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AIRSEE Sound Machine & Night Light - Rechargeable White Noise Machine

AIRSEE Sound Machine & Night Light – Rechargeable White Noise Machine

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of AIRSEE Sound Machine & Night Light – Rechargeable White Noise Machine.

  • 31 SOUND ALTERNATIVES: Including a cradle tune which might be your child’s preferred. It is construct- in 31 calming noises settings are offered, which are non- looping and high- quality; Consists of 8 kinds of natural white noise, 7 fan noises and 16 nature noises( birds, ocean waves, fetal tone, stream, thunder rain, bonfire, crickets, humming sound, music sound pendulum clock). Appropriate for calming your child, your older kids into a deep, peaceful sleep; Pick your preferred sound for sleep and relaxation.
  • NOISE MAKER WITH NIGHT LIGHT: This sound machine night lights is extremely soft and moderate, it might be utilized as a night light for kids, child
  • TIMER VIEWPOINT AND MEMORY FUNCTION: The sleep sound machine includes a 30, 60 or 120- minute sleep timer, The sleep machine can either play all night or immediately switches off when you desire it to. whether you are taking naps, relaxation, meditation or concentration while studying or working. You can set the ideal mode based upon your environment and your sleep routines. The memory function can remember your last settings of the timer, sound, and volume when you next turn it on.
  • ASSISTS WITH YOUR CHILD’S SLEEP – Our portable child sound devices for sleeping includes the Fetal Heart Beat Sound, to simulate the sound of mom’s womb to assist newborns go to sleep much faster and remain asleep longer. Whether nap time or night time, this sleep treatment sound devices assist lull your child to sleep. A sleeping child ways more sleep for the entire household.
  • AIRSEE GUARANTEE: All AIRSEE’s white noise devices include a liftime guarantee from the date of your purchase. if you experience any issues at all with your product or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on AIRSEE Sound Machine & Night Light – Rechargeable White Noise Machine.
AIRSEE White Noise Machine consists of 31 various noises for ideal tone choice: 8 special white noise; 16 special nature noises; 7 special fan noises Warm Light & Breathing Light Modes for Better Sleep Warm light mode, 2 warm light breathing mode assistance you to get a better sleep. Warm and Soft Nightlight Without Evening Worries Featuring 0.036 W warm and soft night light, It casts simply enough scattered light to assist you find your method around for diaper modifications and feedings, however not a lot that it ll make it tough for your child to sleep Earphone & Recharging Assistance 3.5 mm earphone jack style: Our white noise sleep devices produce noises more focused, plus adjustable volume, bringing you terrific experience no matter how loud environment you are remain in. And you do not need to stress over troubling others when enjoying yourself Rechargeable style: With a rechargeable battery that lasts 10 hours sounds play Check out more Automobile- Off Timer Settings Unique for Your Individual Requirements 30, 60, 120min setting can be switch off immediately, constant mode enable the noises stick with you all night.The volume and brightness control enables you to establish your preferred volume and brightness mode. The memory function immediately restores your last play of timer, volume, brightness, and sound. Protable Style This Sleep Sound Machine is little and light-weight. It quickly suits a bag or luggage making it the ideal fellow traveler. Perfect for those who take a trip typically. You’ll never ever wish to lack it Assist You and Your Child Better Sleep Soft night light with a relaxing lullaby, with a wide variety of volume and exact control, you can change the volume according to various background and make it fit users from any ages. Better sleep for your children can imply better sleep for you and a better household. Read more Read more Night Light with Sound MachineFeatures16 Sounds, 7 Colors, Touch Control, Brightness Dimmable

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on AIRSEE Sound Machine & Night Light – Rechargeable White Noise Machine.

Question Question 1

The Product Will Not Hold A Charge. How Do We Return Or Get A Replacement?

Enter into your account and mark refund or return, it will direct you to either print out a mailing label ora information mark you can take it to Kohl’s with your mobile phone and they will send it back free of charge.

Question Question 2

Can You Leave The Noise Machine On All Night?

Yes, you can.

Question Question 3

We Can not Get This To Charge? We Attempted Plugging It Into 2 Various Outlets, With The Cable Supplied, However The 2nd We Disconnect It, It Won’T Switch on.?

we put on t believe the cable is a battery charger the cable is what makes it work. we do not think it is powered like you are believing. It needs to be plugged into the wall to work.

Question Question 4

The Length Of Time Does It Hold A Charge For?Our Child Sleeps For 10 Approximately Hours So We Would Require It To Last A Minimum Of That Long Utilizing Both The Nightlight And Sound.?

It lasts a few nights, we believe. Nevertheless, the one we got does not appear like the one envisioned

Question Question 5

Does The Sleep Machine Turn Off After A Particular Amount Of Time?

It has actually a developed- in timer. You can set it to vehicle shut down 30min, 60min or 90min.

Question Question 6

Does It Plays Lullabies?

Yes, it plays one lullaby as part of the choices.

Question Question 7

Does It Consist Of A Charging Cable Television?


Question Question 8

Can You Leave The Night Light On All Night However Leave The Sound On A Timer? Or Will Both Turn off If The Timer Is On?

Timer is for entire machine.

Question Question 9

Exists A ‘Shush Sound?

Tough to understand what you imply by a shush sound, however there is a stable sound that sort of seem like “sh”, which can be made weaker or more powerful as wanted. Honestly, if you have an interest in a little machine that can make a range of calming sounds, this is it.

Question Question 10

Is This Helpful?

Yes, it is extremely useful.we attempted utilizing white noise from a phone app which did not work well. we then looked into a bit and wound up getting this AIRSEE white noise machine. we like the reality that it is just half rate of a Marpac Dohm and it gets the job done completely. Now we leave it on all night and our little child c Yes, it is extremely useful.we attempted utilizing white noise from a phone app which did not work well. we then looked into a bit and wound up getting this AIRSEE white noise machine. we like the reality that it is just half rate of a Marpac Dohm and it gets the job done completely. Now we leave it on all night and our little child can have a really sound sleep.

Question Question 11

The Length Of Time Does A Complete Charge Last? Child Sleeps 12 Hours A Night?

It will last all of us day on the roadway

Question Question 12

Does It Operating For Ringing Ears?

Yes, it most absolutely work for ringing in the ears, we like it. we purchased this for our home and it can assisted drown out the neighboring nighttime vehicles. Normally those vehicles are extremely irritating.

Question Question 13

Can This Sound Machine Remain On Without The Timer Alternative?

Yes you can have it run constant.The timer choice is 30, 60or 90 min.But we utilize it simply on all night constantly.It’s excellent you will not be dissatisfied.

Question Question 14

Can You Utilize Headphones With It?

This gadget does have an earphone jack.

Question Question 15

Can The Light Night Strength Be Adjusted From Really Dim To Really Brilliant?

There are several color choices that vary in brightness.

Question Question 16

Anybody Have Problem With The Night Light Function? Absolutely nothing Is Occurring When It Is Pushed. Likewise, The Indication Light Is Red. It S Been On The Battery charger?

When done charging the traffic signal turns green when all charged.

Question Question 17

What Is The Volume Control Levels; Comparable Makers We Have Seen Are 0- 15?

we put on t see a numerical volume on the machine, however it isn’t too loud at all. our ladies like it.

Question Question 18

Where Is It Made?


Question Question 19

When Taking A Trip Globally Can An Adapter Be Utilized Or Does It Required A Converter?

Please see our previous action

Question Question 20

Does It Have Thunderstorm Sounds With Rain Sounds?

Yes we believe it does.Because of that we sent it back and purchased one that just had rain.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on AIRSEE Sound Machine & Night Light – Rechargeable White Noise Machine, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Got this to utilize for our child when she shows up in september. So we sanctuary t gotten usage out of it yet. However the sound gets loud which we like and it can be changed. The little light is a good touch also.

We have actually just had this product for a few days. We got it to put in our children space intending to keep her in her space longer during the night. It can get loud however the volume is quickly adjustable. The product itself is smaller sized than we pictured however that s not an issue for us. We believe the choices are excellent, the sound is crisp and works completely for what we require it for. If we require another one we would absolutely buy this once again.

We simply got the machine today and currently like it. There are a lot of sound choices to select from. There are some special ones. We want the nature and lullabies were broken up, however it is still a bargain. Something we are not a fan of is the sluggish blinking light. Our manual states 100%, 50%, 0% however when we put the light at 50 it blinks (video connected). You can switch off the light however we like the night light so we can examine our little. In general it is an excellent noise machine.

We have actually been obtaining a white noise machine from our sibling- in- law to assist our child sleep. After getting this, we are not unfortunate about returning his at all. The adjustable light color is a truly cool function to me. We understand it does not matter in the plan of things, however we like that we can make it match the nursery. This one has a lots of sound choices, consisting of music, nature, and a few fan sounds (our individual favorite). We like that the sound fades out at the end of the timer rather of quickly stopping. We have found that our boy sleeps better if we leave it on all night, so the timer function isn’t essential to me, however we value that it exists. The important things that matters most is that this assists our child sleep for longer stretches (which indicates we can too.) so we are actually pleased.

Acquired to change an old however various brand name. Unbelievable how good this one is. Absolutely nothing unfavorable to discuss about it. We utilize the fan sounds to obstruct out the total silence when sleeping. Has numerous fan tones to choose from. It has numerous other times, being heart beat for infants, train noises, the list definitely goes on. We utilize musical tones or the nature sounds for our older pet dog, who has stress and anxiety to assist her feel more tranquil even when we are house. The system is easy to use. It has enough weight to sit tight. Unlike our other one that was not heavy at all, therefore inexpensive sensation, that it moved when you alter the volume or the tone. It is not inexpensive quality at all. The rate is amazing for such a good system.

We utilize this in our treatment practice. We like the fan and white noise. We likewise like that there is a time providing us an indicator when the session ought to be ending. We would extremely advise this product to anybody that is utilizing it in treatment or perhaps to sleep during the night.

Upgraded evaluation: we at first was extremely complementary about this sound machine in which we purchased for our 6 month old. The range of noises are excellent and it is decently loud. We likewise extremely delight in the capability to dim the range of lights. We have actually even taken a trip with it and it’s assisted everybody sleep more peacefully, including our mouth breathing other half. The only disadvantage was that it appeared to lose it’s charge more and more every day( less than 7 hours after just owning less than a month). Sadly the return window had actually closed so we published an evaluation and messaged the seller. To our surprise, the business messaged us back with an apology and a replacement currently en route. We simply recieved the replacement so we can not vouch for the issue being dealt with, however we are providing 5 stars for the effort of the business to solve our concern. Business that go out of their method for sincere consumers should have excellent evaluations.

Updatewe got the incorrect one however jasmine from customer servise called us and deal with the issue. We simply got the appropriate one and the sound is amazingoriginal evaluation. “not the best sound. The sound quality is bad. Not the actual picture.

When we stay overnight in our camper rv. We can hear vehicle noises at night, especially when we stay in the city. This white noise machine helps to tone down vehicle sounds and give us a more restful sleep. Easy to use. Small in size. Simple buttonswe love the brook sound the most.

This is a great, lightweight, surprisingly good-sounding white noise machine. Not all of the sound selections will appeal to everyone but that’s the beauty of having so many sounds from which to choose. We live just off a busy highway and outdoor traffic noise is an issue. The speaker provides adequate sound to mask the noise and the added travel bag is a nice extra. Non-looping sound is appreciated, especially on nights where sleep might not come quickly. Would recommend this to anyone who is on the fence about which sound machine to buy.

Well made and cute white noise machine. We got it for our baby and he likes it. He is a light sleeper and this helps to cancel the other noise which ultimately makes him sleep better. We like the option of the timer and various sounds. The volumne button works really well and will produce enough noise for a big room.

We use this every night. It blocks out our kids stomping down the stairs, our neighbors kicking and snoring, and all other sleep-disturbing noises. The volume control button is so easy to use and gets quite loud for a tiny speaker box. We were very impressed. It had three different buttons for sound choices. Nature sounds, fans, and pure white noise are your three categories. What we liked the most was when you turn it back on, your previous selection was saved. It’s also small and light and very easy to travel with. We take it with us wherever we go. Overall a very great product.

This is a great little white noise/sound machine for the money. We are massage therapist and have trouble streaming music in our office sometimes due to signal issues. Having music cut in and out isn’t very relaxing so we bought this for the relaxing background sounds it provides. We like that you can plug it into the wall or use the usb cable. The sounds are realistic enough that you know what they are. Our clients like the thunderstorm and crackling fire ones the best so far. We like the crickets, but it’s nice to have a few options for our clients to choose from. We play it at a low volume in a small room so it sounds very good.

Update 3: the light is now working. The sound machine sounds great, and the battery lasts 12 hours if the volume is low and the light isn’t on. We are happy with it at this point. We have updated our review from 1 to 4 stars. Update 2: the replacement sound machine arrived four days ago. Today the light stopped working. We really hope the sound feature continues to work. Update 1: the sound machine stopped working after 5 days. We are so disappointed. We really liked the clarity of the sounds, and we are hoping the unit we got is an anomaly. Original review: we ve only had the sound machine for a few days, but our toddler loves it. We all like that it is portable. The sounds are very clear and nice. We wish the battery would stay charged for longer than seven hours because most children sleep 10 to 14 hours, and it would be nice if the sound machine didn’t have to be plugged in all night, but that is a minor issue. The reason we gave this product two stars is because the light button does not work consistently. It worked fine for two days, but the last several days we have had to push it over and over, and put pressure on one side or the other just to get it to work.

This has to be the best night light/ sound machine we have ever seen. This machines really has lots of sound options, and the light is perfect or if you want dims. And it looks so nice. We love it.

We have gone through many different white noise machines and this is by far the best. It is visually appealing with a cute wooden stand and it doubles as a night light. It has almost any sound you could want to sleep which other machines just have one version of white noise and random other nature sounds. Multiple white noise versions. This one has a ton of settings. The volume can go up very loud if need be. Our favorite part is that it is rechargeable. It says it lasts 10 hours but we have used it at least 4 nights in a row without a charge and it hasn’t gone out before charging. It s portable and much better than the portable ones we have tried. No need to worry about setting up a pack n play near an outlet now. Another great thing is the price. It costs less than almost all white noise machines and right about the same as portable. If any of our other machines in the house go out they will be replaced with this one for sure. If your in the market then you definitely need this one.

So far so good. We have not had a chance to use it overnight yet, but love the features. It charges and becomes portable once it is fully charged, there are different colored light options and even a feature that changes the lights from one color to the next, and the sound selection is great. There are different pitches of fan noises. Our baby likes sleeping to a deeper fan sound that is not high pitched and there are couple of options to choose from. So far we love it. We are taking it on vacation with us this weekend to see how it does overnight.

The reason we bought this sound machine was because our ten hour youtube video of white noise just didn’t get loud enough. We are blown away at how loud this little speaker gets. The generous selection of sounds is nice too. We have slept great while using it. We are sucker for a good fan noise without the cold air, but we are also sleeping good to the other noises too. Great quality, doesn t seem to be cheaply made. Such a good buy.

We have a hard time falling asleep at night. We thought maybe a sound machine would help and we read a ton of reviews. So we got this little machine and it is great. We listen to the ocean waves to go to sleep and we find we are falling asleep much more quickly, so for us this was a great investment. We will take it on trips. It has a cute bag to put it in for travel. Happy with purchase. Would recommend.

Our 2 1/2 year old loves this sound machine and nightlight, and we are very happy with the design and functionality. We recently took it on a trip and used it in our hotel room, and we discovered that the white noise setting we had been using for him had a high pitched ” sub noise” that drove us definitely insane and kept us from dropping off to sleep. We altered the setting to another white noise choice, however, which one was great. There are numerous various white noise choices, so that is actually good. It is an annoyance to change in between noises, however, as there are 3 buttons for the numerous noises, and every one of those cycles in between a minimum of 7 noises. Our just other grievance is that when the night light is on, in a dark space, it makes it difficult to see the buttons on the top (due to the fact that the night light is beneath.) so if you wish to change the sound levels or alter any settings when the night light is on, you require another light to see by. Might be even worse. This is 100000% times better than the last sound machine we had for our boy, and looks better, too.

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