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COCOBELA Updated Weighted Eye Mask for Sleeping

COCOBELA Updated Weighted Eye Mask for Sleeping

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of COCOBELA Updated Weighted Eye Mask for Sleeping.

  • Security’ COCOBELA’s Weighted Eye Mask is made from soft and high-end luxurious material and satin, which is comfy to use and feels mild versus the skin.No fret about the danger of allergic reactions.Please enjoy this mask with no concerns.
  • Adjustable Strap ‘The buckle strap can protect the mask in location. And a top-quality zippered closures permit you to change the weight to fit your requirements or change the fill, you can include or deduct an aromatherapy element from the mask. Likewise, taking out the bag it would be a best shading pillow.
  • Blackout Mask & Easy Clean ‘100% Blackout Eye Mask and it is created with a top-quality zipper that opens and closes efficiently, making the inner bag replacement and mask cleansing incredibly helpful; both hand and device washable.
  • Hot & Cold Treatment ‘Put the eye mask in a fridge/microwave (please take out the external cover ), do not get too hot, 2 minutes is ok. For cold/hot treatment for puffy eyes, meditation, migraine, tension relief. Warm suggestions: Under 30mins utilizing time for cold/hot treatment is recommended.
  • Calming ‘Weighted Sleep mask is powered by sience, which is excellent for relaxing, resting, meditation, relieving travel stress, and supplying eye relief after hours of computer system work or video gaming. It’s weighted compression help in the sensation of relaxation.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on COCOBELA Updated Weighted Eye Mask for Sleeping.
Presenting COCOBELA’s Star Product – Weighted Eye Mask Secret Includes – Make your every relaxation fantastic 100% Breathable Cotton Premium cotton supplies a glamorous silky feel that’s incredibly soft to the touch. Utilize it with microwaved inner bag to ease headache and clear mind. Hot & Cold Treatment Put the eye mask in a fridge/microwave( do not get too hot, 2 minutes is okay) for cold/hot treatment for puffy eyes, meditation, migraine, tension relief. Warm suggestions: Under 30min utilizing time for cold/hot treatment is recommended. Home/Travel/Flight/ Train/Car Due to the fact that of it convenience and exceptional light-blocking capability, tourists can have a fast rest and relaxation from the tired journey and awaken with complete energy. Removable, Washable, and Multiple-use A top-quality zipper makes the inner bag replacement and mask cleansing incredibly helpful; both hand and device washable are offered. Read more Comfy Product Uniformly disperses Made with premium satin and fleece Internal stuffing includes 100% polyester and silica beads. Removable Maker Washable The cover can be changed and cleaned, you can take the weighted inner out of the mask if you do not desire it or if you require to clean the mask. Updated Buckle Strap COCOBELA has actually altered the strap from Pull-through strap to buckle strap, which can protect the mask in location. Read more Weighted Blanket Dark GreyWeighted Blanket GreyWeighted Blanket GreyWeighted Blanket GreySize60 * 8060 * 8048 * 7241 * 60Weight15lb15lb12lb10lb100% Cotton

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on COCOBELA Updated Weighted Eye Mask for Sleeping.

Question Question 1

Does It Block Light Around The Nose?

Yes, as long as you tighten up the strap it’s good at it. Mine works excellent at obstructing light around the nose.

Question Question 2

About How Heavy Would You State This Is? Our Bf Gets Terrible Cluster Headaches That Are Relieaved By Pressure To His Eye/ Forehead?

For Cluster headaches you most likely would require something more much heavier than what this supplies.

Question Question 3

Is The Mask Washable?

It’s removable, washable and reusable.A top-quality zipper makes the inner bag replacement and mask cleansing incredibly helpful; both hand and device washable are offered.

Question Question 4

Can The Inner Pouch Of Beads Be Heated In The Microwave?

Yes, COCOBELA weighted mask is ideal for cold/hot treatment for puffy eyes, meditation, migraine, tension relief. Put the eye mask in a fridge/microwave( do not get too hot, 2 minutes is okay)

Question Question 5

Can The Bead Be Steam Heated (No Microwave)?

we do not believe it would be a great concept. its weighted with plastic beads much like the weighted blankets

Question Question 6

Is This Sleep Mask Comfy For Side Sleepers, Does Kill In Location And Does It Still Block Light 100%?

Yes it does. As long as you have it tightened up conveniently. Due to operating at night and sleeping throughout the day it has actually been a true blessing.

Question Question 7

Can It Be Put In The Freezer?

we never ever have. we put on t think it would remain cold for a very long time. we purchased another 1 for our sibling that stated you could put in the freezer

Question Question 8

Is The Inside Silk Or Is It Fabric Through Out? How Frequently Do You Wash It?

One side seems like silk and the other microfiber.we were it a minimum of weekly. we feel this has actually made a distinction in our sleep quality and quantity.we mored than happy with the results.Good luck.

Question Question 9

The Length Of Time Are Bands Expected To Last?

Have had my own not rather a year and band still great.

Question Question 10

Does It Slip Down When You Sleep While Seated?

Simply tighten up the strap.

Question Question 11

Is The Clasp Of The Strap Comfy On The Back Of Your Head? Or Does It Press Into Your Head While You’Re Setting?

It can push into your head, however we generally put on t notification it

Question Question 12

Can You Return This?

Sure, if you have any issues about our product, we can cover the service warranty for you: offer you a brand-new totally free replacement or get you a complete refund. And, you can likewise call to return it.

Question Question 13

Are The Beads Hard Or Soft Plastic?

They feel tough if we utilize our fingers to feel them, however when the mask is on your face you do not feel the beads. They do include simply the correct amount of weight general which is why we like this mask a lot.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on COCOBELA Updated Weighted Eye Mask for Sleeping, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We are a passionate fan of eye masks and utilize them frequently, both during the night time and while sleeping throughout aircraft trips. In our rotation are luxury kao megurism steam eye masks, korean adorable/ weird blind folds, and a big collection of totally free airline company eye masks we have actually gotten for many years. Sleep is extremely crucial to me. Improving the quality of our sleep and naps is both a pastime and an enthusiasm. In 2015, we began sleeping with a weighted blanket. It helped in reducing the stress and anxiety work/bosses were causing in me. So arbitrarily advised this weighted eye mask pillow to me, we might not withstand acquiring instantly. Their algorithm is exceptional. This thing is freaking incredible. Using the eye mask pillow is extremely peaceful. The material is soft and keeps our face warm. The adjustable bands make the eye mask pillow both tight and comfy. The weight is perfect, using simply sufficient pressure to soothe one down without causing neck discomforts after prolonged duration of use. It is likewise big enough to obstruct out all light so that we can oversleep on the weekends without the sun light requiring us awake (too inexpensive to pay for black out tones). We would state that this product is not indicated for side (and for that reason stomach) sleepers. It works excellent when sleeping on one s back. However when sleeping on one s side there is little or unequal pressure and the fit is extremely uncomfortable. Simply something to keep in mind because 63% of americans sleep on their side.

We like eye masks. We believe this one would be great if we had a migraine and was laying just on our back. We are side sleeper and it injured our temples when we would sleep on our side. Likewise of we clipped the back on and put down the buckle would begin to make our headache even worse. The weight of it is excellent we like the portable beads and we believe we might include oils to the mask (like peppermint) so it had an odor. If you do not desire an eye mask with a sent this one is excellent. It does make whatever dark however after some time the mask begins to slip down and harm the bridge of your nose since of the weight so you need to re tighten it. All in all we do not believe this was a mask for us however we would you do not mind playing around and attempting to fit it to your face everytime you utilize it then we believe it would be excellent for you. We are pleased we got to attempt it however we do not believe we will be purchasing 2.

Whether this is at space temperature or good and cool from being in the refrigerator, this eye mask feels incredible on. This is completely adjustable, as you can see from the photos and even when we are laying on our back, the back of this does not trouble us at all. You can quickly change the tightness to what and how you desire it and even when its a little tight, the flexible stretches quite far. Idea the weight may be excessive when we initially got this however after utilizing it, you barely even see the weight on your face. Utilized this to assist unwind and have actually gone to sleep a number of times while using this mask. Even with going to sleep, the mask remained on. Great for worn out eyes, headaches or simply when you wish to use an eye mask.

We are difficult judge and never ever leave 5-star evaluations. This mask absolutely is worthy of all 5 star. It is extremely comfy, obstructs light well, remains cool longer than other comparable sleep masks we have actually acquired and the weight feels great. The buckle and adjuster are not felt when using the mask, even when the back of the head is on a pillow. This is a terrific alternative for migraineurs.

We purchased this to have some sort of pressure on our eyes while we sleep, and to help in producing total darkness. There is a bit of pressure on our eyes however the beads within the mask do not completely sit right. They collect more around the eye, which is not where we desire the pressure to be. Nevertheless, they still work splendidly as a night light guard.

We have a comparable mask however it’s heated and smaller sized and lighter. We desired something with more weight to assist us unwind and go to sleep. Likewise we didn’t desire anything with a lot of cables. This is precisely what we desired. We like the satin on one side and velour on the other so you have 2 alternatives.

So- we were discussing on the more expensive gravity weighted sleep mask and chose to offer this one a go. Incredible purchase. High quality and is ideal for anybody who requires to nap throughout the day. We seemed like we had much deeper more relaxing sleep and it kept all the daytimeout If you are discussing on this purchase, simply do it. You won t be dissatisfied.

The product does a great task for what its madefor It has some weight to it so it sets well on your face when you sleep. The size is relatively big so it will cover a great part of your face; obstructing any lights that you might have around you. Our only problem is that the band does clip your hair occasionally. However general extremely good product.

This is ideal. It is simply the correct amount of weight/pressure on our eyes, it’s ideal when we are having migraines or sinus concerns. It’s soft, and the band that walks around the head is made from extremely soft flexible that does not pluck our hair. Love this mask.

Finest sleep mask we have actually ever had. Not just obstructs the light – the weight is remarkably reassuring. We work a night shift and this makes sleeping throughout the day a breeze.

Have you ever utilized a weighted blanket or felt the convenience of a company hug? this mask is a hug for your eyes. It entirely obstructs out all light. It is weighted somewhat and, we put on t understand the science behind it, however it feels so unwinding to me.

Pro: can heat up the beads upstays in placedark – does not let light seep incon: strap is a little tight.

We sleep under a weighted blanket and wished to offer the mask a shot. It took a few minutes to get utilize to it however we dropped off to sleep quick and slept well. Which is extremely uncommon for us. We like it.

Our very first owned weighted sleeping mask. This product made a great impression on me. Initially, it felt impossibly heavy, however you get utilized to it and after that understand why you have not had an eye pillow all your life lol. The silk side (which is what touches your face) is somewhat cooling, so it does not get warm and unwearable.

We acquired this in hopes of getting relief when we have migraines. And- it assists a lot. We actually have actually acquired for numerous of our friends/families.

We like this weighted sleeping mask do not require heat or cold and utilize straight. One side seems like silk so its incredibly soft on the face, and the other soft and high-end luxurious material. Begun utilizing it we have actually been going to sleep more much faster and easier. We truly like the zipper style to take out the weighted pouch for cleaning. We were wash it a minimum of weekly.

Soft and comfy. Just thing we needed to do was reduce the flexible a little by stitching it because us head is smaller sized, simple to do. The weight is ideal and keeps ella light blockerout Barely even understand you re using it. Have actually been sleeping better and going to sleep much faster than in the past.

We slept with this product for one night and one after work nap it was the very best thing ever. If you are incredibly conscious light and can not sleep with any light on. This is for you.

We like the method the sleep mask feels on our face.

We have actually been eagerly anticipating utilizingthese The weight truly provides relaxation aspect. We simply snoozed with it and am delighted to attempt it for the night.

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