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Cozynight Weighted Sleep Mask-Sleep Mask for Women

Cozynight Weighted Sleep Mask-Sleep Mask for Women

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Cozynight Weighted Sleep Mask-Sleep Mask for Women

  • MATERRIAL AND DIRECTION ‘The Inner Bag of weighted sleep mask is comprised of premium compression beads and microfiber – aid alleviate eye tiredness and provide you an entire day of convenience.
  • SOOTHING ‘The Cozynight sleep eye mask discomfort relief eye mask is fantastic for relaxing, resting, meditation, relieving travel pressure, and supplying eye relief after hours of computer system work or video gaming. Its weighted compression help in the sensation of relaxation.
  • TOTALLY ADJUSTABLE TO FIT ALL HEAD SIZES ‘This weighted eye mask comes geared up with a long lasting flexible strap which is 1.2 inchs Width, versatile, and totally adjustable. This eye cover for sleeping quickly fits around various sized heads and noses. This headband style will not tangle hair like contoured masks, fit for side-sleepers also.
  • COMFY ‘This sleeping mask’s breathable cotton product is comfy to use and feels mild versus the skin, fantastic for those with delicate skin.
  • LIFE TIME GUARANTEE ‘- If there is any damage or quality issues throughout the usage procedure with the weighted sleep mask, you can call us and we will provide you a best solution.Hope you have a great sleep experience.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Cozynight Weighted Sleep Mask-Sleep Mask for Women
Size: 1 Count (Load of 1)|Color: Gray Functions of Cozynight Weighted Sleep Mask Easy to bring The size of weighted sleep mask is little, simple to bring. You can quickly put it in your bag, knapsack or luggage. Whether you’re on a service journey, in your home, in a hotel, on the airplane or in an automobile, you can constantly bring it. Release pressure The sleep mask assists us get to sleep faster and remain asleep. Use this weighted sleep mask when you sleep, and you’ll get a great night’s sleep.When you sleep, please take out the inner bag, which can ensure a complete night’s sleep. When you feel worn out after working for a long period of time, you can take it with you, close your eyes, take about 10-20 minutes, That can alleviate your eyestrainYou will not struggle with sleeping disorders, absence of sleep, and bad sleep quality. Easy to tidy Eliminate the inner bag, hand wash the cover, or device wash cold in fragile cycle, independently from other products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Cozynight Weighted Sleep Mask-Sleep Mask for Women

Question Question 1

What Are The Beads Made from?

The Inner Bag of is comprised of premium compression beads with microfiber, aid alleviate eye tiredness and provide you an entire day of convenience.

Question Question 2

What Kind Of Material Is It? Is It Silk?

It s like a velour on the outdoors and a soft cotton on the within.

Question Question 3

Does It Consist Of Latex?

It does not appear to include latex unless there is some in the rubber band.

Question Question 4

Is This Great For Side Sleepers?

we are side sleeper and we believe it s great since it s adjustable.

Question Question 5

Is This Sleep Mask Comfy For Side Sleepers, Does Kill In Location And Does It Still Block Light 100%?

Yes, it is really comfy. This eye mask is made from natural cotton and is really skin-friendly. The special complete protection style ensures that there is no sunlight. Will absolutely bring you a best sleep

Question Question 6

What Is The Customer Service Number For Them? The Fragrance Is Extremely Strong And Is Frustrating Me.?

Thank you for calling us. Our eye mask is made from pure cotton material and glass beads. we hope you can understand. If you have any other questions, please e-mail homeyou1988@hotmail.com, thank you

Question Question 7

Can Somebody Please Post An Image Of The Side That Touches Your Eyes? We Wished to See What The Product Is.?

It s a sateen cotton.

Question Question 8

Can The Actual Mask Be Cleaned With The Beads Still Inside?

Yes, it can. There is a zipper on the side of this weighted sleep mask. You can take out the inner bag, clean it with cold or warm water, dry at low temperature level or dry naturally in the sun, thank you.

Question Question 9

Can You Heat Or Freeze This Mask?

You can heat up and freeze, however the time for heating should not be expensive, and the freezing time should not be too long?thank you?

Question Question 10

Can You Freeze It?

i never ever gotten product.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Cozynight Weighted Sleep Mask-Sleep Mask for Women, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We initially purchased the gravity brand name, needed to return since it had a velcro strap that was incredibly uneasy. This one is so comfy and the strap is flexible and adjustable. Extremely advise for anybody looking for a weighted sleep mask.

We just recently was identified with migraines and while browsing for solutions to assist the ease of these, we encountered this eye mask. We were initially looking for one that was cold since the cool temperature aids with the discomfort. We found this one and believed we would provide it a shot. Oh-my-gah. Actually the very best thing ever. We need to contest this with our 8 years of age. We put it in the freezer when we get up so its great and cold in the evening. The weighted part feels fantastic with the cold on our face and eyes, and although-out the day when we feel one coming, we turn it around and position the band on our forehead so the eye mask is on our neck. Strange, however it works. The cold likewise aids with the puff eyes too. We have actually likewise seen that when we use this mask, with it being weighted, it assists us go to sleep quicker, which is fantastic. We like this mask and we are so grateful we bought it. We will buy more for member of the family as presents.

Our covers open throughout our sleep and was triggering dry eyes. We wished to attempt a weight eye mask to see if it would keep our covers closed. Don t have the complete outcomes, however liking the material and how the weighted mask feels.

This is the very best sleep mask we have actually ever attempted. It s not too heavy, however enough to feel relaxing. When you position them right they obstruct all light even around the nose and the sides. The strap is comfy and not too tight, and the weight of the mask assists keep it in location. They assist a lot when we get migraines. You can likewise put this in the freezer and let it get cold and it s really calming. It holds the cold quite well. Its presses close on the edges so the light is obstructed however it is thin however best over the eye so it s not annoying. We can open our eyes while we are using this and remain in total darkness without annoying our eyelids or eyelashes. We utilize this every night and we would absolutely advise this to others.

This appears like a great mask. We actually utilize various ones, depending upon what we seem like each night. This one is the heaviest, which in some cases we choose. It likewise does the very best at keeping lightout You can quickly open and close your eyes while using it. We typically sleep on our side, however, for us a minimum of, it still remains in location. We believe this differs based upon how huge your head is – the larger, the tighter the flexible will hold. However this raises the only unfavorable with it. Elastic slowly loses it’s capability to snap back so, gradually, we make sure this will fit looser. Can most likely connect some knots in it to snug it up occasionally, however we do want business would find better options. We have actually seen some that utilize velcro which does provide much finer changes, however even they tend to have the linking part of the velcro be too brief. So, once it extends beyond a restricted quantity, the velcro does not work any longer. However whatever else is great and really comfy.

Truly like this eye mask. It is unwinding and incredibly comfy. Big adequate for a grownup. The only thing we would alter is that it does not have a satin/ silk like inner cover, the part that touches your eyes, and it does not have the detachable bead insert that some others have.

We got our mask in the mail the other day and was anxiously preparing for a great night’s sleep. Let’s put it in this manner, we slept well previous our alarm clock. Among our biggest obstacles in going to sleep after we remain in bed. Our mind is still racing and it’s a difficulty to unwind. Limit assisted us go to sleep within 15 minutes. Here’s what we like most about this mask and why we would advise purchase: 1. The product is exceptionally soft. We have delicate skin. And, presently, we are on a skin-related routine that has actually increased our level of skin level of sensitivity. This mask didn’t aggravate or upset our skin. 2. The silk lining is really soft. And in mix with the weighted beads, the pressure was ideal. 3. We like that reality the weight is detachable and washable. Many masks do not permit for this. In general, this is among our most sought after purchases.

Love the weighted sleep mask. We offered the weights inside a shot. Nope, not for somebody that currently has migraines from sinus pressure. More pressure on our face. Nope, not occurring. Nevertheless, it is fantastic for placing small, frozen gel loads when a migraine strikes. Extremely calming. We keep a gel pack in the freezer prepared to go when required. We actually like the mask, minus the weights. It is most likely the most comfy sleep mask we have actually attempted. And, we have actually attempted a great deal of them looking for one we might endure. This one does not pull hair. It does not have an uneasy swelling when you sleep on your back or side. It actually does block out all the light. And, it does not squeeze our sinuses. All huge pluses over its competitors.

High quality and strong. Holds up to nighttime usage. We did not believe it would still remain in one piece after a number of months, however it s still in ideal condition, although we not do anything to care for it. Utilizing a sleep mask has actually considerably enhanced our sleep, however this particular mask is actually the one. We have actually attempted others and this one is without a doubt the most reliable and most comfy.

Got this for our spouse for daddy’s day. He has actually attempted numerous masks, however he considers illuminated when he saw this one. And are still shut because he’s still asleep. He liked the method it contours to his face and twists around. Fro some factor, he chose to put the silky side versus his eyes, although picture appear like that need to be on the exterior. (we could not find a description of the distinction in between the 2 sides. ).

This eye mask is really comfy, and the entire thing fits actually well to obstruct out nearly all light. We purchased this for our spouse, who has a tough time falling and remaining asleep, and he discussed its efficiency right now. This mask likewise assists him get a great nap throughout the day time. Fantastic purchase, we would absolutely advise this mask.

This sleep mask is really soft and stays with your face, so you will forget it stays with your face. Light can be obstructed by 100%. When we put the mask on we immediately dropped off to sleep. The product is really comfortable and it fits to your face effectively. It likewise is blacked out so that you do not require to adjust. The straps are velcro and will not fall off in your sleep.

We have actually been having problem sleeping recently. We have actually attempted melatonin and weighted blankets however they simply didn’t work. Then we attempted this weighted sleep mask. And it worked. The material is really soft and comforable. The weight offers simply adequate pressure and advises us of the beanies we utilize at the end of yoga to assist unwind. The only problem is one we have actually seen on here currently that it s not fantastic for side or stomach sleepers as it slips a little. We concur however we are for one of the most part a back sleeper and it works completely.

We have problem going to sleep, and attempted other sleep masks prior to. We actually take pleasure in the weight of this mask. It obstructs out the light and we find the weighted mask reassuring.

Assists keep out the light as we choose pitch darkness when sleeping. We just want that there were more beads on the eye socket area to include additional weight on our eyes. In general, it is really comfy.

This is it. This is the sleep mask above all sleep masks. Super soft & strikes simply the best areas with simply the correct amount of weight. Perfect for side sleepers like ourself also. We were fretted that the velcro may capture in our hair, however it’s concealed in the very same incredibly soft product as the outdoors and you do not feel it whatsoever. We advise acquiring this one. You will not regret it.

This is fantastic to decrease migraines. We are looking for alternative approaches for discomfort and migraines rather of taking tablets. This works to keep migraines at bay when we feel the discomfort practically to begin. We sleep with it so grateful we bought 2. The weight and the coolness assists migraines and sinus discomfort. We advise taking out the gel mask, putting it in the fridge for a number of hours putting it back inside the weighted mask and utilizing it.

Lovethese Soft & simply adequate weight to work rapidly & keep us asleep. Specifically useful when we have a headache.

Weighted mask. So delighted to find the gravity one on. We like these masks since they are calming and a great method to go to sleep or simply unwind. We do not strap mine on since we like to rely on our side. Our spouse utilizes his all night. No concerns with not breathing or whatever individuals have actually pointed out on here.

We likethese We have actually had other sleep masks, however these keep our eyes closed naturally due to their weight. We wear t seem like we need to have a hard time to keep our eyes shut, like we finish with more affordable masks. If you require to sleep throughout the day, these will work. They obstruct out all light.

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