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ACOMOPACK 3 Multi-Functions Weighted Eye Mask

ACOMOPACK 3 Multi-Functions Weighted Eye Mask

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ACOMOPACK 3 Multi-Functions Weighted Eye Mask.

  • SUPER COST-EFFECTIVE ‘* ONE EYE MASK COST, GET 2 PADS AND 3 FUNCTIONS * The grey eye mask is made from soft and high-end velour material and satin, which is comfy and breathable to obstruct out totally. Cooling gel eye cover for puffy eyes and dry eyes. The weighted clays beads providing relaxing discomfort relief and an all around unwinding experience.
  • EASE EYE TIREDNESS AND SLEEP BETTER ‘* HOT WEIGHTED CLAY BEADS EYE MASK * The mask inner are clay beads weighted filling promotes relaxation and assistance eliminate pressure on eyes, take amay tension away, which offers a revitalizing sleep experience.
  • PROVIDES RELAXING COLD RELIEF ‘Put inner blue gel soft beads in the refrigerator 1 hour or more,( ATTENTION: NOT in the freezer. Then enjoy it on your eyes about 10-15 minutes. The ice face mask bead can make your eyes feelbetter And each mask is filled with non-toxic soft beads that.
  • HIGH BLOCK OUT – SLEEP EYERYWHERE ‘* soft premium velour material cover offer exceptional utilizing experience * 100% blackout style contours to your face for an entirely light obstructing experience to assist you unwind, find relief, and go to sleep quicker. The eye cover is extremely handy to releases eye pressure when you are taking a trip, resting, and sleeping.
  • 100% AFTER SALE ASSISTANCE ‘Our contemporary eye mask is resilient and lasting however if for any factor you are not entirely pleased with our products, merely just let us understand and we will reimburse your cash without anyquestions asked And our client service is constantly at your service.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on ACOMOPACK 3 Multi-Functions Weighted Eye Mask.
Color: Grey Why you require a eye mask? New Upgrade, New Experience More Than A Sleep Mask Acomopack eye mask is more than a typical eye mask, one soft bead cold and another eye mask offers a comfy eye massage. 2 uses let your eyes feel more unwinded, less tension and better sleep. Why you select our eye mask? Our eye mask has a double inner, one is weighted another is soft beads inner. Various inner eye mask has various love however there are extremely handy to launch your eyes when you remain in anytime or anywhere. And likewise 3 stylish color for your to select. You will get: 1 * eye mask cover 1 * inner 1 * soft beads inner 1 * direction guide Bundle bag After-sales service Warm Tip: Care Guideline: Due to the fact that of its premium cotton offers an elegant silky feel that’s very soft to the touch. This sleep mask requires your care to secure its ergonomic style. Wash Guideline: Given that the glass beads are too heavy, we suggest you clean by hand in the homoeothermic water just with moderate cleaning agent and let air-dry (ordinary flat or hanging), Prevent wringing or Device Wash. Iron it in low temperature level to secure the texture.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ACOMOPACK 3 Multi-Functions Weighted Eye Mask.

Question Question 1

How Do You Heat The Mask?

Microwave. Not for to long.

Question Question 2

Do You Need To Use It Cold For The Mask To Be Affective?

Thank you for your question.Put blue soft beads eye mask in the refrigerator 1 hours or more,( attention: NOT in the freezer), Then use it on your eyes for about 10-15 minutes each time. Ice face mask bead eliminates headaches and your eyes feelbetter And each mask is filled with non-toxic soft beads that. Thank you for your question.Put blue soft beads eye mask in the refrigerator 1 hours or more,( attention: NOT in the freezer), Then use it on your eyes for about 10-15 minutes each time. Ice face mask bead eliminates headaches and your eyes feelbetter And each mask is filled with non-toxic soft beads that.Thanks once again.ACOMOPACK

Question Question 3

Can The Mask Be Heated In The Microwave For Hot Treatment?

Yes. However the gel should not be put in the microwave. And the cover has a metal zipper. The weighted part is detachable and you can microwave that quickly.

Question Question 4

What Is It Made from: Both The Cover And What Is Inside?

The cover is a sort of moderate velour material. The cooling packaging is gel and the weighted part our company believe is either tough plastic or light-weight glass beads. we believe there’s better information in the description.:-RRB-

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on ACOMOPACK 3 Multi-Functions Weighted Eye Mask, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We like the product. It has soft velcro so it will never ever capture your hair, and for somebody like us who has long hair, this is extremely essential. The product is very soft and comfy. The cover to it is likewise washable. Now if you are stressed it ll be excessive pressure on your face, it s truly not. The mask is developed so that the soft beads won t put excessive weight on your eyes. In addition to, if you a migraine patient like we are, buy this. If cold assists you, this is for you. Believe me, it is a life saver. We utilized to be stuck in bed for days, and this mask assisted us significantly. Do not put in freezer. Seriously. We have actually never ever seen a gel pack freeze however this one, will. It freezes strong. We really might not find a single disadvantage to this mask. All we can state is, no more covering our eyes with tshirts or blanket.

We have actually been having the hardest time sleeping (we work nights) and this mask has actually made it a lot simpler to sleep and the weight is so soothing. We likewise experience very bad migraines and it likewise assisted to comfort us and assist us sleep throughout our migraine. Truly want the inserts didn’t freeze strong however it s okay simply require to freeze it flat.

We truthfully constantly believed we would dislike sleeping with an eye mask, however this thing actually does whatever it states. We initially desired it due to the fact that we have actually spd and wished to have a make shift sensory deprivation experience. Due to the fact that we likewise have a lots of eye tiredness we purchased this one. We likewise have migraines, however have not required it for that yet. We were not intending on sleeping with it, and now we can’t think of sleeping without it. Our eyes are never ever as worn out as they utilized to be and it truly does not get captured in our hair. The just disadvantage is that it does slip off most nights and due to the fact that we lay on our stomach it can get a little unpleasant on whatever eye we are resting on.

For us j requirement some weight on our eyes and darkness and this one works for us. We put our arm on our eye for weight so we understand what we required in our sleep life. It obstructs any light and we like that its velcro so we can connect to our bed frame so it does not get lost. The con is that it does come off when you remain in deep sleep and we have a huge head so when we position both ice bag and weights it hard to velcro however we simply utilize the weight and we can close it quickly. The color is fantastic and quickly washable.

We get stress and anxiety and we like to lay something with some weight over our eyes, we wear t understand why this unwinds us it simply does. We had simply recently found out they made weighted eye masks, was so thrilled, did some research and this mask used whatever we were trying to find. Utilized it right away like love love this eye mask. The product is soooooo soft, it s ideal.

We experience regular migraines and this mask has actually assisted significantly. We like the cooking gel insert and the light pressure the mask offers.

Precisely what we were trying to find.

However lasts a lot longer. And this lacks putting it in the freezer. It does not pull your hair, idk how they handled to achieve that, however we do suggest it putting it on prior to you rest in bed if you sleep with your hair in a bun– its simply simpler to get it located properly. We are stomach sleeper therefore for us it wasn’t rather weighted enough, possibly we require to strap a stone to our head?? we wound up turning it around and having the mask covering the part of our face and ear not exposed to the pillow cuz we think we desire our head weighed down, not always our eyes. This is an overall blackout mask and as long as you put it on correctly it remains in location and is not unpleasant whatsoever.

This is fantastic to reduce migraines. We are trying to find alternative approaches for discomfort and migraines rather of taking tablets. This works to keep migraines at bay when we feel the discomfort almost to begin. We sleep with it so happy we bought 2. The weight and the coolness assists migraines and sinus discomfort. We suggest taking out the gel mask, putting it in the fridge for a number of hours putting it back inside the weighted mask and utilizing it.

We were hoping this would assist with our migraines, and we are pleased with the outcomes. The weighting is good- not too heavy not too light. When utilizing the cooling function, mask does extend above eye socket which we were trying to find. The heating part is puzzling- could not find suggestions on how to heat. So we popped it into the microwave and it got warm and didn’t appear to injure it. We provide it 4 stars due to the fact that how it velcros on in the back is not the most comfy. With the weighting you will naturally be resting on your back, however then velcro remains in am award area. In general great product, does what we were hoping it would.

We have never ever in our life slept better than we do now with this sleep mask. It s so comfy we barely even feel it. The velcro that straps around our head doesn t get stuck in our hair. We extremely suggest this to everybody who desires a deep, relaxing nights sleep.

All the stars. We get at least one migraine a week so a weighted, cold eye mask has actually been a dream become a reality. This one is soft, comfy and keeps the cold for a hours. We like it.

We like this mask. The weight is ideal and it actually aids with our migraines. If you like a little pressure when you sleep or have a headache/migraine than this is for you. The light is likewise entirely obstructed too.

Functions fantastic for headaches, can be a bit tough if you leave the pack in the freezer for more than an hour, no provide for around your head, however like it.

Spouse s likes these for when she has a migraine. Ice bag goes right in the freezer and she sleeps with it on.

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