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Kirkland Signature Nighttime Sleep Aid Tablets

Kirkland Signature Nighttime Sleep Aid Tablets

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Kirkland Signature Nighttime Sleep Aid Tablets.

  • Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid Doxylamine Succinate 25 Mg

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Drop Off To Sleep Fast.Safe. Proven EffectiveCompare to the Active Active ingredient in UnisomJust one Tablet per dose96 Tablets

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Kirkland Signature Nighttime Sleep Aid Tablets.

Question Question 1

What Is The Expiration Date?


Question Question 2

What Is Present Expiration Date?

12/2018 or beyond

Question Question 3

What Is The Present Expiration Date?

5/2018 or beyond

Question Question 4

Do These Be Available In A Bottle Like Pictured?

The order we made a number of years back came as 2 bottles in a box. we hope that assists.

Question Question 5

Where Can We Buy This Product Nonprescription?

Costco.This is a Kirkland brand name.

Question Question 6

What Is The Present Expiration Date On This Product?


Question Question 7

Are These Tablets Gluten-Free?

Did not find this product aided with sleep at all

Question Question 8

Are They Vegie/Vegan?

in a word yes.

Question Question 9

Can We Buy Them In Uk?

We deliver to UK

Question Question 10

Im Not Great With Swallowing Tablets. Are They Dissolvable Tablets?

Well, the majority of tablets are dissolvable if you soak them in a spoon with a little liquid to it – we never ever attempted to liquify them though

Question Question 11

What Non-active Active Ingredients Remain In This Sleep Assistant?

absolutely nothing, as we can see all components, are active that is why you cant offer it to kids.

Question Question 12

The Main Active Ingredient In These Tablets States There Are Just 2 Ways To Take Them; Iv Or Chewable. Are These Chewable-There’S No Directions-???

Mine are tablets.non chewable And our individual suggestion is to bring with a 5mg melatonin

Question Question 13

Tamper Evidence Bottle?Don’ T They Put Plastic Over The Bottle Top For This Product?

No plastic over the bottle, a seal inside.

Question Question 14

How Huge Are The Tablets?

They are little and thin. Easy to swallow. Consistency of infant aspirin.

Question Question 15

What Is The Present Expiration Date?

05/19. The AMA states you can utilize even prescription medication years beyond the exp. date. 05/19. The AMA states you can utilize even prescription medication years beyond the exp. date.we take 2 per night.Love them.

Question Question 16

What Is The Expiration Date? 1 Year Or 2 Years?

1/2018 or beyond

Question Question 17

Exists Melatonin In These Tablets?

It appears like it dosage not have melatonin. It reveals something called Doxylamine

Question Question 18

We Can’T See The List Or Find All The Active Ingredients On The Label. We Required To Know If There Is Any Aspirin In The Components.?

Mine did not list aspirin in the components, as it isn’t a painkiller.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Kirkland Signature Nighttime Sleep Aid Tablets, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We are graveyard shift nurse and have actually been working nights for the previous year. We have actually had difficulty sleeping throughout the day and just recently changed to utilizing this product. Prior to changing, we had actually worked ourself approximately taking 50-100 mg of benadryl and 10 mg of melatonin at a time simply to put ourself to sleep. We likewise was consuming a glass of white wine each early morning to attempt to assist us sleep, also. We were so desperate for sleep, and even when we went to sleep we would awaken simply a few hours later on with the very same alert sensation once again. And would fill ourself with benadryl and melatonin once again. We found this product on and chose to attempt it. The very first day we took it we slept a complete 8 hours, and when we got up later on that night we were so stunned. We take it on early mornings when we get home from work, and if we do not wish to sleep late into the night, then we take half a tab and sleep into the afternoon. This sleep aid has actually truly assisted us acquire control of our sleep schedule and sleeping practices once again and we are glad for this. We are no longer a strolling zombie and we are back to actually styling our hair and using makeup once again. We are back to seeming like a typical individual.

We have issues getting and remaining asleep during the night. We frequently awaken 1-4 times and than can’t back back to sleep for what appears like hours leaving us feeling tired the next day. We looked into sleep help and selected kirkland brand name due to the great evaluations. After utilizing them we more than happy to report that while they do not assist us get to sleep any faster they do manage our sleep so we now sleep throughout the night. If we do take place to wake it’s not long up until we are asleep once again. In the early morning we feel more revitalized without the grogginess often related to particular sleep help.

This is the just over-the-counter sleep assistant that actually worked for us and we are extreme insomniac that was essentially surviving on nyquil. This tablet is the main active ingredient in nyquil minus all the unecassery medications due to the fact that you’re not ill. We just required one and it didn’t knock us out, it simply sort of lulled us enough to assist us sleep. Other otc sleep assistants did the opposite, they made us nervous and kept us broad awake. This things was a wonder for us.

As somebody who does not endure melatonin well, the chemical in this product has actually been our go to over-the-counter sleep aid for a long time. We enjoyed to find a brand name that supplies 96 tablets at 25 mg. That is incredibly affordable and kirkland brand name is as great as anything else. We have actually been acquiring this product from this seller for rather some time now and will continue to so. Quick shipping too.

We’m happy we didn’t let the unfavorable evaluations sway me. We have actually attempted 85% of over-the-counter sleep help and have actually had recommended sleeping tablets in the past. After taking one tablet we were absolutely shocked when we slept extremely sound for a complete 8 hours. We likewise compete with a minimum of one hot flash a night and still slept. Believe iwill attempt half a tablet as we were simply bit dazed, however we had actually likewise taken a melatonin tab.

We initially purchased this for our pregnant other half as suggested by our ob-gyn to aid with early morning illness (in mix with vitamin b6). We were informed it was risky to utilize melatonin in pregnancy. This not just aided with her early morning illness, however likewise assisted her sleep well. We found it more affordable on than at walmart so we continue to buy from kirkland. It’s a terrific cost for the amount and quality and has a number of factors for usage which is terrific.

This is the only thing that works for us. We do not get agitated leg with this brand name like we do when we take melatonin or other sleep help. We likewise just take half when we require a goodnight sleep and we sleep like a rock and no headaches. We state if you have insomia we would offer this a shot however we would begin with only half we do find it works a lot better for us when we just take half.

These small little tablets work truly well. They do not make us sleepy however when im prepared to put down and go to sleep, we wander straight off, and even if we need to get up to go to the restroom, in the middle of the night, we are still able to go right back to sleep. The only caution we have is, if you need to be up early the next early morning, take them early at night and go to sleep early. Otherwise you will either oversleep or be extremely sleepy the next day.

We had actually attempted a number of sleep help and they either made us groggy the next early morning or they quit working after a number of weeks. We checked out the evaluations on this one prior to acquiring and they were quite favorable. Obviously we still had our doubts however chose to offer it a shot. It s quite remarkable. We put on t awaken in the middle of the night, simply great noise sleep. And we are not groggy the next early morning however alert and prepared to go. Attempt it, you won t be dissatisfied. We have actually suggested it to pals and loved ones that find it difficult to sleep during the night. They were extremely delighted. Sound sleep at last.

We have actually been taking this for many years. We actually take a half dosage by breaking the tablet in half and it is best for permitting our brain to shut off simply enough time for our body to go to sleep. We are never ever dazed in the early morning and constantly feel rested. Aside from being non-habit forming its terrific that it is inexpensive and readily available without prescription.

We are horrible sleeper however these tablets have actually been making a distinction. The technique is to capture yourself feeling the smallest bit sleepy then shut off the light and put down the phone. If you wait too long, you’ll be awake, so capture it. Await it, as they state. We have actually discovered no early morning grogginess, no adverse effects.

These are terrific. We remain in nursing school and often simply can’t turn off our brain to go to bed. We have actually attempted other brand names and do not assist at all. We just take half a tablet of these and am knocked out a minimum of 6 hours.

We will normally take about 2 of these 1-2 hours prior to bedtime and it assists us get to bed. It likewise assists us remain asleep. Shown up rapidly and in an excellent condition box. It’s not as great as something like ambien however it works all right. Having some hot tea and relaxing in the time after you take it and prior to your bed strikes the pillow assists out too.

This is the very best product (of non-prescription) for sleeping; taste isn’t terrific however you just have it in your mouth for a 2nd; we get up like when we utilized to operate at 3am to feed our embraced roaming felines and if we do not they get on us orrattle the door so we take a 1/2 at 12:30 when we go to sleep and another half around 5am after the felines are all back inside; we sleep terrific; thanks.

These work terrific. We absolutely go to sleep much faster and sleep practically up until the alarm goes off – often up until the alarm goes off at 5:25 – each early morning. We actually take just 1/3 of a tablet each night. And we do not experience the jitters like we have with diphenhydramine sleep help.

We have actually utilized cvs and walmart brand names of this very same medication in the very same dosage for many years to assist us get to sleep and it normally takes 45 minutes to an hour to get to sleep. These start and make us feel drowsy sufficient to willingly close our eyes and give up to sleep within 15 minutes.

The formula has actually altered. It is a little milder however it still puts us to sleep. However we do not have the lightheadedness we utilize to have the next day. Likewise, we like the brand-new cape.

This things will knock youout About thirty minutes after taking it we are down for a strong 8 hrs. No grogginess the next early morning at all. Finest over-the-counter sleep aid in the market. We utilize it one or two times a month.

This product works as great or better than anything iv’ e taken. This will put you to sleep. Excellent expense, extremely little tablet and unappetizing.

Pastillas excelentes para dormir y no irrita el estómago.

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