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Ariel EDGE Plush Hot-Cold Eye Mask

Ariel EDGE Plush Hot-Cold Eye Mask

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Ariel EDGE Plush Hot-Cold Eye Mask.

  • Polyester/PVC
  • COMFY Soft Plush Aqua Bead Gel TreatmentEye Mask Adjustable flexible strap with hook & loop closure.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL Shop in fridge or freezer for cool usage.
  • QUICKLY Heat in microwave for hot usage.
  • SIMPLE TO CLEAN Reusable and quickly cleaned up with moderate soap and water.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Ariel EDGE Plush Hot-Cold Eye Mask.
Color: Pastel Blue Lay back and unwind with the Ariel EDGE Plush Hot/ColdEye Mask Plush side offering supreme convenience to utilize straight on the skin for supreme relaxation. Flexible strap connected to hold mask snuggly into location for problem-free usage. Pick from a range of colors to customize your”me time” THE DIRECTION OF EYESMASK TO USAGE HEAT: Mircowave for 30 seconds, include extra 5 2nd periods up until preferred temperature level is reached. TO USAGE COLD: Freeze for a minimum of 2 hours.The Load Need to just used to the relief location for the medical professional suggested time of 20 minutes. CARE: Packs can be cleaned up with a moderate soap or cleaning agent. Do not swallow beads. Do not utilize on babies. Heating Loads beyond the time specified above is not suggested.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Ariel EDGE Plush Hot-Cold Eye Mask.

Question Question 1

The Number Of Minutesor Hours Does It Stay Hot?

It remains hot for about 20 minutes.

Question Question 2

The Length Of Time To Heat In The Microwave?

Plesse start with 30 sec, If not hot enough, include 10 more sec Incremental up until preferred temperature reached

Question Question 3

The Number Of Can Be Found In The Load?

just one

Question Question 4

Our Doc Recommended Hot Wet Face Fabric For Our Dry Eyes.Can This Be Utilized Wet?

Eye mask remains hot longer than a facecloth. You wear t requirement to utilize it damp. The heat is what assists dry eyes.

Question Question 5

Does It Feature A Bag For The Freezer?

It does not included a bag for the freezer however you can utilize any storage bag that would fit to keep it flat while freezing

Question Question 6

The Length Of Time Stay Hot?

A Long Time we like this thing we want they had larger ones for neck and shoulders

Question Question 7

Is It Helpful For Sleeping Or Simply For Cool/Hot Compress?

we have not utilized them hot ourself, so we could not inform you on that point. With it cold we have not ever had an issue going to sleep with them on. we do not move a lot in our sleep however we generally awaken with it by our pillow in the early morning. They are soft adequate and the strap is elastic enough we have actually never ever had and concern going t we have not utilized them hot ourself, so we could not inform you on that point. With it cold we have not ever had an issue going to sleep with them on. we do not move a lot in our sleep however we generally awaken with it by our pillow in the early morning. They are soft adequate and the strap is elastic enough we have actually never ever had and concern going to sleep with it on.

Question Question 8

Will This Aid For The Dark Circles Around Our Eyes? Thanks?

That’s the factor we purchased it. It aids with the puffiness a little.

Question Question 9

Adjustable Strap?

Yes it’s a Velcro strap

Question Question 10

Can You Simply Leave It In The Freezer? Or Refrigerator?

we leave it in the freezer. we like it actually cold however you re gon na wish to let it thaw a bit prior to you utilize it. If you simply desire it cool you can leave it in the refrigerator. we find these really helpful when we get headaches.

Question Question 11

How Does It Work For Heat?

we have not utilized this one for heat however have actually utilized others with the beads in them and they work quite well

Question Question 12

Appears Like An ExcellentProduct Im Terrified It Wont Totally Touch The Location Around Our Eyes, We Required To Eliminate The Bags, Absolutely Nothing Else. Can Someone Lmk?

It does. It’s well weighted and has an adjustable strap to providesecure, close contact.

Question Question 13

Is It Helpful For Shutting Out Light Throughout Sleep Times? We Are Going To Have A Roomie And Wish To Have The Ability To Sleep When She Desires The Lights On.?

The eye mask is not developed for sleeping time. Although, it can obstruct outlight, it is much heavier than regular sleeping mask.You might wish to try to find something lighter.

Question Question 14

How Do We Tidy It?

if It s a little stain we would simply clean it with a wash fabric if it s a huge stain we make sure it s great to hand wash in a bowl of soapy water And air dry.

Question Question 15

Where Is It Made?

It’s made in China the information is on the little tag that has the hot/cold instructions.

Question Question 16

Where Is The Product Made.? Exists A Plastic Odor?

It is made in China. There is no plastic odor.

Question Question 17

We Don’T Have A Microwave. Can We Immerse It In Warm Water To Heat It Up?

Yes, it can be immersed in warm/hot water to warm up. Although, the rubber band and plush product will be soaked too.

Question Question 18

Exists Adjustable Strap For This Product Now? Some Individuals Stated There Is, Some Stated There Isn’T.?

Yes. There is adjustable strap now.

Question Question 19

Can You Utilize The Gel Side Cold Straight On Your Eyes?

You can utilize the gel side straight on the eye if the pack is not too hot or too cold.

Question Question 20

Do You Put It In The Freezer For Cold, Or Simply Refridgerate?

we do both. we utilize the freezer for brief, extreme eye mask sessions (~ 7min) and the fridge for longer eye mask sessions. Outcome appears to be the exact same.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Ariel EDGE Plush Hot-Cold Eye Mask, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have a cod/flu “thing” with really, really agonizing sinuses and the bones all around the sinuses. The plan was provided straight to our house door, which was fantastic; we opened it; put the mask in the microwave for about 45 seconds and after that over our eyes. And ahhhhhhhhhhhhh; it was a total remedy for discomfort. We unwinded – more so then in the last 5 days. Am we treated – no however possibly now our system will reveal its appreciation and toss the bugsout Thank you to the designer, maker, provider and everybody who had any part in bringing this product to me. Thanks and thanks to the shipment individuals.

We got my own previously in the mail today + will upgrade if any of the prospective failures others pointed out happen, however at the minute we are exceptionally pleased. Pros:- we are dumour and didn’t even understand this features 2. Two times the worth + a backup if anything fails with # 1- warmed up in the microwave fine with no odor or bursting, etc, as some had actually stated. Naturally, we just warmed it as soon as up until now. – the felt side does not feel incredibly plastic-y as we feared- comfortable adequate- works well (does not hold heat or cold for an eternity, however as long as you ought to expectcons:- once again, will upgrade if anything considerable takes place- the fit is a little weird. Not absolutely uneasy or anything, simply sort of odd. – if you feel you desire or require any sort of directions besides the bit on the tag (for how long to heat and cool), it featured nonewould buy once again.

A warm, moist compress was suggested by our eye doctor for dry eyes. This is a lot easier to rapidly heat in the microwave. 30 seconds is all that it takes in our microwave. While it does not appear hot, it is plenty, as it would be simple to hurt your eyelids and skin if it is too hot.

Our optometrist suggested something comparable – wished to charge us over $30 for the one they bring however, thankfully, they were out of stock. Came house and purchased the pink one. We like it – it warms up in about 30 seconds, holds heat for rather a long while, and if we wish to we can utilize it around the back of our neck rather of over our eyes – so flexible. Because it can be utilized for heat or cold, we are keeping our pink one for heat, and purchased a blue one to keep in the freezer.

We have actually utilized this two times and we like the method it feels. We are utilizing it for dry eye syndrome so we do hot compresses two times a day. Our only problem is that this can be found in a thin plastic bag without any tags, simply a little label determining what it was on the beyond the bag. The directions for usage were on a tag sewn to the eye mask rather of on a paper insert with the mask. In the beginning we questioned whether this was a return however it appears brand-new. We have actually utilized 2 other masks, one with lavender and one without and this one is the one we like best.

Purchased the very first one and utilized it for a little while prior to the sewing ended up being reversed, triggering the beads inside to spillout We called their customer assistance and they sent out a replacement in a fast style, congratulations to their assistance. We just utilized this replacement for the cold sinus relief and after a few months of regular usage, the exact same thing occurred. Would advise not leaving it in the freezer for longer than an hour or 2, and perhaps simply leaving in the refrigerator. The tear most likely takes place when the mask is too stiff and attempts complying with your face. Bought another one even if you can’t beat the rate and it does provide relief. Customer service is strong too.

Mask fit: the front is incredibly soft & squishy, and it makes good noises when you move the beads around. The back feels kinda like velour, it’s incredibly soft and rests actually conveniently around your face. It does not poke or aggravate your face in any method. A thing we actually like is the adjustable strap. Many masks fit kinda tight around our obviously huge sized head which winds up squeezing our head and leads to a headache. However with the adjustable strap the mask fits completely. Color is simply as marketed, and it’s a stunning pastel pink. Cold eye mask: when you put it in the refrigerator to get it cold the mask works fantastic. It holds the cold temperature level actually well. When you put it on the velour back avoids it from getting so cold that it injures your face. We can use the mask for hours prior to we require to put it back in the refrigerator. It lowers the puffyness in our eyes when we have allergic reactions, which’s all we desired so we are incredibly happy. We have not attempted to get the mask hot, however we presume it would work the exact same method. So no grievances here, just compliments. We will upgrade the evaluation if anything modifications. Update: we have had it for a while now. Still works fantastic and great quality.

We purchased this to lower puffiness under our eyes primarily after sobbing. Sadly we have actually wept enough to understand that if it’s later on in the day or during the night, our eyes look terrible the next early morning lol. We absolutely see a distinction utilizing this mask. We have actually attempted others in the past where there are holes for the eyes however those never ever worked as there never ever appeared to be adequate gel beads in the locations that we require them in the most-right under the eyes and on the sides. Because there are no eye openings on this mask, we can quickly move the beads so that the locations we require are covered. We go to sleep in it whenever so we do not understand for how long it remains cold as it’s constantly space temperature level by the time we awaken lol. What we likewise value is the product that is utilized that breaks your eyes. It soft and keeps the delicate locations under your eyes secured from the cold versus masks that we have actually utilized where you’re putting freezing cold gel right on your skin. We have not attempted warming it yet. Whether you’re a crier or relaxer (or hybrid of the 2 lol) this mask ought to be calming for you. If we are brave enough we might do an in the past and after pic however in the meantime provide it a shot yourself- the rate is affordable.

Terrific product, remains cold for a very long time. We wear t comprehend some of these bad evaluations about it breaking. If you put it in the freezer for the suggested time it s best and versatile and if you leave it in over night yes it will be more difficult and more frozen so simply wear t flex it actually tough or quickly, anything would break if you did that. If ur mild with it it s great and works well.

We purchased this product due to the fact that we were having migraines and likewise dry and scratchy eyes from allergic reactions. We like that we can simply pop this in our freezer and take it out when we require some relief. It is well-crafted and feels actually great on our skin. Our only problem is that the fleece side does not constantly get cold adequate to bring us the relief that we require, whereas the plastic side can be too cold or uneasy. We would absolutely advise for migraine-sufferers.

The great ones work actually well, so well that regardless of one out of our very first order being bad, we purchased 4more We got another bad one. By bad we suggest that some of the beads inside have burst and the entire thing freezes into a strong bar. It loses versatility, the entire point of a migraine mask. The ones that are intact are fantastic, really comfy and reliable. We will be purchased once again, attempting to get a complete set of great ones.

We required a hot/cold mask for numerous functions, primarily as a warm compress. This one is comfy and remains on well–better than any other mask we have actually attempted, and definitely better than a damp towel. We have not utilized it much for cold, however it warms rapidly in our little (500w) microwave when we require it. After asking other customers and exploring, we found that we might get it to a warm-but-not-hot temperature level by laying it flat in a flat microwave evidence bowl (gel side up) and heating it on the turntable for 40 sec. On complete power, then mushing it around a little, then warming it for another 30-35 seconds on complete power and mushing it around once again. We utilize it just for 10 minutes, and it barely cools down at all (so make certain it isn’t too hot the very first few times you utilize it. ).

Actually, we like this mask for its flexibility, the cool gel and the adjustable band. We have little facial functions; for that reason, we would advise that this product be made in different sizes to fit various shaped faces. This mask is a bit too huge for our face; and the strap, though adjustable, is loose for our head. The gel is remarkable. It works marvels for a sinus headache. The opposite side is soft and comfortable enough for sleep if you do not mind the included weight from the gel. Inspect the measurements of the mask versus the measurements of your face prior to purchased. One size might fit all; however one size might not be comfy for all.

Perfect for snoozing. You can utilize it warm, which we do because we have dry eye and heat packs are suggested by y eye doctor, or cold if you keep it in the freezer.

Like a great deal of others, we purchased this eye mask to cool our eyes when we have migraines. It’s not a bad mask, however there are great deal of things you ought to think about prior to you buy it. Initially, if you leave it in the freezer, the beads freeze and you can not conveniently strap the mask to your face. It takes around 10-15 minutes for the frozen beads to thaw, however it would still be too cold to keep versus your eyes, so you ‘d need to eliminate it a number of times. Once it’s reached a comfy temperature level to keep versus your eyes, it just remains cold for about 15 minutes. We are speaking just about the side that is lined and implied to be put versus your eyes and not of the side revealing the beads. We find it a bit heavy and need to change it typically when utilizing it due to the fact that it crushes our nose and puts pressure on our eyes. Nevertheless, at the rate point, it is a good eye mask and is better than absolutely nothing when you wish to cool your eyes.

Really efficiently alleviates our dry eye issue. It s generous size appears to be much more reliable than other smaller sized brand names. We utilize it two times nighttime, as soon as when we turn out the light and go to sleep and after that once again later on in the wee hours prior to getting up in the early morning. Upon taking it off at the end of these sessions our eyes actually brim with natural tears. For benefit we purchased a little economical microwave simply for the bed room. At 700 watts it takes one minute to warm the eye cover to a safe appropriate temperature level. If we can ever find the time in the middle of the day we will include a 3rd session.

It’s precisely as envisioned and explained. On the front you have little gel sensation balls and on the back you have actually soft material. You put it in the freezer a hour or 2 and after that strap it on. Its straps actually do hold the mask as tight as you desire and protect. We liked how the mask still forms to your face even when it initially originates from the freezer. We purchased the mask due our eyes feeling actually scratchy & burning from allergic reactions. This mask actually relieved the pain and we were comfy adequate to go to sleep.

We like this mask. We struggle with under eye puffiness along with a number of other eye conditions. We utilize it both cold by keeping it in the freezer and likewise as a warm eye compress. It alleviates our puffy eyes and relieves our eyes so we feel entirely revitalized. Beware to not overheat this mask though. We warm it at 30 2nd periods in the microwave, however one day exaggerated it and it nearly took off. It inflated, however after we let it sit for 15 minutes, it returned to regular. Typically about 1 minute or simply under 1 minute in the microwave is best. The side that rests versus your face is a great, smoothe, silky material which does not leave any marks or imprints on your face. We have actually attempted numerous deal with masks and this is definitely the very best out there.

We struggle with dry eyes. If you wear t have it you might not understand that dry eyes suggests the fluid in your eyes is sticky, scratchy and they burn. We warm this up and it s feels so great on aching eyes. It opens your tear ducts, which launches the fluid. We get more remedy for this than drops for dry eyes.

We required something to assist us take naps while pregnant and believed this would be best, we were right. Totally dark while using, we have actually frozen it and utilized the cooling impacts. We have actually not yet required to attempt it warmed. Adjustable velcro flexible head band (i use a pony high tail with mine) and really soft fuzzy inside product. Certainly got our cash worth. We would buy once again. Assists us go to sleep and remain asleep without any light disruption and keeps us cool and unwinds us like the cold side of a pillow in this summer season heat.:-RRB-.

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