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Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask

Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask.

  • 100% Polyester
  • ADJUSTABLE NOSE STRIP VIEW VIDEO IMAGE: Great for males and females taking a trip on aircraft, by vehicle, or otherwise. The adjustable cushioned nose strip lets you personalize the fit and level of darkness, so you can obstruct out light better or oversleep total blackout darkness.
  • HOUSE & TRAVEL USAGE: With a pillow under your head and this soft sleep mask over your eyes, you can lastly rest simple. Luxurious material covers the within and outdoors while inner rounded eye liners keep the material far from your eyelids.
  • SNAG-FREE STRAPS: The soft adjustable material Straps assist the Midnight Magic Adjustable Travel Sleep Mask prevent bed head lines. Without any flexible in this comfy device, this eye mask will never ever snag your hair.
  • SOUND CANCELLING: The Cabeau Midnight Magic Adjustable Travel Eye Mask features memory foam sleeping earplugs that save easily in the side eye cover pocket and provide you noise-cancelling peaceful happiness.

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More Info:

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Read more Eye Take Care Of All Inner rounded eye liners keep the material far from your eyelids as you sleep and will not push versus your eyes. Take a fast nap and do not have a fret about renovating your eye shadow. You Manage the Darkness Change your fit and darkness level at your fingertips. The cushioned adjustable nose strip lets you personalize the fit and change the level of darkness. Memory Foam Earplugs Block out ambient sound for more peaceful sleep, then shop earplugs inside the side pocket. Peaceful the sound in your ears and on your eyes. Read more Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask.

Question Question 1

Why Am We Not able To Return This Product?

Most likely health factors. If you have conjunctivitis, use it, send it back and they offer it once again to someone

Question Question 2

What About Stomach Sleepers? Does The Sleep Mask Remain In Location And Block Light Even While Sleeping On Your Stomach?

we normally sleep on our side, and flip frequently. The mask, when protected appropriately, sits tight. A retired military shift employee, we have depended on sleeping masks for several years- so far, this mask is our preferred.?

Question Question 3

What’S Your Favorite Function Of The Sleep Mask?

The eye pockets.Unlike a great deal of sleep masks this one has cavities where the mask reviews your eyes.There is absolutely nothing that touches your eyes while using this mask.

Question Question 4

Made In U.S.A.?

Made in China

Question Question 5

How Well Does It Deal With A Cpap Maker?

The only trouble may happen would be at the bridge of the nose, it’s a bendable (soft) wire. It’s fantastic for folks for migraines, due to the fact that it assists keep lightout It would depend upon how your mask fits.Sorry, we are unsure this was much aid. we like my own, we have 2, one for house and one for taking a trip

Question Question 6

Can You Use This With The Cabeau Travel Pillow?

Yes. The Midnight Magic Sleep Mask can be used with any Cabeau travel pillow (Development Pillow, Development S3, Development Cool, Evo Microbead, Air Development, etc) and is suggested if you wish to really rest/sleep while taking a trip.

Question Question 7

How Well Does It Smother Out Sound With And Without Ear Plugs? And Does It Hold Earplugs In Location?

Does not smother sound nor holds ear plugs in location.

Question Question 8

Does This Work Well For Individuals With Smaller Sized Heads? We Have Utilized An Older Variation And It Was Too Big For United States On The Tiniest Setting.?

we have a little head, it was 2 huge, nevertheless we put a knot on each side of the wrap and it assisted. we purchased a 2nd one and put additional velcro on it.Velcro can be found at the majority of craft shops, and it has adhesive on it. This is remarkable eye cover, we have migraines and it entirely obstructs out light.

Question Question 9

What Brand Name Of Earplugs Are Consisted Of With Mask And Where To Buy More?

The earplugs are simply tucked into a little pouch in the strap. They aren’t a particular brand name. You can buy any type at your regional drug store.

Question Question 10

How Is Cabeau Pronounced?

According to their site (https://www.cabeau.com/about-us/): “Cabeau (pronounced CAH-bo) (.). So he decided to ” keep all of it in the household” and name the company after his newborn son, Luca Beau.”

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

The very best sleeping mask ever. We have actually slept with a sleeping mask for several years maturing, once we began getting lash extensions a few years back, we could not find one that didn’t pull and continue them all night. This mask is remarkable. It is so comfy and fits to your face completely. We can entirely open our eyes when it is on our face, as the parts that cover the eye are contoured so that they do not put any pressure on your eyes, however it is entirely pitch black. Not a shred of light gets in. It is soft, and comfy, like using a cloud mask on your face. We currently purchased 2 more of these due to the fact that we hesitate of losing it, or forgetting it while taking a trip. We will be purchasing one for our hubby too.

4. 5 out of 5 stars. Graveyard shift employee. Obstructs the light well, as soon as you tweek it for a customized fit. We are 5′ 2″, 112 pounds and have a low bridge and greater cheek bones. Tweeking can be a little discouraging initially however black out can be attained. When you get that custom-made fit, do not mess w/ it even more. Likewise, if you roll over it in your sleep you may need to reconfigure it once again. If you are back sleeper and do not toss much in your sleep, there is no requirement to protect it behind your head. It is howver, rather hot when protected. Would have ranked it as a 5 if not for the tweeking and product being a bit expensive. That stated you can get the outcomes you’re trying to accomplish. [asin:b008mq99kg cabeau midnight magic adjustable sleep mask]]

Ive been through numerous sleep mask and this is without a doubt our favorite. The adjustable nose piece makes it nearly best for keeping undesirable lightout The only gripe we have is needing to hand wash it and the side pocket for the ear plugs. We might feel the side pocket pressing on the side of our head and the hand cleaning draws. We tossed it in the wash on carefully as soon as and the metal got a little bent up and twisted within so we can comprehend why its handwash just. On the other side, we have actually yet come close to anything as excellent as this one. Our relative and we both have one for those early morning when the sun comes blasting through the gable end windows.

Let us begin by stating that, if you are having difficulty remaining sleeping preceded light, as we do, eye masks are wonder. We h e attempted a few various ones. This one was cool due to the fact that it has a little pouch with earplugs, however sincerity, in the long run, we put on t utilize them. If we are on an airplane, we utilize earphones rather. The feel is actually soft, which is great, however we have rather a huge head, which indicates that to use them we need to use the strap below our occipital bone at the upper part of our neck rather then directly back atop our occipital bone itself. This actually offers a reasonable quantity of convenience because that method when laying on our back, we can t felt the strap on our head, nevertheless it pulls the mask down on our nose annoyingly. We might actually see this being the very best one for a great deal of individuals, however having actually attempted it, we choose the more standard ones with the convex bulbs over the eyes.

This is actually among the very best sleep masks we have actually ever placed on our face. It was comfy for us * instantly, * and after changing the nose-pad really somewhat, it was * entirely * dark. We are extremely pleased. The ear plugs are not extraordinary, however ear plugs are a-dime-dozen. Often literally.;- pwe extremely suggest this product for individuals who have difficulty sleeping with ambient light around, or when you’re taking a trip and you do not have your blackout drapes in your completely dark bed room at home.;–RRB- heck, we even oversleep a mask in the house in some cases, specifically now that it’s incredibly warm, and we’re leaving the bed room door open in the evening for flow. Fantastic service to light-bleed from other parts of the house.:–RRB-.

We have actually been through a great deal of sleep masks – all declaring to obstruct light – which none did. And they all broke down really rapidly. Making really bad quality products appears to be the standard of these specific makers. However this cabeau sleep mask does obstruct 100% of the light – no light leakages around the nose due to the fact that you can form fit it to how it works finest for you. We have not had it enough time to see the length of time it lasts, however up until now it’s been definitely fantastic. It does not have a flexible strap which we believed we would not like, however it has actually worked out simply great. It does soften up. It’s more costly then the typical mask, however seeing how we went through a lot of due to their being badly made, we believe it deserves it. We currently purchased a second mask due to the bad experiences we had with the other products and we all the best hope this cabeau mask holds up.

We utilized to be a roadway warrior and remain in a great deal of hotels, we believe we have actually attempted every eye mask there is, then wefound these This is the only eye mask we have actually ever attempted that can obstruct out 100% of the light. They have the ability to accomplish this by utilizing a formable metal rod in the nose location of the mask. You can form the mask around any size nose and change the velcro clasp carefully around your head. The mask is incredibly comfortable. We purchased 5 of these simply in case we loose them. Worth every cent.

Remarkable sleep mask. Shown up earlier than anticipated. We experience migraines so having earbuds on hand is fantastic. Really comfy. We extremely suggest this product for another fantastic usage other than flying. This is the very best sleep mask for more thank simply flying. If you ever had a migraine sound decrease and a dark area to crawl into is the very best. Thank you.

In the beginning it was uneasy, once you change the nose bridge it really obstructs out all light. The earplugs came a bit broken however they do come inside a side pocket of the mask which is practical. In general excellent purchase.

We like this sleep mask. We purchased one for ourself and after that we got one for our partner. We wont sleep without it. Overall blackout. It’s best for individuals who work nights and are day sleepers. We extremely suggest this product.

Hands down the very best sleeping mask ever made. We are nurse who works graveyard shift, when we sleep throughout the day we require a total black out and the drapes simply do not do enough. We purchased these and its remarkable. We actually do not even require to shut our drapes when we usethese It is so comfy on our face therefore soft. We suggest this 100% for anybody who is delicate to light or anybody who takes a trip.

We have actually attempted a number of various sleep masks through the years. We had not found one that we liked due to the fact that the light dripped in, or our eyelashes would get stuck when we blinked, however that all altered when we found this mask. We like this mask. We have actually purchased numerous of them. There is a wire in the nose location so that we can form it so that light does not get in and the eyelid location is domed so that we can blink without our eyelashes getting captured. What can we state, have a crush on this sleep mask.:-RRB-.

Style and quality fits its function.

We liked whatever about it other than the strap was hardly enough time to keep the velcro locked firmly. So we utilized some smooth black duct tape to protect it efficiently and easily. We like your product quite. Thanks. David zwanziger, iowa.

Our child bought one – and all of us attempted it and believed, why would you ever utilize a basic airline company released sleep mask ever once again. The cabeau midnight magic – completely blacks out whatever, however its soft and snuggly on your face, large adjustable straps that do not dig in, and the nose area can likewise be customised to increase convenience. A charming little pocket to hold your earplugs – genius. Love love like it.

In General, a really comfy mask to use for sleeping. However, considering that purchasing it on july 3 of this year, the velcro has actually used out and it will not remain on while sleeping. Didn’t rather make it 4 months. We want they provided this mask with a stretcheable rubber band to hold it in location considering that the velcro variation does not last long.

We weren’t sure about this thinking about the cost however this is the very best eye mask we have actually utilized. Soft product, large band, pocket for ear plugs and real black out light clog.

Soft and comfy and absolutely efficient at obstructing out light on an airplane. We have actually lost one set and instantly obtained the set we purchased for our relative.

Love it. Really comfy.

The adjustable nose piece is an excellent function for this sleep mask due to the fact that it enables all light to be obstructed out around the nose and eyes.

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