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EMA Elastic Strap

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  • EMA Elastic Straps

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Size: 15EMA Elastic Strops. For EMA Oral Snoring Device By Myerson.

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Question Question 1

The Number Of Remain In The Bundle?

25 Per Load

Question Question 2

The Number Of In A Bag?


Question Question 3

The Number Of Straps Remain In The Bundle For $56?

25 per Load

Question Question 4

Do You Offer Clear Ones?

we have bag of clear 1x25Order them in blue 17. we will send you clear. simply let us understand your name prior to you order so we understand what to send out

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We were a little concerned about purchasing these off however we required some more and both of the locations we normally buy them from were closed down due to covid-19. As far as we can inform, they are specifically the like what we generally buy from our orthodontist. They even can be found in precisely the exact same product packaging.

Simply what we were searching for. Functions completely for our mouth guard.

We have actually been utilizing old bendy strap offers for a while and was snoring with our oral device in. The dental experts in the area will not touch us unless we got our oral device from their officebeing able to order these brand-new ones from was fantastic.

Last update on 2021-03-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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