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Dream Sleeper Sleep mask for Sleeping Chronic migraine

Dream Sleeper Sleep mask for Sleeping Chronic migraine

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Dream Sleeper Sleep mask for Sleeping Chronic migraine.

  • DREAM SLEEPER MASK- Blocks out 100% of light. Eye Mask for Sleeping, Napping, Travel, Migraines.
  • CONVENIENCE- Completely adjustable, washable and breathable made from smooth satin. With broad simple Grip straps.
  • SIZE- Fits all head sizes. Side sleepers and back sleepers. Remains in location all night.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC- If you have allergic reactions we are the mask for you.
  • REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE- If you loose your mask we will change it for complimentary, simply pay S&H individually.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Dream Sleeper Sleep mask for Sleeping Chronic migraine.
DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH MIGRAINE? We have actually partnered with migraine awareness groups and have actually been selected as one of the very best services for crippling migraines. DOES LIGHT KEEP YOU FROM SLEEPING? Day time employees, tourists, day nappers, T.V in space. DREAM SLEEPER BENEFITS? Will Block out 100% of light, no light in between your nose, totally adjustable, big simple grip straps, hypoallergenic and latex complimentary. Master your sleep with the Dream Sleeper Sleep Mask. HAVE YOU EVER LOST A SLEEP MASK PRIOR TO? If you lose our sleep mask we will change your initial purchase for complimentary simply pay shipping and dealing with individually.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Dream Sleeper Sleep mask for Sleeping Chronic migraine.

Question Question 1

Is This Mask Great For Side Sleepers?

Its actually created specifically for side sleepers. You do not feel any extra bulkiness when laying on your side and it will not slipp off when in your corner either.

Question Question 2

Can This Be Put In The Washer Without Destroying It?

Yes.Wash in cold water on fragile. Then air dry.

Question Question 3

Is This Great For Smaller Sized Heads?

Yes the velcro piece was made to be adjustable from a little petit lady to a bigger constructed male.

Question Question 4

Does It Let Any Light In?

we can get total darkness when we put it on, unlike other sleep masks.And it is really comfy likewise.

Question Question 5

Does It Stay Cool While Using?

yes it does

Question Question 6

Can You Open Your Eyes While This Mask Is On?

Hey there Jennifer, yes you can open your eyes however it is so dark that you wont recognize that they are opened. we simply checked it out for you.

Question Question 7

What Is The Product? Silk? Satin? Artificial?

FYI: As we saw it is made from Satin, which is not breathable as silk. A lot of typically a satin surface is utilized to make inexpensive manufactured fibers look more glamorous.

Question Question 8

What Kind Of Material Is Utilized? Nylon, Silk?

The Material is Satin. Its has a really soft smooth feel to it.

Question Question 9

How Well Does It Smother Out Sound With And Without Ear Plugs? And Does It Hold Earplugs In Location?

The sleeper mask works just to obstruct light. we utilize our own ear plugs to obstruct noise. The sleeper mask is not made to hold ear plugs in location.

Question Question 10

Is This Washable?

Yes it should be hand cleaned just.

Question Question 11

Does The Mask Touch The Eyelashes And Or Eyelid?

Unless you have a contoured face mask, it is going to touch however not as bad as a great deal of other masks that we have actually attempted out on the marketplace. The issue with the contoured masks is that they let a great deal of light in which for us beats the whole function of a face mask

Question Question 12

What’ S The Product Of The Within? Is It 100% Silk?

Correction it is 100% satin.It gets hot.

Question Question 13

We Are Stomach Sleeper, Will This Sleep Mask Work For United States?

we ourself am a stomach sleeper and yes we ensure it will work for you. It will not come Off while you sleep at all.

Question Question 14

What Dyes Does This Contain?Does It Consist Of Disperse Blue 106 Or 124?

its navy blue

Question Question 15

Does The Sleep Mask Assist With Sound Cancellation?

It does cover your ears however it’s a material so it stifles sound a bit. Nevertheless if you have earplugs it certainly holds them in location and presses them in and together it develops excellent sound cancelation.

Question Question 16

Does It Block Noise?

It a little stifles noise. Nevertheless if you utilize ear plugs it certainly holds them in better and develops better sound obstructing with making use of earplugs.

Question Question 17

Where Is It Made?

The mask is made in china however it is created in U.S.A. and ships from the U.S.A..

Question Question 18

Does It Deal With A Cpap Mask?

we have actually never ever attempted it with a CPAP. we do have one customer who sent us a message that it worked for his better half. The concern is that it may not be long enough to review the maker and twist around the back of the head. So it truly depends upon head size.

Question Question 19

Is This Mask Breathable? We Brought This Product And For Some Factor Our Running Start Harming Genuine Bad?

Yes it is breathable. You can evaluate it by putting your hand on one side and blowing air from your mouth and feel that the air goes through. The factor your head harms is since you might be putting it on to tight.Just loosen it up and delight in:-RRB-

Question Question 20

What Is The Ourside Product, Silk?

It is a Satin/Silk mix product. It is really soft, lightweight and does not make you feel hot when using it.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Dream Sleeper Sleep mask for Sleeping Chronic migraine, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have a great deal of ambient light in our space during the night from the radiance of the street lights through our gently colored blinds to lights on our thermostat and security alarm keypad. In some cases our relative likes to view tv or check out when we are all set to sleep. We believed we would attempt the dream sleeper mask to see if it didn’t assist get us to sleep faster and keep us out for the night. After one week of usage we can report this: the very first 2 nights took a little getting utilized to – the mask itself was comfy, however we merely wasn’t utilized to having actually something twisted around our head as we attempted to sleep. By night 3, definitely by night 4, this was no longer a concern. Once again, it’s just been one week, however we do seem like obstructing out the light in the space has actually assisted us to drop off to sleep more rapidly and we have no question that we are sleeping more comfortably through our alarm. The mask is really comfy and we do not even observe it any longer. We can be an uneasy sleeper, tossing and turning numerous times a night from one side to another and the mask has yet to slip, slide or relocation substantially. We have actually quit after 1-2 nights with any other sleep mask we have actually ever attempted for this really factor. The only small style enhancement might be supplying some kind of silk covering for the exposed velcro after you close the mask around your head for the night. It’s not a huge offer, however the noise of it scraping the pillow can be slightly annoying. The velcro does not get captured on anything, however, which was our preliminary issue. We are really delighted with the dream sleeper and extremely advise it. It is the unusual product that works as marketed and has actually been better for our sleep than we had actually hoped.

We like thismask We admit, it’s a bit excessive protection for peak summer season heat, however convenience and protection is still best. The quantity of protection developing a warming impact is precisely what we require for the chillier months of fall, winter season, and early spring. We are really delighted with this purchase. Btw, the material is very soft versus our skin, and the whole mask is extremely simple to simply twist around our head and get it to remain.

Actually we are drenda lalor for whom the mask was bought. We like it. It is soft and simply feels excellent on our skin. We pull it down on our face so it obstructs the light in the early morning. Periodically it will mistake throughout the night however usually we are no longer awakened by the dawn and am sleeping longer and more comfortably.

This is the very best sleep mask we attempted. We began working 3rd shift back in january of this year. We purchased numerous various ranges however they didn’t fit best or came off while we slept. Then we discovered the dream sleeper mask, it was a little costly however we truly required something excellent. It showed up really fast & we utilized it the next early morning. This mask is smooth silky really light and does not make us sweat like others did, it likewise remained in location, that was fantastic since we toss and turn and other masks came off. This mask likewise covers our ears simply enough to obstruct the noise a little. The mask likewise obstructs out all light which we require. Attempting to sleep on bright days and having actually any light can be found in and we are awake. We utilize this mask every day and the quality is terrific. We have maker cleaned it and it remains fresh. Likewise terrific service warranty we just recently lost mine and we called them and they are sending us a brand-new one and we are just paying a low shipping expense. We can’t state sufficient about this mask, it was a life saver for us working 3rd shift. We would advise this mask to anybody that requires a great quality sleeping mask.

We need to confess. We are person and do not buy things like this normally. Was staying out of town at a good friend’s home where the light is blinding so purchased this. With doubt likewise due to rate. Certainly worth it. This can be utilized for all sleeping positions and is really comfy and it does not fume and sweaty. Utilizing this all the time now:-RRB-.

Love thismask So confortavle, no knob on the back of our head, keeps the lightout We are such a light sleeper and this has actually definitely been assisting us sleep longer and better.

This is the very best mask we have actually ever owned. We just want we had actually gotten it quicker. We are sleepingbetter It is costly nevertheless it is well worth it.

The opening night we were reluctant and didn’t where the mask believing it would suffocate me. The 2nd night we attempted it and it was great. A bit hot for summer season( however still getting utilized to it) after numerous nights now we utilize it whenever we sleep. Simply took a bit to get utilized to viewing as though we have actually been utilizing the traditional eye covers for years. It s been 3 months now and we put on t go to sleep utilizing this eye mask, plus we have some quite insane dreams.

We want we might offer this product 5 stars since it examines all packages, however the one concern we have actually encountered that we have actually seen other individuals reference is the color bleeding. We will awaken with a blue/black spot throughout our forehead, upper cheeks & on the bidge of our nose. It’s not the simplest to scub off and even after some time there would still be some areas left in our pores. We want we might exchange mine for a brand-new one or simply return it for a refund however there truly is no”return policy” You can ask for a replacement eye mask however you need to pay for shipping which to us appears ridiculous because why should we pay even more for a product that is bleeding color onto our face each early morning? other than the bleeding, its an incrediblemask We attempted the alaska bear mask and another eye mask that had eye indents so the material wont touch your eyelids however neither felt as soft, was as comfy (for a side sleeper) nor kept as much light out as the dream sleeper.

We need to confess, our sleep routines have actually ended up being borderline freakish as we have actually grown older. In our 20’s, we might sleep anywhere horizontal, and now we require all type of pillows, and simply the best kind– anyhow. We have had numerous sleep masks for when we take a trip or wish to nap without increasing to our bed room where we have actually made it dark as dracula’s cavern (better half dislikes it). Other masks are joke, either do not cover your eyes, or are filled with gel or something that seems like your eyeballs are going to take off, or the strap keeps waking us up every 1/2 hour as it pulls on our ear or the back of our neck. This thing, holy sh **, very comfy, blocks out the whole world, we might sleep on the pathway in times square with this and a couple ear plugs. (and 6 pillows and a foam bed mattress). Actually comfy, we imply truly comfy. No pressure on your eyes, no light leakages thru, no pressure on the bridge of your nose. Amazing. And they’ll change it for just delivering if you lose it. If we lose this thing on a journey, we may lose our mind.

We like the dream sleeper. We purchased it for our 11 years of age boy who has a really difficult time dropping off to sleep because he has actually been utilizing the dream sleeper, he has actually had the ability to drop off to sleep much faster and remains asleep throughout the night. We have actually attempted the dream sleeper ourself likewise, and it assisted us drop off to sleep much faster and remain asleep longer through the night. We advise the dream sleeper to anybody who wishes to have a great night sleep. Sweet dreams.

We had the very best sleep in a long tie when we utilized this mask.

This is without a doubt the very best sleep mask we have actually ever owned in our life. We will never ever acquire another sleep mask once again. We attempted a minimum of 10 masks prior to discovering this one and none even came close to working in addition to the dream sleeper. The product is smooth soft, definitely no light makes it through, and since it covers your ears it likewise stifles noises in the space. On top of that, since it safely twists around the head with a velcro strap it never ever falls off and it does not harm our head or ears attempting to remain on. They likewise provide a remarkable assurance on this product that you will not find with any other mask on the marketplace today. Once again we extremely advise this mask to anybody and we will be a customer for life.

A year back, we understood that we sleep with our eyes split open. We attempted numerous various type of masks however they all either slipped out of location too quickly or they harm the pointers of our ears. This one will not keep our eyes nearby itself, so we utilize a workout headband (like from the sporting items area) over the beyond themask The mask keeps the headband from injuring me– we like the method the mask feels on our skin. The sound dampening quality was simply an additional advantage that we have actually quite pertained to value. Little disadvantage. Because we are lining up the velcro strips behind our head, we do not get them completely lined up. So the “hook” side of the velcro harms the product beside the “loop” side. We purchased this numerous months back and believe we may need to change it after a year or 2. We maker wash the mask weekly on cold fragile cycle, and maker dry on low, together with other things. No issues with turning anything else (our skin, pillowcase, other laundry) blue.

This genuinely is the very best sleep mask we have actually utilized. Some might balk at the rate, however the quality is exceptional and will last actually for years if you care for it. Those people who value the truth that we invest 1/3 of our whole lives sleeping do what we can to get the very best bed mattress and sheets possible. When you divide the expense of the mask by the numerous nights you’ll utilize it, it’s almost the very best quality of sleep financial investment you can make.

This thing is quite remarkable. The concern we take with the majority of sleep masks is they either allow light or they crush our eyelashes. This one does not do either. It’s really comfy and it’s not hot. There’s just 2 disadvantages:1. If you require to press it approximately see, it’s rather tight. A lot of sleep masks you can simply rise onto your forehead when you get up to go to the restroom during the night. This one is truly on there. Which results in issue # 2. 2. It’s connected with velcro at the back so if you need to take it off to see, there’s a long, ripping velcro noise that gets up the centers. The delighted location is someplace in between not making it too tight that you can’t raise it to see and not making it too loose that light gets in. That being stated, this is the very best sleep masks we have actually ever had.

We have actually never ever published an evaluation on, so this is an initially. We have chronic sleeping disorders and have actually invested numerous dollars for many years on looking for the optimal sleep mask that would satisfy our requirements: comfy and light stopping. This mask fits both requirements. A few of the other evaluations have actually declared that the blue discolorations their skin- not real. The product is thick satin with a velcro strap (in the back) that will adapt to any head size. We definitely like it.

It obstructs out most if not all light, better than most other masks, which we had actually hopedfor Convenience is sensible, puts a fair bit of pressure as it pins your ears back. The color utilized comes off on your bed linen and is of bad quality, recommend a great wash prior to utilizing. The loop and stack fastener is likewise of bad quality and breaks down quite rapidly, likewise goes all through the bed linen. The quality certainly does not match the rate. We think the rate is to cover the great customer service and no questions asked replacement. It was a concern to get one worldwide through the business’s site nevertheless their customer care representative was really responsive and set up to re-order by means of and credit the distinction.

This is our preferred sleep mask that we have actually utilized. We have a somewhat later work schedule and require to remain asleep after the sun is up. We have actually attempted numerous masks for many years that simply didn’t suffice as far as letting light in and likewise breaking down quite rapidly. The dream sleeper provides such terrific protection that no light gets in and is very soft and comfortable. We do utilize cooling in the summer, so the heat concerns individuals have in some of the evaluations do not affect me. However we can see that it might sleep truly hot in warm weather condition if you do not have a/c or central air conditioning. We have not had problem with the material color coming off on us or our bed linen like we can see other individuals have actually discussed in a few evaluations. We lost our very first dream sleeper about a year back and didn’t trouble utilizing the service warranty for a complimentary replacement– we chose to merely buy a 2nd one because it was our fault. Now, the 2nd one is losing its velcro stickiness, so we felt that warrented a complimentary replacement. So we sent out a demand for a brand-new one to the business and a representative solved back to us to state we would be charged about 8 or 9 dollars for shipping for the replacement which we find sensible. We composed back stating just how much we like the product and to thank them for the replacement. Complete disclosure: the representative then composed us with a deal that if we composed a favorable evaluation with our pov about the product, we might get a 2nd mask complimentary. That is a good incentive to take some time to compose this, however it not incentive to compose anything however the fact about our experience. We definitely like this product and we typically feel grateful to have found it. The velcro quit working, however that appears like a quite typical wear and tear example, and, after all, they are changing it for complimentary. Prior to we began utilizing this mask, we would go through a mask every couple months as they would lose their flexibility and not sit tight any longer. So, though the velcro lost its grip, the general quality and enduring power of this product is much better than our previous expeiences with other masks. Huge thumbs up for a fantastic product, favorable interactions with their individuals, and for standing by their deal to change the product for just the expense of shipping.

This sleep mask is beyond fantastic. We put it on our xmas list & it was sent out to us so rapidly. After attempting it for the last 3 days with such a high quality of sleep achieved, we purchased on for our partner. It s not even xmas yet & we currently have 2. He had an amazing night s sleep also. We are really delighted. Worth every cent as quality sleep is valuable. We advise this product as the very best sleep mask out there. Extremely comfy. Not too hot. Adjustable fit (we like it a bit tight, keeps our eyes shut & ears conveniently covered.) seals out sunshine perfectly. If you are looking for the very best, you ve found it. Thank you dream sleeper.

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