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How To Stop Snoring With Jaw Support?

How To Stop Snoring With Jaw Support

Snoring is one of the most irritating conditions anyone can live with. Generally, it is not only the snorer who suffers but their sleeping partner as well. A whole household can be kept awake by loud snores! Snoring is often treated as a comic subject but those who live with a snorer find absolutely no humour in snores. A lot of time and effort has been spent trying to learn how to stop snoring once and for all. There have been numerous stop snoring devices introduced but few are as easy to use or as successful as jaw supporters.

When we think about how to stop snoring we must first look at what causes snoring. Snoring is caused by the jaw becoming totally relaxed and falling open; then the tongue relaxes back into the throat resulting in the narrowing of the air passageway. As air is forced through the narrowed passageway vibrations are created. These noisy vibrations are termed a “snore”. Not merely an extreme irritant, snoring can be an indicator of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), a legitimate health concern.

Stop snoring devices are designed to address snoring and indirectly, OSA. Snoring/OSA are the result of airways becoming blocked by soft tissues of the throat and tongue. In OSA the blockage can be complete and in order for breathing to resume, the sleeper awakens and instinctively creates pressure in the tongue and throat tissue. This action enables airways to expand and air to pass to the lungs.

The resumption of air flow results in the emission of a snorting sound. The sleeper commonly has no awareness of their apnoea (breathing cessation). OSA incidents can occur hundreds of times during one eight hour sleeping period. The person wakes very fatigued and in fact, often suffers chronic fatigue and other unhealthy conditions.

Addressing the question of how to stop snoring has a very logical answer. In order to stop snoring one must prevent the blockage of airways. Effective stop snoring devices include jaw supporters that hold the jaw in proper alignment to preclude blockages.

A jaw supporter is a simple device that fits under the jaw and over the top of the head, essentially it is a wrap that holds the jaw in an upwards position. The upwards positioning is critical to the jaw support’s design; this positioning allows for maximum airway flow while causing a decrease in air velocity and vibration of soft tissues or snoring. The cessation of snoring and OSA symptoms may be immediate or may occur over time when a jaw supporter is used.

Stop snoring devices have an important place among health issues. 60% of all strokes and 70% of all congestive heart failure instances are attributable to sleep disorders, primarily OSA. These sobering statistics are from data presented by the National Sleep Foundation; they point out why the question of how to stop snoring is so significant.

When researching How to stop snoring, you will find many Stop snoring devices on the market; none are as effective for maintaining open airways during sleep as jaw supporters. The Snoring Kit simply and comfortably stops snoring (and potentially OSA as well). Once the snoring quits the real sleeping can begin.

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