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AG Topaz Adjustable Chin Strap

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of AG Topaz Adjustable Chin Strap.

  • Light-weight
  • Comfy
  • Breathe-o-Prene Hypo-Allergenic
  • Adjustable
  • Due to health functions this product is non-returnable.

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Size: Xtra Big – CH-ADJ-XL The InitialAdjustable Topaz Chin Strap SP Medical CPAP Chin Strap offered in Sexually transmitted disease Adjustable & XLAdjustable This user friendly chin strap is the leading option since it is simple to utilize, has a safe and secure fit and it’s COMFORTABLE. No thinking on size with the adjustable with adjustable straps at both the crown of the head and at the base of the neck. This chin strap is excellent for mouth breathers. The Adjustable chin strap is meant for usage by grownups to assist avoid some of the nasal and oral drying that can happen throughout Constant Favorable Respiratory tract Pressure and bi-level treatment. The chin strap assists to avoid air circulation dripping from your mouth by holding your chin in a steady position which motivates breathing through your nose, lowering or removing “mouth breathing” throughout CPAP treatment. ** These products are non-returnable as soon as opened and/or utilized ** Sizing Guidelines for Chin StrapsYou will need a fabric measuring tape and an assistantHave the assistant measure1/2 head area, follow these 2 actions:1. Location end of measuring tape in middle of chin have client hold this end to their chin2. Step approaching client’s ear and continue to leading middle of head.CHINSTRAP fits headSIZING circumferenceSmall (Little) 10 to 11 Medium (Medium) 11 to 12 Big (Big) 12 to 13 ADJUSTABLE CHINSTRAPS: Topaz Sexually Transmitted Disease ADJ 12 to 13Topaz ADJ XL 14 and above ** Chinstraps are non-returnable as soon as opened and/or utilized ***

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on AG Topaz Adjustable Chin Strap.

Question Question 1

Has Anybody Ever Damaged Out In A Rash Under The Chin? We Have Been Using Mine For 2 Weeks And Now Have A Terrible, Itchy Red Rash.?

we have actually utilized a chin strap for about ten years. and attempted them all the ruby red is the very best and never ever triggered any skin concerns. this chin strap is one ofthe worst we ever attempted

Question Question 2

Any Suggestion On How To Wash?Mine Didn’T Include Any Guidelines.?

we were it in moderate soap in addition to our cushions hose pipe etc and hang to dry.we were every other day. These are really resilient and use well.Good luck.

Question Question 3

How Huge Is The Additional Big Version?How Much Larger Than The Other Size?

Can’t state howmuch, however we got the XLG and we use a 7 1/2 size hat and we believed the band was a bit little for us.

Question Question 4

Is The Strap Fire Resistant?

we do not understand technically, however from our experiences it appears to be NOT fire resistant.The label does not show it.Being made from a foam rubber like product with a stretch coverit would be odd to see it being utilized for anything near fire or hot surface areas.

Question Question 5

Can You Demonstrate How To Determine Corcumference Of Head. Horizontal Front To Back? Or Suggestion To Chin?

Determining head Area – utilizing a versatile measuring tape choose a point simply above the eye eyebrows and cover the measuring tape around the head to the start of the tape measure.Try to keep your head put up and the measuring tape horizontal to ground. If you do not have a measuring tape usage string and after that determine the string. Determining head Area – utilizing a versatile measuring tape choose a point simply above the eye eyebrows and cover the measuring tape around the head to the start of the tape measure.Try to keep your head put up and the measuring tape horizontal to ground. If you do not have a measuring tape usage string and after that determine the string.This chin strap has 2 Velcro strips to change the size. One on top of the head and one on the back of the head. Likewise, we use a 7 1/4 inch hat and the L/XL size chin strap fits extremely well.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on AG Topaz Adjustable Chin Strap, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have actually purchased these precise very same chin straps in the past and they work excellent. They appear to hold up well for about a year approximately and after that will begin to chill out from everyday wear and weekly cleaning. We have actually attempted other brand names in the past and when we found this one we have actually stayed with it since it actually worked well for our application. There is no chaffing and it does not leave any marks on your face. We have actually not experienced any type of allergy from the product either. It appears to be able to breathe where it reaches the chin and cheeks, nevertheless, when it is hot out, it does tend to trigger a little wetness on the chin. When we acquire this product, we typically buy 2 at a time and we would buy this once again.

This product is our 2nd effort at purchasing a chinstrap. The very first was too little so we could not even attempt it. We have actually utilized this for over a week now. Prothis business a minimum of acknowledges that heads been available in various sizes and uses 2 sizes. The xl fits – simply. We are quite sure it keeps our mouth closed or a minimum of much more so than if we weren’t using it. It’s a balance in between having the strap too tight for convenience vs keeping your mouth closed. We believe this attains the balance. We sleep on both sides and back and the strap remains on simply great without being too tight and with all of that motion. Conyes, as some customers have stated the neoprene (or whatever it is) actually stinks initially however that disappears. You might most likely air it out a few days prior to beginning to utilize. What we didn’t value was how rapidly it would begin to stink. And it included no directions – either to wear/fit or to clean. It absolutely requires cleaning directions on what kind of cleaner will not harm the product. It appears rather lightweight and we are unsure the length of time it will hold up with regular cleaning.

We have it a 4 since it rapidly extendsout Cleaning and drying it assists, however ultimately we need to suffice and stitch it back together to fit. We get a brand-new one every 6 months. We have actually attempted others and they aren t as comfy as this one or keep ourmouth shut so we return to this one. The velcro works so well it is nearly tough to take off – that is how it extendsout A various vello and this would absolutely be a 5 star.

We purchased this for a member of the family and he informed me: “the adjustable chin strap is pretty good, but not great. The topaz color is far from our favorite choice, but it’s not exactly daywear. The design of the chin strap itself is excellent. Our mouth is kept shut without needing to make the chinstrap excessively tight. Our previous chin strap left marks on our chin and face. Also, our previous chin strap kept slipping off our head. Given how the topaz adjustable chin strap wraps around the head, it pretty much cannot slip off. Our only complaint is that the material of the chin strap doesn’t breathe at all. The chin strap is soaked in sweat every morning. We have to wash the d*mn thing every two-three days. Why couldn’t they make the chin strap with a cotton liner or a mesh material?” our tip to him was to put paper toweling inside the strap (nighttime) to keep the unbreatheable product off his face. If the producer deals with the issue, this will be a five-stars product.

We provided it 5 stars since it is precisely what it is expected to be. Nevertheless after utilizing it for a few days we found that the issue this is developed to assist with, is not the issue we actually have. Our lips do not remain closed and air leaves even when the strap is holding our chin as it is expected to. For many people the strap suffices, however for us we require something in our mouth throughout our teeth so air can not get away. We have actually begun utilizing the mouth moistening dry mouth lozenges and they work respectable since of our distinct scenario. We open 2 bundles each night and take one as we go to sleep and when we awaken in the middle of the night we take the other one. If your mouth falls open during the night this strap will fix that issue.

Because we utilize a nasal cpap pillow mask, it was tough to keep our tongue on the roofing system of our mouth. Waalaa. Lastly found this one and it gets the job done. We did not see a little like some individuals stated. It’s the just one that now keeps our hubby’s mouth shut so we provided it to our hubby. Functions.

We purchased this for our hubby, who was grumbling that the chin strap he got with his cpap was not comfy and didn’t work in addition to he would like. We believe that it looks a bit restricting however he states that it is really comfy once it is changed which it works better than any other chin strap he has actually attempted. He has issues with his tmj and this strap does not put additional pressure on his jaw that might aggravate those issues. It cleans perfectly, we hand clean it, and dries rapidly. We are going to purchase another one so he will have one to leave in our trailer for the summertime.

Our hubby has actually been utilizing a cpap for several years, and this is the one chin strap he has actually liked the very best, for fit and convenience. We have actually attempted others that sound better or look like a better offer, however keep returning to this one.

Bought for a long trip to peaceful snoring regarding not disrupt the other travelers. Worked quite well.

We utilize this with our cpap maker. Can be a little warm to use and the chin strap pulls our jaw back a little more than we would like (we would choose it to bring up a little more vertically than it does). This can lead to a little pain in our jaw sometimes.

Among the 2 most safe and secure chin straps that we have actually utilized. We purchase one size little since of a substantial requirement to minimize mouth breathing throughout sleep. We like it a lot that we keep an extra one on hand prepared to change to when the one in usage begins to useout Likewise, this design appears to last longer than others we have actually attempted.

This specific design was utilized at our newest sleep research study (stanford university) and appeared to be much better than the “ruby” type we have actually been utilizing for several years. Because our dme company might not provide the sp-chadj we purchased this from to see if it was as excellent as we kept in mind. Having actually utilized a cpap (now finished to a vpap bi-level) for over twenty years, we have actually been through a great deal of devices and take it from me, things are gettingbetter A chin strap is an individual thing and lots of elements enter into an acceptable pap session. Absolutely nothing lasts permanently so expectations of durability ought to be practical. The only method to get a perfect chinstrap is to develop and make it yourself. We will navigate to it some day however, in the meanwhile we will most likely utilize this product and keep enjoying for a better one. We simply want medicare would be a little more versatile in this matter. Btw we utilize nasal pillows with a resmed swift fx headgear and it suits well with the sp-chadj and keeps a great seal in spite of our 21/16 pressure so, that’s stating something. We balance 7. 5 to 8+ hours of excellent sleep per night and seldom dream at all. Your mileage might differ.

We purchased an additional big prior to. Although it is out comfy it began out too huge and has actually extended to even larger. We have a couple pins in it now. We lastly navigated to bought another and bought a requirement. It is way too tight. We will be not able to utilize it. We want there was a size in the middle of the 2.

No chin strap is really comfy, however this one is better than most. Regrettably it does not keep our mouth closed when we sleep which was the factor for getting it in the very first location.

This chin strap works extremely well on me. It does not cover our ears and remain in location, easily, all night long.


Functions well, remains in location, and lasts a long time. We utilize it nighttime since of heavy mouth breathing.

Huge assist with cpap to reduce mouth breathing.

We want the matirial would be a little thiker. It streched out of shape so fast and it is bad after 5 uses.

This is the very best chin strap we havefound We alter it out every 4 or 5 months. Constantly keep a number of spares on hand.

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