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Dream Essentials Solitude Pocket Sleep Mask

Dream Essentials Solitude Pocket Sleep Mask

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Dream Essentials Solitude Pocket Sleep Mask.

  • 100% Light Stopping Sleep Mask
  • Each mask features a complimentary, high quality french lavender aromatherapy sachet
  • Aromatherapy is a natural method to combat sleeping disorders
  • Lavender will assist you to unwind and unwind after a long day.
  • This mask likewise works terrific as a basic sleep mask without the sachet, and you can utilize the pocket as an useful location to save your earplugs.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Dream Essentials Solitude Pocket Sleep Mask.
Color: Onyx Usage Aromatherapy to go to sleep much faster … Relaxing Lavender Accomplish a much deeper night’s sleep with this lavender instilled sleep mask. Lavender flowers are kept in a sachet that offers you with a mild lavender scent as you begin to go to sleep and while you sleep. The calming scent assists to lull you into a deep sleep. Just place the sachet in the pocket on front of the mask. The sleeping mask is soft, 100% light obstructing and has an adjustable Velcro strap. Sleeping Mask Includes 100% light obstructing for rejuvenating rejuvenating sleep. Consists of a lavender flowers sachet to relieve and cause calm. Natural treatment for your sleeping disorders Within Mask The material which rests over the eye location and on the face is soft 100% cotton, which cushions the eyes without pressure. Each mask has a pocket on the front to place a sachet filled with a subtle and fragile mix of lavender flowers. You can delight in the sleeping mask with or without the sachet. Beyond Mask The material on the exterior of the mask is a classy, smooth soft, linen satin. This material does not reach the face, it just specifies the feel and look of the mask. We recommend selecting a color that you feel comfy using. Mask Fastener Adjustable Velcro flexible strap for a safe and comfy fit. Care Eliminate natural Sleep Booster Herbal sachet prior to cleaning Hand wash in cool water with moderate cleaning agent Lay flat to dry Specs Size 4″ x 10″ Weight 1 oz

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Dream Essentials Solitude Pocket Sleep Mask.

Question Question 1

Should You Sleep With The Little Eye Patches Within “Up And Shut” Or Pull Them Down And Have Your Eyes Inside?

we sleep with them “up and shut,” never ever considered pulling them down actually.

Question Question 2

Have These Made Anybody Break Out? Are They Natural/ Organic?

Unsure about the organic/natural, however the mask is extremely comfy, and the lavender did not trouble me. we have delicate skin likewise and have actually had no issue. we do not utilize this nighttime, just when we take a trip.

Question Question 3

How Do We Tidy The Sleeping Mask?

we actually cleaned mine with our delicates and after that simply sat it out to dry. we seldom need to clean it though due to the fact that we were our face prior to we go to sleep. However often, particularly in the summer season, it requires to be cleaned

Question Question 4

We Wished To Know If The Sleep Mask Is Satin On Both Sides.?

Satin on the red exterior; a much softer, non-satin on the black within.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Dream Essentials Solitude Pocket Sleep Mask, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We would never ever sleep without this mask. We have difficulty with a lot of sleep basks due to the fact that they’re either too thing, have spaces that let sunshine in, are too loose, or all 3. We utilized to have one brand name that fixed all 3 of these issues, however was rough on our face due to the fact that it actually went into the location under our eyes, and we began to have dry eye issues. This mask has excellent cushioning, excellent protection, a good adjustable strap, and is soft and mild. We can’t overemphasize how comfy it is. And it allows absolutely no light. It’s simply as helpful for a nap as it is at night. We extremely extremely suggest this mask for individuals with sleep concerns. When it comes to the sachet, it’s a good touch, however not needed. If you have allergic reactions, you can eliminate it and just utilize it without.

This is our 2nd time buying these masks – we lost our very first one for a while (because found it) and hurried for a replacement. That informs you a minimum of our preliminary viewpoint of these masks. They obstruct out the light, and are comfortable to use. The aroma isn’t over-powering, and simply enough that it assists us to unwind and wander off to sleep. We are not a big fan of the velcro, however we find that even with our rather huge head, the length suffices. The velcro does not stay with our hair, and for the a lot of part, remains on all right that we awaken with it still on. We had our very first mask for a minimum of a year and half now, and if we rub the mask together for a bit, we can still smell the lavender. This is regardless of having actually hand-washed it in the sink when after it fell under the bed. Just after did we understand you aren’t expect to soak them in water. The flexible has actually absolutely loosened up a bit, however it’s still absolutely up to par and elastic enough for nighttime usage. 5-stars for that a person. The brand-new one we acquired simply a few months earlier, nevertheless, let us down a bit. We find that can no longer identify the aroma, unless we offer it a severe rub. The density we find are more or less the very same, as are the rubber bands. Our very first one feels a bit more soft and comfy to the skin, however that might simply be the reality it’s been cleaned and usedmore In general, we believe you’ll enjoy withthese We just recently invested about $10 on another lavender mask from nordstrom, and found that 1) the mask was substantially thinner than these, and had the satiny product on both sides, which simply isn’t as comfy as cotton versus the skin and 2) while the lavender aroma was much more powerful, we might actually feel the littles dried lavender buds and branches in the mask due to the thinness and absence of cushioning. It was a big contrast, and makes us value these dream essentials ones even more.

Wow we are so in love with this mask. We have actually just utilized one prior to however this is ideal for us. It totally obstructs out all the light and even more excellent is that it remains on our face the whole night. We are tosser and turner so this is unbelievable to me. Its comfy on us as a side-sleeper. The only con is the lavender aroma is faint at finest and you can just smell it by pushing the mask up your nose. Thankfully for us we didn’t buy the mask for the lavender, simply based off the terrific evaluations on so it’s not too huge of a con for us. The mask is big too. Larger than we anticipated (compared to our previous mask from china. ).

Something to dislike about using something over your eyes is how unpleasant it can feel. It takes some experimenting with the velcro to get it ideal once you get it best it seems like a cushion on your eyes without the adverse effects of suffocation:] we selected onyx due to the fact that we didn’t wish to even take the opportunity of light going through, it is an extremely great bed time property and the only remorse we have about this product is we didn’t buy it quicker.

Does precisely what you desire it to do. Extremely well made and worth the additional expense over those cheapies at the discounters. Really comfy unless your flight is hot as ours was over to london. We were sweating to beat the band and it ended up being a virtual sweatband. Returning we were comfortable and it was a genuine true blessing. The lavender scent is an extremely great touch and we prepare to utilize it here in the house as required.

Our sweetheart likes to utilize this mask when we disappear on trip. It smells enjoyable and keeps the space dark. The color is great and it appears to be made well however she did grumble that it is a little large and she requires to get utilized to the sensation of it while she is attempting to sleep. The bulkiness is from the additional cushioning.

Does not fit in addition to we would have liked. We make certain it would work terrific for another. Simply not me.

This is our 3rd among these, all acquired on. We keep losing them and needing to re-order. We attempted about 4 various other brand names of sleep masks (likewise all from here) prior to discovering this one as our keeper. It’s ideal. Pros: it’s comfy and soft. It has those little flaps that fold out on the bottom to obstruct light leakages in between nose and cheek, while likewise developing a hollow so your lashes do not get crushed. You can open your eyes conveniently while using this mask, making it much more comfy to use. It obstructs the light extremely well. It includes real lavender pieces that offer a relaxing scent to assist you wander off. Often we will use these for an hour simply to decrease tension. Cons: with the only color presently being black, they are simple to lose. Likewise, you will wish to get another for everybody you understand, and your good friends will believe you’re ridiculous. Extremely advised.

We enjoy the shape and fit of these and have actually purchased them more than when. The lavender is unwinding also. The photo does not reveal it, however there is a comfy adjustable band around the back.

Smells magnificently, blocks out all light, the adjustable band keeps it snug versus the face. The only possible downside is that it’s padded, and often it soaks up the heat coming off of your face and hangs on to it.

Got it for numerous functions, however we believe it smells kinda great and fits our head well. If sunshine glimpses though the nose simply press that location a little and whatever must close up.

We enjoy this, we disputed about rather a few various ones and actually wasn’t offered on the aromatherapy concept initially however we got this the other day and waited up until we utilized it to compose an evaluation. We utilized it last night and we should state, we are extremely happy – this is the very first time in a long period of time we didn’t awaken still tired. We got the black one and it does an exceptional task of obstructing the light when used properly, the lavender odor is extremely strong we smelled it prior to we even opened the plan (we did buy lavender vanilla spray for this due to the fact that some evaluates grumble about the odor and we wished to be safe.) however it’s great. & when it comes to the strap, we believe it works well and can be altered. We did have one problem where it slipped off in the night, we awakened put it back on and had no more issues. We would state for the cost, extremely worth it.

Based upon the evaluations we was in between this and the more costly “high rated” eye mask. Really comfortable, well created, does not make me sweaty like others we have actually attempted. The style is great and truley block’s all light. We have exceptionally long hair so thats the only modification problem we have. Nevertheless that would hold true no matter what. If you sleep on your side, you’ll need to change without problem. We extremely suggest.

Our enjoys this and states it does unwind her quicker in the evening permitting her to get to sleep much faster.

We actually like this. It is comfy, and we enjoy the lavender aroma. Really soothing. We simply want it was satiny on the within too. However a good product however.

Our relative likes this it was purchased fro her and she cant ge5t enough of it. She believes that this is an amazing product.

This mask is terrific. It was delivered rapidly and smells fantastic. The adjustable strap develops a vast array of siz choices and the flexible enables it to fit snuggly. The little cup like coushions on the within are terrific at obstructing all light. The only factor that we didn’t rate it ideal is the reality that it is not weighted. We make certain the lightweight is a draw to lots of we were simply utilized to a weighted mask.

This is an extremely great product and substantially more economical that others. We acquired 2 after the one we had actually was left on an aircraft. This mask is plenty thick and blocks out all light without being too thick and heavy.

Describe our previous purchase evaluations. This time we acquired 2 sleep masks for good friends. They are extremely happy with them also.

Finest sleep mask. Utilize it every night. The flexible and velcro ultimately stretch/wear out and we buy a brand-new one every year or 2. Our hubby utilizes now too.

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