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Feeling Pampered 100% Silk Sleep Eye Mask with Silk Floss Filling Black

Feeling Pampered 100% Silk Sleep Eye Mask with Silk Floss Filling Black

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Feeling Pampered 100% Silk Sleep Eye Mask with Silk Floss Filling Black.

  • 100% silk charmeuse mask in Black.
  • Pure silk panels on Both sides with pure silk floss as fillings inside. Extremely uncommon.
  • Larger in size for more efficient obstruction of light, likewise inludes a back nose flap panel
  • Material covered flexible that do not snag your hair like routine flexible

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Here are some more information on Feeling Pampered 100% Silk Sleep Eye Mask with Silk Floss Filling Black.
Excellent Elegant product for indulging sleep. Makes a terrific little present.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Feeling Pampered 100% Silk Sleep Eye Mask with Silk Floss Filling Black, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have actually purchased lots of lots of sleep masks, cotton, bamboo, and ourstery materials. This is the most comfy sleep mask that we have actually ever utilized. The material is smooth, the filling is thicker than most and adheres carefully around our eyes, with a thinner area over the bridge of the nose to permit close fit and keep out light. We have delicate skin that overreacts to whatever, particularly dark dyes, so we began by acquiring one, as a test. We simply bought 3 more today. The silk breathes, so it does not fume, or trigger skin inflammation. The silk filling is particularly crucial here. It is light, cool, comfy, and the material covered flexible does not snag in our hair. This is an outstanding, properly designed product. Nov 2016we have actually checked out remarks slamming the flexible as too tight, or too loose, and wish to state that we are grateful there is no other way to change it, and we hope they do not alter the product. All the other brand names we attempted, that had adjustable bands, ended up being twisted in our hair & pulled piecesout And had difficult buckles or thick velcro locations that were unpleasant. The band on this design is narrow, light-weight and covered with silk material, so it’s hardly obvious and never ever gets twisted in our hair. These are bit tight for us when brand-new, and ultimately stretch out excessive, which is common of flexible, however simple to copewith We simply pull carefully on the flexible when it’s brand-new. Mindful not to put pressure on the points where it’s connected to the mask. We utilize each mask for lots of months prior to it extends “too much” and the cost is so sensible that we do not mind purchasing a brand-new one, or paying somebody a few dollars to restitch the band already. When we got a mask with a band that broke not long after it got here, the business changed it. We have actually utilized these daily because our very first evaluation, and have actually provided lots of as presents. We never ever got one that smelled bad, however we did trigger the material to end up being rough when we wereed one in routine cleaning agent. Ironing assisted, however it was never ever the very same. Silk requires cold water and moderate cleaning agent.

We purchased this mask for our partner, who simply began working nights. We invested an excellent quantity of time investigating masks prior to purchasing, and eventually picked this one due to the sensible cost and the absence of fragrance (stunned to find most had lavender. ). The mask obstructs out all of the light when we attempted it on, however our partner has rather a popular nose, and a little light sneaks in. We are still offering it 5 stars, due to the fact that he states it works completely and he questions he can find any mask that will not let light in due to the fact that of his huge schnoz;–RRB-.

We like these, however after a few months the flexible extended and they do not rest on our eyes all night. It’s not that huge of an offer due to the fact that we utilize them mainly to go to sleep. Theres likewise an additional inside fold that peels approximately battle light evenbetter The material is actually soft.

We are 13 years of ages and ive been having difficulty sleeping due to the fact that the streetlights were constantly in our eyes. We tried to find several eye masks. Somebody informed us silk masks were fantastic. This one is ideal. This does not slip off your pillow and im a side sleeper. There is likewise an excess weight that goes aroudn your nose. It obstructs the light 100% and it is extremely comfy. Our head is a bit larger than typical and this one fits extremely well.

Charming soft and smooth eye mask. Great plus size so it actually obstructs all lightout We are extremely pleased with this product.

Take these with us whenever we take a trip, actually makes a distinction in hotel spaces with lightweight drapes that do not completely obstruct outdoors light. Extremely comfy – do not even seem like you have them on, and flexible isn’t too tight.

We have actually purchased more than amongthese We like sleeping with them, fantastic for taking a trip. We swear our eyes are less puffy when we get up after using these.

This product is magic. We purchased 2 then returned and got 8more You do not understand you have it on it is so soft.

Excellent product for the little quantity of cash it costs. Is good soft and does not develop any issues sleeping. Thanks.

This is a terrific mask. It is so soft and we like it. Worth the cash for sure. A little light can be found in however it is no huge offer with the nose flap. If you do not care about a little light, you do not need to utilize the nose flap and it is so soft you do not even observe it exists.

The very best eye mask we have actually ever had. Cool & light. You do not even observe it exists. Would extremely advise.


We bought this sleep mask after we lost my own, and required to take a trip for company. The window in between bought and leaving was brief, and we emailed feeling pampered. We informed the sales individual that we were feeling worried about attempting to sleep without it. It got here simply 3 days later on, and is very well made, soft, and simply what we desired. We will absolutely buy once again from this shop.

Our child enjoys it. With it being silk, it’s comfy without sweating.

We purchased this mask for our child with asperger’s syndrome and for our sweetheart who declares she utilized to have asperger’s. Both of them like the mask more than any other mask they have and”can’t live without it” Individuals with asperger’s syndrome generally like “shutting off the world” at the end of the day and reducing the quantity of sensory input. So if they like the mask and find it very comfy, anybody should.

We like this mask, however found it to have a little irregular production. The very first one we bought healthy fantastic. It was extremely comfy and not too tight, so we bought a 2nd one the week after the very first. The 2nd is tight throughout our eyes. Up until now, it’s still the very best mask we havefound We do not like the adjustable ones, as we find it unpleasant to sleep on the strap adjuster.

This silk blindfold is soft, light, and extremely comfy. We sleep throughout the day, and for that reason require aid keeping the light from our eyes. Numerous blindfolds do this, obviously, however they’re not as comfy as this one. It likewise keeps light leak from the bottom at the sides of the nose to a minimum. The majority of other blindfolds have actually made us wake in pain, making us eliminate them. With this one, we can sleep through the day and forget we have anything on our face. Well worth the cost.

It served it’s function when run on for cataracts.

They’re so comfertable. Now we can’t sleep without usingthese The silk seems like sleeping with clouds on your eyes. If that can make any sense.

We like this eye mask. It’s wonderfully soft. It does not cut out light totally for us however thats due to the fact that our head is too little for the strap, so it’s loose. It still remains on all night however, and we simply like the mask. +.

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