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Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid Doxylamine Succinate

Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid Doxylamine Succinate

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid Doxylamine Succinate.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Drop off to sleep quickly
  • Compare to the active component in Unisom
  • 1 tablet per dosage
  • Safe and reliable

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid Doxylamine Succinate.
Drop Off To Sleep Quick. Safe. Proven Effective Compare to the Active Component in Unisom Simply one Tablet per dosage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid Doxylamine Succinate.

Question Question 1

Has Anybody Else Gotten Lucid Dreams While Taking These? We Typically Take Half A Tablet, 12.5 Mg, And It Has Actually Offered United States Lucid Dreams. Not A Grievance Though.?

we have been having a great deal of problem remaining asleep.What response could we anticipate with half a tablet and a few alcohols before.bed?

Question Question 2

Where Is This Product Manufactured.?

It states on the bottle that it is made in Hauppauge, NY, USA.:-RRB-

Question Question 3

Can We Examine What Is The Expiration Date For This Product?

The expiration date for the sleep aid is 01/2017Thank you for your company The expiration date for the sleep aid is 01/2017Thank you for your businessUV Alfalfa

Question Question 4

What Is Expiration Date?

The expiration date on our last order is 12/16

Question Question 5

Bottles Or Blisterpacks In 2016? (Answers Have Diverse For Many Years So What Is One Of The Most Current Method Kirkland Bundles This?)?

The order we got in 1 box includes 2 different bottles of theKirkland Sleep Aid Other notes: we likewise found this brand name of sleep aid which contains Doxylamine Succinate not does anything more than any of the other sleep help we attempted. we had racing heart beat with this one too. The other popular ones consist of Diphenhydramine H The order we got in 1 box includes 2 different bottles of theKirkland Sleep Aid Other notes: we likewise found this brand name of sleep aid which contains Doxylamine Succinate not does anything more than any of the other sleep help we attempted. we had racing heart beat with this one too. The other popular ones consist of Diphenhydramine HCwe (an Antihistamine) or Melatonin (a sleep Hormonal agent). we have actually attempted a sleep aid together with Melatonin and they didnt work any better.

Question Question 6

Does This Assistance You Stay Asleep Or Simply Drop Off To Sleep?

The tablet appears to be reliable for about 12 hours for us, suggesting it assists you remain asleep.we periodically feel dazed upon awakening, so best be gotten ready for that.After 12 hours or a strong 8 of sleep. ok.

Question Question 7

The Length Of Time In Between Invoice Of Product And Expiration Date On Bottles?

Mines ended about a year after we got it.

Question Question 8

I Purchased Sleep Aid We Got Sleep Aidin Package, Why?

we are uncertain why you got the packages. we did too the last time we bought them for our spouse. we believe that is the method Kirkland does it, however we are not particular due to the fact that today we bought more and it stated we would get 2 bottles to comprise 192 tablets. we likewise observed more than someone is offering these tablets. You call the s we are uncertain why you got the packages. we did too the last time we bought them for our spouse. we believe that is the method Kirkland does it, however we are not particular due to the fact that today we bought more and it stated we would get 2 bottles to comprise 192 tablets. we likewise observed more than someone is offering these tablets. You call the seller to find out why you got the packages. Best of luck in your searches. Linda

Question Question 9

Expiration Date, Please?


Question Question 10

How Typically Do You Guys Woke Up Throughout The Night After Taking It? We Required Some Product That Don’T Wake United States Up Whether It Earthquake Or Not.?

this product does make us droze however can’t fall asleep.we might doze for a bit however then awake for another hour or so.Some nights no sleep at all.Good luck discovering what works for you.

Question Question 11

Thinking Of Buying This Product In November 2016. Is It Presently Offered In Bottles Or Blister Packs? Certainly Do Not Want Tight Blister Packs.?

Its offered in bottles with 96 tablets you get 2 bottles in a pack 96×2

Question Question 12

Do These Tablets Come Packaged To 2 Bottles Or In Blister Packs?

If it states 2×96 it is bottles if it states 192 tablets it is blister packs, hope this assists.

Question Question 13

Can We Shop This On The Refrigerator?.?

we do not see why not.There is no information at all regarding where this medication ought to be stored.However, it would be best to ask your pharmacist or physician a question like this.Hope this assists.

Question Question 14

What Is The Expiration Date On These?

our bottle shows an expiration date of February 2019.

Question Question 15

Does Package Of 192 Tablets Contain 2 Bottles Of 96 Each? Thank You.?

Yes, we got 2 bottles each with 96 tablets.

Question Question 16

What Is The Expiration Date Now?( May 2020 – Old Question However Time Delicate)?

On the one that simply delivered to us it was September 2021. we are still utilizing it and it works when we do.

Question Question 17

Does This Be Available In 2 Twist Off Bottles Or In The Flat Foil Load That You Need To Press The Tablet Thru To Get It Out.?

It is available in 2 twist off bottles.

Question Question 18

How Strong Is It? We Are Light Sleeper And In Some Cases Our Neighbors Are Actually Loud/Dog In Some Cases Gets On Me?

we have actually utilized this product for several years and it assists us get to sleep at night.It’s strong enough so that we are not in a deep sleep however when we awaken for any factor, we can typically wander right back to sleep.

Question Question 19

Does This Dry Your Mouth?

we have actually been utilizing this brand name for numerous months, no dry mouth at all.

Question Question 20

Is This Product Corn Free?

we can not be particular, however it includes the exact same Active ingredients as the popular sleep aid brand name UNISOM. we found no corn product recommendations in either product. Recommend you research it too.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid Doxylamine Succinate, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Considering That 2005-2006 i’ v had a horrible time remaining asleep. I. M an early sleeper and have actually had no issue going to sleep (9:30 -10:30), nevertheless we would get up at 2:30 -3 am every early morning – and we had no issue remaining awake throughout the day (the majority of the time). Our good friend advised us taking tylenol pm – however traditionally (not entering into ineffective information) we have a negative result with acetaminophen. Rather, we utilized advil pm which includes ibuprofen (ibu). It worked. We utilized advil pm for 2+ years. Why did we stopped? advil pm includes ibu, which needs you to have something in your stomach – due to swallow inflammation and possible ulcers (states on the bottle). We typically go to sleep on an empty stomach – and taking any kinds of ibu on an empty stomach is ‘no great’. We spoke with our uncle who is and internal medication doctor – as an alternative, advised benadryl, melatonin or doxylamine succinate. All of which will have little result on an empty stomach. We attempted them all; here are our outcomes. – benadryl: it’s basically allergic reaction medication that makes you sleepy. It worked ok – however at the time it was a bit expensivemelatonin (gnc 10mg): our work coworker advised this too due to his taking a trip and jet lag mitigation problems. For me, it takes a 1. 5 hrs to begin, plus it left us with a horrible hang over. And it does not sustain us through the night. -doxylamine succinate (kirkland sleep aid ksa): this works finest for us. It kicks-in within the hour and sustains our sleep through the night. We have actually utilized ksa for 5+ years now. Essential to keep in mind: we have actually utilized the above after consuming alcohol – our suggestion, do not. Primarily, the sleep-assist drugs blended with alcohol is not advised. Plus, it magnifies the hang-overs the next next day leaving you more sleepy than without appropriate sleep. Please note: our remarks are subjected towards our experience and our experience alone. Your result might differ. As constantly speak with your doctor.

Forget prescription sleeping tablets, these will put down an elephant.

Going to sleep isn’t a problem for us. It s remaining asleep. We are fortunate to get an hour sleep on our own. Almost whatever otc worked for us for a brief time however extremely brief. We prepared to go get on rx medications when we chose to google search finest otc sleep assistants and this one appeared extremely. About 95% of the time, we just require half of a tablet. It doesn t make us drowsy yet we find sleep quickly when we close our eyes. We enjoy this things.

As somebody that utilizes sleep help daily, it can be challenging to find what works. We personally find that these are the most appealing out of the many various alternatives that we have actually attempted. In some cases sleep help can trigger us to feel foggy and uninspired the next early morning, however we get up sensation rested and clear-minded. Our company believe this is because of the active component being doxylamine succinate instead of diphenhydramine. We find that doxylamine succinate works better for us, however everybody is various. We understand reliance is constantly an element to think about when utilizing sleep help, and we can truthfully state that these sleep help have actually done marvels permitting us to manage our sleep schedule and likewise feeling well rested. We do observe a modification in our quality of sleep if we forget to take them, however in general, our company believe this is an extremely safe response for those who are having problem with sleep.

We are small 5′ 2″ 120 pounds, yet it takes a village to put us down most nights. We usually take up to 50 mg or more of kirkland brand diphenhydramine hcwe to feel drowsy enough to fall asleep, stay asleep and have a good quality rest. We decided to try these, read all reviews and as usual, did plenty researching. We took 2 of these doxylamine succinate tabs , the first one at 11:30 pm , watched ahs and then couldn’t sleep so we took another around 3:30 am. We even drank some yogi kava stress relief tea earlier in the evening. So with that said, we are hoping to find the winning combination of melatonin, diphenhydramine etc. To help our quality of sleep. But we will try these again. By the way ( we do not recommend anyone taking more than the directions says to take on the box/bottle ). Good luck fellow vampires.

Insomniac of 15 years cured. Let us start by saying we have tried nearly every ” sleep” product out there with varying levels of success and intervals, we have tried homeopathic medicines, teas, meditation and supplements. For anyone reading this who has given up hope on sleeping or is near giving up hope just give it a shot and it may change your life. We have read reviews of people saying this is too strong for them or leaves them drowsy the next day but for us that is not the case, actually we have taken our pill and had something come up that prevented us from getting to bed and we were perfectly coherent as if it had not affected us at all, however within 15 minutes of attempting to sleep we are simply able to. We have not noticed any side affects to note and we have been using this sleep aid for about 9 months, it is still just as effective as when we started and we have not grown any tolerance to it and it is also non habit forming. This medicine has giving us back control of our life and if it worked for us there is hope for anyone. The pills are tiny smaller then the size of a tic-tac and for us take around 45 minutes to take affect at that time if we choose to remain awake we are able to but if we attempt to go to sleep we are able to as well.

We find this to be a very effective remedy for the occasional bout of insomnia. We have used it a couple of times and began to feel drowsy within about a half hour and fall asleep shortly after. We take half a tablet and we would advise anyone trying this for the first time to do the same. We have a bit of a sleepy feeling for a couple of hours the next morning, but nothing horrible. For that reason we would also advise taking it for the first time when you can devote a full night to sleep and don t need to get up super early and make a major presentation at work first thing. See how it affects you first. We have never experienced any lucid dreams or anything like some other reviewers have written about. We would also say that if you have frequent insomnia you should see a doctor instead of relying on this or any other otc sleep aid. Continuously taking an antihistamine is not a good idea and there s also evidence out there that becoming too dependent on a sleep aid will actually inhibit your body from being able to fall asleep on your own. And if you are taking any other medications; whether prescription, otc, herbal supplements, vitamins, etc be sure to check that this medication will not interfere with them or create an adverse reaction. But other than those cautions, this is great for a sporadic bout of insomnia and far better than watching the hours tick by on a clock all night.

These are the only aids that have worked for us. We take one each night and until we go to sleep we are wide awake but when we hit the sack we are out in a few minutes. When we wake up through the night (older and more bathroom breaks needed) we are fine and not drowsy at all. Then go back to sleep without issue. We have used them for 6-10+ hours of sleep and when we finally get up we are not sleepy at all. Seem to work by not having thoughts keep going through our head and keeping us up.

These work very well for helping us fall asleep fast. We used to purchase the walgreens brand in the store which were about $12 for 48 pills. These are much more cost effective and work just as well. We are very glad we found these. It has saved us a lot of money. If you currently use unisom or another store brand of doxylamine succinate, definitely give these a try. They cost a lot less, and work just as well.

We have to take sleep products with doxylamine succinate, because those that contain dyphenhydramine hcl give us the most horrendous restless legs. These pills have worked well for us over a long time, and let us fall asleep.

Good value and great for insomnia. Early in our life we worked nights for 12 years. Our sleeping pattern has been messed up since. Doxylamine succinate has helped a lot. If you don’t want a prescription for sleep aids this is the way to go. It’s not ” routine forming” but anything you use for a long time becomes habit forming. We alternate between this and diphenhydramine so it doesn’t become habit forming.

We are somewhat of a career insomniac, and have taken every otc sleep aid out there, plus tried a few prescription options. These pills work far better than any otc versions we have ever tried. We take them in combination with 10mg melatonin every night, and we have been sleeping pretty well for the first time in years. We appreciate that they aren’t a painkiller, since that’s not something we need. We do think we have started to develop a tolerance to them after about six months (taking nightly). In the beginning one pill was fine, and now we take 1. 5 per night. We notice some drowsiness in the morning, but it’s not too bad.

Been using this product for years. Most of the time we only take half a pill but will take a whole one when we need to go to sleep fast. If you wake up in night you are alert, which is important when you get older.

Be very careful with your dose size, and don’t plan on taking this more than once a week. We take 1/4th of a tablet once a week, at the end of our weekend when it’s time to get back to a work-sleep-schedule. We combine it with a single tablet of melatonin. We take it about two hours before we are planning on falling asleep. If you take this two days in a row, or more than twice a week, your results will suffer. Also, if your dosage is too large, you’ll be extremely groggy in the morning. Don’t take this if you’ll only be sleeping 6 hours. It’s best for 8 – 10 hour nights of sleep.

We have tried a lot of otc sleep aids. Melatonin works but we run the risk of waking up 5 hours later. Diphenhydramine also works, but we are tired and in a fog the entire next day. These are the best of everything. Fully asleep in an hour. It takes one cup of morning coffee and we feel great. From the reviews we read, we may be able to cut these in half, but for now we are enjoying a reliable aid before a nice eight hour sleep.

We have been using this for the past few years. We are heavy coffee drinker and a night person. We know it’s a bad cycle to drink too much coffee and not getting enough sleep, but with this we can manage a bit better. One is typically too much for us. We would still be groggy the next day. Unless we drank a cup of coffee after 6pm, we only take half. It knocks us out within 10~20 minutes.

Inexpensive and does it what it says it will do. We find it works better than the name brand alternatives. We only take half since taking a whole one makes us super groggy in the morning.

We use these nearly every night to sleep. These tiny tablets pack a punch. We can’t take a whole one or else we will be sleeping the next day. We take a half and it works splendidly. Our old trick from working graveyard and sleeping during the day was a half of this and 5mg of melatonin to ease us to sleep faster. This combo keep us down a full 8 hours. We never experienced any negative side effects of working 3rd shift because we always got our sleep. We definitely recommend.

Awesome value and they really work. Been restless and stressed from all this corona crap going on . This is the only pill that lets us sleep through the night. #zzzzzzzzzzz.

First we were surprised to don’t receive this sleep aid medicine in the pictured box that we are used to get, but instead it arrived in what looked like a new packaging. For info, we took a picture of the ” old” bottle (which has a white cap on it), and put it next to the new ones we received (with a blue cap on them). Other than being surprised by that new product ” re-looking”, the tablets inside along with active element remain the exact same, and works still excellent with us to aid with our sleeping difficulties.

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