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Aboca Sedivitax Drops

Aboca Sedivitax Drops

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Sedivitax drops is a solution studied to promote sleep and to enhance its quality.The product can be taken throughout the day also, to assist alleviate stress and promote relaxation.This double action is necessary, since physiological sleep is possible when our body can keep a well balanced state of serenity throughout the day, which suggests we will be all set for night sleep when night comes.Several elements connected to daily activities produce demanding conditions, leading to a state of improved watchfulness of our bodies; this might hinder the regular procedure of going to sleep and sleep maintenance.The action of Sedivitax drops is supplied by the synergic association of valerian, lemon balm and escholchsia lyophilized extracts, and, in specific, by the trademarked Passifl 2-LMF complex (patent no. 0787496), gotten through the mix of 2 extraction portions with high flavonoid contents, which boost the relaxing and sleep-inducing homes passiflora is popular for.DIRECTIONSThe advised dosage is:- From 1.5 to 3 ml at night to enhance sleep start and quality;- From 0.5 to 1 ml in the early morning, if required, to alleviate daily stress and promote relaxation.The product need to be watered down in a percentage of water. Start with the minimum advised dosage and increase it if required, as the action of the supplement might differ according to private sensitivity.WARNING: Do not go beyond the advised dosages. Dietary supplements can not change a different and well balanced diet plan and ought to be utilized in mix with a healthy way of life. Shop the product far from the reach of kids below 3 years of age.

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Truly works.


Va genial para esas noches de insomnio, sueño reparador.

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