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Bluebonnet Nutrition EarthSweet Melatonin

Bluebonnet Nutrition EarthSweet Melatonin

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Bluebonnet Nutrition EarthSweet Melatonin.

  • Developed with 1 mg of Melatonin and Sweetened with EarthSweet
  • For Occassional Insomnia
  • 60 Chewable Tablets, 60 Portions
  • Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Kosher Licensed, Non-GMO, Dairy-Free, Vegan
  • Devoid of milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans. Likewise devoid of yeast, gluten, barley, rice and salt.

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Bluebonnet’s EarthSweet Chewables Melatonin 1 mg Tablets assist decrease periodic insomnia for those impacted by disrupted sleep/wake cycles, such as those taking a trip throughout several time zones. This product is sweetened with EarthSweet, an exclusive mix of juice focuses and walking stick crystals. Readily available in chewable tablets for optimum assimilation and absorption.–

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What Nation Are These Manufactured In?

This product is produced in the United States of America.

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We purchased these to assist our night owl of a 2 years of age go to sleep earlier. Not just do they work excellent, however she likes them. She calls the her sweet and voluntarily takes them and consumes them. No more slipping?? thank you a lot for this excellent product.

These are 1mg, so they are excellent for reducing into sleep. They re little, so there isn’t much taste to them (which is great, because they aren t a reward ).

We have actually redeemed a number of times. Never ever lets us down.

Helpful For our 2 children whom are simply 6 & 8. One has an autoimmune illness and is often in unbearable discomfort throughout the night. And since it is just 1 mg, the physician has stated it is safe for them as soon as and some time. The only problen is that it is not kid proofed, so you will wish to keep it high simply to be safe (similar to you ought to with any other medications though).

Our kid can be choosy about tastes, however likes this and it assists her to sleep better when required.

We utilize these for our 2 years of age child who is choosy when it pertains to the melatonin taste. This is the only kind she will consume. And they are fantastic. The taste is so excellent lol. We consume them too often and never ever does it stop working for her to requestmore We have actually currently purchased 3 times and will continue to do so.

Functions excellent. We drop off to sleep quick and sleep well now. We were advised by doctor to utilize melatonin for 2 weeks then stop. That 2 weeks restores our natural sleep back to regular and by golly it works.

Great taste and excellent quantity for cost. Our child takes 1mg per night and these work excellent.

Assists us get to oversleep 30-60 minutes and assists us remain asleep.

Taste. Ez dropped off to sleep.

Our kids are really choosy about tastes and they like this quite. Our only tip is that bluebonnet produces a 500 mcg tablet.

These are lifesaver. Our young child does not sleep on her own, these assist her sleep and have no enduring effect.

Dissolvable, taste excellent and simple to swallow.

Assists gs sleep in the evening.


We acquired these for our grand son. It assists relax him and he has the ability to get a peaceful excellent nights sleep.

Kids like the taste.

These work well however purchaser beware. They taste scrumptious. Like sweet. Like you wish to consume more however you do not wish to pass away lol.

Functions excellent. Need to chew 5 however that’s ok. They arnt the very best consistency.


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