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HolySpirit 3D Sleep Mask - Eye Mask for Sleeping

HolySpirit 3D Sleep Mask – Eye Mask for Sleeping

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of HolySpirit 3D Sleep Mask – Eye Mask for Sleeping.

  • [Comfortable & Premium Material] – HolySpirit sleep mask has 2 sides, one side is made from flexible polyester and the other is flannel. It includes memory foam, skin- friendly and breathable. The sophisticated stitching sealing edge procedure prevents different. It likewise has a fade- evidence function.
  • [3D Ergonomic Design] – Unique 3D contoured sleep mask offers no pressure to your eyes. The eye area is larger and much deeper than the conventional flat eye mask, you can move your eyes easily as typical. It will not rub versus your eyelids, ideal for sleep.
  • [100% Block Out Light] – The shade polyester material completely fitted to the nose successfully avoids light from any angle entering your eyes. It produces a rest area loaded with darkness. The light sleeper can take pleasure in a great sleep while in a house, travel or long automobile trip, and so on
  • [Adjustable Elastic Headband] – With the magic sticker label & flexible strap, the eye mask can adapt to the most appropriate size, max to 27 inches. It will not capture your hair, drop quickly or snag pillow in any sleep position.
  • [What You Get & Service Assurance] – 1 *Sleep Mask, 2 * Soundproof Earplugs Set, 1 * Travel Pouch with Present Box. All this permits you to take pleasure in excellent sleep anywhere, anytime. Our outstanding client service permits you to buy without concerns. If you have any questions and are not pleased, please call us instantly.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on HolySpirit 3D Sleep Mask – Eye Mask for Sleeping.
Why Select HolySpirit sleep mask? Compares to the conventional sleep mask, the HolySpirit sleep mask has numerous benefits. The Typical sleep mask leakages the light by the wing of the nose, so it does not obstruct out the light. Stereo nose developed blindfold simple to trigger pressure on eyes and the bridge of the nose, bad using experience. The repaired shape of the nose can t fit everybody’s bridge of the nose. And you can stagnate your eyes easily. HolySpirit embraces the brand-new 3D style, 100% block out the light, fit to the bridge of the nose, and trigger no pressure on eyes, more comfy to use. Please Focus On: Please inspect the sleep mask when you got it. If you have any questions or not pleased with it, do not stress, we will do our finest to make you satisfied.Please wash it with tidy water and dry it, do not utilize the heavy- task cleanser and prevent wringing dry.Please do not tear or pull it strongly, though it has the sophisticated stitching sealing edge procedure prevents different. If you preserve the sleep mask well, you can utilize it for a long time.Please location it in a dry and tidy location. Do not leave the thick skin care products on the sleep mask due to the fact that they will smear it. UPGRADE STYLE SUPER SOFT PRODUCT – Superior- quality memory foam sleep mask, convenience and resilient, eliminates pressure for supreme relaxation. NO PRESSURE ON EYES – 3D Contoured Style permits you to move your eyes easily, no pressure on your eyes.LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE – This sleep mask has to do with 40g, it is light-weight. With the travel pouch, you can take it all over and utilize it anytime. Read more ELEGANT BUNDLE & EAR PLUGS We have actually paid much attention to the bundle box, so we developed one ourselves, it includes the moon and stars, makes you feel the peaceful area, so you can sleep muchbetter And package likewise can be the present box, you can take this sleep mask as a present send out to your buddies and family.And we sent you 2 pack earplugs, as an essential part, you can sleep well with it. The color is random shipment, we have a pink, yellow, blue and orange color, you can get one color of them. With the travel pouch, you can take it all over. Read more Premium Smooth Surface area When you touch the surface area, you can feel how smooth it is. HolySpirit sleep mask adheres to the global high requirements of anti- fading. The incredibly- soft product and high- quality memory foam make you feel more comfy without putting any pressure on your face. The soft polyester material fit the bridge of the nose. It assists you obstruct undesirable light, enhance sleeping disorders and get a long sleep every night. Perfect Stitching Part We embrace Accuracy CNC Lathes to form an entirely smooth edge and company joint for increasing your convenience and resilience. Our LOGO DESIGN is HolySpirit, select us is the very best concept. HolySpirit sleep mask embraces the brand-new 3D ergonomic style, it uses a lot of locations and permits totally free motion for your eyes. Adjustable Velcro Strap The brand-new style soft adjustable buckle strap will never ever capture your hair and its leading- notch style permits for a relaxing and revitalizing sleep in every position you choose. Elastic Strap An adjustable flexible strap with the magic sticker label will never ever capture your hair so it permits you to take pleasure in the relaxing and revitalizing sleep in every position. If you believe the strap offers much pressure on you, simply change it, and it is more resilient than others’ sleep mask strap, superior quality. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on HolySpirit 3D Sleep Mask – Eye Mask for Sleeping.

Question Question 1

How Deep Are The Eye Cups?

Not exactly sure, perhaps 1/8 to 1/4 inch

Question Question 2

Does It Stain Your Skin Or Sheets?

No, it does not. We select high- quality product to make it, please clean it prior to using it. If you have any issues, please call us.

Question Question 3

What Is The Material Made from? Cotton? Silk?

The external structure is 100% polyester, lining product: high- density memory foam.

Question Question 4

Does Your Hair Gets Caught In The Velcro? Question For Those With Long Hair.?

It might capture your hair if you move your headfrequently If you feel uneasy, please call us instantly. We will do our finest to assist you handle the issue.

Question Question 5

The Length Of Time Will The Mask Last?

You upkeep it well, it can last for a very long time, 2 years is not an issue. It depends upon how you preserve.

Question Question 6

Is This Sleep Mask Ideal For Kids?

The strap is adjustable. It fit all most head size. Please assist your kids to use it. If he feels bad, we recommend you buy the kid- size sleep mask.

Question Question 7

Will The Velcro Strap Stretch In Time?

Indisputable, it will. However according to consumers’ feedback, almost 2 years it’s simply begun extending. The velcro can still get the strap itself to tighten up past the other velcro pieces. They are pleased with it.

Question Question 8

Does This Sleep Mask Can Be Device Washing?

It can be maker cleaning, however we recommend you hand wash, upkeep it well, it can utilize a very long time.

Question Question 9

Do You Feel Hot When You Use This Sleep Mask?

No, this sleep mask does not make our eyes feel hot. If you feel hot, you can change the Velcro strap to make your eyes and skin breath.

Question Question 10

Will This Sleep Mask Press Your Eyes?

No, it will not. Your eyes have sufficient space to move easily gain from the 3D contoured style.

Question Question 11

Does The Flexing Nose Bridge Fit The Nose? We Have A Huge Nose.?

Yes, our good friend, it fits your nose, do not stress over it.

Question Question 12

Does It Can Be Found In Extra Colors Besides Black?

We just use the black color sleep mask. We will include more color for it, Stay tuned.

Question Question 13

Are The Earplugs That Featured Reusable?

Yes, however gradually they need replacement. They can be utilized till they no longer function.

Question Question 14

Does It Ideal For Side Sleepers?

According to our consumers’ feedback, it is favorable. In some cases it does fall off in the middle of the night however it hasn’t been tough going to sleep. It appropriates for side sleepers.

Question Question 15

What Includes In Package?

It includes the sleep mask, 2 set earplugs, 1 travel pouch, you can have excellent sleep now.

Question Question 16

How Typically Should We Were This Sleep Mask?

A minimum of when a week. Hand washes and hang it.

Question Question 17

Is This Sleep Mask Made In The U.S.A.?

Our sleep mask was made in China, it is a fantastic product.

Question Question 18

Does The Sleep Mask Truly 100% Block Out The Light?

Yes, our upgrade sleep mask blocks out light from any angle.

Question Question 19

Does This Touch Your Eyelashes?

No, it will not. The unique 3D style uses sufficient area for your eyes. You can even open your eyes when you use this sleep mask.

Question Question 20

What Product Within The Sleep Mask?

Memory foam, sponge, polyester.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on HolySpirit 3D Sleep Mask – Eye Mask for Sleeping, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have an over night flight showing up and we wish to do our finest to get some sleep on the airplane. It will make the distinction regarding whether we adapt to european time, not to discuss it will make our very first day that takes place to be hectic muchbetter We wished to get a good sleep mask rather of the inexpensive ones they often supply, and this one is good. We have actually been evaluating it out in your home all week. It so comfy we can hardly inform its there. It has indentions inside so that your eyes do not rub versus the material, however its so tight that if you do you simply see black. Its assisted our sleeping in your home likewise.

High quality, excellent cost, so comfy and definitely no light survives at all. We enjoy how it does not press versus your face. We seem like purchasing a few more and putting them away. We need to have it pitch black to sleep and this mask provides. We invested a lot energy investigating masks and we m delighted we found one this excellent. Finest style ever.

However not versatile as the more lightweight types.

Fits easily and blacks out all light.

Love this sleep mask. Looking at computer systems all the time, the tiniest light keeps us awake. This mask lets us remain asleep and have a fantastic nights sleep. We truthfully can state we have actually gone to sleep faster and had better sleep because this purchase.

We enjoy this sleep mask. It covers our eyes well and obstructs out light. It is soft and the eye pockets do not put pressure on the eyes. Our only draw back is the product on the nose makes us sweat. Other than that. It is ideal.

Really comfy and simple to utilize.

Absolutely Nothing.

Eye mask is really comfy and it’s the just one that assists us wander off to sleep.

Im struggle with migraines and this is a hit for us. This sleep mask actually obstructs out the light, it’s really comfy and have a breathable product, the headband is adjustable, included a travel pouch for storage it and 2 sets of ear plugs, we are extremely advise it specifically if you struggle with migraines.

Outstanding sleep mask. Really soft and comfy yet keeps out all light. We have had a few sleep masks, however we believe this is the very best one yet. Love it.

Excellent sleep mask.

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