eliminate our makeup when we get home late) we can merely change it. They are offered in a number of strong colors and one pattern — if you appreciate that example. We do choose the light blue color merely due to the fact that it makes the mask much easier to find whenever we in some way lose it. So. If you require a quality sleep mask, you simply found it.

It’s the very best.

We have actually been using a sleep mask to bed for over a years, the flat kind. We have naturally long eyelashes and over the previous year we had actually observed they were beginning to grow jagged. In the past few months our lash curler would not even fix them. We lastly understood that it was because of our sleep mask so we did some research and found this. After a few weeks our lashes are back to typical once again. Lash saver. *** reading evaluates about it staining pillows. Wash it initially. We sleep on pass away totally free white mulberry silk pillowcases and we have no spots.

We utilized to utilize earth rehabs mask, however we have actually now acquired this mask a minimum of 3 times. They do use out over a number of months of usage. We buy a brand-new one most likely about 2 or 3 times a year. This is a good deal and simply as excellent as the more pricey one we utilized tobuy We will buy this once again and once again. And truthfully if you ve never ever utilized a sleep mask and/or have problem dropping off to sleep, or if you require a replacement, do yourself a favor and buy this. We swear it trains your brain to go to sleep when you put it on. This one very comfy with an adjustable strap.

Whatever about this mask is elegant. It is completely moulded and contoured to fit a human face, not simply an unclear cutout. The flexible is adjustable and thick for more convenience and longeivity. It completely obstructs out light and is a breathable product. No exacerbating silk or unusual plastic lining making your face all gross. Due to the fact that it s mouldedbit leaves area for your eyes so it s not actually touching them while you re attempting to get comfy and sleep. Y spouse and we both work late and it s good to have something that works so well. Extremely suggest this product. It s simplybthe best and worth every cent. We sleep a lot better with it.

We like it dark when we sleep, truly dark, like the within our heart, dark. We utilized to buy bedtime happiness sleep masks. We use the sleep mask every night. We like that design of sleep mask due to the fact that it obstructed out the light the very best. Our issue with those, is the flexible would extend out and the mask itself would begin to break down after about 2 months approximately. We purchased this one simply to attempt something various. The foam part that discusses our face feels more thick and more powerful than the bb mask, the eye cup parts are deeper so our eyelashes do not strike the mask and the flexible is certainly a better quality. We will upgrade this evaluation when we understand for how long it lasts with nighttime usage. We slept with it last night for the very first time and liked it.

Bought these for bonnaroo (the music celebration). Never ever was one to use a sleep mask, however with outdoor camping and loud music/people this was encouraged. We were extremely happy with this product. The sleep mask was extremely comfy and the ear plugs worked extremely well likewise. The only aspects that woke us was the heat beating into our camping tent at 8 in the early morning, however that is our own fault. Would certainly buy once again.

Block out light incredibly. They are likewise extremely extremely comfy and stick out so it does not ruin your comprise. The only thing we do not like is it connects by velcro and can get stuck in your hair. We have a little head and you can tighten it extremely firmly. We likewise like the method the nose is cutout A great deal of times they make it difficult to breathe, however this one does not. The ear plugs are fantastic perk.

This is actually an outstanding sleep mask. The only factor we didn’t offer it 5 stars, is due to the fact that after just a few weeks the middle begun to rip open. We were so dissatisfied due to the fact that it’s actually truly comfy to sleep with and we do not even recognize we are using it the majority of the time due to the fact that it’s so light. Likewise, it states it’s “deep molded”, however it truly isn’t, do not let the photo fool you. That didn’t trouble me, however if that is precisely what you’re searching for, this is not the mask for you. Not just that, however after a few weeks the “molded” location starts to essentially break down and crease. Once again, not an issue for us, due to the fact that all we desired was something comfy and kept the light out well. If you desired excellent deep molded locations, you are much better off investing the additional money for the good tough ones.

It’s a well made mask. The material is soft and comfortable. It obstructs the light like it states it does. Our only unfavorable is that it keeps moving out of location leaving a little space where we can see the light. It might be that it is a little huge for us. We change it tightening up the straps and it works a littlebetter However it does obstruct the light.

Among the very best sleeping masks we have actually ever had. It’s comfy, charming, does not touch our eyelashes and is adjustable. We needed to change the velcro due to the fact that it would relocate our sleep and let light in a small little bit. It’s excellent quality; however do not put it in the clothes dryer. We inadvertently did and the black material/seam on top right has actually opened a bit, we are presuming due to the fact that of the heat. The tag particularly states to leak dry so that was our fault. We simply stitched it and it’s great now. Another downer is that mine included a strange, rather irritating odor. It didn’t frustrate us excessive or avoid us from sleeping particularly due to the fact that the odor has actually disappeared now, however it ‘d be good if it was fragrance-free from the start. Other than that, fantastic buy.

Well, we have actually purchased 3 various brand names of these kinds of eye masks. This flexible holds up longer, and changes like a bra-shoulder-strap. Every other brand name utilizes velcro. As soon as the strap stretches out, you run out of velcro, plus the velcro snags long hair. And this strap holds up longer also. We purchased this brand name initially, and after about 6 months of nighttime usage, the layers started peeling apart, however we still utilized it another 6 months. So the next 2 times we purchased other brand names. They had less comfy, less rooour eye pockets, and didn’t last a lot longer due to the fact that the straps extendedout However there were 2 in the pack, instead of one in this one for the exact same cost, so eventually you got more time out of them. However, we would rather rather buy more frequently to have a more comfy reliable mask with a non-snagging clasp. And who understands, possibly this 2nd one will not split up like the very first anyhow. We want we had actually stayed with it to start with. Simply lost our time and convenience with the others. And damaged hair. Plus with the charming product, it doesn t appearance so scientific. However we are lady, and we choose charming things:-RRB-.

We have actually never ever had the ability to utilize sleep masks due to the fact that we design lash extensions. We have actually been propping pillows around us for several years so we would sleep on our back, all to secure our valuable lashes. We have actually needed to prevent getting massages for worry of laying on our face. Well you understand. This mask has actually altered our life. Last night we slept till 9:30 am. Our bad pets were entirely confused (and distressed.) we are going to buy a few more of these even if they are terrific & we wish to ensure we keep a few spares. Even with our gonormous 15mm lashes, absolutely nothing occurred over night, they remained ideal. And we got our very first truly excellent night s sleep in years.??.

We purchased these as a present for a member of the family after utilizing our own set for a few months. We have actually attempted a number of sleep masks and this is the most comfy. Prosthere is no pressure on your eyes or nose. Very little light seeps in through the noseconswe are unsure if this is the shape of our head or what however the flexible that is expected to twist around your head is a little to low to sit above our ears (like using a set of glasses). We tend to sleep with earplugs when we have these on which’s a little unusual with the flexible reviewing them.

This sleep mask is terrific for abroad flights. It is far exceptional to the one that the airline companies offer in very first class. The velcro closure enables you to change the fit to your head size and tightness choice. The very soft, molded eye cupped covering makes a remarkable distinction in convenience. The more comfy you are, the more sleep you get. The more sleep you get, the more you can do on your very first day. The mask likewise does a remarkable task in obstructing out light. Plus, the little stars are charming. Our spouse has the black one and he likes it also.

Totally keeps out the any light & enables space for the eyes to open so they aren t all smashed down (helpful for eyelash extension users like ourself) however we wear t enjoy the adjustable strap. The velcro does capture in the hair if you press the mask up or if you attempt to slip it on as soon as you ve got to the size that works however no big deal. In general we would state for the cost & for the reality that the sun doesn t wake us up as quickly as it increases, it s worth the expense.

We required to buy a brand-new one as utilizing it every day, it did break down. Easy to understand with how inexpensive the expense was. We attempted another brand/style after and now wish to buy this one once again for a replacement. We are tidy freak though, so purchasing brand-new is better, as you can’t truly clean this and the ear plugs appropriately. So brand-new replacement for the expense is the method we are going. Keeps the light out, fits our nose bridge, comfy, does not snag hair.

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