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BeeZee Kids Sleep Mask

BeeZee Kids Sleep Mask

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of BeeZee Kids Sleep Mask.

  • Rose Scented Soothing, reassuring increased aroma. Assist your kid unwind and wander to sleep with the calming aroma of roses
  • Easy to connect Mask merely loops around your kid’s ears for simple accessory. Light-weight, comfy mask won t slip off or end up being annoying.
  • Developed for kids Adult sleep masks merely weren t produced a kid’s measurements. Our masks are made to completely fit your kid’s head and ears for a more comfy fit.
  • Assists block light A dark space can assist your kid get to sleep quicker, and street lights and home lights can frequently end up being disruptive. Our comfy sleep masks obstructs light so your kid can drop off to sleep simpler and have an undisturbed, light-free sleep.
  • Natural sleep help Assist your kid drop off to sleep quicker and remain asleep longer without medications, creams, or syrups. Sleep masks are the drug-free, natural method to enhance sleep.

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Color: Pink – RoseSleep masks aren t simply for grownups kids enjoy them, too. These non reusable sleep masks include calming aromas to assist your kid unwind and drop off to sleep quicker. Made to fit your kid’s little head and ears, our masks fit easily and won t fall off: simply slip the 2 loops over your kid’s ears and the mask will remain in location all night. Plus, the increased aroma will assist unwind and relieve your kid. This three-pack of light-blocking sleep packs is best for taking a trip or for daily usage. When light is obstructed, your kid has a better possibility of dropping off to sleep simpler and remaining asleep longer. Which implies a well-rested, pleased kid (and a much better mother and father.). Sleep masks are the drug-free method of providing your kid a better night’s sleep.

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These are quite comfy and we enjoy the odor.

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