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LKY DIGITA Sleep Mask - Upgraded 3D Contoured 100% Blackout Eye Mask for Sleeping

LKY DIGITA Sleep Mask – Upgraded 3D Contoured 100% Blackout Eye Mask for Sleeping

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of LKY DIGITA Sleep Mask – Upgraded 3D Contoured 100% Blackout Eye Mask for Sleeping.

  • 100% Obstructing Light: Human engineering shape can enhance 99% lightproof efficiency, to attain an overall darkness, completely match nose of any height.
  • 3D Style: Eye area is larger and much deeper than typical blinders, NO pressure on the eyes, permits you to blink easily, and do not touch your eye makeup.
  • Improved Adjustable Buckle: Mild, discomfort- complimentary, simple- to- change headband won t tangle hair or snag pillow. Completely adjustable strap from 18.5 inches to 27.5 inches, Ideal for women/men/kids.
  • Increased Rapid Eye Movement Sleep: High Quality Product that will improve your sleep and make you and your eyes unwinded and get a complete night’s sleep.
  • Finest Sleep Tool: A great assistant for you to remove tiredness, enhance sleep quality and provide you more energy to work and study. Fit for Travel, Shift Work, Meditation, Yoga and so on. Ideal for various type of events such as indoor, outside and outdoor camping.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on LKY DIGITA Sleep Mask – Upgraded 3D Contoured 100% Blackout Eye Mask for Sleeping.
Color: Black & Blue & Purple Upgrade Variation 3D Contoured Forming Sleeping mask. It has much deeper and bigger area than the typical 3- measurement blinders, it has no pressure on your eyes. our travel and sleeping disorders sleep mask is perfect for specialists who typically operate in shifts such as nurses, physicians, police officers, firefighters, pilots, and flight attendants – however will do marvels for anybody who takes a trip a lot or is merely discovering tough to rest effectively. Super Slim: Our eye masks are made with a nontransparent, high density foam. The mask is just 0.4 oz and 0.6 cm thick. This slim, comfy mask obstructs light to make sure a fantastic night. Super Soft: Our 3D eye tones have eye cavities, we utilize 3D tech to tune sizes, guaranteeing your convenience. Super Fit: Elastic Headband, Our sleep masks are soft and luxurious, with comfy bands. Unlike other sleep masks, our masks will not trigger discomfort or pain. Super Quality: Super Soft Product, Lightweight & Comfortable Sleep Mask for Deep Sleeping. Attention: Please clean it with tidy and cold water, dry it naturally, prevent wring dry, do not utilize the microwave or clothes dryer drying, because heat will make the sleep mask deform and reduce the life span of sleep mask. Plan Consisted Of: 3 x Sleep masks

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on LKY DIGITA Sleep Mask – Upgraded 3D Contoured 100% Blackout Eye Mask for Sleeping.

Question Question 1

Can We Utilize This As A Strapless Bra?

Yes, the 3- D impact offers space for your chest to breathe while the straps hold up any loose garbage.

Question Question 2

Does It Put Any Pressure On The Eyes? We Find That To Be An Issue For United States With Lots Of Sleep Masks.?

No, that’s what actually sets this apart from others. we didn’t feel any pressure on the eyeballs. This 3D sleep mask have big eye cup permits you to blink, Really comfy.

Question Question 3

How Excellent Is The Adjustable Strap? Does The Velcro Have Decreasing Stickiness? The Elastic Strap Is Long Lasting?

our masks do not have velcro.They have an adjustable flexible strap that we like better than the velcro fasteners.we have actually been using 2 of these for over a year (we provided one away), we were them by hand, and the flexible is still good.we change it once in a while.

Question Question 4

We Wished To Buy Sleep Masks For Our Hubby And Kid. Our Partner Has A Huge Head And Our Kid Is A 12 Years Of Ages Young Boy, Do You Believe These Will Fit Them?

Excellent question.we determined these blindfolds, they have a completely adjustable strap? appropriate for the head area from 18.5 inches to 27.5 inches. These appropriate for women/men/kids, comfy to use and obstructs out light entirely. we are extremely pleased (therefore is our other half). Hope you get the very same outcomes if you buy it.

Question Question 5

How Wide Is The Mask- From Strap To Strap.Last Mask We Purchased Was So Little It Didn’T Barely Cover Our Eyes.?

9 inches from strap to strap. our other half usage these since we enjoy television in the bed room. They work fantastic for him

Question Question 6

Can We Toss These In The Washer? Or Hand Wash Them?

we have actually been utilizing these sleep masks for 2 months now (very first- time user and we enjoy ’em), and we have maker cleaned them numerous times. we put them in an underwear (mesh) bag and clean them on cold. we then let them air dry on a laundry rack. Up until now so excellent. we likewise followed the suggestion published here by another customer to we have actually been utilizing these sleep masks for 2 months now (very first- time user and we enjoy ’em), and we have maker cleaned them numerous times. we put them in an underwear (mesh) bag and clean them on cold. we then let them air dry on a laundry rack. Up until now so excellent. we likewise followed the suggestion published here by another customer to clean them prior to utilizing them for the very first time.

Question Question 7

Is This Comfy For Individuals With Delicate Skin And If Anybody Here Has Sensory Processing Condition, Has This Been A Great Mask For Those Concerns?

we have delicate skin and have not had any problems, extremely soft. we can not speak on sensory processing condition however ideally another customer can shed some light on that for you.

Question Question 8

Is This A Velcro Mask? The Pictures Program Adjustable Slide Clip.But Reviews State Velcro?

The masks we got were not Velcro. The band in the back is stitched connected to the eye mask and it has an adjustable side clip comparable to what s on a bra strap.Hope that assists.

Question Question 9

Do These Leave Any Color Discoloration On Sheets?

Up until now we have actually just utilized the color black, however none of the elements, consisting of main material and flexible, has actually left any marks on our sheets or our face. we are actually pleased with these up until now.

Question Question 10

Does It Leave The Nose Free, Unencumbered So It Can Breathe Simply The Method It Carries Out In Daytime?

we needed to cut it a bit so it wasn t continuing our nose.Easy to do and the edges were still sealed shut.

Question Question 11

Can A Side Sleeper Use This Eye Mask Conveniently?

Definitely.we are side sleeper and wear t have any problems whatsoever.It s exceptionally comfy.

Question Question 12

Does It Block Out Light?

Change the position well and practically no light. if you feel some light, simply put down the sleep mask to near your nose.

Question Question 13

We Utilized Some 3D Sleep Masks Prior To, However The majority of Them Came Apart Quickly. What About This One?

Well built.we sanctuary t had problems wit either them being lightweight or vulnerable

Question Question 14

Is This Product Made In China?

we simply got my own today and the plan states made in China. so that is a huge yes.

Question Question 15

What Is The Product?

friendOur sleep mask surface area is material, it is extremely comfy, soft and breathable. The filling is a nontransparent, high density memory foam, skin – friendly and block out light.

Question Question 16

Where Is This Made?


Question Question 17

Are These Made In The U.S.A.?

Sadly they are made in China.we got my own today. requirements to provide us native land on all products.

Question Question 18

Question For The Seller. Does The High Density Memory Foam Lining Contail Latex??

we can t find anything mentioning material material, however it is similar to a gently padded brassiere, so we would presume it is a foam lining. we wear t understand if all foam includes latex. we hope this is valuable.

Question Question 19

Does The Mask Have A Lip That Sits By The Ear?Seems Like Lots of Do And They Aggravate Our Ear?

Uncertain of what you imply by lip. The straps are linked straight to the center of the mask and for that reason sit focused with the ear. If it’s uneasy throughout the ears, we simply loosen up the strap a wee bit.

Question Question 20

What Is This Cured With To Make It Antibacterial?

we are uninformed of any chemical treatment on material

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on LKY DIGITA Sleep Mask – Upgraded 3D Contoured 100% Blackout Eye Mask for Sleeping, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We definitely enjoy these masks. They are fantastic upgraded variation of sleep masks, enhanced style is better than prior to which we had actually purchased. They have 3 popular functions:1. Adjustable buckle strap – this is the most rewarding location for us. Really soft, simple to change, no damage to your ears at all, and crucial is a really large range of modification, we have a huge head, however this eye mask can likewise satisfy our requirements, we believe this eye mask is likewise appropriate for kids. 2. Large eye area, will not provide your eyes any pressure. We will advise these to anybody who desires a sleep mask however doesn t like pressure on their eyes. 3. The edge of the eye mask is extremely strong. The material is stitched with an unique procedure rather of glued, so you do not need to stress over the inner layer of the eye mask will break down. Well, we can’t state muchmore This blindfold is extremely wonderful for us. We believe we have found the ideal eye mask.

We hardly ever compose evaluations, however this product deserves it. We are extremely light sleeper, experience sleeping disorders, & have a hubby who snores. The 3- 4 hours of sleep we do get we are never ever actually in a deep sleep. We can inform you gladly that utilizing these masks we attain that deep sleep that has actually left me. The masks are so comfy we truthfully forget we are using one- we sleep on our side & we can lay on our pillow without feeling joints or experiencing the band pinching. These have actually been a video game changer. If you re thinking about acquiring wear t think twice- rate, quality & outcome are 5 star.

We constantly use a sleep mask in the evening, as even a little bit of light keeps us awake. Normally the flexible stretches out long prior to the mask has actually usedout These masks are contoured to fit over the eyes and nose, are smooth, soft and extremely comfy, and the strap changes for wanted stress. We have found they do not fit comfortably over the bottom of the eyes, however we merely place the mask a little lower and it works well. We have actually been actually pleased with them up until now.

We got this multipack for ourself and our 7- year- old child. They work well. The straps are adjustable so they fit both our heads. We like that you can open your eyes while using them. We likewise like that they aren’t tight on your head. The colors are good. The material feels fantastic. Excellent purchase. We can’t consider one method to enhance them.

We are extremely delighted with the sleep mask. We have actually utilized a more costly, comparable product for practically 8 years. That stated, this brand-new mask fits snuggly, yet it is extremely soft and light-weight. The strap is safe and secure and quickly adjustable. The edges of the mask are efficiently sealed and, for that reason, smooth versus our skin. And, obviously, our main love is that the curved surface area stands pleased with our eyes enabling blinking and no pressure on our eyelids. Thanks.

These were mainly ideal: pros: developed in such a method that the within does not break down like other brand names we have actually attempted, affordable rate, soft product, flexible is soft and velcro does not pull hairout Con: the eye part might be somewhat more bulgy to enable space for eyelashes.

Respectable eye mask. We are quite conscious light when we sleep and there are big windows in our house that are just covered with a thin gray drape, and in the evening, light from the street lights gather. These black out all the light. They do not push too difficult on your eyes so you do not get any kind of odd stress head pains with these, however you can change it tight enough to have that small pressure that can assist you sleep. Or a minimum of it assists us sleep. We got the 3 pack, one for our bring- on travel luggage and one for our house, and one. Idk, as additional.

Got here precisely as revealed. Comfy to use, as we were tired of ripping out our hair with the velcro styled ones. These leave a little space under the nose, where light can get in, however we are okay with that. (none of the lots of designs we have actually used are 100% in this regard.) purchasing these as a set of 3 was an excellent concept, as they must last a long period of time. Ultimately, this design does break down, such that the layers of material start to different, however we have actually constantly had the ability to utilize these a long period of time prior to this occurs. (these are our first with the rubber band. We can’t talk about how well the flexible holds out, as our previous experience was with the velcro type, which was troublesome for us, given that we have long hair.) hope this assisted.

We were utilizing a less expensive quality mask, which was okay however the flexible was too extendedout The rate and quality of these were appealing so we purchased them. We keep one by our chair for afternoon naps, one by our bed and one at our camper. We were extremely delighted with the fit of the flexible, that it was adjustable. These are extremely comfy and the density and style does a fantastic task of obstructing all light. No more waking additional early when sun shows up extremely early. We extremely advise these masks.

After utilizing these for a few weeks, we more than happy camper, as in sleeper. All our old used-out buckys entered the garbage. Obviously (according to evaluations) bucky has actually undervalued their latest designs down and trashed an excellent product. As a long time user of buckys, and our thanks to all the customers for cautioning me, we went looking somewhere else and found these men. Huge enhancement. Light-weight, keep out light well, and they do not walk around on our face. Plus they are reasonably affordable, definitely when compared to our now left buckys. Outstanding product, lky digital.

We had actually been utilizing another sleep mask, however the lining kept separating from the within. Chosen to attempt these, 3 in a pack for less than what we paid for among the other kind. We enjoy the adjustable strap rather than velcro. They are light, smooth and cover around the nosebetter Can’t state how they will use with time. However for now we enjoy them.

These are fantastic since they leave enough space in between your eyes and the material so there s no inflammation. There is actually area like little cups over your eyes and the product is smooth soft. The back strap is thin however not excessive and it s simple to change. 3 pack suggests you ve got one for travel and another in case one gets lost in the bed.

Products are precisely as explained. Super soft product with shape for the eyes. We utilize these a lot when we get our practically everyday migraines. Truly assists to obstruct out light. Do not tighten up too tight or there will be spaces near the nose. Likewise if you’re a side sleeper like us you may need to do a bit of adjusting, cause for us it tends to move a bit to the side and let’s light in near our nose. Not an offer breaker.

Easy and comfy moving adjuster that does not injure the back of our head and the ‘cups’ do not smash your eyes and it is tight around the nose, so it does keep the light out which is the point. Would buy once again. Likewise, they are soft.

For the rate we were a little anxious however deeply pleased. Really light-weight and the buckle in the back is far better than velcro. It does walk around a little regarding allow some light around the nose however insufficient to trouble me. They are available in a little bag to keep them safe when not in usage.

Initially we were worried that the adjustable strap would be uneasy with the slide on it, however no such concerns. It’s extremely simple to change and does not affect into the head. The mask itself is fantastic at obstructing out light which is valuable if you are not a deep sleeper.

We have actually attempted lots of eye masks, and this one is ideal up there with our favorites. Our bed room is warm and well- lit, which is beautiful. Other than, we work graveyard shift, so it’s not so beautiful when we are going to sleep at 9 am. The shape of this kind of eye mask is our preferred and this 3- pack was right at the sweet area of bang for our dollar. Broke university student mores than happy:-RRB-.

We enjoy sleep masks – for us we utilize them to return to sleep if we have actually awakened in the middle of the night or earlier than we desire on a weekend. This mask is our preferred yet. The contoured eye location is an outright need to – we dislike the sensation of a flat mask that is continuing our eye covers. The rounded edges of this sleep mask are so comfy (our last one had a flat edge that inflamed our face) and the part of the mask that reviews the bridge of the nose is not as large as others we have actually had and we find this one simply fits our face and our bony nose bridge completely, and actually keeps the lightout Our other half likes to bring sleep masks on company journeys and after that lose them at the hotel. We are considering purchased another 3 pack of these simply to hoard them. Truly our all- time preferred.

These actually assist us drop off to sleep when the space is light. We have actually attempted other masks and they are all tight on our eyes, however these are concave over the sockets and still seal around the edges enough so we can’t see. They still let us open our eyes if we need to, without our eyelashes and eyelids rubbing on the mask. We are pleased it featured 3 so we can keep one in all our nap zones.

These are extremely soft and allow no light. We just want that they were a little stiffer so that they would not collapse around your face as much. Really comfy to use and after you use it for a bit you do not even understand you’re using it.

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